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  1. 2013 In Review: Worker Freedom, Medicaid Expansion Took Center Stage
  2. While Salaries Decline, Total Cost For Michigan Teachers Increasing
  3. Despite Claim, Tax Cuts Have Not 'Overwhelmed' Michigan
  4. Happy New Year: The Center Looks Back and Looks Forward
  5. MEA Testimony: Lower K-12 Spending State Does Better Than Michigan
  6. Great News for Michigan on Migration Front!
  7. Vernuccio on Fox Business

    Higher minimum wage means fewer jobs.

  8. Success for ‘Liberty Changes Lives!’
  9. Less Government for Christmas
  10. Center Responds to AFL-CIO Attack

    Media find plagiarism in Karla Swift Op-Ed.

  11. Absent MEA Action, State Could Step In
  12. Charter Schools Serve More Low-Income Students Than Conventional Districts
  13. Top 25 for 2013
  14. Legislators Missed More Than 1,000 Votes in 2013
  15. Missed Votes Report Now Available

    Michigan Legislators missed 1,093 votes in 2013.

  16. LaFaive Cited in Detroit News Editorial

    Detroit must be more business friendly.

  17. Legislators Miss 1,093 Votes in 2013
  18. VoteSpotter: A New Way To Monitor Michigan's Legislature Coming soon
  19. Bill Would Limit Asset Forfeiture In Michigan Without Criminal Conviction
  20. A Closer Look At Teacher Salaries In Michigan
  21. Study: Michigan Students Benefit from Using 'Schools of Choice'
  22. The Public School Market in Michigan: An Analysis of Schools of Choice
  23. New Study Examines Michigan’s Public School Market
  24. The Public School Market in Michigan: An Analysis of Schools of Choice

    This study examines the use of Schools of Choice throughout Michigan over the last decade. Nearly 100,000 Michigan students use Schools of Choice to attend a school outside of the district in which they live. Participation has grown steadily, with enrollment growing by 144 percent over the past 10 years.

    This study finds that students enter districts that have higher graduation rates and higher test scores. On average, Schools of Choice students chose districts with higher pupil-teacher ratios, lower expenditures per pupil and higher average teacher salaries.

  25. RTW Possible in Three More States

    Vernuccio cited in national story.

  26. The Ghosts of Christmases Past
  27. State Board of Education Member Interjects Herself Into Negotiations Between Union, Charter School Operator
  28. Documentary: The Highland Park Transformation
    December 17, 2013

  30. Constitutional Convention Delegates Wanted State Worker Pensions To Be Fully Funded
  31. Helping the Little Guy: Relieve Occupational Licensing Requirements and Fees
  32. Unions Claim RTW Is 'Slavery'

    Manny Lopez discusses exclusive bargaining monopoly.

  33. Labor Policy Expert in Lansing State Journal

    Vernuccio on RTW one year later.

  34. A New Turnaround Model: Michigan's Highland Park Goes Charter

    This brief examines the series of events that led to the Highland Park school district being converted to a system of charter public schools in 2012. Used as a strategy to help the district eliminate its large fiscal debt while still providing resident students with a local public school option, Highland Park's charter conversion is one of the first of its kind in the state and even the nation.

    During the first year of charter school operation, students demonstrated significant learning gains, with some grades posting academic growth far above the average Michigan student.

  35. Change To How Schools Are Graded Held Up Until New Year
  36. Dire Predictions for School District Deficits Doesn't Materialize
  37. The Highland Park Transformation
  38. New Policy Brief and Documentary Highlight Changes in Highland Park Schools
  40. Mackinac Center on Sean Hannity Show

    Attorney, teacher discuss MEA bullying.

  41. MichiganVotes: New Bill Would Allow You to Sell Event Tickets Without Fear of Arrest
  42. December 13, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  43. Energy Company At Odds With County Over Safety of Wind Turbines
  44. Direct Cash Grants: Anti-Crony Capitalism Policies Fall Short
  45. VoteSpotter:
  46. MCLF Featured in National Review Online

    Legal foundation protecting teachers against unions.

  47. Sun Sets on Another Cop Drama Shot In Detroit; Taxpayers Lose More Money
  48. Minimum Wage in Michigan
  49. Right-to-Work in Michigan

    Happy one-year anniversary!

  50. Teamsters Local 214 Capitulates on Discriminatory Policy Against Dearborn Employees Who Exercised Worker Freedom Rights
  51. Not So Criminal Minds: Government Convicts People Who Do Not Knowingly Commit Crimes
  52. Michigan Union Invokes Slavery in Argument Against Right-to-Work Law
    December 10, 2013

  54. Taxpayers Lose $10.5B on GM Bailout

    LaFaive cited in Detroit News, Free Press.

  55. New Policy Brief Recommends Reforms to Protect Individual Rights and Improve Clarity of Criminal Statutes
  56. Criminal Minds: Defining Culpability in Michigan Criminal Law

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy recently published “Criminal Minds: Defining Culpability in Michigan Criminal Law,” which addresses the element of intent in Michigan statutes and case law. The policy brief is authored by Mackinac Center Executive Vice President Michael Reitz.

    Conviction of a crime traditionally required a combination of a wrongful act and criminal intent. But frequently the criminal code is used for regulatory purposes, and those laws often omit a requirement that the prosecution prove the existence of criminal intent for a conviction to occur. Consequently, individuals can be charged, convicted and imprisoned for committing crimes without possessing a culpable state of mind — often for behavior a reasonable person would not think of as criminal.

    The policy brief proposes a reform that would clarify the element of intent in criminal statutes. If the Legislature enacts a criminal statute that is silent on intent, a default intent provision would be incorporated. Such a reform could make for a more orderly criminal justice system and protect the rights of individuals.

  57. Criminal Minds: The Importance of Defining Intent in Criminal Statutes

    This Issues and Ideas Forum features Paul Larkin of the Heritage Foundation, Marc Levin of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Michael Reitz of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy who will discuss the need to define intent in Michigan criminal statutes.

  58. Fact and Fiction About Right-to-Work: A Reality Check at the One-Year Anniversary
  59. Center Research on Cigarette Smuggling Cited

    LaFaive, Nesbit analysis in Pacific Standard magazine.

  60. Teamsters Union Backs Away From Discriminatory Practice
  61. Michigan Schools Promoting Large Number Of Students Who Cannot Read
  62. Michigan and the Higher Education Bubble
  63. Amtrak and the Michigan State Budget
  64. Michigan’s Baby Bust Will Hurt Taxpayers if Schools Don’t Cut Back
  65. Stirring the Ashes: Outdoor Smoking Bill Rekindles Smoking Ban Debate
  66. December 6, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  67. Commentary: Education: U.S. Spends More, Gets Less

    American students near bottom on international test.

  68. Today in History

    Right-to-work bills pass Legislature.

  69. Contrary to Report, Charter Schools Get Less Money Per Pupil Than Conventional Schools
  70. Does the MEA Believe in 'Sanctity of Contracts?'

    Not when it comes to illegal teacher strikes.

  71. MEA Says Union Members Should Have Known About Limited Window to Leave
  72. Spalding Co-Authors Commentary in Bridge

    Teacher quality, student poverty data ignored.

  73. Center Experts Cited on Detroit Bankruptcy

    LaFaive, Vernuccio in Washington Free Beacon.

  74. Almost 220,000 Michigan Public School Students Rely On School Choice
  75. Legislators Worried About Beer Logos

    Perhaps they've solved the serious issues.

    December 3, 2013

  77. Land Banks Profit By Cutting In Front of People Wanting To Buy Property
  78. Land Bank Reform Bills In Holding Pattern
  79. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Case
  80. School Choice: Good for Students, Good for Democracy
  81. Results — Not Dollars Spent — Matter For Parents Choosing Schools For Their Students
  82. Despite Fewer Students, Michigan School Funding Going Up, Up, Up
  83. Bills Would Limit House Inspections
  84. Legislator: Improving State's Grading System for Schools a Priority
  85. Michigan Insurance Companies: It's Too Late To Reinstate Old Health Care Plans
  86. How to Save Cities Millions
  87. Have a Happy Turkey Day

    And be thankful.

  88. Union Fighting For $10K Severance For Teacher Who Pleaded Guilty to Molesting a Student
  89. Don’t Buy the Hype, Go Ahead and Shop
  90. Michigan Land Bank Demolishes Eminem's Childhood Home

    More than 100 bids, yet house burned down.

    November 26, 2013

  92. At Times Legislation Just Disappears
  93. Conservative Budgeting Helps Some Teachers Get Cash Back
  94. Black Friday Protests and Union Front Groups

    Labor policy expert comments on publicity stunt.

  95. The UFOs Have Landed and They Are Here to Represent You
  96. Bill Would Allow Automatic Pay Increases For Public Safety Employees
  97. Michigan Needs to Choose School Choice
  98. More Money, Higher Taxes Not the Solution for Detroit
  99. November 22, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  100. Center Research Cited in Five Hearst Papers

    Higher cigarette taxes lead to more smuggling.

  101. Political Views Populate Website MEA Official Helped Create
  102. Don’t Raise Campaign Contribution Limits — Eliminate Them
  103. Pressure Mounting For MEDC Transparency
  104. Higher Minimum Wage Hurts Low-Skill Workers

    Schauer proposal would mean increased costs.

  105. A Tax Hike Al Capone Could Have Loved
  106. Parent: 'Even after my kids graduate I'll still come back and help this school'
  107. Exhibits List for Sherry Loar, Michelle Berry and Paulette Silverson v. Michigan Department of Human Services
    November 19, 2013

  109. Man-made Global Warming Discussions Heating Up in Michigan
  110. Minimum Wage Battles in Michigan
  111. Insults, Profanity Pepper Lecture in EMU Sociology Class
  112. Exemptions, Navigators and New Members
  113. A Worker’s Guide to Right-to-Work
  114. Federal Judge: Michigan Renewable Energy Mandate Unconstitutional
  115. November 15, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  116. Vernuccio Commentary on Today

    Supreme Court case involves union intimidation, coercion.

  117. Supreme Court Should End Union Collusion and Intimidation Tactic
  118. Anti-GOP MSU Professor Will Be Back in the Classroom Next Semester
  119. Legal Expert: Reopening School Union Contracts Makes Them Subject To Right-to-Work
  120. Study: Prevailing Wage Costs Taxpayers, Schools $224 Million Per Year
  121. IMPACT November/December 2013
  122. Media Expose Progress Michigan Plagiarism

    Union front group's credibility in question.

  123. School Employees Testify at Senate Hearing

    MEA hid opt out information from them.

  124. Teachers To Lawmakers: 'MEA Wouldn't Tell Us How To Leave Union'
  125. Are Early Retirement Incentives A Good Deal for Cities?
  126. Public Sector Wants More From Taxpayers

    Shrinking private sector foots the bill.

  127. Disrespect, Bullying Convinces Paraeducator That Union Not Interested in its Members
    November 12, 2013

  129. Why The Great Recession Was Different
  130. House Panel Likely to Approve FOIA Reforms
  131. Legislature Looking at Licensing Requirements

    Skorup: Roadblocks hurt the poor.

  132. MEA Agency Fees Far Exceed Cost of Contract Negotiations
  133. A Tale of Two Recessions
  134. Bill Would Let Land Banks Buy Property Before The Public
  135. Brewers Should Be Careful What They Wish For

    Nonsensical rules hurt everyone, not just Budweiser.

  136. November 8, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  137. Vernuccio in American Spectator

    Labor expert writes about unions and Obamacare.

