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  1. Top 25 Current Comments of 2008
  2. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 23, 2008
  3. Southfield goes public on bargaining
    "Southfield Public Schools wants to freeze teacher wages but offer educators lump sum payments if enrollment improves."
  4. Blowing Smoke Over Private Property Rights
  5. MESSA an issue in contract talks
    "Health insurance is a key issue in stalled teacher contract negotiations in dozens of Michigan school districts, with arguments over union-affiliated insurance generating talk of teacher strikes."
  6. Point of Departure
  7. Make Unions Accountable for Illegal Strikes
  8. Districts eye school closings
    "School closing discussions are under way in Flint, Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills and Bullock Creek."
  9. IMPACT Winter 2008
  10. Ideas and Political Leadership
  11. Speaking Truth to Power
  12. Mount Pleasant, others looking at insurance pool
    "Mount Pleasant Public Schools will join other schools in the area to explore forming a health insurance pool."
  13. At What Point Does Being Nosy Deserve a Broken Nose?
  14. Promise Grant could be axed
    "A work group studying education spending in Michigan will recommend eliminating the Michigan Promise Grant in view of a projected $1.1 billion state budget shortfall by 2012."
  15. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 16, 2008
  16. DPS board ousts Calloway
    "Detroit school board members Monday fired Superintendent Connie Calloway, placing her on paid administrative leave in a 7-4 vote."
  17. Granholm Administration on Automaker Bailout: Throw Taxpayers Under the Government Pensioners’ Bus
  18. It Shouldn’t Be Hard To Be Humble
  19. Flint-area administrator pay averages $90,800
    "School administrators in Genesee County earn an average of $90,800 annually."
  20. Teacher faces sex charge
    "A northern Michigan man who teaches high school in one school district and is a school board member in another has been arrested on charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct."
  21. What the Auto Industry Needs Is Regulatory Changes
  22. No cutting in these lines
    "A number of schools that don't provide bus transportation have instituted routine procedures to make sure students arrive and leave safely each day."
  23. No fingerprints, no contract
    "A joint venture between Howell Public Schools and Lansing Community College likely will end because the college instructors have not responded to a request for digital fingerprinting."
  24. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 9, 2008
  25. State to take financial control of DPS
    "An emergency manager will take financial control of Detroit Public Schools following the district's failure to meet the terms of an agreement outlining how it will resolve a $400 million deficit."
  26. More Schools 'Show Michigan the Money'
  27. Judge blocks e-mail release
  28. Is there a Ford in our presence?
  29. Will We Move Forward or Backward on Union Transparency?
  30. Freeze-for-MESSA in Walled Lake
    " Walled Lake Consolidated Schools teachers will pay higher deductibles while retaining health insurance through the Michigan Education Special Services Association under the terms of a new, three-year contract."
  31. How to Control College Costs
  32. How to Save Detroit
  33. Requiem for Reason
  34. Lansing enrollment down by 688
    "Enrollment in the Lansing School District dropped twice as much as expected this year, meaning a corresponding decline in per-pupil state aid of up to $3 million."
  35. Wind technology on tap in Warren
    "A turbine windmill will be installed at the Butcher Educational Center in Warren Consolidated Schools as part of a new focus on energy management and renewable energy education."
  36. Kind Words
  37. Journalists allowed into school-closing meeting
    "Reporters from the Detroit Free Press and WDIV-TV were allowed entry to a school-closing committee meeting in Bloomfield Hills on Tuesday, though until that point the committee had been meeting in private."
  38. What We Should Have Learned from the Great Depression
  39. Bay City teachers to pay deductible
    "Bay City teachers will retain Michigan Education Special Services Association insurance but be charged a deductible under the terms of a new two-year contract."
  40. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 2, 2008
  41. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling

    In this study, the authors consider cigarette smuggling from two angles. First, they employ a statistical model to estimate the degree to which cigarette smuggling occurs in 47 of the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Second, they review the historical experiences of three states — Michigan, New Jersey and California — known to have problems with cigarette smuggling. The author's findings suggest that state policymakers should reassess the value of cigarette taxes as a revenue and public health tool.

