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  1. Best Of The Best
  2. Detroit Schools Spend More, Educate Less Than Other U.S. Urban Districts
  3. Fewer Students, More Spending, Fewer Fiscally Challenged Schools
  4. Mackinac Center Tracks Lawmakers’ Missed Votes
    1,153 roll call votes missed in 2017
  5. Loan, Incentive, Or Giveaway? City Politicians Vote $5.5 Million For Developer
  6. Financial Incompetence, Not State Penny-Pinching, Bedevils Pontiac Schools
  7. $600 Million? $700 Million? State Officials Guess On Annual Corporate Giveaways
  8. State Forces Hotels, Inns, To Fund Tourism Bureaus
  9. Past Mistakes Haunt Builder Trying to Find Work
  10. Michigan Population Rising Again, Still Below 2004 Peak
  11. 30 Years for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  12. Michigan Man Cleared of Wrongdoing, Still Fighting Civil Forfeiture Years Later
    Under civil forfeiture, law enforcement can seize property — or freeze private bank accounts — when they have reason to believe the property is tied to wrongdoings.
  13. Detroit: 12 Years And $77k For City To Produce Police Shooting Data
  14. Electric Car Tax Subsidies Survive; Save The Earth Or Welfare For The Rich?
  15. What the Tax Reform Bill Means for Michigan
  16. School Officials’ Definition Of Spending Cuts Different From Most People's
  17. Overspending, Pensions Push Michigan’s No. 2 School District To Fiscal Edge
  18. Agencies Have Until Whenever To Fulfill Open Records Law Requests
  19. Charter Schools, Developer and Grocery Store Subsidies, University Debt, more
    December 15, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  20. Michigan Falls in Economic Freedom Index
    Lower rank due to reforms in other states
  21. No Sports At Charters? Good Teams Can’t Undo A Poor School
  22. State Senate Tightens Rules on Driver’s Licenses
    The three-ticket rule may inflict collateral damage
  23. Township Officials: Cronyism Rife On Lucrative Wind Project Deals
  24. Happy Anniversary, Michigan Business Development Program
  25. IMPACT November/December 2017
  26. School Choice Breaks Down Racial Barriers
    Some districts’ residency requirements reinforce segregation
  27. The ‘50 Students Per Classroom’ Myth: Detroit Class Sizes Are Normal
  28. The Problems with the Pension and Retiree Health Insurance Bills
    Recent legislation confuses legal obligations between benefits
  29. Teacher Sues Union Over Right-to-Work
    A Michigan Education Association affiliate is violating state law
  30. Detroit School District Still Needs Teachers
  31. Charters Schools ‘Segregated’? Children Only Attend If Their Parents Choose
  32. Raise For Detroit School Union Official Exceeds Salary Of Many Teachers
  33. A Message From Joe
  34. The Right Way to Fund a Second Poe Lock
    The shipping industry should help pay for the services it uses
  35. Increase Cell Phone Tax, Expand Stopped Vehicle Mandate, Car Seat Regulations, More
    December 8, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  36. Grosse Pointe Restricts Nonresident Students, Board Member Joins ‘Charter School Segregation’ Chorus
  37. Mackinac Center Files Amicus in Pivotal Right-to-Work Case
    Janus v. AFSCME could extend freedom of association to all public workers
  38. Fire Chief Calls City’s $92 Million Pension Debt ‘Responsible’
  39. Parents Deserve Clear Information About School Performance
    Letter grades work for students, they can work for schools too
  40. Critic Cites Performance In Other States To Attack Michigan Charters
  41. Detroit Schools’ Annual Budget Balanced With Emergency Bailout Money
  42. Go To Jail, Pay $60 Per Night
  43. Virtual Justice: Using New Technology in the Criminal Justice System
    It can work if used judiciously
  44. Productive Skills, Not College Degrees, Key to Economic Prosperity
    A critique of ‘talent mercantilism’
  45. Change Careers to Teaching? Take the SAT
  46. How to Solve Government Employee Retiree Health Insurance Costs
  47. Why There’s a Revolving Prison Door
  48. Another Pension ‘Spike’ For Outgoing Teachers Union President
  49. Wyoming Lights Up a Tax Hike
    Op-ed published in Casper Star Tribune
  50. The Highest-Paid Employees in Michigan's State Government
  51. Unions Complicit in Retirement Benefit Crisis
    But trying to shift the blame to Lansing anyway
  52. Parking Ticket License Renewal, Animal Cruelty, Student Loan Disclosures, more
    December 1, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  53. Ex-Con Working as Nurse Gets Denied License When Moving to Michigan
    Great Lakes State has some of the most stringent laws in the nation
  54. Michigan’s Largest Teachers Union Has Lost 25 Percent of Its Members
  55. Assessing Michigan’s Alleged Teacher Shortage
    Over 100,000 qualified teachers are not employed by a public school
  56. Michigan’s Largest Teachers Union Funds Leftist Activist Group
  57. Mackinac Center Joins Tax Reform Letter
    Senate vote for tax reform possible this week
  58. Are Any Left? 100 Years Of ‘Michigan Teacher Shortage’ Headlines
  59. State Ends Fiscal Year With Surplus After 12 House Republicans Defeat Tax Cut
  60. Taxpayers Shouldn’t Subsidize High Income Housing
    Millions going to build luxury developments
  61. Accountability? Nothing Appears Closer To Eternal Than A Failed Detroit School
  62. Union Head Questions Corporate Pay, Ignores Own Officers’ Huge Salaries
  63. No Arrest — But Cops Took And Kept His $2,035 Anyway
  64. Thanksgiving Day: More Than Football and Turkey
  65. Bills Would Ban Keeping Taxpayer Handouts To Corporations Secret
  66. The Most Bizarre Licenses in Michigan
  67. How to Regulate Vacation Rentals in Michigan
    And why property rights need to be secured
  68. How Right-to-Work and the End of the 'Dues Skim' Killed the SEIU in Michigan
    Membership, revenue and political spending plummet for SEIU Healthcare-Michigan
  69. Half a Million Prevailing Wage Rates For 162,000 Construction Workers
  70. Police Set Up Crime, Entrap College Student’s Cellphone and $100
  71. Unions That Say Prevailing Wage Law Protects Retirees Mismanage Worker Pensions
  72. Unconstitutional? Not If These Resolutions Pass
    November 17, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  73. Arcades Owe Detroit Thousands of Quarters Each Year
  74. Teachers Union President: It’s A Lousy Job And Young People Should Look Elsewhere
  75. MEA Attack on Online Charters Misses Mark
    Policy based on bad data, double standards would hurt families
  76. Update: D.C.’s Tax Reform Sausage Making May Still Work Out
    Tax Foundation Calculates $2,500 gain per Michigan worker
  77. Half Of Able-Bodied Michigan Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Don’t Work
  78. Michigan Was Right to End Film Incentives
    New report backs up legislators
  79. Iron Mountain Schools Draws Flak for Novel Homeschool Co-op
  80. Why did the Governor Flip Flop on Corporate Welfare?
    Corporate handouts remain unfair and ineffective
  81. Online Map Shows Local Government Retiree Health Care Funding Levels
    Find out if your community can afford its retiree health benefits
  82. Teachers Union Head Gets Annual $92,000 Pension Bonus, Courtesy of Taxpayers
  83. Price of Electricity Up 85 Percent Since 2001
  84. This ‘Sleepy Old Monopoly’ Jams Region’s Highest Energy Rates on Michigan
  85. Forfeiture From People Not Convicted of a Crime in Michigan Isn’t ‘Rare’
  86. Guns in Schools, Fetus as Victim, Ice Shanties and More
    November 10, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  87. With Income Tax Rejected By Voters, East Lansing Looks at Spending Cuts
  88. East Lansing Loses $350,000 Running 'Aquatic Center'
  89. The Business Climate Matters More Than Amazon
    Number of jobs created apart from Amazon dwarfs that offered by retailer’s new project
  90. Another Local Politician Violates Election Law, Sanctions Again Unlikely
  91. Smart Regulations for the Coming Driverless Car Revolution

    As you read this, a future that features driverless cars on city streets, interstate highways and maybe in your driveway is steadily unfolding. But before this future fully arrives, policymakers need to think hard about how to properly regulate these new technologies. Regulations, after all, are powerful and often blunt tools — they can be used to foster innovation, competition and economic growth, and they can be used to prevent change, snuff out invention and slow technological advances. The predicted benefits of autonomous vehicles to society are large and widespread, and Michigan needs to be ensure that its residents can take full advantage of these upsides.

  92. NSCW
  93. Mackinac Center Settles Transparency Lawsuit with DEQ
    Legislative clarity still needed for FOIA timeliness
  94. Let Them Fill Growlers
    Mackinac Center testimony on beer freedom
  95. Why There’s a Revolving Prison Door
    New research suggests that strict parole rules contribute to inflated prison populations
  96. City Taxpayers Will Pay Millions For Past Employees’ Benefits
  97. No More ‘Chippewas,’ ‘Eskymos’ or ‘Fighting Scots’? Bill Bans Ethnic Mascots
  98. Michigan Lottery Sees Huge Increase, Meaning Windfall for Schools
  99. Change Careers to Teaching? Take the SAT
    New bureaucratic rule constricts educator pipeline
  100. Michigan May Streamline Internet Services
    Testimony: House and Senate bills gets government out of the way
  101. Michigan Local Governments Have Self-Inflicted Financial Problems
  102. Don’t Push the School Funding Panic Button
  103. Legislature Looking to Streamline Internet Services
  104. Insurance Reform Opponents Spin 'No' Votes; Drivers Just Want Rate Relief
    Now what? Some special interests have reason to celebrate the high-cost status quo
  105. Incentive For New Teachers in Hard-To-Fill Specialties? Zero
  106. Skilled Trades Teachers Don’t Need a College Degree
    Why doesn’t the principals’ association trust its members?
  107. Kill Auto Insurance Reform, Repeal “Bad Driver Tax,” Ballast Water Rules and More
    November 3, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  108. Which Special Interest Is Raking In Big Profits On Michigan Auto Insurance?
  109. Federal Tax Proposal Not Perfect, but Good for Michigan, Nation
    Reform plans are on the right track
  110. How to Encourage Local Internet Development
    Cities should encourage broadband without owning it
  111. Spending And Tax Collections Up, But East Lansing Still Asks For Local Income Tax
  112. Michigan House Should Pass Auto Insurance Reform Bill
    House Bill 5013 provides the relief drivers need
  113. Local Governments Are Not in Debt Because of Less Revenue Sharing
    It's time to address unfunded liabilities
  114. City Claims It Will Cut Almost Everything Without a ‘Needed’ Tax Hike
    But Fraser has a spending problem it should address first
  115. New Analysis: Auto Insurance Costs Out of Control
    Costs on the rise, will get worse if nothing is done
  116. It’s Mostly Dems Pushing Auto Insurance ‘Alternative’ Bills That Benefit Trial Attorneys
  117. Planning for Life Workshop – Southfield, MI