  138. Bipartisan Senate Panel To Investigate Possible MEA Right-to-Work Violations
  139. Teachers Union Pushes Districts To Boycott Some University Students Over Politics
  140. Legislators Vote To Continue Special Subsidy Program Without Knowing Whether It Works
  141. Don't Extend Granholm's 'Blown Away' Program

    Legislators should demand accountability from MEDC.

  142. Students Forced Out of Schools Because State Dismissed Charter Company Plans
  143. Time for Detroit To Move Beyond Its Past
  144. Audrey Spalding Testimony on House Bill 5112
  145. House Chips Away at Licensing Mandates

    Senate continues to ignore reforms.

    November 5, 2013

  147. State Still Downplaying Socioeconomic Status' Impact on School Rankings
  148. Prohibition Era Rules Prevent Michigan Bars From Having Glasses or Napkins With Logos
  149. Michigan Wind Energy Report Generating Some Sparks
  150. November 1, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  151. Michigan Needs Electricity Competition

    Monopoly led to 27 percent rate increase.

  152. Teacher Who Never Wanted Union Representation Still Forced To Be A Member
  153. Land Bank Bills Would Address Citizen, Business Complaints
  154. Labor Expert Discusses Boeing Move

    Vernuccio on Fox Business.

  155. Legislature Considers Two Center Ideas

    New bills on school grading, third-grade reading proficiency.

  156. Online Databases
  157. Electricity Choice Policies in Michigan: Comment on "Readying Michigan to Make Good Energy Decisions: Electric Choice"
    This policy brief is written by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in response to the report issued on Oct. 15, 2013, by the Michigan Public Service Commission titled "Readying Michigan to Make Good Energy Decisions: Electric Choice," (the "Draft Report") authored by Chairman John Quackenbush and Michigan Energy Office Director Steve Bakkal.

    Between the years 2000 and 2012 two distinct changes emerged. Between 2000 and 2008 new suppliers were allowed to start entering the Michigan market and competing with incumbent utilities. Between 2008 and 2012 competition was restricted to guarantee a 90 percent market share for the largest utilities. The analysis of these two periods suggests that market competition tends to bring innovation and lower prices to Michigan electricity consumers, while monopolistic policies tend to raise prices. Michigan should once again embrace opening its electricity market to more entrants to see if they can perform better than the incumbent firms, which will drive down prices for electricity consumers. Michigan allowed such competition to start to emerge during its brief era of Full Customer Choice, and the early results were promising. The initial results from a more tightly regulated and protectionist experiment have been by contrast disappointing.

    A video recording of the January 22, 2014 Issues and Ideas Forum featuring the author discussing the topic of expanding the electricity market can be viewed here.

  158. Effort In Lansing To Override Voters' Rebuke of Higher-Cost Energy Mandate
  159. Union Prez: Average Detroit High School Student Missed 46 Days of School Last Year
  160. Obamacare Opponents Need to Show a Way Out
    October 29, 2013

  162. Inconsistent Licensing Requirements

    State needs fewer regulations, more jobs.

  163. MCLF Client Featured in Oakland Press

    Possible plaintiff in federal suit against MEA.

  164. Teacher Got Plenty of Info About Paying Union Dues, Nothing About Opting Out of the MEA
  165. Detroit Teachers Union Gives Members Freedom MEA Doesn’t
  166. Michigan Auto Insurance Reform a Must

    New CRC report highlights discrepancies.

  167. Center Attorney on FOX2 Detroit

    Discussing teacher complaints against MEA.

  168. MEDC Boss Says Agency Changing; Has Long History of Backing Bad Companies
  169. Small Business Owners Face Significant Challenges Operating in Detroit
  170. October 25, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  171. UAW Flier Short on Facts

    Union right-to-work myths dispelled.

  172. Center Attorney Discusses Complaints Against MEA

    'They're a $100 million-a-year bully.'

  173. While Local Governments Fight Food Trucks, State Subsidizes Some of Them
  174. Center FOIA Expert Cited in Detroit News

    Local governments object to transparency initiatives.

  175. Bankruptcy Court Needs History Lesson

    Nuances of emergency manager law missing.

  176. MEA Charging Members Extra To Cover Retirement Liabilities For Union's Employees
  177. Unions are the Freeloaders

    Forced dues spent on politics, benefits for union staff.

  178. Media Highlight Teachers' Complaints Against MEA

    Unfair labor practice charges filed.

  179. Saginaw Teachers: Caught by the "August Window"
  180. Michigan's Higher Ed Bubble
  181. Michigan Should Change School Grading Method
  182. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Client a Possible Plaintiff in Challenging MEA’s Opt Out Process for Agency Fee Payers
  183. Union Threatens Hall of Fame Coach With Legal Action For Not Paying Dues
  184. Expert: Higher Education Bubble Is Coming and States Better Prepare
    October 22, 2013

  186. William "Ray" Arthur: MCLF Client
  187. MEA Says 1 Percent of Teachers Have Left Union, But Claim is Questionable
  188. Myth Lives On, But Agriculture Still Not Second-Largest Industry in Michigan
  189. The Higher Ed Bubble: Finding Financial Sanity on Campus

    Join Dr. Vedder for insights on this issue and hear his ideas to solve the high cost of a college education

  190. Teachers Sue MEA To Escape Union
  191. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Files Unfair Labor Practice Complaints at Michigan Employment Relations Commission on Behalf of Eight Public School Teachers Against MEA Affiliates
  192. Yes, The Legislature Changed Its Emergency Manager Policies to Reflect the Referendum
  193. Securing Teachers’ Right to Work
  194. New Bill Would Shed Light On Asset Forfeiture In Michigan
  195. October 18, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  196. With Competition Diminished, Michigan Citizens Paying High Price For Electricity
  197. 'Secretive Obama Administration' Official to Kick Off Event on Transparency
  198. Michigan Department of Education Response To Mackinac Center 'Top to Bottom' Study
  199. The Debate Over School Rankings
  200. Bringing Benefits in Balance to Michigan

    Public sector outpaces private sector by $5.8 billion.

  201. Union Tries to Shame Ex-Members
  202. State Workers Earn $5.8 Billion More in Benefits Than Private Sector Employees
  203. Michigan Taxpayers Could Save $5.8 Billion Annually if Public Sector Benefits were Benchmarked to Private Sector Averages
  204. Benefits in Balance: Benchmarking Public Sector Employee Benefits in Michigan
  205. Benefits in Balance: Benchmarking Public Sector Employee Benefits in Michigan

    This policy brief reviews the growth of Michigan’s state and local government expenditures from 2000 to 2010 and finds that government employee contributions, particularly the cost of employment benefits, were a primary contributor to the increase in spending. This brief explores the kinds of employment benefits that can be received by employees, as well as the recent changes made to benefits in the government and private sectors. It finds that bringing benefits in line with private-sector averages would save Michigan $5.8 billion and provides recommendations for implementing this policy.

  206. Why Does the State License Barbers?

    Barber licensing bill doesn't go far enough.

  207. Spalding Discusses New Study

    Media highlight flaws in state school rankings.

  208. Barber Bill Barely Takes Anything Off The Top

  209. Court Orders City To Comply With FOIA
  210. Former Mackinac Center Intern Aces LSAT

    Congrats to Josiah Kollmeyer! One of just 34 nationwide.

  211. Obamacare: One Blind Bet After Another

    Both sides sure to claim victory, despite lack of data.

    October 15, 2013

  213. Detroit To Waive Old Fees On Property Sales
  214. More College Subsidies a Poor Investment

    Higher spending doesn't mean a better economy.

  215. Michigan's Voter Approved Ban On Racial Preferences Goes Before U.S. Supreme Court
  216. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Asks Appeals Court to Correct Michigan Employment Relations Commission Error
  218. Beer Website Provides More Information About Taxpayer Investment Than The State
  219. October 11, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  220. Legal Foundation Defends Clients Caught in a Catch-22

    Home-based caregivers caught in the middle.

  221. Courage, Conviction Help Take Down Forced Unionization Schemes
  222. Déjà Vu All Over Again For Auditor General Report On Select Subsidy Programs
  223. Study: Michigan School Rankings Mostly Measure Poverty, Not Quality
  224. Lawmakers Replace Language in Bill That Would Have Defined a Journalist
  225. New Mackinac Center Study Reveals Flaws in State’s ‘Top-to-Bottom’ School Rankings
  226. Michigan's Top-to-Bottom Ranking: A Measure of School Quality or Student Poverty?

    This study examines the state’s “Top-to-Bottom” ranking, which has been repeatedly criticized by educators for appearing to be correlated with school poverty rates. Mackinac Center research finds that schools that serve more lower-income students tend to receive lower scores on the TTB list.

    These results matters because TTB rankings are used to impose consequences on low-ranking schools. This study suggests that Michigan should look at how other states rank schools in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of penalizing schools that serve lower-income students. It also makes the case that a choice-based accountability system is preferred, as it would allow students to escape schools that are not serving their needs and reduce the risk of penalizing undeservedly low-ranked schools.

  227. Media Highlights Center's 4th Amendment Story

    Tony Conley, MLive cover tax assessor issue.

  228. Celebrating the Past, Looking Forward
  229. Michigan's Top-to-Bottom Ranking: A Measure of School Quality or Student Poverty?
  230. Who’s the Freeloader? MEA Spends More On Benefits Than Bargaining
  231. Improving Education: Highland Park and Thirkell Elementary
    October 8, 2013

  233. Center President on WJR with Frank Beckmann

    Discussing 25th anniversary, right-to-work.

  234. State Tax Chief Encourages Inspectors To Enter Homes; Refusal Could Lead To Higher Assessment
  235. Michigan Capitol Confidential Wins Statewide Awards
  236. Exodus From Michigan Is Slowing
  237. Right-to-Work Laws Improve Growth Prospects
  238. U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Look At Forced Unionization
  239. College Subsidies a Growing Problem
  240. Michigan Tax Assessor Attempts Interior Home Inspections
  241. 25th Anniversary Celebration featuring John Mackey of Whole Foods Market
  242. Capitol Protesters Fined $500 Each For Trying To Storm Senate Chamber
  243. October 4, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  244. Michigan Residents Doing Better Financially
  245. State Fairgrounds to be Sold

    Delay costs state millions.

  246. Detroit Still Sending Tax Notices 15 Years After Company Closed
  247. Alternative News Media
  248. It's Time to Take Teaching Seriously

    But more certification exams aren't the answer.

  249. Feds Take Money But Pass On the Job of Disposing Nuclear Waste
  250. U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Decide if Forced Unionization Violates Constitution
  251. Private Group Helps Fill Gap During Slowdown

    Library of Congress archives still accessible.

    October 1, 2013

  253. Social Media, Newspapers and Radio Serve As Platform for Common Core Debate
  254. Mackinac Center President Honored for Leadership
  255. Media Reports Mass Teacher Layoffs; Follow-Up Shows Stories Lacked Substance
  256. Mackinac Center President Joseph G. Lehman Honored with 2013 Roe Award at State Policy Network Annual Meeting
  257. Examining The Issues Surrounding Common Core
  258. Michigan's Increased Unemployment Rate the Result of Growing Labor Force
  259. Flawed State Rankings Mean Some Principals Are Out of a Job
  260. September 27, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  261. Ann Arbor Considers Cutting Lucrative Fossil Fuel Stocks From Underfunded Pension Plan
  262. Affirmative Action for Kindergartners

    Center scholar in Detroit News.

  263. Affirmative Action for Kindergartners
  264. Obamacare Costs Still A Mystery Days Before Key Provision Takes Effect
  265. Union Rally Fizzles
  266. Media Ignoring Facts on Obamacare Rates

    Preliminary analyis shows show sharp hikes.