  42. Michigan Cigarette Excise Tax Inducing Widespread Cigarette Smuggling, Other Unintended Consequences
  43. Wary districts eye possible proration
    "Utica Community Schools has announced a freeze on all nonessential spending in view of a possible state aid proration in 2009."
  44. Teachers keep MESSA, accept wage freeze
    "Lincoln Consolidated Schools teachers have agreed to a salary schedule freeze in exchange for retaining Choices II health insurance through the Michigan Education Special Services Association."
  45. DPS board eyes downsizing, other cuts
    "Detroit Public Schools board members were to meet Monday to hash out the terms of a revised deficit elimination plan, this one calling for the possibility of closing schools, cutting 400 staff jobs and trimming hours for assorted non-teacher instructional positions."
  46. Ontario teachers miffed at deadline
    "As contract negotiations wind their way through mediation and fact finding in numerous Michigan school districts this year, teachers in Ontario, Canada, face a different type of bargaining. Teachers throughout the province have until Nov. 30 to accept an offer of 3 percent pay raises in each of the next four years."
  47. Collecting the "Rent"
  48. UAW-Ford Contract Sheds Light on Big Three’s Situation
  49. Legislative Alert
  50. Michigan schools in NCLB lawsuit
    "A lawsuit taking aim at the federal No Child Left Behind Act is on the docket of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Dec. 10, with a Bloomfield Hills attorney representing Pontiac and other participating school districts."
  51. U of M Economists: GDP Will Grow by 2.9759312053 percent in 2037
  52. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 25, 2008
  53. Property sales don't pan out
    "Banking on property sales to pay for capital projects has not turned out well for Royal Oak Public Schools, which will borrow $5 million to make ends meet this year."
  54. Into and beyond the MEAP
  55. Can The UAW Be Taken Seriously?
  56. Districts pay teachers to leave
    "Seventeen west Michigan public school districts paid a combined $760,000 in salaries and benefits to remove 29 teachers from their jobs over the past four years."
  57. School Employees Union Shows School Boards the Whip
  58. How to Save Detroit
  59. Critics: DPS chief should cut personal security
    "Two school board members in Detroit have called for Superintendent Connie Calloway to reduce her personal security detail, which includes two armed police officers who escort her on business."
  60. Schools should change election date
    "Bay County area schools should conduct school board elections jointly with general elections as a way to save money and have more representative voter turnout."
  61. Never Give Up
  62. K Promise shows mixed results
    "Now three years old, the Kalamazoo Promise has had mixed results in its mission to send Kalamazoo Public Schools graduates to college."
  63. School Employees Union Shows School Boards the Whip
  64. More kids homeless, schools say
    "Grand Rapids and Holland public schools are reporting higher numbers of homeless students than last year and expect the figures to grow."
  65. Bailout Resources
  66. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 18, 2008
  67. Reform slate to challenge DFT
    "Nineteen Detroit Public Schools teachers are running for election to leadership slots in the Detroit Federation of Teachers union on a school reform platform, according to The Detroit News. The teachers want to open their own charter school modeled after the Los Angeles Green Dot Schools."
  68. Tough Choices Ahead for Workers
  69. Teachers opt to leave MESSA, get pay hike
    "Teachers in Gaylord Community Schools have voted to replace the Michigan Educational Special Services Association with AmeraPlan as a third-party insurance administrator, saving the district about 25 percent on health care costs."
  70. Warren teacher quits amid allegations
    "A Spanish language teacher quit her job at Michigan Collegiate High School amid allegations that she had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student."
  71. Wyandotte students beat Algebra II odds
    "Wyandotte Public Schools is attracting attention statewide for its 90 percent pass rate among algebra II students."
  72. “Carry On”
  73. Contract: No pay hike, no outsourcing
    "Howell Public Schools maintenance employees have agreed to no pay raises and an increased co-pay for prescription medication in exchange for a commitment that their jobs will not be privatized."
  74. November/December 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential articles
  75. Michael Crichton, RIP
  76. Six Michigan schools on Catholic honor roll
    "Six Michigan schools were named to the 2008 National Catholic High School Honor Roll."
  77. Where Are All the Green Jobs?
  78. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 11, 2008
  79. Cuts, closings ahead in Flint
    "Lax accounting, enrollment losses and overspending all contributed to the $10 million budget deficit now facing the Flint School District."
  80. Beyond Basics
  81. Happy 20th Anniversary
  82. 20th Anniversary Gala
  83. PEG Fees Unnecessary
  84. John Riecker, RIP
  85. Proposal to Raise Fees on Television Providers is Unnecessary, Likely to Increase Cable Rates

    The State should not allow municipal governments to increase public, education and government channel fees when there is no evidence of additional demand.