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2017 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  118. When Firefighters Aren’t Allowed to Fight Fires
    Licensing rules prevent ex-convicts from contributing productively to society
  119. Why We Might Not Want to Require Rescue
    Proposal to reverse no-duty-to-rescue law needs a deeper examination
  120. CEOs of Michigan’s Big Energy Monopolies Get Millions, Customers Get Rate Hikes
  121. Tipping the Scales on Solar
    Mackinac Center signs open letter on trade restrictions
  122. DeVos: Fight for Students, Not Over Them
    Secretary of Education makes powerful case for parental choice
  123. Fake News: HuffPost Article on DeVos Filled With Mistruths
  124. Progressive Advocacy Groups Wants Tax Loophole for the Wealthy
  125. Close Coal Plants, Open Gas Plants, DTE Gets 10 Percent Profit Either Way
  126. Homeschoolers, Pre-nups, Keggers and Cybersecurity
    October 27, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  127. Only One Auto Insurance Reform Plan Worth Pursuing
    HB 5013 will reduce premiums, competing reform bills may increase them
  128. Detroit School Boss: Charter Schools Are ‘Disastrous’
  129. Unions Admit Forcing People to Pay Dues is Political
    U.S. Supreme Court considers right-to-work for all
  130. State’s Largest Teachers Union Offloads Some Pension Obligations Onto Taxpayers
  131. How to Solve Government Employee Retiree Health Insurance Costs
    Freeze salary schedules until health insurance is fully funded
  132. Teachers in Taylor Win Final Right-to-Work Battle
    Supreme Court rejects appeal and upholds teachers’ rights
  133. Sweet Deal: Another Teachers Union President's Pension On Taxpayers' Dime
  134. Fraser Public Schools Explains Its Role In A Union Pension Spiking Scheme
  135. The Retiree Health Care Problem in Michigan
  136. MEDC Downplayed Pure Michigan Return On Investment Claims? Oh Really
  137. Michigan’s Big Electric, Gas Monopoly Hikes Rates, Rakes In Billions
  138. Education Officials Avoid Obvious Solutions
    Reforms needed before taking teacher shortage claims seriously
  139. Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Would Mandate Nation’s Richest Injury Coverage
  140. School Choice Opponents Hold Another DeVos Protest
  141. Repeal ‘Bad Driver Tax’ with Partial Amnesty, Share ISD Millage with Charter Schools, More
    October 20, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  142. Rep. Sam Singh Says He Opposes Corporate Giveaways; His Voting Record Says Otherwise
  143. The False Claim That Won’t Die: School ‘Funding Cuts’ By The State
  144. Allow Competition in Infrastructure Upgrades
    Expanded choice and reduced prices good for everyone
  145. Millions For Local Earmarks, But Not A Cent To Right An Injustice?
  146. Legislature Looking to Streamline Internet Services
    Bills would limit fees and ban government-owned networks
  147. EPA Administrator Pruitt to 'Unravel' Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan
    Federal actions are unlikely to change Michigan’s course
  148. State Spends $660 Million In Public Debt, But For What?
  149. Millions Borrowed And Spent For Enviro Cleanups – But Did They Happen?
  150. Michigan Local Governments Have Self-Inflicted Financial Problems
    It’s up to them to stop adding retiree debt
  151. Wastewater Infrastructure Updates Lagging?
    The market is ready to serve
  152. State of Michigan To Restrict Union ‘Ghost Workers’
  153. Union Labels Nonunion Employees 'Welfare Scabs' With Vulgar Photo on Company Property
  154. Michigan Closer to More Available Dental Care
    Mackinac Center recommendation passes Senate
  155. Divert 'Orphaned' Fuel Tank Clean-Up Money, Limited Multi-State Physician License, More
    October 13, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  156. Don’t Push the School Funding Panic Button
    Districts can adapt to federal enrollment projections
  157. Criminal Justice Policy Commission Examines Raise-the-Age Proposals
    Legislature wants to find out what raising the age limit for adult prosecution might cost
  158. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit after Tourism Bureau Promises Not to Charge B&B Owner
    First Amendment issue still in question
  159. Mackinac Center FOIA Lawsuit with University of Michigan Receives Wide Coverage
    Here’s how the Legislature can solve the problem going forward
  160. Libertarian Scholar Charles Murray Is Shouted Down At U-M Event By Students
  161. Auto Insurance Fix Is 2017’s ‘Lobbyist Full Employment Act’
  162. Auto Insurance Reforms Worth Supporting
    Bill isn’t perfect, but it’s a significant move in the right direction
  163. It’s Time to Repeal the Bad Driver Tax
    A mess that should never have been created
  164. Small Business Owners Say Liquor Commission Gave Bad Advice, Then Punished Them
    Alcohol needs less and better control
  165. How to Strike a Balance on Short-Term Rentals
    Cities should enforce existing regulations, not ban rentals all together
  166. Liquor Store Owners Think It’s Great For State To Ban Nearby Competition
  167. Michigan Manufacturing Is Back (If Not All The Way)
  168. Michigan's Top Cop Could Lose $161,903 In Double Dipping Benefits If Ousted
  169. MSU Pulls Down Windmill Safety Guidelines After Industry Complains
  170. Listen to Michigan Parents Who Use School Choice
  171. Climate Agreements and Corporate Responsibility
  172. Michigan Has Repealed Some Unnecessary Laws But Too Many Remain
  173. Public Radio Misses Point of U-M’s Open Records Deceptions
  174. Why Pension Reform Is Hard for Politicians
    No consequences to kicking the can down the road
  175. Ban Local Soda Taxes and Job Interview Restrictions, Subsidize Methane Digesters, More
    October 6, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  176. Charter Schools Face Funding, Facility Inequities
    Legislation, possible legal showdown could help shrink gap
  177. For This City’s Politicians, Keeping A Lid On Spending Called ‘Trying Times’
  178. Taxpayers Deserve to Know Details of Business Subsidy Deals
    State officials are hiding what should be public information
  179. Mackinac Center Settles Transparency Lawsuit Against University of Michigan
    University to improve process for FOIA requests; releases additional documents
  180. Lansing’s Political Dictionary: $400 Million Tax Revenue Increase Called ‘Shortfall’
  181. University of Michigan Violates Open Records Law
  182. Happy Anniversary Tax Hikers
    Ten years have passed since we took your bait
  183. High School Debate Workshops Overview
  184. No Names in State Budget, But 36 Recipients Getting $38 Million
  185. What’s Wrong With Auto Insurance in Michigan
  186. Sheriffs Float the Idea of a Kayak Tax
    Just another example of the trough truce
  187. Janus
  188. This Just In … Longwoods Out
    Secretive MEDC consultant replaced
  189. School Officials Claim Teacher Shortage; Job Applicant Numbers Tell Another Story
  190. Supreme Court Could Bring Right-To-Work To Government Employees Nationwide
  191. Consumers Don’t Need a Law to Limit Competition
    Get rid of the ‘half mile’ rule for selling alcohol
  192. Electric Bicycles, Lawsuits against Unlawful Local Government Gun Restrictions
    September 29, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  193. Short-Term Rentals Are Good for Michigan
    State should stop municipalities from cracking down on homesharing
  194. Does ‘True Success’ for Michigan Business Mean Government Handouts?
  195. More State Oversight Needed for Government Assistance Programs
    Michigan should adopt best practices for welfare, WIC programs
  196. It’s Time to Allow Direct Vehicle Sales
    You can’t buy a Tesla or a Fido in Michigan
  197. U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Pivotal Right-to-Work Case
    Mackinac Center Legal Foundation on the front lines of Janus v. AFSCME dispute
  198. How to Fix Michigan’s Broken Auto Insurance System
    New report details problems and describes solutions for no-fault
  199. How Juvenile Justice Works in Michigan
    A brief overview of legal proceedings involving youth
  200. New ‘Labor Voices’ Column, Same Old Teachers Union Disinformation
  201. What's Wrong With Michigan's No-Fault Automobile Insurance

    A PDF copy of this study is available.

    On Oct. 1, 1973, Michigan joined a growing number of states in adopting a “no-fault” automobile insurance law, which has remained in tack ever since. This policy brief outlines the variety of problems plaguing Michigan's auto insurance laws and explains why these issues are leading to the most expensive car insurance premiums in the nation.

    The brief also describes several reform ideas for how to fix Michigan's no-fault insurance system. These reforms would maintain the no-fault approach to car insurance, but would put downward pressure on premiums, a benefit that would be enjoyed by all Michigan drivers.

  202. Arbitrary Licensing Requirements Should be Scrapped
    Unemployment is a leading indicator for recidivism
  203. Michigan’s Best Teacher Gets Recognition But No Reward
  204. West Virginia Supreme Court Upholds RTW Law
    Mackinac Center scholars support the ruling
  205. Lowest-Paid Flint Officer: $17 Per Hour (Not $11.25)
  206. 22 Percent of Public Students in Michigan Use School Choice
  207. ‘Raise the Age’ Proposals Pending in Lansing
    New legislation would stop automatically treating 17-year-olds as adults
  208. City Manager: ‘It might be nice if there was a utopia where everyone played with the same rule book’
  209. City Property Tax Breaks Mean Sweetheart Deals For A Select Few
  210. An Evening with the Mackinac Center
    Join us for an evening of fellowship among friends of liberty.
  211. Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Call For $15 Minimum Wage; Don't Pay Their Interns
  212. Jobs Department’s Fake News: $10 Tax return for Every $1 in Subsidies
    Program lacks transparency, too
  213. Political Free Speech, Cocaine Sentencing, Add Details to Liquor Control Law
    September 22, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  214. Former Congressman Dave Camp on Where Tax Reform is Heading in D.C.
  215. One In Four Michigan School District Teachers Chronically Absent
  216. Most Michigan Parents Satisfied with School Choice
    Superintendent Whiston backtracks from “backwards” claim
  217. Two Standards Of Justice For Sexual Assault Claims
  218. How a Private Arts Festival Thrives
    ArtPrize is in its ninth year
  219. State Increases Fee For Public Data From $96 to $3,800
  220. Legislature Takes Aim at Rolling Back Harmful Licensing Laws
    These proposals would free up citizens to work, earn money
  221. Mackinac Center Joins 87 Groups and Activists Calling for Federal Tax Reform
    Time for a simple, efficient, sufficient and fair tax code
  222. MLive Erroneously Reports New Flint Police Officers Get Just $11.25/Hour
  223. A Response to the New York Times About Charter Schools in Michigan