  267. Media Plays Catch Up to CapCon Again

    Finally covering corporate welfare failure 15 months later.

  268. Citizen Journalists Should Not Be Shut Out By Government
  269. High Taxes Make Cigarettes 'Gold Bars' For Thieves
    September 24, 2013

  271. Open Gov't Group Supports MCPP Lawsuit

    Center suing city of Westland over FOIA fees.

  272. Bills Targeting Dubious Licensing Laws Held Up In The Legislature
  273. Road Funding Finds New Target With Horse-Drawn Vehicles
  274. Bill Grants Big Businesses Power to Raise Taxes in 'Business Improvement Zones'
  275. September 20, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  276. Center Attorneys Discuss FOIA Lawsuit

    Suit filed against Westland over fees.

  277. City Sued Over FOIA Fees
  278. Mackinac Center Sues City of Westland Over FOIA Fee Structure
  279. City Drops Its Illegal Fees after MCLF Suit
  280. Flawed Study Says Michigan Cut School Funding

    But it ignores billions of dollars.

  281. SEIU Under Investigation over Prop 4

    Dues skim took $35 million from Medicaid recipients.

  282. Internet Sales Tax One Step Closer to Reality in Michigan
  283. Analysis: Incorrect Population Figures Means State Has Overpaid Detroit For Past Decade
  284. City of Westland Overcharging for FOIA Requests
  285. McMoney: Big Labor's Cash Flow

    Webinar on union front groups features Center expert.

  286. Detroit's 'Operation Compliance' Shows the Dangers of Too Many Regulations
  287. What Does College Really Cost?
  288. Community College Labor Studies Class Features Nearly All Union Perspective
  289. Center a Finalist for Templeton Freedom Award

    Recognizes "think tank excellence throughout the world."

  290. Union Graphic Leaves Out Billions of Public Dollars To Claim Education 'Cuts'
    September 17, 2013

  292. Economic Freedom Benefits the Poor the Most

    Regulatory roadblocks hamper their earning potential.

  293. Despite Union Leader Complaints, Michigan Exports Exploding
  294. Sept. 17 is Constitution Day
  295. MiChild Reimbursement Rate Being Cut
  296. September 13, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  297. Limiting Public Access to Records

    Legislators also attempt to define the media.

  298. House Committee Votes To Define 'Journalists' and Delay Access to Certain Public Records
  299. Court Ruling Supports State Law That Prohibits Discrimination of Non-Union Contractors
  300. Republicans Backsliding After Solid Reforms
  301. State Agency Approves Subsidy Deals Despite Repeated Shortcomings
  302. From Here to Eternity?

    Corporate welfare for movies appears permanent.

  303. Lawmaker Does U-Turn on Red Light Cameras
  304. Union's Specious Claim in Indiana RTW Case

    Trying to use anti-slavery clause to deny worker freedom.

    September 10, 2013

  306. Legislator: Speed Traps 'A Tax on the Poor'
  307. College Subsidies a Growing Problem

    More money, more issues.

  308. Union Front Organizations the New Face of Big Labor
  309. State Taxpayers Pay For Journalists to Go on Golf Course Tours
  310. Fast Food Wages and Fabian Follies
  311. 'Special Interest' Campaign Rhetoric Doesn't Match With Reality
  312. Right-to-Work Event Marred By Protesters Spitting At Worker Freedom Advocates
  313. September 6, 2013, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  314. Protestors Arrested at Policy Forum

    Center analyst, others targeted by union intimidation.

  315. New Challenge to Land Bank Purchasing Practice
  316. State Should Boost 'Parent Power'
  317. State 'Super' Sizes Movie with Subsidy

    Hollywood getting more corporate welfare from your pockets.

  318. IMPACT September/October 2013
  319. Unionization for the 21st Century
  320. MSU English Professor Threatens Students in Anti-Republican Rant
  321. GOP Controlled Legislature Passes Medicaid Expansion; Headed to Governor for Signature
  322. Michigan Medicaid Expansion Heading To The Governor
  323. Implementing Obamacare

    MichiganVotes Roll Call Report

  324. GOP's 'Collective Guilt' on Medicaid Expansion

    What's to be gained by Republican lawmakers?

    September 3, 2013

  326. It's About the Children, Not the System

    Slate author, sadly, puts system above students.

  327. Corporate Welfare Won't Save Detroit

    Red Wings should build their own arena.

  328. Center Analysts in Labor Day Media Coverage

    LaFaive, Vernuccio in Detroit News, Free Press, Crain's.

  329. State House Passes Medicaid Expansion; Will Cost Taxpayers $1.3 Billion over Next Decade
  330. Union Executive Calls Most Member Grievances 'Frivolous'
  331. Right-to-Work Law Gives Workers Reason to Celebrate on Labor Day
  332. In Defense of Liberty: Unions, Right-to-Work and Majority Rule
  333. Regulatory Roadblocks Hurt the Poor
  334. Berrien Springs: Leading School Choice Policy
  335. Michigan Medicaid Expansion: A Win For President Obama?
  336. Labor Policy Expert in Lansing State Journal

    Vernuccio: Unions must adapt to succeed.

  337. Corporate Welfare Awarded for Superhero Movie

    Big Hollywood getting $35 million of your money.

  338. Invasive Species in the Great Lakes
  339. Lighting Water On Fire? Gas In Water Supplies Existed Long Before Fracking
  340. Center Scholar Interview in Wall Street Journal

    Dr. Richard Vedder on college subsidies and rising costs.

  341. Right-to-Work States Attracting More Citizens, Wealth
  342. Center Scholar Discusses New RTW Study on WJR

    Positive economic growth in RTW states.

  343. Right-to-Work Laws Work

    New study shows economic advantages.

  344. Eight Senate Republicans Join Democrats In Passing Obamacare Medicaid Expansion
  345. Right-to-Work Laws Produce Greater Economic Growth
  346. At Least 90 School Contracts Expire This Month, Allowing Teachers To Leave Union
  347. Right-to-Work Laws Improve Economic Well-Being
  348. Study: Right-to-Work Laws Lead To More People, More Jobs and Higher Pay
  349. Economic Growth and Right-to-Work Laws
    This study aims to measure the impact of right-to-work laws on states’ economic performance. It uses average annual growth rates in employment, real (inflation-adjusted) personal income and population to measure the economic well-being of right-to-work states. On the whole, the results of this analysis show that right-to-work laws have a statistically significant and economically meaningful positive impact, although the results vary.
  350. Hospitals: Careful What You Wish for on Medicaid

    New research shows expansion could hurt providers.

    August 27, 2013

  352. 'Voting Yes on Medicaid Expansion is Voting for Obamacare'
  353. National Commentary Wrong About Detroit's Failure
  354. At Thirkell, State Grade Doesn't Match Up

    School posts impressive results despite low rank.

  355. Center Dominates Free Press Opinion Page

    Obamacare, Medicaid expansion and education highlighted.

  356. Medicaid: Waivers are Temporary, Expansion is Forever
    This study, jointly published by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions, examines whether states can rely on using federally granted “waivers” to avoid some federal rules and regulations in hopes of expanding their Medicaid programs in a more cost-effective manner. It reports that there are three limitations to such a strategy: waivers are temporary, subject to the discretion of federal agencies and vulnerable to judicial review.
  357. New Mackinac Center Study Cautions Against Relying on ‘Waivers’ to Reform Medicaid
  358. Medicaid Expansion not the Answer
  359. Detroit Dishes Out Excessive Taxes, Fees To Business Owners
  360. Fracking Concerns Overblown; Risks Exist With All Energy Extraction
  361. Judicial Nominating Commission Should be Rejected
  362. Florida Holds Lessons for Michigan to Improve Education
  363. School Success Story: Cesar Chavez Academy
  364. Two Democrats Join Republicans at Top of Tea Party Scorecard
  365. New Medicaid Study: ‘Waivers Are Temporary, Expansion Is Forever’
  366. New App Coming Soon!
  367. MCLF Lawsuit Draws Massive Media Attention

    Dearborn union sued over worker freedom rights.

  368. Town Hall Meeting on Government Transparency

    Replay now available to watch.

  369. CMU Public Radio on 'Teacher Freedom Month'

    Teachers can only resign from union in August.

  370. More Reasons to Like the Upper Peninsula

    Civil society creates state fair, poet laureate.

  371. Teamsters Discriminate Against Dearborn Workers
  372. Township Supervisor: 'I Want People to Know Where Their Money is Going'
  373. Experts: Earthquakes, Water Usage Not Concerns With Fracking in Michigan
  374. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Files Suit Against Teamsters Local 214 on Behalf of Four City of Dearborn Employees over Policy Charging Special Fees to Those Who Exercise Worker Freedom Rights
  375. Lawsuit Filed Against Teamsters For Extra Fee Imposed On Right-to-Work Employees
  376. McHugh on CBS Show Exploring Obamacare

    Airs at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in Detroit.

  377. Lawsuit Forces Teamsters To Drop Anti-RTW Policy
  378. Study: Welfare Benefits Pay $28,872 Per Year In Michigan
  379. School District Links Retiree Benefits Funding To Salary Schedule
  380. State, Media Encourage Playing the Lottery

    People should be investing in themselves.

  381. Putting Politics Above People

    GOP Senate, corporate backers bow to political donations.

  382. Charter School Results Proving ACLU Lawsuit Wrong
    August 20, 2013

  384. Union Rewards Teachers With Days Off For Giving Money To Union PAC
  385. MichiganVotes: Bill Would Nix Annual Political Contribution Recertification
  386. August 16, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  387. 'Low Winter Sun' Buzz Ignores Taxpayer Subsidies
  388. Land Banks Buying Properties Private Buyers Would Want
  389. Top 10 School Lists
  390. State Report Card Ranks Some Top Schools Near the Bottom
  391. Berrien Springs: Leading the Way

    Innovating outside of district boundaries.

  392. Why Detroit's Pension Funds Failed
  393. MEA President Goes After Local Teachers' Union President
  394. Regulatory Roadblocks Hurt the Poor

    Licensing reform is one place to start.

    August 13, 2013

  396. School District Sees Success Through Merit Pay
  397. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Appeals Circuit Court Dismissal of Lawsuit Related to 10-year Forced Dues Agreement
  398. August Is ‘Get Out of the Union Month’ For Teachers
  399. Why Detroit's Pension Funds Failed

    Center experts in Detroit Free Press.

  400. Brain Surgery Required After Medicaid Issues Delayed Dental Care
  401. Pension 'Assumptions' are the Problem in Detroit, Statewide
  402. August 9, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  403. Skorup Discusses Minimum Wage Laws

    Guest on WSGW in Saginaw.

  404. MSN on Ideas to Save Detroit Billions

    LaFaive made recommendations 13 years ago.

  405. Medicaid Pays Below What It Costs To Take Care of Patients
  406. Pontiac School District’s Financial Crisis Due to Poor Management, not Lack of Money
  407. Michigan Doctor Against Medicaid Expansion
  408. Escaping the Scandal in Rose City
  409. Medicaid Client in ICU After Being Denied Routine Care
  410. MEA Should Support Teacher Evaluations

    Seniority doesn't always equal effectiveness.

  411. Health Policy Expert: GOP Medicaid Reforms 'Out Of The Stone Age'
  412. Open Government/FOIA Town Hall Meeting in Troy
  413. Commentary: Former State Treasurer Diverts Blame for Detroit's Problems
  414. LaFaive Cited in Macomb Daily

    Repetitive language in press releases is tiresome.

  415. Hohman Cited in LSJ on Wage Gap

    State employees outpace private sector by 20 percent.