  86. U.P. students feel slighted by map
    "When Escanaba Area High School students noticed that a national textbook company had mislabeled the Upper Peninsula on a map of Michigan, they not only wrote a letter requesting that the publisher fix the mistake, but also suggesting that more information about the Upper Peninsula would make the book more appealing."
  87. Teachers honored
    "A Jackson-area teacher has been named Michigan's charter school Teacher of the Year, while educators from Forest Hills and Utica have each received Milken Family Foundation National Educator Awards."
  88. Us vs. Them: The People and the Political Class
  89. Southfield opens STEM school
    "Southfield Public Schools has opened an honors high school, University High School Academy, with smaller classes emphasizing science, technology, engineering and math."
  90. Recall Drama Rumbles On
  91. Charter share grows in Michigan
    "More than half of New Orleans school children attended public charter schools in 2007-08, followed by 31 percent of children in Washington, D.C., and 28 percent in Dayton."
  92. Northwood, Cornerstone team up on economics class
    "Northwood University faculty will teach introductory economics to students at Cornerstone Schools as well as offer programs for school alumni in a new partnership between the educational institutions."
  93. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 4, 2008
  94. Parents' e-mail addresses won't be released
    "Bloomfield Hills Public Schools will no longer release parents' e-mail addresses, even to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act."
  95. Teachers call in sick, school closed
    "Twenty-six teachers called in sick to Redford Union's Hilbert Middle School on Monday, forcing the district to send 900 students home."
  96. Will We Move Forward or Backward on Union Transparency?
  97. DPS: Agreement in lieu of takeover
    "The Detroit school board will meet Wednesday to decide whether to agree to budget-cutting measures suggested by a state review team. The alternative is a financial takeover by the state."
  98. Public Education: Time for Change Based on the Merits
    A merit-pay program for Michigan's public schools would reward teachers based on student achievement, rather than longevity and advanced degrees.
  99. American Greetings Says Hello to More Incentives
    Policymakers are quick to issue press releases about how many jobs will be created when they give discriminatory favors to certain businesses. Where are the press releases when those predictions fall short?
  100. The Government’s Plan to Fix Wall Street Will Do More Harm
    Washington’s response to the mortgage crisis ignored the very government policies that created the problem.
  101. Revolutionary Cure
  102. Michigan Privatization Digest - October 31, 2008
  103. Only write-ins on Holly ballot
    "Nobody filed petitions to run for either of two seats on the Holly Area Schools Board of Education, so voters will choose the winners Tuesday on a write-in basis."
    A review and analysis of important state legislative policy issues that do not always receive attention from the general media. Michigan Capitol Confidential will make it easier to keep tabs on your elected representatives in Lansing.
  105. Property Taxes and Home Values Deserve Closer Scrutiny
  106. Schools beef up video surveillance
    "A number of public schools in Michigan are installing new or additional security cameras."
  107. MEGA Stumble?
  108. Release of e-mail addresses raises questions
    "Questions about the release of parent e-mail addresses have emerged in Bloomfield Hills after two school board candidates used addresses obtained through the Freedom of Information Act to send campaign messages."
  109. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 28, 2008
  110. Alternative energy subsidies: Yes or no?
  111. GR teachers: Let us decide pay, insurance
    "Grand Rapids teachers have proposed that Grand Rapids Public Schools turn over control of a percentage of its annual budget to them, and let the union set pay and benefits for its own members."
  112. Nonvoters Cast a Different Ballot
  113. Requiem for Reason
  114. Teachers agree to insurance changes, get pay raises
    "Teachers in St. Charles Community Schools will receive annual pay raises under the terms of a new, three-year contract, though the amount will depend on health insurance costs."
  115. Cash flow an issue in Pontiac
    "The Pontiac School District may ask for a state loan or an advance on special education funding to maintain cash flow."
  116. Substitute teachers drawn into debate
    "Substitute teachers will be asked to fill in if Grand Rapids Public Schools teachers walk off the job, but union representatives have asked them to stay away."
  117. Belding offers free breakfast to all
    "Citing hard economic times, Belding Area Schools will begin giving breakfast to every student, not just those eligible due to family income."
  118. Frugality Put in the Pokey
  119. Ypsilanti considers lawsuit over state funding
    "Projecting a budget that overspends revenue by $5.4 million in 2009-2010, Ypsilanti Public Schools will lobby state legislators and investigate suing the state over what it considers inadequate public school funding in Michigan."
  120. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 21, 2008
  121. Two Weeks Until Election Day: Do You Know Where Your Legislator Is?
  122. Schools show interest in pilot merit pay program
  123. No more 'well-paid' dropouts, expert says
    "Michigan's dropout problem is exacerbated by the loss of industrial jobs that once allowed students to quit school and still make a good living."
  124. Judge: Union e-mails are public record
    "E-mails written by union leaders on Howell Public Schools computers are public record, a Livingston County judge has ruled, but the messages will not be released immediately."
  125. IMPACT Fall 2008
  126. Contracts settled in Muskegon area
    "Teachers in the Muskegon Heights and North Muskegon public school districts agreed to switch to a less-expensive health insurance plan, and both groups will receive raises under recently settled contracts."
  127. Indispensable Leadership
  128. Teacher Merit-Pay Plan Gaining Popularity
  129. September/October 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential articles
  130. School-closing group names members
    "A committee charged with recommending which two schools to close in Bloomfield Hills has opted to release the names of its own members."
  131. Creative Charlatanry 2.0
  132. New estimate puts DPS enrollment near 96,000
    "Detroit Public Schools' estimated enrollment now stands at nearly 96,000 students and could go higher."
  133. Great Depression Myths Revisited
  134. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 14, 2008
  135. Charter company wants to open fourth school
    "Hamadeh Educational Services Inc. wants to open a fourth public charter school, this one in the Canton area."
  136. American Greetings Says Hello to More Incentives
  137. Buses: 90 percent pass inspection
    "Ninety percent of school buses statewide passed inspection by the Michigan State Policy Traffic and Safety Division in 2007-2008."
  138. Great Depression Myths Revisited
  139. The Merits of the Case
  140. Tecumseh voting on use of ‘Redskins’
    "Clinton Community Schools is polling residents on whether to change the name of the school mascot to something other than 'Redskins.'"
  141. Legislative Alert
  142. Strike heads to court
    "Wayne-Westland Community Schools officials were expected to ask a judge Thursday to require striking teachers to return to work."
  143. The “Scene” and the Unseen
  144. Great Depression Myths Revisited
  145. State Works at Cross Purposes
  146. School-closing committee not open to public
    "The Bloomfield Hills school district is refusing to release the names of all the members of a school-closing committee, and the public may not attend its meetings."