    A Response to the New York Times About Charter Schools in Michigan

  224. Michigan Income Tax Cuts Remain Affordable
    State government is very well fed
  225. Meet The New Teachers Union Myths, Same As The Old Ones
  226. Ann Arbor Considering City Income Tax, Blames State
  227. Accommodate Citizens United, Terminate Parental Rights for Female Genital Mutilation, More
    September 15, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  228. Detroit Charter Schools Outperform District School Peers On State Tests
  229. Michigan Parents Satisfied with Education Choice
    New study looks at the factors driving increased school choice
  230. A Survey of Michigan Parents
    Who Use School Choice

    This report highlights the results of a survey conducted of Michigan parents who exercise some form of public school choice for their children. Among the diverse group of 837 parents from across the state who were interviewed, substantial majorities gave high marks to their chosen schools, said the experience boosted their expectations of their children’s future success and would likely recommend choice options to other parents. Respondents also said that information they receive from other parents influences their school choice decisions, in addition to published school performance data and in-person visits. Survey results further revealed that most parents highly value academics in making their decision, though safety and discipline are leading considerations as well.
  231. Best Schools In Michigan Would Vanish If For-Profit Charters Were Banned
  232. What Can We Learn from Michigan Parents Using School Choice?

    An increasing number of Michigan families are exercising choice within the public education system. More than 300,000 students attend either a charter school or another public school across district lines, most often through Schools of Choice. While there has been much debate about how school choice is working in Michigan, the voices of parents seeking educational alternatives have largely not been included in the discussion.

  233. Proposed Law Would Allow MDOC to Hire Felons
    Bill opens another avenue to former offenders seeking employment
  234. The Quiet Good News: US Economy Is Doing Really Well
  235. More Inaccuracies in New York Times Attack on Michigan Charter Schools
  236. New York Times Cherry-Picks Data In Takedown Of Michigan Charter Schools
  237. New York Times Article, Critical of Charter Schools, Misses Key Point on School Funding
  238. Private Harbors, Free IDs for Veterans, Fixing and Punishing City Election Goofs
    September 8, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  239. False Claims, Inaccuracies Rife in New York Times Article On Michigan Charter Schools
  240. Issues & Campaigns
  241. Flatten the Tax Code
    Select tax breaks aren’t the answer to our tax problems
  242. Public Service Commission actions threaten electric choice in Michigan
    MPSC intends to restrict access to out-of-state markets
  243. DTE Declines Participation In Township Wind Farm Debate
  244. The New Fight for the Right: Where the Conservative Movement is Going

    The Republican Party fully controls most states and at the national level has captured the House, Senate and presidency. By many measures, the party has more power than it has had in many decades. But will that control last? And, more importantly, what policy priorities are coming about from these political victories?

  245. Giving More Taxpayer Dollars to Universities Won’t Make Michigan More Educated
    No link between state spending and educational attainment
  246. Post Labor Day Weekend Good Time for Tourism Talk
    Lots to discuss with unofficial end of summer season
  247. Michigan Charter School Growth Modest Since Limits Lifted In 2011
  248. A “Not Welcome” Sign for Special-Needs Students
    Nonresidents denied local special education dollars in 21 ISDs
  249. Outgoing Leader Was Disastrous for Teachers Union
  250. Cutting Federal Great Lakes Funding Would Not Be an Environmental and Economic Crisis
  251. More Schools Than Ever Use Private-Sector Firms to Provide Support Services
  252. Legislators Shouldn’t Let a Political Celebrity Keep Them From Their Unfinished Business
  253. It’s Labor Day, But Union Officials May Not Be Celebrating
  254. City Hassles Homeowners Doing Airbnb Rentals, Legislature May Come To Rescue
  255. Contract Preferences for Immigrants, Restrict Stop-and-Frisk, Criminalize Leaving Pet in Car
    September 1, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  256. Average Detroit Teacher Missed 13 Days Of School Last Year
  257. New Subsidies Show Which Groups Are Important to Lansing Politicians
    Improving the rules for everyone puts residents first
  258. State Payments To City Hold Steady, Mayor Claims They’re ‘Abandoned’
  259. 83,000 Plus: The Number of State Regulations That Affect Your Life
  260. Cleaning Hats in Detroit Still Requires a License
  261. Change In Regulations On Electricity Markets Could Hit Schools
  262. Puffery And Spin The Norm When Industry Advocates Are Protecting Tax Favors
  263. UAW Spins 26 Percentage-Point Defeat By Nissan Workers As Just ‘A Few Hundred Votes’
  264. Michigan Having ‘Hardest Times In The Union’? That’s So 2009
  265. Bullying, Redskins, Foster Care Alternative, No Immigration Enforcement, More
    August 25, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  266. The Key Barriers Promoting Inequality
    Some agreement between the left and the right
  267. Media Personality, State, Exaggerate Economic Impact of Agriculture Sector
  268. A response to Oxford Economics' Review
    Critique of 'An Analysis of State Funded Tourism Promotion' not substantive, helpful
  269. New School Privatization Survey Results
    Nearly three-quarters of districts contract out
  270. Number of School Districts Privatizing Services Continues to Grow
    Districts see higher quality services for less money
  271. Former Campaign Manager Cites Granholm's Job Creation Despite Loss of 596,000 Jobs
  272. Michigan School Privatization Survey 2017

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.

    This is the 15th edition of the Mackinac Center's annual school privatization survey. We ask every school district in the state if they outsource one of the three main noninstructional services — custodial, transportation and food services. The results from this year's survey show that 71.5 percent of school districts contract out for at least one of these services.

  273. Holland Going Into The Broadband Business
  274. Spending Up $1.8 Billion But Publication Claims Michigan ‘Disinvests’ In Schools
  275. Give Foxconn Nothing
    Lansing politicians should not make tools out of taxpayers
  276. Despite Record State Revenue, Spending Interests Predict Budget Meltdown
  277. Union Head’s Latest Media Tall Tale: Teachers Get No Time For Conferences
  278. Michigan Unemployment Rate: From Worst To ‘We’re No. 16!’
  279. Lansing Politicians Betray Their Stated Ideals
    Watch what they do, not what they say
  280. Cigarette tax debate should include lawlessness
  281. Dog-Fight Dogs, Obamacare, Financial Exploitation, Multi-Lingual State Websites
    August 18, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  282. Home Health Caregivers Might Find Relief from Union Coercion at Supreme Court
    Mackinac Center joins groups to call an end to the union dues skim
  283. State Police Pay 43 Officers Over $300k Each To Not Retire
  284. One in Four Of This District’s Teachers Missed More Than 20 Days of School
  285. Lansing Politicians Put Favored Businesses Ahead of Everyone Else
    Another $1.2B in favors approved this year
  286. Oughta Be A Law? Neighbors’ Dispute Leads To Air Conditioner Noise Rule
  287. Let Local Schools Decide Their Calendars
    More districts seeking freedom from Labor Day mandate
  288. State Troopers Collect $400,000 Plus In Legal Pension Double-dipping Plan
  289. Cities hurt budgets with police/fire pension spiking schemes, blame state
  290. Hundreds Apply, But Grand Rapids Union Claims 'Teacher Shortage'
  291. City Income Tax Proposal On November Ballot Sparks Business Revolt
  292. Unflattering Comparisons Never Made About Male-Politicians – NOT!
  293. State of Michigan’s Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge
    Crowdsourcing the state’s carp strategy
  294. Election Season In Detroit, And Here Comes Another Transit Scheme
  295. Unions Try to Kill a Private Trade School
    But Greater Michigan Construction Academy is a success
  296. How Michigan Could Benefit from District Voting
    Joe Lehman discusses concept on MIRS podcast
  297. Less Than A Year After Bailout, Detroit Schools Again Scramble to Stay Afloat
  298. Measuring Success in Alternative Education
    Programs serving dropout risks need meaningful metrics too
  299. To Improve Michigan’s Political Culture, Reverse the Trend Toward Overcriminalization
  300. How State Licensing Rules Harmed Flood Recovery
  301. School Officials, Teachers Unions, Media All Complicit In Edu-Disinformation
  302. Keep Michigan Taxes Limited
  303. State Revenue Up Almost Twice The Amount Of Defeated Income Tax Cut
  304. Opioids, Internet Gambling, Trump Tax Returns and More
    August 4, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  305. Governor, Lawmakers Disagree Over Heavy 'Vaping' Regs
  306. State Licensure Mandate Ensnarls Another Hair Braider
  307. Wayne County 'Jail Fail' Site Moves Closer To Subsidized Redevelopment
  308. IMPACT July/August 2017
  309. IMPACT September/October 2017
  310. Regular People Get In Trouble For Doing This, But Government Skates
  311. The Foundation Allowance: Only The Beginning of School Funding
  312. Sign up for a free eBook!
  313. 84 Companies Offered $63.8 Million Michigan Taxpayer Dollars In 2016
  314. Federal Spending To Top $4 Trillion in 2017, Highest Ever
  315. Targeted Business Subsidies vs. Broad Tax Relief
    State lawmakers think subsidies improve the economy more
  316. High School Debate 2017/2018
  317. Rooting Out Suspected Bias A Full-Time Job At U-M
  318. State Drops Links To Left-Leaning Political Websites After Inquiry
  319. More Proposals to Amend the State Constitution
    July 28, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  320. Taking the Pension Task Force to Task
    Governments should stop generating new pension debt
  321. 20 Percent Of Michigan Jobs Disappeared Last Year – But Slightly More New Ones Were Created
  322. It Failed
  323. Trump Labor Secretary Joins Bipartisan Call for Licensure Reform
    Obama administration also wanted changes
  324. Most Teacher Salaries Are Increasing
  325. ‘Public Education’ Not Easy to Define
    Questions raised by rally for more school funding
  326. Want More Substitute Teachers? Pay Them More
  327. As Feds Expand Forfeiture, Michigan Looks to Restrict It
    Preserving property rights is essential
  328. How School Funding Works in Michigan
  329. Need A License To Shampoo Hair For Pay? Michigan Says ‘Yes’
  330. We’re No. 13: Fuel Price, Gas Tax Up In Michigan And Elsewhere
  331. The Allure of Corporate Welfare
    Both parties seem to agree that handing out select tax breaks is good politics
  332. Substitute Teachers Paid Fraction Of Full-Time Rate, May Explain Why They’re Hard To Find
  333. Despite Claims, There Is No Teacher Shortage in Michigan
  334. Novi Community Schools Received 952 Applicants For One Teaching Job
  335. Replace Coal With Solar? We’re Going To Need A Lot Of Acres
  336. Legislative Proposals to Change the Michigan Constitution
    July 21, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  337. A Solution to Local Government Debt
    Pension and retiree health care liabilities are in crisis and the time to act is now
  338. Union Head: Teachers Get No Time to Attend Professional Conferences
  339. Why Michigan Pension Reform Matters
    Michigan now a national leader on fixing pension problems
  340. Why We Can’t Build Infrastructure Like We Used To
    Regulatory burdens just as much to blame as political gridlock
  341. Beware the Union Label on Teacher Pay Newspaper Columns
  342. Michigan Unemployment Rate Lower For Not-The-Best Reason — But Still Very Low
  343. Statement on the Appointment of Vernuccio to the Federal Service Impasses Panel
  344. How Many People Should be in Prison?
    No easy answer, but here’s how to think about the question
  345. Mackinac Center Publishes New Report to Simplify Complexities of Education Funding
    How School Funding Works in Michigan can serve as resource for all stakeholders
  346. On Cigarette Tax Evasion, I Told You So
    Raising cigarette taxes has consequences and not always good ones
  347. How School Funding Works in Michigan