  416. The New Face of Big Labor
    August 6, 2013

  418. Hypocritical Outrage Over Conventional Schools Closed Versus Charter Public Schools
  419. Right-to-Work: The Form to be Free
  420. Higher Taxes in Allen Park Not the Solution
  421. More Corporate Welfare for Detroit
  422. School Consolidation Won’t Save Much
  423. Dissolved School District Repeatedly Overspent Despite Deficits
  424. School District Settles Lawsuit Over School Supplies Fees
  425. School District Settles Lawsuit Over School Supplies Fees
  426. WingsWorld on Fox Business

    LaFaive on Fox's "Money" discussing Detroit

  427. August 2, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Action on Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

  428. Medicaid Expansion Plan: New Exterior, Same Core
  429. Berrien Springs Public Schools: Reinventing School — Becoming a District of Choices
    In this latest installment of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy's new "Schools of Innovation" series, we discuss how Berrien Springs school district is reinventing public school. This study examines how the district has become more racially diverse, enrollment is growing rapidly, and they are using that growth to inject some much needed balance to the school funds. All this has been due to the district’s expansion of digital learning options, becoming a “district of choices.” The effectiveness of virtual learning and the resulting increase in district enrollment have fueled the expansion of other school programs — a marked contrast to the many Michigan school districts that have struggled to maintain their offerings during the state's economic slump.
  430. The Real Patients of Medicaid: Rebecca
  431. Allen Park Churches, Unions Team Up To Promote Tax Increase
  432. Supreme Court Justice Keynote Speaker on Milton Friedman Legacy Day

    Reflects on "Capitalism and Freedom"

  433. Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra Keynote for Friedman Legacy Day
  434. Governmental Culture, A Tough Nut To Crack

    Governmental culture maintains status quo

  435. Commentary: Rethinking Common Core

    Rejecting Common Core standards will benefit Michigan schools.

  436. Politicians Cannot Be Trusted To Properly Fund Pensions

    Unfunded liabilities undermine trust in pension systems.

  437. Senate Offers Multiple Medicaid Expansion Plans
  438. How Much Has the Detroit Police Force Really Been Cut?
  439. Commentary: House GOP Leadership's Obamacare Flip-Flop
  440. Open Government/FOIA Town Hall Meeting in Traverse City
  441. Medicaid Expansion 101
  442. Medicaid Expansion 101
  443. Allen Park "Unity" Rally
  444. Detroit Success Story: Cesar Chavez Charter School
  445. Charity Bin Ban On Private Property Spurred By A Few Documented Complaints
  446. The Real Patients of Medicaid: Teraca
  447. Medicaid Expansion Explained
  448. Friedman Legacy Day
  449. Happy Birthday, Milton Friedman

    LaFaive reflects on anniversary of Friedman's birthday

  450. Milton Friedman's Education Ideas Still Relevant Today

    Comprehensive school schoice helps failing schools.

    July 30, 2013

  452. Avik Roy in Grand Rapids
  454. Capitol Confidential Interview: Kent County Land Bank Executive Director Ken Parrish
  455. Kent County Land Bank Circumvents Market To Fund Operations
  456. State School Consolidation Plan Comes Under Fire
  457. Calumet High School Ranks No. 1 For Schools Located In Towns
  458. Commentary: Unions Cry Crocodile Tears Over Municipal Pensions
  459. July 26, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent votes

  460. Rod Lockwood Interviewed by John Stossel

    Discusses plan to develop Belle Isle on Fox Business.

  461. Lansing Pols Recycle Press Releases

    Tiresome and demeaning to taxpayers.

  462. Teacher Union President Continues Misrepresentation of School Aid Facts
  463. The Real Patients of Medicaid: Teraca
  464. The Real Patients of Medicaid: Rebecca
  465. More Corporate Welfare for Detroit

    New Red Wings arena won't save city.

  466. Dodge Discusses Detroit Bankruptcy on WILS

    Guest blogs about it at Independent Women's Forum.

  467. MEDC: The Same Old Run Around On Jobs Numbers
  468. Belle Isle Proposal To Be Featured On Fox Business
  469. Jeffers High School: CAP Success Story
  470. One More Time: Minimum Wage Laws Hurt People

    Protestors are well-intentioned but misinformed.

  471. School Districts Cannot Require Parents To Buy School Supplies
  472. Open Government/FOIA Town Hall Meeting
  473. North Huron High School Ranked No. 1 Traditional School In Michigan
  474. Lehman in Reuters: 'Detroit Needs a Game Changer'

    The solution? Eliminate city income tax.

  475. A Look at Michigan’s June Spike in Unemployment Rate

    More people are looking, not waiting, for work.

  476. LaFaive Cited Again on Detroit Bankruptcy

    Fox News, Tony Conley Show, Education News

  477. Open Government Town Hall in Grand Rapids

    Center, ACLU, Michigan Press Association participating.

    July 23, 2013

  479. Thirkell Elementary: A Detroit Public School Success Story
  480. School Districts Spend Tens of Thousands On Losing Millage Requests
  481. Medicaid Recipient: 'When I ask where I'm supposed to go, I'm told the hospital'
  482. July 22, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent votes

  483. Economy Inundated With Part-Time Workers
  484. The Real Patients of Medicaid: Julie
  485. MichiganVotes: New Bill Starts Discussion Of Medicaid Expansion Alternatives
  486. Civil Rights or Double Standard?
  487. Media Tap Center Experts

    Analysis of Detroit bankruptcy.

  488. District Dumps Union Insurance, Saves $450K and Pays 100% of Health Care
  489. Detroit Bankruptcy

    It should never have come to pass.

  490. Detroit Bankruptcy: Why the Emergency Manager Powers Were Insufficient
  491. If Medicaid Expansion Passes, GOP 'Yes' Votes Likely Stuck Voting to Pay For It Too
  492. OtherCare not Obamacare
  493. Licensing Lunacy

    Legislators should reduce occupational licensing burden.

  494. As ‘Higher Education Bubble’ Accelerates, Alternatives Emerge
  495. Open Government/FOIA Town Hall Meeting
  496. Center Cited by Fox News

    Volunteers embrace civil society in Detroit.

  497. CapCon Featured in Columbia Journalism Review

    "They've broken some big stories ... the media has ignored."

    July 16, 2013

  499. State Education Spending Still Increasing While Serving Fewer Students
  500. In Defense of Liberty: Unions, Right-to-Work and Majority Rule
  501. Ann Arbor Students and Parents Take Cuts While Teachers Get Raises
  502. MichiganVotes: Senate Bill Would Increase Government Housing Subsidies
  503. July 12, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent votes

  504. North Huron Schools: CAP Success Story
  505. 'ER Visits Won't Increase' Claim By Medicaid Expansion Advocates Remains Dubious
  506. Job Numbers Vary Widely for Taxpayer Funded Electric Car Battery Maker A123 Systems
  507. Financial Literacy the Key to Independence

    Don't rely on the government to teach you how.

  508. Spalding Weighs in on School Consolidation

    Focus should be on spending, not district size.

  509. Center Op-Ed on Medicaid in Detroit News

    Legislators need to learn the Hippocratic Oath.

  510. First Rule of Medicaid Expansion: Do No Harm
  511. Center Hosting FOIA Town Hall Meetings

    Panelists include ACLU, MPA, Bridge Magazine.

  512. Center in Detroit Media Spotlight

    Awards presented to Thirkell Elementary, other DPS schools.

  513. Civil Rights Department Defying Governor On Racial Preferences, American Indian Mascots
  514. Lawsuit Against Decade-Long Union Dues Clause Suffers Setback
  515. Jeffers High School: CAP Success Story
  516. School Consolidation Won't Save Much

    Other reforms would provide better results.

  517. Garage Band

    Governments pushing regulatory regime too far.

    July 9, 2013

  519. Snyder Administration Pushing To Distance Medicaid Expansion From Obamacare
  520. Top 10 Rural Elementary and Middle Schools

    Michigan's top rural elementary and middle schools.

  521. Judge Rules She Lacks Jurisdiction to Decide Lawsuit Filed by Three Taylor Teachers Against Union and School District Over Forced Dues Extension
  522. Court Ruling Impacts Civil Service Employees

    Vernuccio cited in Detroit News on RTW law.

  523. Center Cited on School Consolidation

    Six-year-old study has answers state is looking for.

  524. Top 10 Town Elementary and Middle Schools

    Michigan's top town elementary and middle schools.

  525. Union Pay Scale Ignores Exceptional Teachers
  526. Michigan’s Unionized Workers Need to Know Their Rights
  527. Not Too Late to Close the Pension System
  528. Report Card Identifies Top-Performing Schools; Ranks DPS Elementary #1
  529. July 5, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent votes

  530. Media Highlight New School Report Card

    Elementary and middle schools ranked.

  531. New Elementary and Middle School Rankings Released
  532. Delay Strengthens 'No Medicaid Expansion' Case

    Postponing mandate makes Obamacare more vulnerable

  533. How Obamacare Is Vulnerable

    Let us count the ways

  534. Charters May Help Solve Detroit's Education Woes

    DPS, students would both benefit.

  535. Do We Celebrate Freedom and Liberty?

    Or just July 4th?

  536. Hospital Lobby Driving Medicaid Expansion

    Jack McHugh's Senate testimony on Obamacare.

  537. Top 10 Suburban Elementary and Middle Schools

    Michigan's top suburban elementary and middle schools.

  538. Medicaid Expansion...What's the Rush?
  539. Michigan Radio Doubles Down on 'Anemic' Job Growth Claim
  540. In Their Own Words: Calumet High School

    A high-achieving public high school.

  541. Top 10 City Elementary and Middle Schools

    Michigan's top-performing city elementary and middle schools.

  542. It’s no Secret, Hard Work Pays Off
    July 2, 2013

  544. Calumet High School: CAP Success Story
  545. Bin Ban: City Pushes To Ban Select Charitable Collections
  546. IMPACT July/August 2013
  547. Obamacare Medicaid: Facts, Figures, Background

    What you don’t know can hurt you.

  548. Top 10 Elementary and Middle Schools

    Michigan's top-performing elementary and middle schools.

  549. MEA Demands Immediate Health Insurance Payment From School District In Serious Debt
  550. Final Seven House Republicans Who Backed Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion
  551. Bin Ban: City Pushes To Ban Select Charitable Collections
  552. Renewable Energy Mandate Takes A Hit In Michigan
  553. MichiganVotes: Legislation Grants More Money, Taxpayer Debt For University Construction
  554. John Adams Repents in Heaven

    Pelosi needs refresher on American history

  555. June 28, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent votes

  556. Legislator, Union Want Tenured Teachers From Dissolved Districts Hired First In Other Schools
  557. Eight More House Republicans Who Backed Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion
  558. The Michigan Context and Performance Report Card: Public Elementary and Middle Schools, 2013
  559. Study: New Report Card Measures Elementary and Middle School Performance by Adjusting for Student Family Income
  560. Despite Media Claims, Michigan Among Highest Job Growth States
  561. Interview With Audrey Spalding: CAP Scores in Michigan
  562. Targeted Incentives Have Gone Too Far

    Targeting industries not the way

  563. Thirkell Elementary: A Detroit Public School Success Story
  564. Medicaid Expansion: A Battle Over Two Views

    Opportunity to reform Washington, D.C.