  147. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 7, 2008
  148. DPS lays off 300
    "Detroit Public Schools has sent layoff notices to more than 300 employees as part of a plan to address a $408 million budget deficit."
  149. The Merits of the Case
  150. Great Depression Myths Revisited
  151. ‘First class’ issue looms in Detroit
  152. Education Forum
  153. Teachers strike, students sent home
    "Students in the Wayne-Westland Schools were denied instruction and had to be sent home Monday morning after members of the teachers union failed to report to work."
  154. Great Depression Myths Revisited
  155. Smart Growth Is Neither
    Implementation of smart growth policies frequently results in the loss of private property rights.
  156. Michigan Supreme Court Decision Limits Agency Powers
    In practice, this ruling will make it more difficult to achieve policy change through executive fiat because the courts will engage in a meaningful review to determine whether the agency action was permitted by the Legislature’s statute.
  157. State Checkbook Still Missing From Internet
    The decision to “show Michigan the money” — or not — is a matter of priorities, not resources.
  158. One-room school closes doors
    "With enrollment down to one student, Rapson School near Bad Axe has closed for good."
  159. School district closes movie deal
    "Howell Public Schools will make about $120,000 in a deal allowing Parker High School to be used as a movie location."
  160. Conservationist or Environmentalist?
  161. Audit details DPS woes
    "An audit criticizing the Detroit Public Schools for lack of a strategy to raise academic performance, manage facilities or control finances was scheduled to be released Wednesday by the Council of the Great Schools."
  162. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 30, 2008
  163. Those Who Do Not Study History ….
  164. The Government’s Plan to Fix Wall Street Will Do More Harm
  165. Enrollment down, charters and choice up
    "Enrollment declines were reported across much of Michigan last week, though some school officials said the lower numbers were not as bad as expected. Charter school enrollment increased in many of the same areas, as did schools-of-choice numbers."
  166. Playing Carnac with the Future
  167. Detroit student count down by 16,000
    "Preliminary figures show that approximately 88,000 students were enrolled in Detroit Public Schools as of Wednesday, a drop of about 16,000 from last fall."
  168. Former Holly teacher arraigned on sex charges
    "A former Holly High School teacher charged with five counts of criminal sexual conduct third degree was arraigned Tuesday."
  169. Not So Fast!
  170. Hart Enterprises Verdicts Prove Need for New State Wetland Legislation
  171. Go to school, win a car
    "Parents whose children showed up for classes at Westwood Community Schools on the state's official student count day were eligible to win a Saturn Vue."
  172. Schools outsource benefit administration
    "Leland Public Schools is among the latest to join a consortium formed to oversee the investments of public school employees."
  173. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 23, 2008
  174. Grand Rapids contract still unresolved
    "The Grand Rapids Public Schools board of education has offered teachers a new contract while also taking steps to prepare in case those teachers strike."
  175. Grand Haven insurance changes
    "Secretaries in the Grand Haven Public Schools will receive pay raises and another salary step in exchange for agreeing to insurance changes."
  176. DPS intervention possible
    "The second state intervention into Detroit Public Schools in 10 years is possible after state Superintendent Mike Flanagan sent Gov. Jennifer Granholm a letter indicating the district has "serious financial problems.""
  177. A Merit-Pay Pilot Program for Michigan Public Schools
  178. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 16, 2008
  179. Pinckney schools and union stumble over pay and insurance
    "Contract negotiations between Pinckney Community Schools and its teachers union are stalled over matters of health insurance and salaries."
  180. DPS Superintendent reprimanded by board
    "The Detroit Public Schools Board of Education voted 6-4 to formally reprimand Superintendent Connie Calloway, a move that may hinder her in the future but creates no immediate threats to her job security."
  181. First-grade student brings loaded gun to school
    "A first-grade student was removed from school after he showed another student a gun he brought to school."
  182. DPS loses adult education funds
    "The state is withholding $6.2 million in funds from Detroit Public Schools as questions surfaced about how past funds were spent."
  183. Health insurance: Reformed, but not resolved
  184. Legislative Alert
  185. Parent satisfaction higher in private schools
  186. How tax credits and vouchers work
  187. How Tax Credits and Vouchers Work
  188. DPS loses adult education funds
    "The state is withholding $6.2 million in funds from Detroit Public Schools as questions surfaced about how past funds were spent."
  189. Issues and Ideas Forum, September 11, 2008
  190. Internal Union Disputes Need Better Governance
  191. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 9, 2008
  192. Goodrich schools look at bus advertising
    "Goodrich is looking to increase revenue by placing targeted advertising inside of its school bus fleet."
  193. Contract talks civil for Muskegon-area schools
    "A number of Muskegon-area districts are in the final stages of contract negotiations."
  194. Flint schools discuss sex-education
    "The Flint Board of Education is discussing the possibility of developing a sexual-education curriculum for students in fifth and sixth grades."
  195. Internal union disputes need better governance
  196. UVL Data, Migration Study Underscore Michigan Troubles
    The Mackinac Center has long recommended a “Big Three” of tide-turning policies: Eliminate the Michigan Business Tax, prohibit employers from mandating union membership as a condition of employment and rein in oppressive regulation.
  197. Survey 2008: School Service Privatization Grows Again
    Done right, school support service privatization can save money and improve services — even if the privatization option is used solely to persuade public employee bargaining units to sharpen their pencils.
  198. Eight Ballot Measures We Would Like to See
    Michigan lawmakers are unlikely to pass any of these eight ideas into law any time soon, even though a case can be made that each one would help turn around Michigan’s moribund economy. Sometimes the people have to act when legislators won’t.
  199. History For Sale: Why Not?
  200. Detroit Deserves a Chance
  201. Grand Rapids contract talks continue
    "Leaders of the Grand Rapids Education Association teachers union are asking to meet with the board of education as teachers enter their second year without a contract."
  202. Michigan Privatization Digest - September 3, 2008
  203. Schools crack down on truancy
    "Districts in Kent County are joining forces with police and prosecutors to make sure children are attending school."
  204. Districts look for ways to meet special ed HQT standards
  205. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 2, 2008
  206. Wayne-Westland teachers vote to take "job action"
    "The teachers union and district in the Wayne- Westland Community Schools have agreed to a 30-day contract that allowed classes to begin as planned while contract talks continue."
  207. Mackinac Center Amicus Curiae Brief in Michigan Education Association v. Michigan Secretary of State
  208. Court Ruled Correctly in Preventing Use of Government Resources to Facilitate Political Contributions, According to Mackinac Center Senior Legal Analyst
  209. A New Direction on Drilling
  210. Willow Run superintendent on Illinois school board