    Discussions about school funding can create more confusion than clarity. Each state has its own intricacies and peculiarities. Michigan is no exception. Funding flows down from different sources, often based on different formulas and intended for different purposes. There’s no one unified system that controls school funding — rather, schools rely on a number of systems layered on top of each to supply them with resources.

    This publication presents a brief overview of some of the key components of Michigan’s school funding system, if it can be called that. The goal is to provide a general understanding of how tax dollars reach schools and what they are intended for.

  348. House Shelves Effort to Provide Charter School Transportation Vouchers
  349. Kid Rock: ‘Work Your Butt Off And Pay Taxes’
  350. ‘Trough Truce’ on Display in Latest Debate on Corporate Welfare
    Latest business subsidy gets bipartisan support and some opposition
  351. Newspaper Cites ‘Cuts’ in Case for City Tax Hike — But Spending Is Up, Not Down
  352. Snyder Calls Legislature's Penalty For No Merit Pay 'Unenforceable'
  353. East Lansing Cries Poverty in Newsletter, But Fails to Mention Revenue Is Up
  354. Corporate Handouts Run Amok
    July 14, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  355. Union Gets $241k From Turning Teachers Over to Collection Agency
  356. Michigan Bans Direct Tesla Car Sales, But Made Money Trading Its Stock
  357. Another Judge Upholds Teachers’ Right-to-Work Status; Faults Union’s Tactics
    Mackinac Center calls on Michigan Education Association to stop sending teachers to collections
  358. Wind Farm Developer Responds to Michigan Conflict of Interest Questions
  359. Questionable Job Claims, Patronage Perks Part of Pistons' Move to Detroit
  360. Mackinac Center: Michigan a National Innovator in Pension Reform
    State addresses underfunding while protecting earned benefits
  361. Special Needs Families Deserve Transparency
    Posting ISD special education plans enables sound decisions
  362. Christian Farm Family's State Training Contract Canceled for Prayers, God
  363. Social Media: Did Betsy DeVos Stiff Waiter On $500 Restaurant Bill?
  364. Detroit Schools Chief Wants Out of Charter School Business
  365. Site Map
    An overview of the website.
  366. ‘But For’ Can’t Be Proved: Corporate Welfare is a Waste
    New MEGA not costless, despite assurances
  367. Elected Officials Stand to Get Thousands from Wind Deals If Zoning Approved
  368. Does Your Campus Free Speech End at My Mob’s Power to Shout You Down?
  369. 1 In 10 People Who Had Property Forfeited To Police Were Not Charged With A Crime
  370. New Corporate Welfare Proposal is Unfair
    'Good Jobs for Michigan' a repeat of failed MEGA program
  371. Union Head: GOP Made Teaching Undesirable; 952 Apply for One Opening
  372. Major Accomplishments (forward)
  373. Paris Was a Bad Deal for the US
    Greens agreed with Trump on Paris before he pulled out
  374. Red Tape Keeps Flooded Midland Residents Up A Creek Without A Repairman
  375. A Map of Michigan Commute Times
    Where do people make the longest drives to work?
  376. The Unreported Reason Why Detroit’s Unemployment Rate Dropped
  377. In Remembrance on Independence Day: William T. Wilson, Ph.D.
    Economist once paid steep price for intellectual honesty
  378. Two Michigan Cities Ranked Among Nation’s Best Places To Be A Teacher
  379. Return of the Mega Subsidy
    Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective
  380. Teacher Shortage in Detroit Calls For New Policies
  381. Lawmakers May Further Subsidize Millionaires and Billionaires with New Program
  382. A Proposal to Build Trust in Government: Let Lawmakers Vote from Home
  383. Teacher Says Young People Don’t Want Teacher Jobs; Data Say They Do
  384. Michigan Cities are Banning People From Renting Out Their Property
  385. Opioids, Slingshots, Switchblades, Police Sex with Prostitutes and Important 'Do Not Resuscitate' Proposal
    June 30, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  386. The Model Facade: Selling Jobs to the Public, Press and Policymakers
    History shows models are used to obscure costly, ineffective programs
  387. In Picturesque U.P. Peninsula, It's Birds v. Wind Turbines
  388. The Double Standard in Environmental Protection: A Reprise
    Delving further into sewage system failures
  389. Loophole Could Make State's Open Records Law a Dead Letter
  390. MEGA 2 Hearing Demonstrates Desperation
    New corporate welfare proposal gets hard sell in tax committee
  391. City Emails: Christian Farmer's Facebook Post Led to Ban From East Lansing Market
  392. Michigan's Robust Municipal Finance Model
    Taxpayer protections don't stop revenue growth
  393. Where's Teacher Shortage School Districts Claim?
  394. Trump’s Crime Policy Comes to Lansing
    Rhetoric about US cities’ “serious violent crime problem” is misleading and distracting
  395. Special Deals for Special Corporations
  396. ‘Richest Person in Michigan’ Could Get Richer With New State Subsidies
  397. There You Go Again: Teachers Union Spins Misleading Food Stamp Claim
  398. Why Does Michigan License Painters?
    Few other states do
  399. Big Budget Bills, Jail for Bringing in too much Beer, Ban Government Charter School Discrimination, more
    June 23, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  400. Free Press Omits Key CREDO Charter School Finding
    Students learning more from most Michigan for-profit operators
  401. Teacher Pay Rates Unusually Stable
  402. Kids Experience Entrepreneurship at Detroit Children's Business Fair
    Second annual event provided opportunities to learn, grow and earn money
  403. A Plea for Fairness, Transparency and Intellectual Honesty
    Testimony prepared for the Michigan Travel Commission
  404. Superintendent Gets Above Average Pay, District’s Teachers, Below Average
  405. Michigan DROPs Big Payouts to Retain State Police Employees
  406. Planning for Life Workshop – Traverse City, MI

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2017 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  407. Traverse City Should Avoid Risky Public Internet
    Most municipal broadband projects losing money
  408. Watchdogs Sleep
  409. Michigan Wine Taxes Among the Highest in the Region
  410. Done: With School Pension Reform, State's Big Pension Liabilities Contained
  411. Traverse City Government Still Thinking About Internet Project
  412. Government Internet Coming to Traverse City
  413. Teacher Gets $80k Salary, Spends Half His Time on Union Work
  414. Pension Reform, Electronic Vehicle Registration, Decriminalize Idling in Driveway
    June 16, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  415. Vitti’s ‘Student-First’ Agenda Faces Early Test
    Pay limits for incoming teachers an unnecessary obstacle
  416. Michigan is Spending As Much on State Police Pensions as Salaries
  417. Teacher Makes $77k, Gets $13k Raise Over 5 Years, Complains It's 'Embarrassing'
  418. Mackinac Center Praises Groundbreaking Pension Reforms in Michigan
    State demonstrates national leadership in addressing public employee retirement crisis
  419. Michigan House Dems Propose State Contract Preference for Immigrants
  420. Planning for Life Workshop – Grand Rapids, MI

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2017 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  421. George Orwell and Humpty Dumpty Economic Policy
    Michigan must remember warnings to not corrupt the English language to give businesses 'free' money
  422. Detroit Schools Would Already Be in Deficit if Not for Teacher Vacancies, Extra State Money
  423. Home Sharing: Michigan’s Next Property Rights Battle

    Renting out the family summer cottage is a common practice in Michigan, but with today’s technologies, it’s easier than ever, empowered by companies like AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO and more. These short-term rentals mean vacationers can find a place much more easily and inexpensively, while owners can earn some extra money. It seems like a win-win.

  424. Skorup Speaks on ‘Good Jobs’ Proposal Before Michigan House Committee
    These bills provide more opportunities for some by taking from the many.
  425. Do Millionaires Need More Subsidies?
    MEGA 2.0 bound for failure
  426. IMPACT May/June 2017
  427. As Soaring Pension Debt Eats Budgets, Teacher Says Reform ‘Makes No Sense’
  428. U-M Student Newspaper: Shouting Down Speakers Doesn’t Infringe Free Speech
  429. Michigan Universities Also Socked by Massively Underfunded School Pensions
  430. Business Subsidies Won't Drive Growth
    The Detroit News wrong on proposed business subsidy program
  431. Energy Debt for Colleges, No Special Permit to Carry
    June 9, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  432. Why Government Fails at Economic Development
    Politicians and bureaucrats repeatedly fail at picking the winners
  433. Isabella County Closer to Allowing 200 or More Wind Turbines
  434. Solar Makes 1/676th the Electricity As Coal In Michigan
  435. Fighting for Free Speech on Michigan University Campuses

    Some institutions of higher education have cracked down on free speech. Even in Michigan, universities have speech codes that restrict students’ speech, campus groups have prevented speakers from delivering talks and administrators have stopped individuals from handing outcertain literature.