    June 25, 2013

  566. State and Federal Regulations Burying Businesses
  567. Public School Pension System Totally Broken
  568. Republican U.S. Rep. Upton Joins Dems to Uphold Mandatory Union-Scale Wages
  569. Page Not Available
  570. MichiganVotes: Senate Bill Aims to Bolster Corporate Welfare
  571. June 21, 2013 Michigan Legislature Roll Call Report

    Votes on Fee Hikes; Failed School Districts; Indigent Defense

  572. An Analysis of the Proposed Medicaid Expansion in Michigan

    Michigan lawmakers are currently deciding whether to expand the state's Medicaid program to cover people newly eligible for federal Medicaid subsidies under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, commonly known as "Obamacare." A target population for Medicaid subsidies are the uninsured and those with incomes between 100 and 138 percent of the federal poverty level. The authors estimate that in 2014, approximately 177,000 uninsured Michiganders will fall into this category. Assuming 70 percent sign up for Medicaid, the authors estimate the additional taxpayer cost will be $475 million to state taxpayers, and $7 billion to federal taxpayers. 

    The study considers several factors, including potential enrollees that are not considered in typical enrollment projections: uninsured people who are already eligible for Medicaid but have not yet enrolled, low-income, privately insured individuals who would switch to Medicaid, and childless adults and others who live below the poverty line and who would now qualify based on the broader definitions of the expansion. 

    The study determines that a Medicaid expansion would likely shift many insurance costs to state taxpayers, while other studies have found that as many as 50 percent or 60 percent of new enrollees following Medicaid expansions dropped existing private insurance to do so. Further, both local and federal studies have indicated that Medicaid often delivers substandard health outcomes and access to medical services. Therefore, lawmakers should think twice before widening the program's scope. 

  573. More House GOP Reps Who Voted For Key Obamacare Provision
  574. State 'Teacher of the Year' Finalist Given Middle-of-the-Pack Pay
  575. Anti-School Choice Education Rally Fizzles
  576. Pete Hoekstra: 'Michigan Could Impact Obamacare in Washington'
  577. Stopping Medicaid Expansion In Its Tracks

    Amendment makes bill match proponents' claims.

  578. We're Still a 'Donor State' with Medicaid Expansion

    Legislators should avoid spurious arguments to defend votes.

  579. Stalking Students in Grosse Pointe

    Evidence of a broken education system.

  580. Corporate Welfare a Continual Failure

    Time for government to focus on the basics.

  581. House GOP Leaders Vote With Dems To Pass Medicaid Expansion
  582. Medicaid Now a 'Reform-Proof' Entitlement

    Are "healthy behavior" conditions on Social Security next?

  583. Page Not Available
  584. Commentary: Court Decision Could Unplug Green Energy Mandate in Michigan
    June 18, 2013

  586. Government Report Shows Film Jobs Stagnant Despite Incentives
  587. Lehman on Gov. Snyder's 'Dashboards'

    Are they driving accountability?

  588. Spalding: Student Background a Part of Performance

    Socioeconomic factors impact student achievement.

  589. Misplaced Blame for Albion Schools Problems
  590. Gov. Rick Snyder's Performance Dashboards:
  591. Commentary: Whitehall Township Residents Should Say 'Yes' To Wal-Mart
  592. Majority of Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities Are In Right-to-Work States
  593. Land Bank May Take 163+ Properties

    Grand Rapids might help group circumvent state law.

  594. James Hohman on CNBC

    Fiscal policy expert discusses Detroit's woes.

  595. June 14, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Votes on Medicaid and state budget

  596. State 'Favor' to Jackson County Costs Millions

    LaFaive says MDOC agreement unfair to taxpayers.

  597. Study: Lure of Federal Medicaid-Expansion Subsidies Should Not Lead Policymakers to Underestimate Medicaid’s Drawbacks or Overlook Other Viable Insurance Options
  598. Worker Freedom in Michigan: The Road Ahead
  599. MEA Ignores Socioeconomic Status In Claiming Public Charter School is 'Failing'
  600. The Dirty Secret of GOP Obamacare Capitulation
    Tea Party leader dissects Medicaid expansion.
  601. Republican Ploy to Stop Medicaid Expansion?

    Obamacare Capitulation at a Discount Price

  602. The Cellphone 'Sin Tax'
    13.51 percent a month in Michigan.

  603. Cornerstone Charter Schools
  604. Michigan Outspends Florida on Education But Does Worse Than The Sunshine State
  605. Medicaid Expansion Bill Heads to the House
  606. Cities ‘Double Dipping’ with Cost Recovery Fees
  607. Common Core Clarification

    "Promising but dangerous" is the right description.

  608. Center Analyst Testifies on Medicaid Expansion

    McHugh: Obamacare "highly vulnerable to course correction."

  609. Jack McHugh Testimony on Medicaid Expansion Bill
  610. What others are saying about the Mackinac Center
  611. Michigan House Republicans Buckle on Obamacare Medicaid Expansion
  612. Michigan a Top 10 State In Per Capita Spending on K-12 Education
  613. National Media Highlight CapCon Story

    "Teacher of the Year" makes $21k less than district average.

  614. Capitalism Kills ... Poverty

    New report from The Economist details progress.

  615. Interior Home Inspections Suspended — For Now
  616. Film Incentives: The $50 Million Sequel
    June 11, 2013

  618. Resolution for 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' Introduced

    Best proof yet for a part-time Legislature.

  619. Michigan vs. Florida

    This study is an examination of Florida and Michigan's performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress's (NAEP) standardized test, often referred to as "the nation's report card." Immediately prior to and during Florida's immense improvement on these scores from the past 15 years, the state made substantial changes to its public education system. Some of these policies have been rigorously studied and have shown a positive impact on Florida students that Michigan should emulate to improve its static performance.

  620. Medicaid's Roach Motel Coming to Michigan?
    Once we get in, we'll never get out.
  621. Union Salary Schedule Ensures State 'Teacher of the Year' Earns Near Bottom In Pay
  622. Michigan Republicans Go Wobbly on Obamacare
  623. MichiganVotes: Proposed — Lie Detector Tester Licensure Repeal; New Licensing For Pharmacy Technicians
  624. Increased School Funding Did Not Slow Districts In Deficit
  625. Summer Issue of IMPACT Coming Soon

    Here's a sneak peek at what's inside.

  626. June 7, 2013, Weekly Vote Report
    Votes on National Guard pensions, hunting licenses
  627. Films or Potholes?

    Hollywood corporate welfare could be used to fix roads.

  628. Reitz Cited in Wall Street Journal

    Will Republicans cave on Obamacare Medicaid expansion?

  629. Manager of the 'City That Outsourced Everything' Says Privatization Can Help Michigan
  630. Michigan’s Gross Domestic Product Grows in 2012
  631. Michigan Should Look to Florida to Improve Public Education
  632. Michigan Red Light Cameras
  633. Defenders Of Public School Monopoly Slam 'Big Profit' Competitors; Haul In Big Money For Themselves
  634. Legislators Steering Michigan Toward Red Light Cameras
  635. National Employee Freedom Week Announced

    Dozens of groups promoting voluntary unionism.

  636. Michigan GOP Medicaid 'Reform' Proposals

    Like Déjà vu all over again.

  637. Yet Another Lansing 'Scaffolding for Plunder?'

    Republicans pushing more crony capitalism.

  638. Huffington Post Gets it Wrong ... Again

    Story mischaracterizes study on Michigan charters.

  639. Gov. Snyder Calls On Obamacare Advocate No. 1
  640. The Contract City Concept: How Public/Private Partnerships Can Save Michigan Cities with Oliver Porter
  641. Complete Streets Program: Good Law or Bureaucratic Overreach?
  642. Michigan's Job Growth Is More Than Just Auto-Related
    June 4, 2013

  644. Oliver Porter on Privatization in Detroit News

    Replay of Issues & Ideas Forum now available.

  645. Close Dysfunctional Schools
  646. A ‘Common’ Debate: Common Core Curriculum Standards Are Promising But Dangerous
  647. Governor’s Auto Insurance Proposal Worth Considering
  648. MichiganVotes: Legislation Would Eliminate Licensing Mandate on Dietitians, Nutritionists
  649. May 31, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    House Budget and excess property tax refunds

  650. 'Cost Recovery' Schemes Uncovered

    Center analyst exposes extra fees cities are charging.

  651. Big Labor Throwing Retirees Under the Bus

    Center analyst calls them on it in Washington Times.

  652. Riches for Unions, but not Their Retirees
  653. Open Government Links
  654. Medicaid Expansion
  655. Medicaid Expansion, Road Funding Key Issues For Michigan Budget
  656. Commentary: State Budget Windfall Invalidates Pension Reform Excuses
  657. Average Teacher Salaries Climb

    MDE data at $62,631 for 2010-2011 school year.

  658. Center Focusing on Government Transparency

    FOIA, Open Meetings Act need updating for 21st century.

  659. DIA Gins Up PR Battle Against Kevyn Orr

    City-owned artwork isn't being sold.

  660. Superintendent Bashes Parental School Choice

    Do they want parents involved or not?

  661. Cities Double Dip on Drunk Driving Arrests
  662. Democratic Strategist Calls Charter School Official 'The Human Herpes Virus'
  663. Promise of Profit Can Help Neediest Students

    Charters helping those shortchanged by system.

  664. Nicholas Winton Still Touching Lives of Children

    Michigan students get personal connection to WWII hero.

  665. Oliver Porter Interview in The Freeman

    Privatization expert to speak at Center's June 5 I&I.

  666. Government Entities Stymie FOIA Requests To Hide Information
  667. Of Course Merit Pay Is a Good Idea

    Time for public schools to catch on.

  668. Reasons not to Expand Medicaid

    Jack McHugh on WKAR's "Current State."

  669. School Official Uses Social Media To Attack Policy Makers Again
    May 28, 2013

  671. Count Update: 145 School Districts Have Deals That Dodge Right-to-Work
  672. Mystery Contribution Kept ‘Dues Skim’ Alive
  673. Michigan Votes: Bill Would Lessen Mandates on Landscape Architects
  674. May 24, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Bills on wetland use, forest property tax breaks

  675. Forever With Us All: A Memorial Day Remembrance
  676. School District Denies Teacher's Claim of Bias in Evaluations
  677. Indy Land Bank Officials Indicted

    Michigan needs to review land bank operations.

  678. Cable Unbundling Bill a Bad Bet
    "Television Consumer Freedom Act" isn't necessary.
  679. Oakland Schools and the Tri-County Alliance

    Focused on more money, less parental choice.

  680. Lawmakers Looking At MEDC Transparency
  681. No Link Between Charters, Segregation

    New study disproves commonly held myth.

  682. Cost Recovery Fees Allow Cities to Double Tax
  683. No Free Lunch: $15 an Hour Fast Food Workers Would Lead to Lost Jobs
  684. Head Start a False Start

    Follow the research to help low-income students

    May 21, 2013

  686. District Spent $20K Per Student, Had Rodents In Schools, Holes In Ceiling and Walls
  687. Center Education Policy Expert in Wall Street Journal

    Michael Van Beek on Michigan's charter public schools.

  688. Center Expert Cited by State Journal, WZZM

    State employees in Michigan outearn counterparts nationally.

  689. What Michigan's Charter Schools can Teach the Country
  690. Attorney: Taylor District Violated Contract Law to Lock In 10-Year Union Agreement
  691. Loss of Funding Not To Blame For School District Failures
  692. May 17, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Deer hunting, "excess" property tax and Medicaid

  693. Movie Made in Israel Gets Michigan Tax Dollars
  694. Focusing on the Big Picture

    How Republicans and Democrats view Medicaid expansion.

  695. Commentary: IRS Scrutiny Hits Close to Home
  696. After Emergency Manager, Ecorse On Track and In the Hands of Local Officials
  697. Close Dysfunctional Schools

    Years of mismanagement unfair to students.