    "The superintendent of Willow Run schools said she recently submitted her resignation by e-mail from an elected position on the board of education in Harvey, Ill."
  211. Zeeland pays teacher to leave
    "A separation agreement will cost Zeeland Public Schools nearly $80,000 to avoid a tenure hearing over a teacher the district wanted to fire."
  212. Salaries, benefits outpace state aid increase
    "An increase of up to $112 per student won't be enough to pay for increases in employee salaries and benefits for several Monroe County school districts."
  213. Madison teachers take pay freeze
    "Teachers in the Madison schools agreed to a one-year contract with a pay freeze and changes in health insurance."
  214. Union Spending in Michigan: A Review of Union Financial Disclosure Reports
  215. FEE: A Lighthouse for Freedom
  216. Study of Union Financial Reports Reveals Excessive Waste, Political Activism
  217. Saginaw pays to get rid of teacher
    "The Saginaw School District will pay more than $65,000 to rid itself of a teacher accused of poor classroom behavior."
  218. DPS sued over computer lease
    "General Electric Capital has filed a federal lawsuit against Detroit Public Schools over a lease for Apple computers."
  219. One-quarter of Michigan high school students don't finish
    "One in four Michigan high school students do not graduate."
  220. Portage bidding process questioned
    "Portage Public Schools might revise its construction bidding process to give preference to the low bidder rather than local companies."
  221. More Michigan schools fall short of goals
    "The number of Michigan schools failing to meet standards set by the federal No Child Left Behind Act increased by 150 during the 2007-2008 school year."
  222. Grand Rapids teachers union threatens illegal strike
    "The president of the Grand Rapids teachers union sent a letter to substitute teachers in the district asking them not to cross picket lines should the union strike."
  223. RMGN Rejected
  224. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 26, 2008
  225. Policymakers Fail to See Light on Energy Policy
  226. Eight Ballot Measures We Would Like to See
  227. Teacher Quality
  228. State board, nonprofit group at odds over Camp Tuhsmeheta
  229. The Best and the Brightest
  230. Test article for Kara
  231. Privatization numbers up again
  232. Study: Market-Based Incentives for Teachers Key to Student Achievement
  233. Board member: All teachers shoulder blame
    "The treasurer of the Saginaw board of education thinks elementary and middle school teachers should share the blame for the poor performance of high school students."
  234. Brighton tries to solve overspending crisis
    "Students in Brighton will have to pay to play sports and a program to identify students with learning disabilities was cut as the school board attempts to correct a $2 million overspending crisis for the 2008-2009 budget."
  235. Vendors won't send DPS textbooks
    "Students in Detroit Public Schools will begin classes with only 60 percent of the textbooks they need."
  236. Group hopes to fund college scholarships for Detroit grads
    "A Detroit-area businessman has started a group to raise money in hopes of funding college scholarships for Detroit Public Schools graduates."
  237. Panel OK’s new special education rules
  238. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 19, 2008
  239. Michigan State Supreme Court Strikes Proper Balance
  240. Survey 2008: School Service Privatization Grows Again
  241. School Services Privatization Rises for Fifth Consecutive Survey, According to Mackinac Center Research
  242. Directional Drilling
  243. State to hold hearing on special education changes
    "A legislative hearing will determine whether proposed changes to special education rules will be implemented."
  244. United Way starts program to curb dropout rates
    "The United Way of Southeastern Michigan has launched a $10 million initiative to reduce high school dropout rates for the Detroit-area."
  245. California court overturns ruling on homeschooling
    "A California state appellate court has ruled that parents are allowed to educate their own children."
  246. Michigan residents want teacher benefit reform
    "A phone survey commissioned by Detroit Renaissance shows that Michiganders support sweeping reform to improve the state, including reforming benefits for state employees and public school teachers."
  247. MME scores improve slightly in most subjects
    "Students showed slight increases in reading, writing and science scores in the second year of the Michigan Merit Exam, which includes the ACT, but more than half failed the mathematics section."
  248. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 12, 2008
  249. Legislators take up special ed rules
  250. Pulp Fiction
  251. Judge rules for Warren charter school
    "A new charter school in Warren will open next month after winning a court decision in its dispute with the city."
  252. Solzhenitsyn R.I.P.
  253. Public school competing for charter students
    "Muskegon Public Schools is hoping to enroll most of the students living in its district who formerly attended a now-closed charter public school."
  254. Quincy teachers won't bargain to save jobs
    "The Quincy teachers union voted 60-21 against contract concessions that could have saved the jobs of fellow school employees."
  255. Muskegon charter recognized for student achievement
    "WayPoint Academy in Muskegon received recognition for continuous academic improvement and decreasing the achievement gap between student groups."
  256. Finding algebra in fashion design
  258. Great Lakes Directional Drilling Ban Should Be Lifted
    Our leaders in Washington and Lansing should encourage the responsible development of our abundant oil and natural gas reserves by eliminating arbitrary road blocks such as the ban on directional drilling.
  259. Amending the State Constitution for Partisan Advantage?
    To the extent that this document is what it appears to be, it leaves little doubt that the Reform Michigan Government Now ballot initiative is a partisan power play.
  260. Do Unions Really Need the Money?
    But even with this very generous definition of what constitutes a representation expense, our review of union financial reports reveals that a typical union local in Michigan spends little more than half of its money on representing its members.
  261. Mackinac Center Asks Oakland County School Districts to Publish Their Checkbook Registers
  262. Detroit Schools might have to repay $1.3 million to feds
    "A report from the U.S. Department of Education recommends that Detroit Public Schools be required to pay back at least $1.3 million in misused funds."
  263. Friedman, Freedom and All That Jazz
  264. Schools adjust to rising fuel costs
    "School districts across Oakland County are adjusting their budgets and enacting cost-saving measures to cope with rising fuel prices."
  265. Bay City high schools switch to trimesters
    "Bay City Public Schools will move to a trimester system in its high schools starting in 2009-2010."
  266. Michigan ranks last in graduating black males
    "A national report found that Michigan has the lowest graduation rate for black males in the country, with Detroit Public Schools graduating the second lowest number of black males when compared to other large urban districts."
  267. Governor’s Office Refuses to Post Expenditure Details of Overspending Departments
  268. Legislative Alert
  270. Savings from “Reform Government” Initiative: Four Pennies a Week
  271. Michigan adopts NCLB ‘growth model’
  272. How to stop bullying in our schools
  273. July/August 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential articles
  274. Thoughts on Michigan’s Unemployment Rate
  275. Landmark Michigan Supreme Court Decision Puts Bounds on the Growing Power of State Agencies
  276. Mackinac Center Amicus Curiae Brief in In re Complaint of Rovas Against SBC Michigan