  436. How to Get a Property Tax Hike: Spend Big on Democratic Political Consultant
  437. Home Sharing: Michigan’s Next Property Rights Battle
    Free event in Lansing to discuss accommodations of the future.
  438. Detroit Mayor's Jobs Program Starts With His Office Payroll
  439. $500,000 Retirement Nest Eggs Likely Under Teacher Pension Alternative
  440. Lawmakers Take Second Run at Expanding Open Records Law – to Themselves
  441. Conservatives and Liberals Rally Support for Repealing Mandatory Life Sentences in Michigan
    Senate proposals would complete 15-year effort to end mandatory minimum drug sentencing
  442. Pension Protestors Should Be 401(k) Supporters
    Offering 401(k)-style benefits is good for teachers and taxpayers alike
  443. Medical Pot Bringing $8.8M, 48 New Positions to Michigan State Police
  444. State Tourism Subsidies Unnecessary, Ineffective and Unfair
  445. If Michigan Officials Believed School Pensions ‘Vital’ They Would Have Paid for Them
  446. Michigan’s Union Members Deserve Democracy
  447. Lt. Gov. Brian Calley Explains Proposal For Legislature
  448. If This Is Considered 'Working' ... We'd Hate To See What Failure Looks Like
  449. Government ‘Phone-In’ Voting; More State Housing Loans; Piling Costs on Defendants
    June 2, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  450. Sheriff Questions Racetrack's $800,000 State Police Subsidy
  451. Allow Michigan Legislators to Vote from Home Districts, Not Just at Capitol Building
    Mackinac Center President: More time in districts could increase voters’ trust in elected officials
  452. Second Chances Start in Midland
    Local organization helps ex-offenders reintegrate safely and successfully
  453. Lt. Gov. Brian Calley Underestimates Teacher Pay — By $26,000
  454. Detroit Can Fill Teacher Shortages
    Credentials, compensation offer keys to solve problem
  455. $94K Teacher Complains Salary ‘Stagnant’ at the Top
  456. Law Would Make Bringing Large Amount of Alcohol into Michigan a Felony
    Bills pushed by wholesalers to ‘keep a higher profit for themselves’
  457. Michigan School Pension Debt Resembles Credit Card Junkie’s Fiscal Death Spiral
  458. Incentive Programs Fail: Evidence is All Too Clear
    Center Scholar Speaks to Tax Group in Florida
  459. Top Legislative Leaders Make School Pension Reform Their Top Budget Issue
  460. Teacher Wears Pizza Uniform From Second Job To Protest Pay
  461. Favors for Aircraft Owners, Liquor Cartel and Salt Company; Canines in Cafés, More
    May 26, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  462. Conflicted: Unions Call Nonmembers ‘Free Riders,’ But Insist on Representing Them
  463. Writer Insinuates Racial Politics in DeVos’ Hometown, But Events Rebut Claim
  464. State Retirement Managers Develop Convenient, Hypocritical Excuse
    Tantamount to only brushing your teeth when you go to the dentist
  465. Did You Know? Post-Water Crisis, Fed and State Money Pours Into Flint
  466. Pension Shortfall Since 2009 is Enough to Give Every Teacher a $180K Bonus
  467. Pension Reform Legislation Benefits Students, Teachers and Taxpayers
    If the problem had been fixed earlier, schools could have had additional $1,600 per student
  468. School District Spent $275,000 in Public Dollars on Tax Hike Vote
  469. Michigan Teachers Are the Nation’s Highest Paid
  470. Official State Plan for Failing Schools: Meetings, Plans, Discussions, More Plans
  471. School Funding in Michigan Reaches All-Time High
    Record revenues for schools likely will continue
  472. Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation, Authorize Flint Promise Zone Tax
    May 19, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  473. Astroturf? Facebook Page Promotes Union Politics Under Tea Party Flag
  474. If US Relied on Solar, Not Coal, 12 Million Workers Would Need to Be Repurposed
  475. From the Model T to Driverless Cars: How Michigan Can Lead in Transportation Innovation

    You may not have seen them on the highway yet, but autonomous vehicles are here. The potential benefits of this and related technologies are immense. But they also present new and unique regulatory and infrastructure challenges for state and local governments. Brent Skorup of the Mercatus Center has written extensively on these issues and will lay out the principles and practices policymakers should pursue when determining how to regulate these new technologies.

  476. Why Michigan Has a Pension Problem
    Everyone wants to avoid responsibilities on retiree benefits
  477. National Park Service Spends $506k to Promote Old Cars
  478. If School Pensions are ‘Vital,’ They Should Have Been Properly Funded
    School employees are the state's largest creditors
  479. Michigan Democrats Vote to Give Detroit Schools Money for Students Who Don't Go There
  480. Unions for Underfunding
    Claims of AFSCME aside, an underfunded pension plan benefits from closing it, not keeping it open
  481. From the Model T to Driverless Cars: How Michigan Can Lead in Transportation Innovation
    Free event in Lansing to explore emerging vehicle technologies
  482. Study Suggests Segregation Hurting Battle Creek Schools’ Budget
  483. Not Taxed Enough? How About Now? Is It Ever Enough for Special Interests?
  484. Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Hosted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan in partnership with Acton Academies and Acton MBA, the Detroit Children’s Business Fair gives kids ages 6-14 a safe space to practice entrepreneurship. Applications for businesses are open until April 15, and the marketplace is free and open to the public.
  485. Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Hosted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan in partnership with Acton Academies and Acton MBA, the Detroit Children’s Business Fair gives kids ages 6-14 a safe space to practice entrepreneurship. Applications for businesses are open until April 15, and the marketplace is free and open to the public.
  486. Michigan Public School Enrollment Down 25 Percent Since 1978
  487. Michigan Motorists Taxed More; Media and Special Interests Say ‘Not Enough’
  488. A Sad Passing, and Some Budget Votes
    May 12, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  489. Mackinac Center Welcomes James Barrett to Board
    Past Michigan Chamber president brings public, private sector expertise to free-market think tank
  490. Zero Dollars For Michigan Infrastructure? Only If $4 Billion For Transportation Not Counted
  491. Union Says Don’t Change Pension System, But Most Teachers Get No Pension
  492. Why Trump is Wrong About Trade

    There aren’t many policies that get near unanimous support from economists, but free trade is one of them. Despite this, a central theme of the 2016 presidential campaign, heard from both political parties, was that free trade was somehow harmful to the United States and corrective action was needed. Mark Perry, an economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, will make the case for why President Trump’s assessment of free trade is misguided.

  493. Do Renewables Really Make Economic Sense?
    Let’s find out by letting them compete in a free market
  494. Trump Administration Can Protect Funds Intended for Disabled and Low-Income
    Study explains how to stop the union ‘dues skim’ of federal money
  495. Let People Rent Out Their Property
    New bills would let homeowners use Airbnb, other services
  496. How to Stop the 'Dues Skim' of Federal Home Health Care and Child Care Funding

    A PDF copy of this study is available.


    United States taxpayers currently spend $545 billion annually on the federal government’s Medicaid program. This money is meant to aid the disabled and vulnerable and to support low-income families. However, millions of these dollars are being redirected before they ever reach the people they are meant to support.

    About $41.5 billion of Medicaid funds are sent to states through the Home and Community-Based Services “waiver” program.This waiver allows those eligible for Medicaid — individuals suffering from a disability, illness or other affliction — to use these funds to pay for in-home care, as opposed to enrolling in an institution. These in-home services are often provided by family members or friends, or other local, independent providers. Medicaid payments are sent directly to these providers on behalf of their Medicaid-eligible “client.”


  497. Big Pension Bite Likely On Kellogg's $51 Million Battle Creek Schools Gift
  498. Congressional Science Spending Largely Untouched
    Federal spending bill lets the air out of protestor’s tires
  499. Michigan House Considers Constitutional Amendment to Protect Data
    Proposed law would provide urgently required protections to individual rights to privacy and property in Michigan
  500. Operating Some of Michigan's Best Public Schools is Not A Crime
  501. Support Young Entrepreneurs at the Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Free, public event showcases the next generation of job creators
  502. Central Academy Excels on High School Report Card
    Ann Arbor charter builds cultural awareness, character
  503. Mackinac Center Praises Lawmakers Trying To Hold Pure Michigan Program Accountable
    One Democratic lawmaker tried to defund multi-million dollar program; others calling for investigation into unsubstantiated ROI claims
  504. Evidence? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evidence, Imply Tourism Officials
    Tourism officials make claims they can’t support
  505. How Much Are Goldfish Worth? $4.3M If Called ‘Great Lakes Restoration’
  506. Legislature Overhauls Michigan’s Criminal Justice System
  507. The Legislative Clock is Ticking
  508. Don’t Bring Back Granholm’s Tax Credit Legacy
  509. Schools in Poorer Towns ‘Poorly Funded’ — If You Don't Count All Their Funding
  510. False Assertions Abound about Green Energy Program
    Will DTE support true consumer choice in electricity?
  511. Big Handouts for Developers, OK to Warm Up Car in Driveway, Social Media Games
    May 5, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  512. Legally Innocent, Yet Behind Bars
    Michigan’s cash bail system means pre-trial justice may not be so just
  513. Matthew Elliott: The Brains Behind Brexit

    Matthew Elliott is a Senior Fellow at the Legatum Institute and one of the United Kingdom’s foremost political campaigners, having recently served as the CEO of Vote Leave, the official Brexit campaign in the 2016 European Union referendum. He led the 2011 NOtoAV campaign against the Alternative Vote, and turned what was a strong majority in favor of changing Britain’s voting system to a strong majority against.

  514. Dem Amendment Would Define Michigan's Top High School As Criminal Enterprise
  515. Michigan Congressmen Introduce Bipartisan Licensing Bill
    Sen. Peters, Rep. Walberg working together to remove needless barriers to employment
  516. Parents Blast District For Using Emergency Contact Info To Push Tax Vote
  517. A Better Way to Fund Universities
    Give the money to students
  518. Court of Appeals Unanimously Rules Against MEA’s ‘August Window’; Upholds Teachers’ Right to Work
    Not a single judge agreed with the union on this issue
  519. 28 Months After Bankruptcy, Detroit Misses Fiscal Report Deadline A Second Time
  520. ‘Fact Check’ on Higher Education Piece Falls Flat
    State aid for colleges still wasteful
  521. It’s Time for Michigan to End Civil Forfeiture
    The state takes at least $20 million a year from Michiganders
  522. Should Construction Workers Pay Taxes to Billionaires?
    Under proposed legislation, some of them would
  523. Doctored Video Promotes Authentic Tax Hike in Northern Michigan School District
  524. Election Today! And Plenty of Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering, Too
  525. Legislature Considers Reopening a Closed Business Subsidy Program
    Good Jobs For Michigan is a repackaged MEGA
  526. Michigan’s Public Pensions Are at Risk
    Office of Retirement Services must explain appearance of poor management
  527. Former Legislator Over-the-Top on Lobbyists Lying
  528. Top 3 Public Schools in Michigan Are Charter Schools
  529. Feds Subsidize Solar Cell Maker - And Its Customer
  530. Authorize “Choose Life” and Pro-Sports License Plates; Ban Police Sex with Prostitutes and Lasing Aircraft
    April 28, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  531. Grand Rapids is a Regional Leader in Attracting People
    City leads Minneapolis and Chicago in population growth
  532. Colbeck Introduces Bill to Crack Down on Campus Free Speech Infringements
  533. Teachers Union Claims Poverty Is Growing In Michigan — But It’s Not
  534. The Fake School Employee: Retiring Union President Spikes $115K State Pension
  535. Back to the MEGA Future: Good Jobs for Michigan Reinvents Failed MEGA Program
    Proposed law shares remarkable similarities with old, failed law
  536. After Obamacare: How Michigan Can Deliver on Patient-Centered Health Care

    Obamacare repeal-and-replace is underway, and regardless of whether it passes or fails big, changes are coming for Michigan’s medical services and insurance industry, and the state’s social welfare system, especially Medicaid.