  698. Commentary: Medicaid Expansion Wrong Even with Reforms

    Obamacare vulnerable; there's a better way.

  699. LaFaive on Taxes and Road Funding

    Tony Conley show on WILS, Op-Ed in Port Huron paper.

  700. Vernuccio Op-Ed in Detroit Free Press

    Unions shouldn't have to represent all employees.

  701. Michigan House and Senate Both Skeptical On Medicaid Expansion
  702. Don't Force Workers into Unwanted Union Representation
  703. Spalding Discusses Land Bank Issues

    Policy analyst on WILS in Lansing with Tony Conley.

  704. Union President Blames State, School Officials for Problems at Buena Vista, Pontiac Schools
  705. Michigan Tea Party Group Says It Is A Victim of IRS Discrimination
  706. Governor’s Auto Insurance Proposal Worth Considering
  707. Education Policy Expert Cited by MLive

    A district or school closing is "for the greater good."

  708. Two Charter Public Schools Being Closed

    If only all schools faced the same accountability.

  709. Center Legal Experts Cited on MEA Court Loss

    Schools no longer spending tax dollars to collect union dues.

  710. Some School Districts and Unions Embrace Right-to-Work
    May 14, 2013

  712. What Do Moms Want? School Choice

    New survey shows large support for tuition tax credits.

  713. Wolfram in Lansing State Journal on Auto Insurance

    Adjunct scholar says market should guide reform.

  714. Democrat U.S. Rep. Gary Peters Praises Michigan's GOP-Led Recovery
  715. MichiganVotes: House GOP Medicaid Expansion Plan Faces Hurdles
  716. Survey: Teachers in Right-to-Work States Live Quite Comfortably
  717. May 10, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

    Refillable beer, "electric carriages" and Obamacare

  718. Tax Breaks vs. Corporate Welfare

    In today's Michigan Capitol Confidential.

  719. Court Rules School Districts Cannot Use Public Resources to Withhold Union Dues
  720. Everyone Loves Tax Cuts
  721. MEA Loses Court Battle
  722. Students Shut Out of School After District, Union Agree to Unrealistic Contract
  723. Education Denied to 15K Walled Lake Students

    Bus drivers call in "sick" today to protest privatization.

  724. Taxpayer Funded Films Flop With Viewers
  725. Fla. Medicaid: Governor Proposes, House Disposes

    Obamacare expansion wilts in Sunshine State.

  726. Bridge Magazine Details MEA's Decline

    Center, labor policy expert cited in package of stories.

  727. MLive Cites Center Education Policy Expert

    Secretary of Ed wants higher teacher pay; Michigan has it.

    May 7, 2013

  729. Speedway Assistance: Public Safety or Corporate Welfare?
  730. SEIU Tries to Continue Dues Scheme

    Leaked document maps out 'dues skim' plan.

  731. Land Bank Reform Bill Introduced

    HB 4626 would penalize land banks for violating state law.

  732. Balance Increased Road Spending with Cuts
  733. Land Bank Bail-Outs: How State Government Corrupts the Private Market
  734. Bad for Business: Internet Sales Tax Legislation
  735. SEIU Lays Out Plan to Try and Continue 'Dues Skim'
  736. MichiganVotes: Proposed Bill Would Provide Accountability For Land Banks
  737. Film Subsidy Failure Draws Attention

    WDIV covers story that Michigan Capitol Confidential broke.

  738. May 3, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Who voted on what in Michigan Legislature.

  739. Democrat Contradictions: Corporate Tax Breaks Bad, But Incentives for Hollywood Good
  740. Oregon Study Suggests Michigan Medicaid Expansion Not Worth the Cost
  741. Michigan School Districts In Perpetual 'Funding Crisis'
  742. Package Deal Politics

    How road funding and Medicaid are connected.

  743. Skorup Discusses 'Crazy Laws' on Three Radio Stations

    Detroit, Lansing and Ann Arbor markets covered in one day.

  744. IMPACT May/June 2013
  745. Michigan Company Billed $465,774 For Teamsters Pension After Laying Off Its Last Unionized Trucker
  746. Will Michigan Legislators Add to National Debt?

    They will, by $22 billion, if they approve Medicaid expansion.

  747. Stop Giving Tax Dollars to Hollywood

    Corporate welfare for movies is "economically foolish."

  748. 'The Freeman' Interviews Rod Lockwood

    Mackinac Center board member discusses Belle Isle.

  749. Why Film Subsidies Must Go

    Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust.

  750. Another Film Subsidy Failure
  751. Riches-to-Rags Story Developing For Movie Operations in Michigan
  752. Politics Alive and Well in Public Schools

    Brandon board won't sell vacant building to charter group.

    April 30, 2013

  754. Tax Audits or Taxpayer Abuse?
  755. April 26, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Who voted on what in Michigan Legislature.

  756. School Marketing is A-OK

    Charters join school districts in attempt to boost enrollment.

  757. Vernuccio on Fox Business

    Cameras in the classroom?

  758. Gambling With Welfare Money: Investigation Finds $87K From Bridge Cards Spent In Casino
  759. Michigan's Craziest Laws: Don't Seduce An Unmarried Woman or Dance to the National Anthem
  760. Mackinac Center on Fox Business: Cameras in the Classroom
  761. Tearing Down Steve Earle's Walmart Song
    Angry, threatening lyrics perpetuate economic myths.
  762. MichiganVotes: Bill Would Increase Portion of Public Employee Health Care Cap
  763. EITC 'Improper Payments' Costing Taxpayers

    One more reason Michigan should drop program.

  764. Reforming State Government A Tedious Task
  765. House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

    But some Republicans want to protect corporate welfare.

  766. Politics 101: The Art of the Half Truth

    What they're saying in Lansing about Medicaid expansion.

  767. 'Land Bank Bailout' Is Rep. Kildee's First Bill

    Congressman wants $1.9 billion for special interest projects.

  768. Despite Repeal Attempts, Michigan State Law Mandates Unlicensed Dogs Be Killed
  770. Ryan to States: Don't Bet on Obama Medicaid Money
    Congressman says both parties would break promise.
  771. Public School Lobbying Worse Than 'Skunk Works'

    Concerns about "backroom dealings" insincere.

  772. Don't Trust Ed-Trust on Charter Schools

    Group seeks ed reform, but misses mark on charters.

  773. Editorial Cites Mackinac Center Research

    Comprehensive reform of liquor control laws needed. 

  774. State Has Weak History of Punishing School Campaign Finance Law Violators
  775. "Nicky's Family"

    The inspiring story of Sir Nicholas Winton.

    April 23, 2013

  777. Economists: Business Tax Reform Helping, Not Hurting, Michigan
  778. School Pension Fund Needs Fewer Gimmicks
  779. State: School Broke State Campaign Finance Law

    CapCon reported on Traverse City issue last October.

  780. Time to Overhaul Auto Insurance Laws

    New proposal worth consideration.

  781. No Place for Alarmism on Earth Day

    Can Earth survive those who want to save it?

  782. How Taxpayers Are Funding Political Lobbying
  783. MichiganVotes: Bill Would Allow Community Colleges To Offer Some Bachelor Degrees
  784. Commentary: Earth Day Exposes the Ironies of the Left’s Trendy Environmentalism
  785. April 19, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Who voted on what in Michigan Legislature.

  786. State Department of Civil Rights Not In Line With Gov. Snyder's Views
  787. Expert: Medicaid Expansion Means Increased Costs For Worse Service
  788. Avik Roy Op-Ed in Detroit News

    "Medicaid isn't only option for Michigan"

  789. Medicaid, Obamacare and More with Avik Roy
  790. Reopening Union Contracts Could Free Workers
  791. MLive to Start MichiganVotes-Style System

    Media group to begin tracking legislative action.

  792. Dexter Bus Drivers Dump International Union

    School employees form local bargaining unit.

  793. Poll: Medicaid Expansion Plan Loses Support When Voters Told of Potential Effects
  794. Statewide Survey Shows Underwhelming Support for Expanding Medicaid in Michigan
  795. Dozens of School Districts Consider All Teachers the Same
  796. MLive Now Featuring MichiganVotes

    Weekly spot will highlight votes of mid-Michigan lawmakers.

  797. EAA Could Take Over Successful Schools

    Is state school ranking methodology flawed?

  798. Lawsuit Alleges Wind Power A Threat To Health And Safety
    April 16, 2013

  800. Lindsey Dodge on Alleged Gender Pay Gap

    Guest on "The Lucy Ann Lance Show" in Ann Arbor.

  801. Seniority No Longer Supreme For Teacher Recalls
  802. Shlaes' 'Coolidge' a Must-Read
    New biography details Silent Cal's fiscal prudence.
  803. MichiganVotes: Minimum Wage Increase — A Serious Effort Or Just Rhetoric?
  804. Center Hosting National Health Care Policy Expert

    Avik Roy on Tony Conley's radio show Friday morning.

  805. April 12, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Who voted on what in Michigan Legislature.

  806. Subsidies Drive Up College Costs

    State should decrease subsidies, force schools to compete.

  807. MSNBC Host Who Said Kids Belong To Community Also Says Education Funding Desperately Inadequate
  808. Right-to-Work in Illinois?

    President Joseph G. Lehman explains how.

  809. Breaking Away from the MEA

    Roscommon union president explains how.

  810. Mini Antennas May Revolutionize TV Viewing

    Aereo looking to expand into Michigan.

  811. Right-to-Work Is Possible in Every State
  812. Michigan Employment Relations Commission Fails to Correct Its Own Mistake in Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers
  813. State Government Has Poor Record Predicting Jobs
  814. Labor Expert Participates in Griffin Policy Form

    Vernuccio and others discuss the future of unions in Michigan.

  815. Dodge Cited on Alleged Gender Pay Gap

    Apples-to-apples comparison has more variables.

  816. At Least 54 School Districts Have Contracts Dodging Michigan's Right-to-Work Law
  817. Trust Not in Obamacare Medicaid Promises

    Check to states may not be in the mail.

    April 9, 2013

  819. Fiscal Problems Not Stopping Flint From Pursuing $2.4M Hydrogen Bus
  820. Remembering Margaret Thatcher

    President Emeritus Lawrence Reed recalls the "Iron Lady."

  821. Thatcher and 1980s Musicians

    Former prime minister handled criticism with aplomb.

  822. Thatcher's Legacy: Government Isn't the Boss of Me

    Former British prime minister dead at 87.

  823. MEA Rehashes 'Report' on Center

    Dated information, spurious claims in updated piece.

  824. Griffin Policy Forum: The Future of Labor Unions in Michigan
  825. Confirmed: The SEIU 'Dues Skim' Finally Ends
  826. Taylor Teachers Fight Union Subversion of Right-to-Work Law
  827. Why You Shouldn’t Care (Much) About Income or Wealth Inequality
  828. Medicaid Expansion Bad Bet for Michigan Taxpayers
  829. Paul Williams RIP

    Rock journalist made it on is own, with no subsidies.

  830. Despite Lack Of Jobs and Repeated Broken Promises, Legislature Proposes Extension Of Corporate Welfare Program
  831. April 5, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Noteworthy committee hearings and bills of interest.

  832. Research Associate Jarrett Skorup on Tony Conley Show

    Update: Mascoma "green" job promises fall short.

  833. Lawmaker: 'No Real Savings’ in Wayne State Contract
  834. The Preschool Paradox

    An extra year of kindergarten vs. Great Start.

  835. Taylor Teachers' Lawsuit Highlighted

    Daily Caller, former MCPP president detail right-to-work issue.