    The Mackinac Center’s brief urges the Michigan Supreme Court to hold that the judiciary need not defer to administrative agencies’ interpretations of ambiguous statutes. Alternatively, because Michigan courts (unlike federal courts) have not determined that agency rules created through formal adjudication are equivalent to rules created through notice-and-comment rulemaking, the Court could hold simply that there is no judicial deference to rules created through adjudication, leaving aside the question of deference to notice-and-comment rules.

    The Michigan Supreme Court decided the case in July 2008. The justices held that the rulings of state agencies should not receive deference from the courts and that the Michigan judiciary hence plays an integral role in reviewing the legality of agency actions. The ruling places a direct check on the power of state agencies to interpret and to act upon laws passed by the Michigan Legislature.

    The decision is a landmark in Michigan jurisprudence, particularly since it diverges from federal jurisprudence, which grants almost unlimited power to federal agencies in implementing laws passed by Congress. The court's ruling was substantially in agreement with the arguments presented in this brief.

  277. Mackinac Center Changes

  278. Property Rights Video Collection
    The Mackinac Center's Property Rights Network is dedicated to preserving and expanding private property rights in Michigan.
  280. Lean thinking for schools
  281. Out of Bounds
  282. Reed to Become President Emeritus of Mackinac Center; Board Unanimously Names Lehman Successor
  283. An Intern’s Service to Michigan
  284. Reform Michigan Government Now
  285. UAW-Posted PowerPoint Presentation on 'Reform Michigan Government Now' Proposal
  286. Document on UAW Web Site Outlined Strategy for 'Changing the Rules of Politics in Michigan to Help Democrats'
  287. DEQ Permit Denial Sets Dangerous Precedent
  288. Property Rights Network Promo
  289. Legislative Alert
  290. Long on Words, Short on Reform
  291. ‘It’s hard, but it’s fun’
  293. Aristotle on Mixed Economies
  294. First class or 21st century?
  295. IMPACT Summer 2008
  296. The First Attempt
  297. Biomonitoring and Controversy Surrounding a Great Lakes Pollution Study are Featured in the Latest Issue of MichiganScience
  298. Plainwell schools add hours for struggling students
    "Dozens of Plainwell elementary school students who have trouble reading will come to school an hour early next fall."
  299. Student expelled after attack on freshman
    "A student from Wayland Union High School was expelled for her alleged role in a videotaped attack of a freshman student."
  300. Court of Appeals sides with schools in reporting cost case
    "The state Court of Appeals ruled that state officials have been shortchanging school districts by not compensating them for changes in reporting requirements."
  301. GVSU decides not to reauthorize Kalamazoo charter school
    "Grand Valley State University has declined to renew the charter of Kalamazoo's Advantage Academy."
  302. DPS sues former employees for allegedly issuing illicit contracts
    "The Detroit Public Schools has filed a lawsuit against one of its former department managers for allegedly issuing more than $45 million in unauthorized contracts."
  303. MichiganScience No. 7
    MichiganScience is a Mackinac Center quarterly magazine that helps meet the need for accurate and accessible information about the increasingly complex scientific issues confronting voters and lawmakers. The magazine reflects the idea that even the most technical scientific policy issues can be discussed with lively prose and compelling visuals.
  304. Teacher Quality: For Teachers Only to Judge?
  306. Keep Michigan’s Successful Electricity Competition Law
    Given a state unemployment rate of more than 8.5 percent, Michigan cannot afford to abandon competition in electricity supply for the benefit of its two biggest utilities.
  307. Mackinac Center names essay contest winners
  308. Latest Economic Numbers Confirm Failure of Status Quo
    The question that apologists for the status quo have failed to answer is why investors and job providers increasingly avoid Michigan.
  309. Changing Direction. Are We There Yet?
    Michigan’s political establishment has a proven ability to postpone the hard work of truly reforming and downsizing state government.
  310. West Ottawa Schools proceeds with tenure hearing
    "West Ottawa Public Schools is proceeding with its first tenure hearing in hopes of firing a teacher."
  311. Great Lakes Directional Drilling Ban Should Be Lifted
  312. DPS board cuts 1,700 jobs
    “Detroit Public Schools will eliminate 1,700 jobs to stave off a $408 million budget deficit.”
  313. Fruitport schools financially stable due to schools of choice
    "The Fruitport Community Schools have bucked the trend of district financial troubles, due largely to the number of schools of choice students it receives each year."
  314. Northville unions agree to $1.2 million in concessions
    "Northville school support staff prevented the contracting of custodial, transportation and food services by accepting $1.2 million in concessions."
  316. Resident concerned about Mesick contract ratification process
    "A Mesick man was reportedly "baffled" by the lack of transparency during teacher contract ratification procedures."
  317. Michigan Privatization Digest - June 30, 2008
  318. Detroit not the only school district seeing red
  319. A Teacher Quality Primer
    While it is true that Michigan students learn a variety of skills in their time at school, perhaps the most important charge of public schools, beyond providing a safe and healthy environment, is to ensure that students are learning "the three R’s." Unfortunately, the achievement levels of Michigan public school students raise doubts about the quality of public education in the state. This volume has been written to assist local and state policymakers who want to initiate and support teacher quality reforms to improve Michigan's primary and secondary schools.
  320. MESSA costs go up 17.5 percent for Swan Valley
    Swan Valley schools is facing a $33,000 budget hole, thanks in part to a 17.5 percent increase in union insurance costs.
  321. DPS overspending pegged at $408 million for 2009
    Detroit Public Schools could cut 1,400 staff members in an attempt to solve a $408 million overspending issue in the fiscal 2009 budget.
  322. Petoskey to continue savings with food service privatization
    Petoskey schools has extended its contract with Chartwells after saving $150,000 in its food service program.
  323. Lawton administrators change insurance, share in savings
    Administrators in the Lawton Community Schools will share in the savings after agreeing to switch to a less expensive insurance.
  324. Alternative program considered a success in Westwood
  325. Gouging Consumers and Businesses Alike
  326. Divisive Government?
  328. Hart Enterprises: A Wetland Case Study
    This study analyzes a dispute between Hart Enterprises Inc., a medical device manufacturer located north of Grand Rapids, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The department alleges that Hart Enterprises’ property contains a nearly one-acre wetland — an area that lies in the way of the company’s proposed expansion of its parking lot. Because of the DEQ’s ruling, the department expects the company to request a wetland permit — request that might be denied, or that might be granted only with significant conditions attached.