  537. Larry Reed Versus ‘Smug, Arrogant, Self-Righteous, PC, Campus Insanity’
    Mackinac Center founder bullied by leftist authoritarians while giving lecture on ancient Rome
  538. It Would Take 600 Wind Turbines to Replace One Closing U.P. Coal Plant
  539. Save Closures for Truly Failing Schools
    Context needed for decisions, whether by state or local officials
  540. Taxpayer Funded Electioneering in Full Swing Before May 2 Tax Votes
  541. Nothing More Certain Than Taxes and School Officials Wanting More of Them
  542. Official Would Need 7-Day, 14-Hour Schedule to Juggle Three City Jobs
  543. Switchblades, Slingshots, Sneaky School Debt Schemes and More
    April 21, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  544. Wind Industry Titan Soaks Up Billions in Tax Subsidies
  545. Proposed Corporate Giveaway Unlikely to Grow Economy
    Lawmakers should consider the full costs of corporate welfare before they approve it
  546. Another Michigan School District, Another False Union ‘Teacher Pay Cuts’ Story
  547. Official Collects Six-Figure Pay From Multiple Cities Simultaneously
  548. Dear House Tax Committee: Pure Michigan Return on Investment Not Validated
    State Rep. Jim Tedder asks the right question
  549. Net Domestic Migration by County
    Michigan county gains and losses
  550. While Schools Try Fiscal Responsibility, Union Sets Up Protests
  551. Excessive Lawmaking Road to ‘Regiment Every Aspect of Society and Commerce’
    Lawmakers "regiment every aspect of society"
  552. What’s Old is New Again: Another Subsidy Program Being Considered by Legislature
    Good for politicians and well-connected businesses, bad for Michigan
  553. Awash In Millions In Government Subsidies, Solar Company Still Shuttered Michigan Plant
  554. State Dials Back Pollyannaish Pension Assumptions, Admits Deeper Hole
  555. Some Recently Introduced Bills of Interest
    April 14, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  556. Dem Candidate For Governor Says: Preserve Failed Detroit Schools, Close Charters
  557. Interest on School Pension Underfunding Could Pay Entire Prison System Cost
  558. Wake-Up Call Helps Rural School Bloom
    Bloomingdale leaves state watch list
  559. Detroit School Enrollment Reaches Historic Low
  560. Michigan Pothole Hotline Has More Business This Year
    Call or fill out a form to request a repair
  561. Secretive Bidder Wins Pure Michigan Contract Over Transparent One
    Auditor General, not MEDC, should hire reviews of corporate welfare programs
  562. Pension Funding Best Practices Remembered
    But only when they serve bureaucrat Interests
  563. If Neighbor's Wind Turbine Flings Ice Chunks In Your Yard Is It Trespassing?
  564. Regulatory Swamp-Draining Gets Boost In Washington
    Trump’s Regulatory Affairs Director appears serious, and she has a record
  565. Criminal Justice Reforms Signed Into Law, More Left to Do
    Enacting some long-overdue reforms should pave the way to pass several others this year
  566. Property Tax Bills May Spike Due To School Pension Underfunding
  567. Don’t Bring Back Granholm’s Tax Credit Legacy
    Legislators are considering it
  568. The Failing Business of Business Favors
    What would you say you do around here?
  569. Mackinac Center Policy Expert Recommendations 2017-2018
  570. School Claims Its Tax Hike Emails Don't Invade Privacy - but Opponent's Would
  571. Fighting Fake News With Deceptive Cartoons
  572. School Inc. Could Open Michigan Viewers’ Eyes
    New documentary closely follows major Arizona choice law
  573. These Seven Proposals Would Change Michigan’s Constitution
    April 7, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  574. Don't Force Charter Schools Into State Pension Plan
  575. Democrat Told Occupiers 'Too Much Corporate Politics’; Votes for More in 2017
  576. Up in the Dumps
    Michigan landfill business is booming
  577. Out, Out, Brief Candle!
    Could Mr. Trump’s “Energy Independence” executive order mean the end of life on Earth?
  578. Proposed Wind Turbines In Michigan County Taller Than 'Mighty Mac'
  579. Michigan Government Salaries Database Shows Value of Transparency
    Public records now at public’s fingertips
  580. Michigan Treasury Erroneously Sent Out a $14.5 Million Check
  581. State Officials' Pension Underfunding Crushing Michigan School Budgets
  582. Planting Trees in Vacant Parking Lots to Save Great Lakes
  583. Ann Arbor School Board Member: Have Charters Contribute to Public School Pension Fund
  584. State Should Review Supreme Court Pay
    Salaries have been frozen for 15 years
  585. Governor’s Cyber School Cuts Don’t Add Up
  586. Tax Feeders Declare a Truce at the Trough
  587. Ex-Offenders Are Closing the Gap
  588. Legislative Testimony
  589. Michigan Incomes Up Strong After 4 Years of ‘Right-to-Work-for-Less’
  590. Children of Monsters: The Strange Lives of Children of Dictators

    Please join us at Northwood University as Jay Nordlinger, senior editor at National Review, presents his book "Children of Monsters: An Inquiry into the Sons and Daughters of Dictators."

  591. The Fight Over Plastic Pipes in Michigan
  592. No Government? No Problem
    Michiganders create innovations, not merely solutions, when problem-solving
  593. The Legislative Clock is Ticking
    It's time for free-market reformers to act
  594. More Corporate Handouts, Water Down Graduation Standards, Breathalyzed Minors
    March 31, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  595. How Lansing Dodges Tax Cuts
  596. Hybrid Plan Did Not Fix School Retirement System
    It is at risk of underfunding and has barely enough assets
  597. Michael Moore: Trump Rule Change Means Human Extinction
  598. 1,400 Michigan Wind Turbines Needed To Replace The Palisades Nuclear Plant
  599. Trust Parents with School Grading System
    No good reason to complicate or hide information
  600. Michigan to Pay $660 Million in Secret Corporate Giveaways This Year
  601. Media's Attacks on DeVos Rife with Factual Inaccuracies
  602. Prompt Government Transparency is Vital to Democracy
    Delay of 106 days results in lawsuit for University of Michigan
  603. Michigan Government Salaries Database Corrected after State Admits Fault
    Office of Retirement Services blames ‘technical error’ for thousands of incorrect salary numbers
  604. Meet the New Detroit School District: Fewer Students, More Expenses, a Deficit
  605. A Case for Popular ISD Board Elections
    Agencies spending more of state’s K-12 tax dollars
  606. IMPACT March/April 2017
  607. Money For Nothing: Best Teachers’ Pay Stagnates While ‘Ineffectives’ Get Raise
  608. Better Managed Moose Get $203k From 'Critical' Great Lakes Funds
  609. You, Too, Can Be A Certified Media Fact-Checker For Just $99
  610. Why Mackinac Published Names and Wages of Government Workers in a Searchable Database
    The information belongs to the people
  611. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  612. Firing Police, Concealed Pistol Regs, Internet Games Not Gambling
    March 24, 2017, MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  613. An Empire of Smuggled Smokes
    New York's cigarette taxes have sparked a huge black market and should be rolled back
  614. Union Privileges Cost Veterans
    Providing unions with "official time" hurts the important work of the VA
  615. Do High Tax States Grow Faster?
  616. Great Lakes Restoration: $62k For 'Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience'
  617. Mackinac Center Temporarily Removes Some State Employee Salaries from Database After Questioning Accuracy of State Data
    Website contains salary info of nearly 300,000 government workers for each of the past three years
  618. Government Transparency Groups Announce Database of Public Employee Salaries
    Website contains salary info of nearly 300,000 government workers for each of the past three years
  619. -untitled-
  620. Governor's Commission Rejects Voters' Judgment On More Windmills
  621. Superintendent: We Don't Have Money To Give Top Teachers Merit Pay
  622. Wellspring Prep Growing Strong
    Diverse Grand Rapids charter readies kids for college
  623. Good With His Hands, But Sidelined By Massage License Requirement
  624. Governor's Tourism Conference Must Address Pure Michigan Shortfalls
    Mackinac Center analyst offers counterpoint to state’s promotion campaign
  625. Henry Ford Community College Gets 'Yellow Light' Rating for Speech Code
  626. $581k In Great Lakes Restoration Money For Mohawk Tribe To Talk Fish, Tribal Beliefs
  627. Michigan Wants to Fine Schools for Indian Mascots But Not for Violating State Laws
  628. Michigan’s Regulatory Laws Lead to Fewer Jobs, More Crime
    Licensing rules are a criminal justice issue
  629. Flashing Lights, Beaming Aircraft, Access to Legislator Records, More
    March 17, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  630. In the Battle for Jobs, Subsidy Programs Shoot Blanks
    More subsidies won’t improve economy
  631. Statement on the FY2018 Federal Budget Blueprint
    Lots of details to work out, but budget deserves recognition
  632. Union Rules: Ineffective Teacher's Raise is 4x That of 'Teacher Of The Year'
  633. The Value of Pipelines (and Line 5) to Michigan
    Testimony from the Michigan Pipeline Safety Advisory Board
  634. Michigan Already Awash in Business Subsidies
    Lawmakers should reject latest proposal for more
  635. Extra Caution Needed On 'Average' Teacher Salary Claims
  636. State Government Workforce Up First Time In 7 Years
  637. Michigan Should Reject Special Corporate Developer Bills
    Senate bills 111-115 being considered
  638. Licensing: Fact vs. Fiction FAQ
  639. Michigan's Occupational Licensing Requirements
  640. License to (Not) Work: Mackinac Center Releases New Study on Occupational Licensing
    Assessing the impact of arbitrary licensing laws on the Michigan economy
  641. Best Teachers Take Pay Cut In This Big Michigan School District
  642. This Isn’t Working: How Michigan’s Licensing Laws Hurt Workers and Consumers

    Click here for a PDF of the full study.