  836. New Right-to-Work Website Can Help Union Workers Opt Out of Membership; Provides Information on Benefits of Being a Right-to-Work State
  837. Is the Problem In Detroit Really A Lack Of Revenue?
  838. Facts On Right-to-Work In Michigan and How Workers Can Get Out Of Their Union
  839. Don't Mistake Bridge Claims For Fact
  840. Internet Sales Tax Legislation

    Bad for businesses and customers.

  841. Vernuccio Participating in CMU Policy Forum

    "The Future of Labor Unions in Michigan" is the topic.

  842. Entrepreneur Survey Ranks Michigan Among the Worst In the Nation For Small Businesses
  843. March 29, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Noteworthy committee hearings and bills of interest.

  844. Center Cited in Wall Street Journal

    Columnist exposes labor's anti-RTW tactics.

  845. Center Research Cited on Prevailing Wage Repeal

    Law increases cost of public projects 10 to 15 percent.

  846. Teacher Merit Pay in India

    A model Michigan should consider.

  847. State Economic Development Group Has Little To Do With Job Success
    April 2, 2013

  849. Voices of Right-to-Work: The Mackinac Center Investigates
  850. Elkhart Continues its Economic Growth

    Indiana border county outpaces national job growth.

  851. Public-Sector Worker Frequently Asked Questions
  852. Private-Sector Worker Frequently Asked Questions
  853. Poll Results Could Be Positive Indicator For Right-to-Work Advocates
  854. I’m Just a Bill
  855. County's Rush to Approve New Union Contracts Could Prove Futile
  856. Higher Scrutiny of Government 'Investments'

    Mascoma pulls IPO, questionable subsidies remain.

  857. Right-to-Work Is Here

    Statewide media cites Center expert, decades of analysis.

  858. Why Right-to-Work Is the Right Choice for Michigan
  859. Describes 25,000th Bill
  860. Research on Right-to-Work
  861. Teachers' Union Wants Lawsuit Moved Out of Court
  862. Fast Facts
  863. The Dark Side of the Moon

    The bright side of capitalism.

  864. Commentary: A Milestone for Michigan — Worker Freedom in the 'Big Labor' State
  865. Media Covers Schools Skirting RTW Law

    Free Press includes list of districts, universities.

  866. Van Beek Talks School Funding with Tony Conley

    MSU prof's claim about decreased funding is incorrect.

  867. Vernuccio to Discuss Right-to-Work

    Live chat with Lansing State Journal at 11 a.m. Thursday.

  868. Five Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad Idea
  869. Kroger Reaches Deal With Union Postponing Right-to-Work Law
    March 26, 2013

  871. Another School Contract Extended To Lock Teachers Into Union Membership
  872. Midland/Auburn Right-to-Work in a Townhall Forum Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity
  873. Kent County Considers Land Bank Changes

    Private developers could get fair shot at foreclosures.

  874. Center Analyst Discusses Film Subsidies

    Jarrett Skorup on FOX2 Detroit Sunday.

  875. Union Rushes Contract To Avoid Right-to-Work; 'Put This Whole Nightmare Behind Us!'
  876. SEIU Election Legitimacy Questioned by Some Union Members
  877. Bill Would Help Stop 'National Effort' Mandating Paid Work Leave
  878. EAA Bill Has Problems

    But Grand Rapids carve-out not one of them.

  879. March 22, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Noteworthy committee hearings and bills of interest.

  880. It Was 50 Years Ago Today ...

    "Please Please Me," The Beatles and capitalism.

  881. Detroit's Emergency Manager Must Enforce Rules City Officials Ignored
  882. College Admits Cooperating With Unions To Sidestep Right-to-Work Law
  883. 'Transformers 4' Taking $20M from Taxpayers

    Last "Transformers" movie made $1.1 billion.

  884. Hollywood Transforms Itself to Milk Multiple States for Movie Money
  885. Center Experts Cited on Contract Extensions

    Detroit News, WDIV seek analysis of right-to-work issue.

  886. Michigan 'Green' Jobs Declining
  887. Tax-and-Spend Interests Pushing Medicaid Expansion

    Contradictory "bond rating" alert the latest twist.

  888. New Strategies Needed for Dealing With Blight

    Turning over more property to land banks not the answer.

  889. Motown on the Slab
    A review of Charlie LeDuff's "Detroit: An American Autopsy."
  890. Center Expert on New Detroit EFM

    Detroit News Op-Ed explains what Kevyn Orr must address.

    March 19, 2013

  892. Michigan Airport Home To No Planes Or Hangars Receives Over $150K A Year In Tax Dollars
  893. Obamacare Medicaid Expansion a Budget Trap

    Other states' records shows projections were far too low.

  894. Obamacare Medicaid Expansion a 'Roach Motel?'

    States can check in but they can't leave.

  895. Why You Shouldn’t Care (Much) About Income or Wealth Inequality
  896. Despite Claims, Michigan School Funding Higher Than a Decade Ago; Way More Than Decades Past
  897. Wayne State President's Union Contract Defense Falls Flat
  898. MichiganVotes Describes 25,000th Bill
  899. CMU, Ferris State Protecting Worker Rights
  900. It's Only (Capitalist) Rock 'n' Roll
    But I like it ...
  901. March 15, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Noteworthy committee hearings and bills of interest.

  902. A Look Behind the Curtain

    Center analysis exposes fallacies of Oz subsidies.

  903. Multiple School Districts Breaking the Law On Transparency
  904. Pope Francis and the Free Market

    Papal encyclicals, the Iron Curtain and personal liberty.

  905. National Review Highlights MCLF Lawsuit
    Detroit News: Union in a "rush to preserve strength."
  906. Teacher Pension System Hole Getting Deeper
  907. Commentary: House GOP Not Passing Senate Bill Continues Lansing Tradition Of Underfunding Pension System
  908. Teacher Says She Qualifies For Food Stamps; School Salary Schedule Suggests Otherwise
  909. Wayne State University: We Got A Deal; Take Our Word For It
  910. Medicaid Expansion Costs Michigan Taxpayers

    Heritage reports $1.3 billion.

  911. Brighton Right-to-Work in a Townhall Forum Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity
  912. Commentary: Natural Gas Plants Better Than Wind Turbines
    March 12, 2013

  914. Will Gov. Snyder Get Stuck With 'Tax Hiker' Label?
  915. Media Ignores Costs In Film Coverage

    Lawmakers exchange bad policy for Hollywood glitz.

  916. Michigan School Privatization Survey 2012
  917. In Pontiac, MEA Local Raises $12K For School Supplies While Union Health Insurance Arm Sues District for $7.8 Million
  918. Commentary: Leaving Michigan Education Association To Form Local Union A Good Choice
  919. Sunshine Week 2013
  920. Right-to-Work - Making Michigan Home Again
  921. March 8, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Noteworthy committee hearings and bills of interest.

  922. No Grand Rapids Carve-Out under EAA Bill

    Progress Michigan critique not supported by facts.

  923. Michigan Gets Flying Monkeys for $40 Million

    "Oz" defends its own corporate welfare while slamming others.

  924. Public Employee Pension Systems Raided To Pay Film Studio Bills
  925. Van Beek Testifies on Great Start Expansion

    Legislator criticized for "personal attack."

  926. Michigan Taxpayers Already Paid for 'Oz'

    Disney gets $40 million subsidy; has $4.8 billion profit.

  927. Center Scholar on WJR With Frank Beckmann

    Harry Veryser discusses stock market, Austrian economics.

  928. Wright Discusses End of SEIU Dues Skim

    Union scheme took $34 million from caregivers.

  929. Universities Dodging Right-to-Work Law Under Scrutiny
  930. Big Hollywood Bailout: Taxpayers Spent Nearly $40 Million To Subsidize Disney's 'Oz'
  931. Despite Rhetoric, United States Outsourced Less Than 3,000 Jobs In 2012
  932. Grand Rapids/Belmont Right-to-Work in a Townhall Forum Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity
  933. Opposing Groups Rally At State's 'Good Energy Decisions' Panel
  934. Taylor Teachers' Lawsuit on Fox Business

    Union insecurity clause gains national media attention.

  935. Is Repeal In The Cards For Michigan's Prevailing Wage Law?
  936. Medicaid Expansion: The Decisive Obamacare Battle

    Enlarging Medicaid is critical to Obamacare's survival.

    March 5, 2013

  938. IMPACT March/April 2013
  939. School District Spends $16,400 Per Student; Union Blames Lack Of Funding For Toilet Paper Shortage
  940. Gas Tax and Fee Discussion Worth Having
  941. Great Myths About Great Start
  942. SEIU Dues Skim Comes to an End
  943. Five Reasons the Government Shouldn’t Subsidize Higher Education
  944. Legislators Chip Away at Proposal A Property Tax Limits
  945. Balance Increased Road Spending with Cuts

    Tax, spending cuts should be pursued.

  946. Time to 'Sequester' Arts Subsidies

    Let people keep their own money, choose their own art.

  947. Sequester Marks First Cuts Since Pres. Obama Took Office
  948. MCLF Press Conference: Taylor Teachers Sue Union and District
  949. SEIU 'Skim Tracker' Stops Ticking
  950. Media Covers Taylor Teachers' Lawsuit

    MCLF representing teachers against union, school board.

  951. New Emergency Manager for Detroit?

    Center analysts have written about both issues.

  952. Turnover Low in Highland Park Schools

    Some teachers let go due to performance.

  953. 17 for ’12: Legislature Keeps up Reform Pace
  954. Wisconsin's Alternative Medicaid Plan
  955. Freeing Teachers from Decade of Forced Unionism
  956. Lawsuit Filed To Protect Teachers' Rights
  957. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Files Suit on Behalf of Three Teachers Against Taylor Federation of Teachers and the Taylor School District over Forced Dues Extension
  958. Taylor Teachers Fight Union Insecurity Clause
  959. Union is violating teacher’s right-to-work
  960. Union Violates Teacher's Right to Leave His Union
  961. Long Live Rock: Technology Throws a Lifeline

    The market, not subsidies, helps music evolve.

  962. Big Business Supports Minimum Wage Hikes

    Lobbying intended to hurt mom-and-pop competitors.

  963. Union President Receives 'Outstanding Organizing' Award For Shutting Down School To Protest Right-to-Work Law
  964. Center Experts Cited in Reuters Stories

    Lehman, LaFaive on Gov. Rick Snyder, Mayor Dave Bing

    February 26, 2013

  966. Charter School Superintendent Makes Over $339K A Year
  967. Cumulative Weekly Roll Call Reports 2013
  968. Union Time on Your Dime

    Taxpayers still funding union work on school time.

  969. District's P.E. Teachers Average Tens of Thousands of Dollars More Than Math and Science Employees
  970. Proposed Law Would Prevent Unemployment Benefits For Certain Drug Users
  971. February 22, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Noteworthy committee hearings and bills of interest.

  972. Alcohol Reform on Tap

    Lawmakers must be tougher on monopolies, price fixing.

  973. And the Academy Award Goes To ...

    A fresh look at a timeless classic.

  974. Looking For Savings In The Corrections Budget
  975. Detroit's Problems Not Surprising

    Fiscal expert addresses city's woes in Detroit News.

  976. Variety Isn't Discrimination

    Charters provide choices for students and parents.

  977. College Subsidies Redistribute from Poor to Rich

    Graduation rates unchanged despite increased aid.

  978. Government Funding of 'Scientific' Research
    Lots of benefits for politicians, little for taxpayers.
  979. High-Priced Bus Drivers In Lansing
  980. Talent Mercantilists Running Amok In Michigan
  981. Media Quickly Respond to Center's New Database

    Salary information for every superintendent now online.

  982. Average Superintendent Compensation in Michigan

    Searchable database now available online.