    Readers may view a supplemental video of Russ Harding interviewing Alan Taylor of Hart Enterprises.
  329. Author Discusses Teacher Quality Primer
  330. Legislative Alert
    Back to school for administrators?
  331. Issues and Ideas Forum, June 18, 2008
  332. A Visible Difference: Observations from Warsaw
  334. Golf and University Privatization
  335. Detroit Cristo Rey: A new option in Catholic education
  336. An Unexpected Ally
  337. Mackinac Center hosting forum on teacher quality
    Mackinac Center hosting forum on teacher quality
  338. Grand Rapids high schools adjust attendance policies
    Grand Rapids high schools adjust attendance policies
  339. Detroit school receives grant for drug testing
    Detroit school receives grant for drug testing
  340. Many minority students don't graduate from high school
    Many minority students don't graduate from high school
  341. The Internet and F.A. Hayek
  342. Special ed parent: ‘We have not had a voice’
  344. The Worst Legislature in Michigan History
    These failed policies will see Michigan taxpayers actually writing huge checks to politically “sexy” enterprises favored by political elites.
  345. Greenhouse Gas Accord Will Further Damage Michigan's Economy
    Michigan’s future energy policy is far too important to leave to the behind-closed-doors manipulation of government officials.
  346. Privatization Rolls on Despite Rhetorical Opposition (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    Since our last survey, media reports from around the state indicate that additional schools are using privatization to yield savings.
  347. House-Passed Legislation Threatens Michigan’s Water Rights
  348. Advertising on Michigan Education Report
  349. What’s the Purpose of a Tax?
  350. Issues and Ideas Forum, June 4, 2008
  352. State Should Help Rank and File Monitor Unions
  353. Missed deadline costs teacher more in union fees
  354. Legislative Alert
    A review and analysis of important state legislative policy issues that do not always receive attention from the general media. Michigan Capitol Confidential will make it easier to keep tabs on your elected representatives in Lansing.
  356. The High Cost of Government Regulation
  357. Martin “Marty” Wing: Rest in Peace
  358. Fifteen years later, home-school parents say legal battle was worth it
    Mark and Chris DeJonge built a home recently in Shelbyville in rural western Michigan, where they continue to teach their younger children. The couple was happy to retire from the public eye after a 10-year legal battle over requiring home-schoolers to provide certified teachers as instructors.
  360. Creeping Socialism: The “Health Care for Michigan” Initiative
  361. 30 Michigan high schools on Newsweek’s top school list
    30 Michigan high schools on Newsweek’s top school list
  362. Michigan Doesn’t Need More Electricity Regulation
  363. How one district overhauled its academic plan
    Gladwin Superintendent Rick Seebeck describes his district’s push to improve
  365. Michigan’s Climate Consultant Skews Cost Estimates
  366. Detroit Schools $45 million in debt, may see another state takeover
    Detroit Schools $45 million in debt, may see another state takeover
  367. Tuition Tax Credit program signed into law in Georgia
    Tuition Tax Credit program signed into law in Georgia
  368. May/June 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential articles
  369. Proposals to Further Regulate Michigan’s Electricity Market: An Assessment
    More than a dozen bills are pending in the Michigan Legislature to expand regulation of the electricity industry and to impose new environmental requirements on energy production and sales. As a group, these legislative proposals assume the necessity of government intervention in the production and distribution of energy. This report details the drawbacks for consumers and the economy of substituting political forces for market forces in electricity service.
  370. Dearborn charters struggle to keep up on state tests
    Dearborn charters struggle to keep up on state tests
  371. Oak Park chief of staff purchases personal shower, gym on school property
    Oak Park chief of staff purchases personal shower, gym on school property
  372. Michigan students struggle to pass Algebra I
    Michigan students struggle to pass Algebra I
  373. Proposals to Suppress Competition in Electricity and Mandate Renewable Energy Use Would Raise Prices Without Improving Service or Environment
  374. Charter school research presents unique obstacles
  375. Grand Rapids Schools contract for custodial services
    Grand Rapids Schools contract for custodial services.
  376. Flint Schools pink slip another 28 employees
    Flint Schools pink slip another 28 employees
  378. Michigan Privatization Digest - April 30, 2008
  379. Mackinac Center Files Friend of the Court Brief in Grand Rapids Case Involving Privatization of School Bus Services and Public-Sector Unions
  380. Michigan Education Digest Daily
    Pinckney Community Schools is closing an elementary school
  381. New high school graduation requirements in action
  383. Shedding light on teacher contracts
  384. As Time Goes By
    Maybe it’s time that we as taxpayers and voters query candidates for public office less on what they will do if elected and more on what they won’t do.
  385. MEDC Rejects Development Bird-in-the-Hand
    As long as the MEDC exists it should do one thing noticeably well to help facilitate job creation: advance right-to-work legislation.
  386. Free Trade a Boon to Michigan’s Ailing Economy
    The competitors who are eating Michigan’s lunch aren’t Mexico or Canada, but other states where investors and entrepreneurs enjoy lower tax rates, better labor climates and fewer excessive and unreasonable regulations.
  387. Michigan’s Tax and Business Incentive Climate
  388. Legislative Action
    High school students could earn math credit by passing a course in “financial literacy” if a bill introduced by state Sen. Michael Switalski, D-Roseville, is adopted.
  389. School leader wins iPod
  390. Students for a Free Economy Wins Fisher Award
  391. Show Michigan the Money
  392. Much to be Done
  394. Issues and Ideas Forum, April 29, 2008
  395. Register for Michigan Education Report
  396. The Right-to-Work Advantage in Economic Growth: A Look at Past Performance
  397. T-1 Could Help Terminate Union Financial Abuse
  398. Mackinac Center’s “Show Michigan the Money” Project Prompts Michigan Department of State to Post Unprecedented Detail in Department Spending
    Encouraging good government by informing citizens.
  400. Paving Over the Truth
  402. How to Contact Michigan Education Report
  403. Kudos to Macomb County
  404. ‘Data-driven’ in Michigan
  405. Ethanol May Not Be as Environmentally Friendly as Some Claim
  406. Mackinac Center Provides School District Employee Union Contracts to Public
  407. Government Golf Slices City Revenue
  409. Keep the Electoral College
  410. A Fallacious Argument Against Electricity Competition
  411. Mackinac Center Amicus Curiae Brief in Michigan Department of Transportation v. Tomkins
    On November 16, 2007, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy filed a brief of amicus curiae with the Michigan Supreme Court in the case of Michigan Department of Transportation v Tomkins. The legal dispute involves the amount of compensation a property owner should receive from state government when the state uses eminent domain to take part of the owner’s property. Specifically, the Michigan Supreme Court asked whether a state law that limits the property owner’s compensation to so-called "special-effect" damages violates the common understanding of the "just compensation" guaranteed in eminent domain cases by the Michigan Constitution.
  412. Legislators’ Hollywood Dreams Defy Economic Reality
  413. Author to Speak About Free-Market Health Care Alternatives
  414. Should Home-Schoolers Beware?
  415. Increased Federal Jurisdiction on Michigan Wetlands a Bad Idea
  417. State Should Adopt Health Savings Accounts
    Across Michigan, institutions such as businesses, government, nonprofit organizations and unions are or have attempted to revise the way they address skyrocketing health care costs.
  418. Putting the University’s Cart Before the Economy’s Horse
    Clearly, if one is looking for the cause of economic growth or decline, the relative number of bachelor’s degrees in a state is a weak indicator at best..
  419. My Union Dues Paid For That?
    Because unionized workers in Michigan generally cannot withhold their dues without putting their jobs at risk, those employees and their dues are particularly vulnerable to waste, fraud and abuse.
  420. Colleges: ‘Wait and see’ on Detroit charter schools
  421. New Smog Rules Unfair to Western Michigan
  422. Michigan Education Digest Daily with Analysis
  423. Michigan Education Digest Daily
  424. Privatization Review a Mixed Bag
    A review and analysis of important state legislative policy issues that do not always receive attention from the general media. Michigan Capitol Confidential will make it easier to keep tabs on your elected representatives in Lansing.
  427. Defending Liberty for Twenty Years
  428. Grab Bag Government
  429. IMPACT Spring 2008
  430. Personal Income Figures Show That the Michigan Slide Continues
  432. Mamet on the Money
  433. Private special ed school might be forced out of building
  434. Expand the Principles of Proposal A
  435. The Times That Tried Men’s Economic Souls
  436. “20/20” Investigative Reporter John Stossel to Address Health Care at University of Michigan
  437. “20/20” Investigative Reporter John Stossel to Address Health Care at Central Michigan University
  439. Expanding Access to Health Care — A Free Market Perspective
  440. Michigan School District Checkbook Register Report
  441. Celebrating Sunshine Week: Mackinac Center Launches School Checkbook Transparency Project
  442. Simic Verses Lloyd
  443. New State Job Loss Figures Confirm Need for Policy Reforms
  445. Poetry Slam
  447. People Must Demand Honesty and Integrity in Their Leaders
  448. Can Michigan Attract Knowledge-Based Industries?
    True reform can only come when we first secure a more rewarding business climate as the source of all new job creation.
  449. Bad Science Fuels Environmental Policies
    The obvious disconnect between environmental policy and science is hardly surprising given the political pressure to act on climate change.
  450. What Michigan Can Do to Improve its Labor Climate
  451. The Wizard of Oz Has No Clothes
    The answer is simple: Politicians don’t care about job creation as much as they care about the perception of it.
  452. Michigan Privatization Digest - February 29, 2008
  453. Government Education Reinvents Government
  454. Michigan Education Report (2008-01)
  455. William F. Buckley Jr., RIP
  456. For Further Reading
  457. Who is Your Lawmaker?
  458. Protecting Private Property Rights Benefits Michigan’s Economy
  459. Report: Biomonitoring an Important New Tool in Evaluating Health Risks
  460. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 26, 2008
  461. The Opportunities and Limitations of Biomonitoring
    Remarkable advances in analytical chemistry now make it possible to measure minute levels of both natural and synthetic compounds in human tissue and body fluids. This “biomonitoring” allows researchers to determine more precisely than ever the degree to which individuals have been exposed to specific chemicals in the environment, and how exposures change over time. Consequently, federal and state officials increasingly regard biomonitoring as a potential new underpinning of environmental and public health regulations.
  462. Fuel Hikes Won’t Spur Public Transit
  463. Requiem for a Union Local
  464. Striking the Root