    The Declaration of Independence lists the “pursuit of happiness” as one of Americans’ “unalienable rights.” For most, this includes the ability to pursue a vocation of their choice. But occupational licensure laws stand in the way of many people trying to exercise this right. For too many people, the right to pursue their dreams has been halted by governments that require them to jump through hoops, pay fees and meet other often arbitrary and inconsistent requirements.

    This report gathers data on every occupational license in Michigan. It describes the impact and costs of licensure laws, as documented in the empirical research that has been conducted on this issue. It explains how and why licensing requirements are typically created, but also outlines some of the fundamental problems with a broad licensing regime. Finally, it compares Michigan’s licensing requirements to those of other states and makes recommendations for how the state could reform occupational licensure for the benefit of job-seekers and entrepreneurs and for the state’s economy as a whole.

  643. Average Teacher Pay in Macomb County's Utica District: $80k
  644. Michigan Has Reversed the Flow of Interstate Migration with Illinois
    Illinois used to gain net population from Michigan
  645. The Secrecy of 'Pure Michigan'
  646. The Best-Paying Public School Districts In Michigan
  647. $135k To Study Insects Called ‘Great Lakes Restoration’
  648. HONEST Act – EPA Science and Transparency
    This should be ‘science 101’
  649. How We Use FOIA to Hold Government Accountable
    Happy ‘Sunshine Week’ 2017
  650. Republicans, Pursue Your Agenda with Gusto
    Advice for the Legislative majority
  651. Michigan Will Soon Restrict Real Estate Agents When Displaying Their Names
  652. Property Taxes Are Michigan Governments' Largest Money Maker
  653. Some Small Tax Breaks, But Total State Tax Collections Rise Faster
  654. Close To Immortal: Michigan Won't Close Failing Public Schools After All
  655. Michigan Medicaid Patient Can't Find Care, So She Pays For Innovative Alternative
  656. How Many College Bureaucrats Does It Take To Answer A Records Request?
  657. Governor’s Cyber School Cuts Don’t Add Up
    Online charters already perform OK for much less money
  658. Copper Mine Regulations, Parole and Probation Reforms, Expelled Lawmakers
    March 10, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  659. Sweeping Criminal Justice Reforms For Michigan
    After four long years of debate, change has finally arrived
  660. $750k 'Great Lakes' Grant Included Reverting Golf Course To Natural State
  661. Affluent School Districts Benefit From Expanded State 'At Risk' Spending
  662. Ridesharing Gets Rolling in Michigan
    Massive expansion after sensible regulations passed
  663. Applications Open for Second Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Children ages 6-14 encouraged to apply
  664. Ideas Liberals and Conservatives Can Agree On
    Plenty of middle ground, even in a divisive political climate
  665. Having Police on Foot Patrols Benefits Communities, Experts Say
  666. Obscure Websites and Protecting Great Lakes
  667. Debate Resources: Public Forum Topic Posts
  668. Michigan House Considers Public Records Reform
    Expanding FOIA to include Legislature and Governor
  669. Justice Clarence Thomas Takes a Broadside at Civil Forfeiture
    Forfeiture is a big issue in Michigan
  670. More Transparency on the Way in Michigan
    Bills would subject legislators, governor to FOIA and require salaries be made public
  671. Upper Peninsula Democrat Breaks With Party On Vote To Cut State Income Tax
  672. Here's Who Runs U-M Office that Took 106 Days To Release Four Emails
  673. Foot Patrol Policing: Engaging Michigan Communities One Step at a Time

    As police departments seek to reduce crime, restore trust in law enforcement and improve the strained relationship between officers and civilians, many have begun shifting to more community-oriented operations.

  674. Union Behind Michigan ‘Dues Skim’ Facing More Corruption Allegations
    SEIU Healthcare Michigan has a history of problems
  675. Tax Hike Cost Michigan Households $1000
    Lawmakers can afford to lower taxes
  676. U-M Refuses to Disclose Its President's Politicking
  677. Baldwin High School Beats the Odds
    Unique rural community bolstered by college focus, innovative initiatives
  678. A Glimmer of Hope for Job-Seeking Ex-Offenders
    Corrections Department could hire former prisoners under proposed bill
  679. Give Michigan Drivers Relief from High Auto Insurance Premiums
  680. Michigan Taxpayers Don’t Need to Spend Another $4 Billion Annually on Infrastructure
  681. Regulatory Reform: Make Michigan a Job and Income-Growth Leader
  682. /licensing -> /licensure
  683. Great Lakes Cash 'Critical' — Really?
  684. Schools' Double Whammy: Declining Enrollment, Soaring Pension Expense
  685. Crime Scene Investigations, Guardians Bureau, Rails to Trails Liability
    March 3, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  686. Miggy's City Income Tax Bill = $152,899
  687. Repressive Speech Codes At Michigan Community Colleges Model PC Universities
  688. Detroit Redefines 'Annual' To Take Much Bigger Income Tax Bite From Pro Athletes
  689. Mackinac Center Sues University of Michigan Over Open Records Violation
    Journalist waits more than 100 days for university to supply four emails
  690. Detroit Policy From a Free-Market Perspective
    Ideas for the city in advance of the Detroit Policy Conference
  691. This Isn't Working: How Michigan’s Licensing Laws Hurt Workers and Consumers
  692. Most of These Republicans Ran On Low Taxes; But All Voted to Keep Them High
  693. Michigan Legislators Don’t Receive Pensions
    Now let’s solve the problem for the rest of government workers
  694. Foot Patrol Policing: Engaging Michigan Communities One Step at a Time
    Free event in Lansing to discuss community policing
  695. Environmental Policy Initiative
    Guiding Principles
  696. Michigan Can Afford a Tax Cut
    State revenue has grown for years
  697. Families Paying $1 Billion More In State Income Tax
  698. 'Gag Order' Put NMU On List of Anti-Free Speech Campuses
  699. Michigan Education Association Losing Members, Increasing Debt
    Union named one of five most ‘financially precarious’
  700. Use Extra Community College Money to Lower the Income Tax
    Taxpayer spending is up even as student numbers drop
  701. Real Class Credit for Taking 'Fake News' Course at University of Michigan
  702. Bottleneckers: Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit

    A “bottlenecker” is someone who uses the power of the government to limit competition in the market and artificially boost their own profits. Bottleneckers use a variety of methods to achieve their goals, including tax loopholes, regulations, occupational licensing requirements, minimum wage laws and many more. The end result when these special interest bottleneckers succeed is fewer choices and higher prices for consumers, fewer job opportunities for workers and less innovation throughout the economy.

  703. Nation’s First Hearing on Worker’s Choice Bill Happens Tuesday
    Missouri Legislature considering idea first presented by Mackinac Center
  704. To Boost Jobs in Detroit, Cut Regulations
    Why the Motor City has so few plumbers
  705. Michigan Pays for Fudged Climate Data
    Fake news, meet settled science
  706. Teacher Making $53,000 Says She Could Earn More as a Waitress
  707. You're Paying $1.29 Billion More For This
  708. Liberal Group Says Income Tax Cut Means Cops and Firefighters May Not Show Up
  709. GOP Governor Thanks House GOP Tax Cut Opponents
  710. Don’t Cut Income Tax Rate; Do Redistribute $1.8 Billion to Big Developers
    February 24, 2017, MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  711. Compel School Districts to Reward Great Teachers
    Wisconsin study highlights benefits of performance pay
  712. Donor Privacy Policy
  713. One State May Do Away With Taxpayer-Funded Tourism Promotion
    Why ending Florida’s “Pure Michigan” counterpart would benefit residents and visitors
  714. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling
    An update through 2015
  715. Studies of Government-funded Tourism Promotion Withstand Criticism
    Publicly-funded marketing for tourism is a waste of money
  716. Bottleneckers: Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit
    Free Lansing luncheon Tuesday to discuss Michigan's regulatory structure
  717. These 12 Republicans Voted 'No' On Michigan Income Tax Cut
  718. $28K Or Less For First-Year Teachers? Three Districts Pay That
  719. These 20 Republicans Voted 'Yes' On Giving $1.8 Billion To Big Developers
  720. Michigan's Largest School Districts Breaking Teacher Pay Law
  721. Updated Research Affirms Link between Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling
    Interactive map shows taxes and smuggling by state
  722. Pushing Back Against Government Takings
    New bill would provide remedy for property violations
  723. Close Failing Public Schools? Not In Michigan — Yet
  724. Teacher Evaluations Out Of Sync With Outcomes
  725. Proposed Wind Turbines in Rural County Match States Tallest Skyscrapers
  726. Average Annual Taxpayer Savings: $173.52
  727. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling
  728. Windmills Tall as Skyscrapers Proposed for Rural Michigan County
  729. House Republican Policy Plan Lays the Groundwork for Action
    Pensions, education, criminal justice all areas ripe for change
  730. New Subsidies More about Political Development than Economic Development
    Economic conditions matter more than giving targeted taxpayer dollars to developers
  731. Michigan's $6.3 Billion Broken Promise
  732. Detroit Public Schools Goes Big For Teacher Merit Pay
  733. State Pays More as Community College Tuition Rises, Enrollment Falls
  734. People First or Well Connected Developers?
    We should provide tax relief for all instead of favors to a select few
  735. Tax Cuts and Corporate Welfare
    February 17, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  736. Time for Labor Unions to Collect their Own Dues
    The on-going SEIU dues skim must end
  737. Michigan's 'Temporary' 2007 Tax Hike Took $770 Million Last Year
  738. How an 'Ineffective' Teacher Gets Third-Highest Pay Level
  739. Mackinac Center Analyst: Senate Bills 111-115 Are Corporate Cronyism
    LaFaive available to comment on pending legislation
  740. Protecting Business Owners’ Right to Free Speech
  741. Michigan's Worldwide Trading Economy
  742. Fighting For a Teacher’s Right to Work
  743. Suing the State to See Flint Water Documents
  744. Official ‘Bias Response’ Enforcers Stifle Michigan Universities
  745. Holding the University Of Michigan Accountable
  746. State Pension Funds Move To Risky Investments
    Lack of payoff on investments is biggest driver of underfunding
  747. Testimony: When Will Michigan Families Get Some Tax Relief Too?

    Testimony before the House Tax Policy Committee

  748. Mackinac Center Resumes Fight to Protect Free Speech Rights
    Northern Michigan inn owner sues to end unconstitutional marketing tax
  749. State Superintendent Claims First-Year Teachers Make $28K—We Can't Find Them
  750. Why Michigan Licensing Laws Are So Destructive
    Everything you need to know about occupational regulations in the Great Lakes State
  751. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Mackinac Center
    Our love for you in memes
  752. Number of Michigan Millionaires Grows 25-Fold
  753. Scofflaw School Districts Ignore Merit Pay Law, Face No Sanctions
  754. The InternNet
  755. Congress May Protect Private Pensions from State Bureaucrats
    Recent regulations allow states to create and manage retirement for private employees
  756. The Cost of High Cigarette Taxes
    Research reveals unintended consequences of tax
  757. Kentucky, Missouri Set Off Wave of Labor Reform
    2017 poised to be big year for worker freedom
  758. Teacher Melts Down, Disrupts, Curses, Quits, Walks — And Files To Get Job Back
  759. Loans From Corporate Welfare Agency Are, Like Its Job Promises, 'Uncollectible'
  760. Detroit Father Turns Boxing Interest Into Youth Enrichment Program
  761. School Hosts Advocacy Session for Tax Hike in Front of Students
    Politicking on the taxpayer dime
  762. Charitable Gambling, Special Needs Database, More Corporate Welfare
    February 10, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  763. Who Watches the Union’s Fake News Watchers?
  764. State Budget Growth Outpaces Inflation
  765. Trump is Wrong on Civil Forfeiture
    State should stop this end-run around the Constitution
  766. School Pension Iceberg: Beware What’s Under Budget Surface
  767. Higher Emissions Ahead: Closing Nuclear Plant Here Means More CO2
  768. Family Finds Online School to Be a Lifesaver
    Education accountability system needs to be parent-friendly
  769. IMPACT January/February 2017
  770. 'Tax Cut Fever' In Lansing? Spending Increases Show Opposite
  771. Michigan School Pension Costs Almost Quadrupled
  772. Legislators Should Give Taxpayers the Income Tax Cut They Deserve
    With revenues increasing, the state can easily afford to lower rates
  773. Mackinac Center Expert Available for Comment on FY 2018 Budget Release
    Fiscal policy analyst to be in Lansing Wednesday for Snyder’s presentation
  774. Officials Shortchange School Pension Fund 7th Year In Row
  775. Detroit Children's Business Fair Application
    Apply for the Detroit Children's Business Fair today!
  776. The Job No One Wants
  777. National Labor Expert: Right-To-Work Just the Beginning for Missouri
    Show-Me State poised to become next Wisconsin for labor reform
  778. Where did the Money from Higher Transportation Taxes Go?
  779. Government Funding of Sports Arenas is an Expensive Psychological Boost
  780. A Better Way to Rank Schools
  781. Detroit Window Washer Tax
  782. Delayed Payment On Granholm Early Pension Gambit Raises Costs To Taxpayers
  783. Union Enlists a Mayor to Endorse Fabulist Claims on Teacher Pay
  784. Legislators Who Promote Transparency Should Start by Disclosing Corporate Welfare Deals
    MEDC secrecy patronizes lawmakers and public
  785. Senate Passes Probation and Parole Reforms
    February 3, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  786. Saginaw’s Lowest Performing Schools Get the Most Money
    More funding won’t fix failing schools
  787. And Then There Were 28
  788. Michigan House Bill Would Impose Sanctions On 'Sanctuary Cities'
  789. Michigan Wins When Immigrants Face a Fair and Predictable System
    Due process is an important part of an immigration system
  790. Michigan Taxpayers Don’t Need to Spend $4 Billion Annually on Infrastructure
    Recent report has been misinterpreted
  791. Open Records Law: U-M Cashes The Check But Fails To Deliver The Info
  792. The Pruitt EPA Nomination
    When worldviews clash
  793. Detroit’s Soccer Stadium Should Stand on its Own
    Stadiums are a bad investment for taxpayers
  794. 'Unregulated' Charter Schools? 13 Things You Did Not Know
  795. How ‘Good Character’ Provisions Create Bad Outcomes
    Barriers to employment can prevent some prisoners from reintegrating successfully
  796. Real Economy Creates 81 Jobs For Every 1 Promised by Business Subsidy Program
    Broad improvements to the business climate help more than special subsidies
  797. Michigan Environmental Office Repeatedly Stonewalls Record Requests
  798. Wasting No Time on Criminal Justice Reform
    Senate introduces some important proposals on day one of 2017 session
  799. Michigan Forfeiture Laws Improving, But State Transparency Still Falls Behind
  800. Public School Union Members Protest Their Own Union
  801. What This Russian College Student Thinks About Bernie Sanders
  802. State’s School Rankings Only Tell Part of Story
    By failing to account for poverty, Michigan unfairly puts some schools at bottom
  803. Detroit Schools Show Importance of School Choice
    Kids deserve more options, not fewer
  804. Recently Introduced Bills of Interest
    January 27, 2017 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  805. Federal Park Staffers Defy Presidential Order, Tweet Climate Change Warnings
  806. After Decades of Little Change, Why Are So Many States Going Right-to-Work?
  807. School Board Says DeVos 'Unfit' For Advocating Policies It Practices
  808. Ann Arbor School Board Member Weighs In On $150 Merit Pay
  809. Ann Arbor Schools: First There Is No Teacher Merit Pay, Then There Is
  810. What Happens When the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Ends?
    State could save millions by stopping ineffective subsidies
  811. Indiana Could See Cigarette Smuggling Leap with Excise Tax Increase
    Michigan may benefit from Hoosier hike
  812. Putting the Pieces in Place for School Choice
    Big picture points to more hopeful action
  813. Rising Economy Increased Michigan Tax Revenue More Than Gas Tax Hike
  814. Michigan College Busts Students For Giving Out U.S. Constitutions Without Permit
  815. Washington Post Bashes Detroit Charters Citing Study That Praises Detroit Charters
  816. Cheers for Detroit Schools Transparency
    District has come a long way
  817. Elect Speaker of the House; Names of Senators
    January 20, 2017 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report
  818. Mackinac Center Responds to State’s School Rankings
    State report confirms need for new grading system
  819. The Hypocrisy of 'Public' Education Rhetoric
    What’s being protected here: The Constitution or union dues?
  820. Most Charters Perform 'Significantly Better' Than District Schools on Core Subjects
  821. Speed Limits in Michigan Going Up
  822. DeVos, Charters, School Choice Threaten Democratic Party Finances
  823. Yesterday's Pension Underfunding Means Fewer Raises For Today's Teachers
  824. Government Growth Proposed in Gov. Snyder's 2017 State of the State
    Address included 12 proposed government expansions, one limitation
  825. DeVos Attacked For Supporting Free Speech, Due Process On Campus
  826. Incomes Rise in Right-to-Work Michigan; Officials Project More To Come
  827. Happy 50th Birthday Personal Income Tax
    Now go away
  828. Detroit Charters Far Outperform Traditional Schools
    Mackinac’s CAP scores align with rigorous research findings
  829. Mackinac Center Experts Available for Commentary on 2017 State of the State Address
    Policy analysts watching a wide range of topics
  830. State Officials Caused Michigan's Pension Crisis
  831. MCPP Recommendations 2017-2018
  832. President of Nation's Largest Teachers Union Got 23 Percent Pay Bump Last Year
  833. School Retirement System Continues to Harm Members
    Michigan's failed pension system is hurting school employees and taxpayers alike
  834. Lansing School District Ignores Law Requiring Teacher Merit Pay
  835. Michigan School Districts: We Have No Ineffective Teachers
  836. The 2016 Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Report Card
  837. Michigan Should End Civil Asset Forfeiture
    Require a criminal conviction before taking people’s property
  838. Resisting the Deforming Power of Government
    How to preserve the distinction between society and government
  839. 2016 Michigan Energy Roundup: Renewable Energy
    Final post in a series analyzing changes to Michigan's utility laws
  840. Clean Michigan Initiative Not the Only Remediation Fund
    Other sources for environmental clean-up eliminate need for further debt
  841. New High School Rankings Available in Unique Report Card
    New High School Rankings Available in Unique Report Card
  842. Court Rejects MDEQ’s Avoidance Tactics in Flint FOIA Lawsuit
    Motion to dismiss denied by State of Michigan Court of Claims
  843. Roseville Man Becomes Facebook Famous, and Criminally Liable, for Warming His Car
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse for leaving running vehicle unattended, police chief says
  844. The Law's the Law – Except When It Says Great Teachers Get Merit Pay
  845. Had Hillary Won, Granholm And Not DeVos Would Be Prepping for Confirmation
  846. How Education Secretary DeVos Could Help Michigan Advance Choice
    Two federal proposals that avoid dangerous overreach
  847. Kentucky Becomes Nation’s 27th Right-to-Work State
    Bluegrass State first of several likely to pass such legislation in 2017
  848. Number Getting Unemployment Checks Lowest In At Least 30 Years In Michigan
  849. Some Budget Ideas for 2017
  850. Be Wise in Deciding How to Spend Taxpayer Funds on Infrastructure
  851. Why Trade Schools Matter to Detroit
  852. Harvard Study Says Michigan Elections Less Democratic Than Cuba, North Korea, Iran
  853. Forward michigan-citizens-will-no-longer-have-to-pay-upfront-forfeiture-fee
  854. Mackinac Center, ACLU Applaud New Forfeiture Bill
    But call on state to require conviction
  855. Now People Won't Have to Pay a Bond to Recover Their Stuff from Police
  856. Where the Money from Higher Transportation Taxes Goes
    A bigger budget means more money for programs beyond road repair
  857. Truth Optional When Teachers Union Defends Its Turf
  858. A Salute to Thomas Sowell
    The great economist is retiring
  859. Protecting Electricity Choice
    2016 Michigan Energy Roundup
  860. Michigan’s Net Out-Migration Much Reduced But Still Negative
  861. In the Big Ten Conference of Migration Trends, Michigan Tops a Weak Division
  862. Michigan Stagnates on Economic Freedom Index
    After big recent gains, this state stuck in neutral
  863. U-M Prof Hints Scholars Down On School Choice, But Twice As Many Optimistic
  864. Government, Heavy Industry No Longer Dominate Michigan Economy
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