    In this volume, Lawrence W. Reed identifies the root of many of America’s evils today: a failure to recognize that government rests on the use of force. This fundamental feature of government may be a boon when used to protect our individual freedoms, but it is a bane when used to diminish these freedoms in pursuit of a political faction’s idea of a good cause.

    Although he has no radio show or nationally syndicated column, Reed, president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan, is one of the most quietly influential people in the American freedom movement today. It is fitting, then, that this volume draws primarily on his past columns for The Freeman, an unpretentious magazine with a resonant voice that has reached some of America’s most prominent people, including a onetime presidential hopeful named Ronald Reagan. In that tradition of plain speaking, Reed demonstrates that the clarion call of liberty will always find an audience, even in a world clamoring for chains. 97 pages.

  465. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 19, 2008
  466. MichiganScience No. 6
    MichiganScience is a Mackinac Center quarterly magazine that helps meet the need for accurate and accessible information about the increasingly complex scientific issues confronting voters and lawmakers. The magazine reflects the idea that even the most technical scientific policy issues can be discussed with lively prose and compelling visuals.
  467. Privatization Revolution
  468. Government Spending Continues No Matter What
  469. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 12, 2008
  470. Russ Harding to Discuss Property Rights
  471. Lawsuit Should Promote Regulatory Accountability
  472. A Taxing Question
    A review and analysis of important state legislative policy issues that do not always receive attention from the general media. Michigan Capitol Confidential will make it easier to keep tabs on your elected representatives in Lansing.
  474. Governor Criticized for Wrong Thing on SOS Prison Proposals
  475. Climate Change Debate at MSU
  476. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 5, 2008
  477. What I Want to Read in 2008
  478. Automotive Production Expands – Elsewhere
    Michigan has carefully built and continues to maintain a culture of decline that is overtly hostile to outsiders and fearful of their competition.
  479. The Unvarnished State of the State
    Someone once said that politicians will do the right thing, but only after they have exhausted every other option. Michigan may have reached that point.
  480. Beach Affront
    We should not happily accept the erosion of one of the pillars of our society — the right to own property, which necessarily includes the power to exclude.
  481. How MESSA and the MEA Work
  482. Michigan Education Digest Daily with Analysis, February-March 2008
  483. A Flawed Argument for Higher State Taxes
  484. Expansion Defeats Limitation in Governor’s Speech
  485. Environmental Researchers to Discuss “When Green is Mean” at University of Michigan
  486. Tally of Proposed Government Expansions and Limitations in State of the State Address Will be Available After Speech
  487. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 29, 2008
  488. Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s 2008 State of the State Address
  489. Gov. Granholm Proposes Record 24 Expansions of Government and Four Limitations in 2008 State of the State Address
  490. Right-to-Work Mythbusters
  491. Globalization is Good for Michigan
  492. MEA Document Provides Interesting Details
  493. Davey Award Winner
  494. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 22, 2008
  495. Inflation Is Still With Us
  496. Michigan Privatization Digest - January 10, 2008
  497. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 15, 2008
  498. A Really Gross Domestic Product
  499. Mission Creep
  500. A Great (Lake) Decision
  501. IMPACT Winter 2007
  502. Expanded Around the State

    The latest privatization initiatives, controversies and news from around the Great Lake State.

    Dear Reader:
    You will notice that the format for this edition of Michigan Privatization Report has been revised. Around the State is not only our most popular feature, there are so many privatization initiatives to report on that we felt compelled to expand this section. We are still committed to in-depth privatization articles and essays — as you will find in the rest of this issue.
    James Hohman
    Fiscal Policy Research Assistant

  503. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 8, 2008
  504. How to Fix What's Broken
  505. Migration Trends, Indiana Campaign Show Need for Policy Changes in Michigan
    Indeed, if the state’s economic landscape doesn’t change soon it may need to change its official motto from “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you” to “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, move to Florida.”
  506. Michigan Needs Worker Freedom of Choice
    Ultimately, voluntary unionism is not anti-union. It is decisively pro-worker. It encourages unions to be more accountable and responsible.
  507. Let the Union Buyer Beware
    On average, union employees spent 41 percent of their time representing members, according to their own report.
  508. Michigan Leads the Nation in Outbound Moves
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