  983. The Facts on Subsidized College Degrees

    More government spending equals higher costs.

  984. State Rep. Alleges 'Truancy' Among Homeschoolers

    Ignores absenteeism at schools in his own district.

  985. SEIU 'Dues Skim' and U-M Research Assistant Bills Brought On Proposal 2
  986. Making Michigan Home Again: Rick Wadel's Story
  987. New Superintendent Compensation Database Available Online
  988. Tall Tales

    DPS scores get a closer look.

  989. Right-to-Work in Michigan: A Visual Time Line

    How the Center and others led the effort for two decades.

  990. Union Insecurity Clauses

    Denying members worker freedom with rushed contracts.

    February 19, 2013

  992. House Rep Wants To Force Homeschool Parents to Report Attendance to The State
  993. Right-to-Work Timeline
  994. Questions About Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

    Too many unanswered questions, unforseen consequences.

  995. On Breughel and Brussels Sprouts

    Why public funding for the arts, or food, is still a bad idea.

  996. Teachers Unions Locking in Forced Dues

    Van Beek discusses right-to-work in Detroit News.

  997. UAW President Bob King Admits Proposal 2 Was About Right-to-Work
  998. Taylor School Board Approves Contract Forcing Teachers To Pay Union
  999. Bill To Tap Trust Fund Could Free Up Dollars For Roads
  1000. Road Funding or Film Subsidies?

    GOP legislators have hard time prioritizing.

  1001. Reducing 'Best Practices' Money Best for Taxpayers

    Schools should be rewarded for student outcomes.

  1002. Low-Salt Diet

    Road salt use should be part of infrastructure discussion.

  1003. LG Chem: A Look Back At the Failed Predictions
  1004. Bill Wilson Discusses RTW with Frank Beckmann

    Economist was fired by Comerica for supporting it.

  1005. Rep. Bentivolio Bill Would Give Small Business Owners A Break
  1006. Subsidized Housing for Government Workers

    Land bank deals should be extended to all buyers.

  1007. More Is Never Enough

    When it comes to public school funding.

  1008. State Board of Education President Complains Of 'Right-Wing' Agenda
  1009. Five Reasons The Government Shouldn’t Subsidize Higher Education
  1010. UAW Prez: SEIU ‘Dues Skim’ More Important Than RTW

    A candid interview reveals stealth unionizations were key.

    February 12, 2013

  1012. Make Blue Cross Like Other Insurers, But Cancel the Health Endowment Fund
  1013. Average Michigan Government Employee Compensation Exceeds Six Figures For The First Time
  1014. SEIU Election Battle Hinges On Home-Based Caregivers
  1015. Slight Reduction In Education Funding Did Not Lead To Doomsday Predictions
  1016. Bill Would Require One Year Of Residency To Qualify For Welfare
  1017. February 8, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Newly introduced Labor Policy bills of interest.

  1018. Michigan Teachers Second-Highest Paid in Nation

    Daily Caller reports on Michigan Capitol Confidential stories.

  1019. Schools, Teachers, Should Proceed With Caution

    Unions trying to extend contracts to keep dues flowing.

  1020. Union Conservatives On Right-to-Work
  1021. Charter Public Schools Give Detroit Schoolchildren Hope
  1022. Medicaid Expansion: Beware of Obamacare 'Gifts'

    If it sounds to good to be true ...

  1023. Choice Between Two Tax Hikes No Choice At All

    Lawmakers need different approach for road funding.

  1024. Media's Assumption About Government Spending

    Cuts are always bad, more spending is always good.

  1025. State Report: More Growth for Charter Students

    Fails to account for number of low-income students served.

  1026. Michigan Teachers Rank No. 2 For Salary
  1027. Teachers Unions Trying to Circumvent Law

    Vernuccio: Unions putting teachers in "dues purgatory."

  1028. LaFaive: Privatize Mail Delivery

    Would lead to better service, lower prices.

  1029. Post Office Stopping Saturday Delivery

    Privatization would deliver savings and efficiency.

  1030. Bill Would Ensure More Gas Tax Money Goes To Roads
  1031. Mackinac Center on Fox Business: MEA Contract Extensions
  1032. Union Membership, Wages, Grow in RTW States

    Center research cited in Washington Examiner.

  1033. School District Late To Make Changes
    February 5, 2013

  1035. Russell Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles: An Appreciation
  1036. The Common Ploy for More Funding

    Universities want even more tax dollars.

  1037. Robots Are Good

    Productivity and efficiency bring prosperity.

  1038. Smuggling Undermines Tobacco Tax Hike Goals

    North Dakota Policy Council taps Center expert.

  1039. School Choice Benefits Students

    Families deserve more options, not fewer.

  1040. School Choice, Funding, in the News

    Michael Van Beek on charters in The Detroit News.

  1041. School Choice Has Helped Michigan Students
  1042. Right-to-Work States Gain Union Members While Other States Lose Hundreds of Thousands
  1043. Worker Freedom in Michigan: The Road Ahead
  1044. Cigarette Smuggling Remains High in Michigan, Elsewhere
  1045. Cesar Chavez Academy: Helping Detroit Students Achieve
  1046. SEIU 'Dues Skim' Finally Grinding To A Halt
  1047. Gas Tax and Fee Discussion Worth Having
  1048. Is A Michigan Gas Tax Increase Inevitable?
  1049. Just Say 'No' to Obamacare Medicaid Expansion
    Bad for the state budget, bad for the Constitution.
  1050. February 1, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    A focus on transportation funding.

  1051. Three Cheers for Michigan House Democrats

    Questioning MEDC transparency is the right thing to do.

  1052. SEIU Dues Skim Surpasses $34 Million

    Scheme comes to an end Feb. 28; legal challenges continue.

  1053. Cigarette Smuggling Study Explained

    Interpretation by special interests, not methedology, is flawed.

  1054. Bridge Magazine on MEDC Audit Problems

    Center has long questioned corporate welfare entity.

  1055. Heritage Foundation Touts Center on Right-to-Work

    Extensive interview with President Joseph G. Lehman.

  1056. Hathaway Pension: First Check Due Before Sentencing
  1057. $100K Teachers? For Some Educators, Unions Are Standing In the Way
  1058. Unions Fight to Use Dues for Politics

    Not all the money goes toward collective bargaining.

  1059. Hazards of Long-Term Union Security Agreements

    Employers, employees should be wary of union scheme.

  1060. Tough Choices Ahead For Allen Park Emergency Manager
  1061. School Union Proposes 9-Year Contract To Prevent Members From Exercising Right To Not Pay Dues
  1062. School District Reaches Five-Year Contract Preventing Teachers From Leaving the Union
  1063. DeVos Credits Mackinac Center on RTW Passage

    Vernuccio talks about union membership on Michigan Radio.

  1064. Measuring the Value of Charter Schools

    Bridge Magazine tries to compare charters to entire districts.

    January 29, 2013

  1066. -untitled-
  1067. National School Choice Week

    More than 3,500 events scheduled nationwide.

  1068. University Union Wants Contract Through 2023 To Avoid Right-to-Work Law
  1069. Employees In Right-to-Work States Are Richer
  1070. More Preschool Spending Not The Answer
  1071. Law Attempts to Prevent School Board Members From Voting On Contracts For Relatives
  1072. Right-to-Work States Have Higher Incomes

    When adjusted for cost-of-living.

  1073. January 25, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    A focus on firearms legislation.

  1074. Tough Road Ahead

    Gov. Snyder and gas taxes.

  1075. Charter Schools Produce Huge ROI

    One-quarter less spending, 45 percent more results.

  1076. Michigan Lost 42,000 Union Members Last Year
  1077. Facing Possible Jail Time, Disgraced Justice Can Still Collect Pension
  1078. Minnesota Eyes Higher Tobacco Taxes

    Center analyst shows it will result in more smuggling.

  1079. Republican House Members Who Voted Against Right-to-Work
  1080. Huffington Post Blames Charter Schools for Serving Poor Kids
  1081. Right-to-Work Law Means Less Money For Union Political Power Grabs
  1082. Van Beek Discusses Charter Public School Study

    MEA says unionized schools can learn from charters.

  1083. Still No Link Between Higher Education Appropriations and Growth
  1084. Is Right-to-Work Racist?
  1085. Elkhart, Indiana: A Right-to-Work Recovery
  1086. More Michigan Students Opt for School Choice

    Center for Michigan "conversations" miss the mark.

  1087. Huffington Post Gets Charter School Study Wrong

    Article ignores gains made by charter school students.

    January 22, 2013

  1089. Government Workers Average Twice As Many Sick Days Per Year As Private-Sector Employees
  1090. Ethanol Subsidies Costly, Damaging

    Walker commentary in Lansing State Journal Sunday.

  1091. Union Will Use 'Any Legal Means' to Combat Members Who Want to Leave
  1092. Proposed Michigan Law Would Protect Gun Owners
  1093. January 18, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Compilation of significant bills before voting.

  1094. Legislative Expert Discusses Auto Dealer Laws

    Jack McHugh on protectionism that harms car buyers.

  1095. State of the State: Union Protests Outside Capitol

    Anne Schieber catches protest, signs on camera.

  1096. State of the State: Union Protests Outside Capitol
  1097. History, Economics and Right-to-Work
  1098. State Hired More Employees To Administer SEIU 'Dues Skim' Than Oversee Right-to-Work Law
  1099. Ed. Establishment Downplays Charter Study

    New Stanford study's methedology beyond reproach.

  1100. Birmingham Latest District to Exploit Schools of Choice

    Meeting state's "best practices" in name only.

  1101. MEA Memo Outlines Regrets and Possible Ways To Fight Right-to-Work Law
  1102. Charter School Market Working

    Those run by for-profits benefit students most.

  1103. Electric Car Owners Get a Free Ride in Ann Arbor

    Another subsidy for those who can afford expensive EVs.

  1104. Media Skews Charter Public School Study

    Reporters ignore large student gains.

  1105. Republicans Against Right-to-Work
  1106. Gov. Snyder’s 2013 State of the State Address Included Eight Proposed Government Expansions, Two Limitations
  1107. Multiplier Analyses Often Abused

    They don't justify taking the dollar in the first place.

  1108. Michigan Charter Schools a Smashing Success

    New Stanford study most thorough analysis yet.

  1109. Labor Expert Addresses Prevailing Wage

    Muskegon County jail could cost $2M extra due to policy.

  1110. New Study Shows Better Results For Public Charter School Students Compared To Students In Conventional Schools
    January 15, 2013

  1112. Consumers Are Best Arbiters of Auto Market
  1113. Taylor Named New Chairman of Mackinac Center Board of Directors
  1114. Collapse of Higher-Ed Bubble Draws Near

    Michigan legislators, colleges unprepared for paradigm shift.

  1115. Government Is Different From Unions

    The fallacy of a 'right-to-live' law.

  1116. Michigan's Newest Legislative Members
  1117. Michigan Education Report
  1118. Most of the Arrested Anti-Right-to-Work Protesters Have SEIU 'Dues Skim' Connections
  1119. Plan to Privatize Belle Isle Unveiled

    Center analysts first addressed the issue 12 years ago.

  1120. The Public Employee Union Problem
  1121. Media Cites Center Study on Cigarette Smuggling

    ATF says Center data "seems right."

  1122. A Matter of Perspective

    National recovery data looks different depending on the chart.

  1123. January 11, 2013, Weekly Roll Call

    Introduction of new legislators!

  1124. Michigan Poorer Than Average Of Right-to-Work States
  1125. Movin' On Up: Michigan Improving Its Outmigration Rank
  1126. Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery

    School performance database "similar" to our 2012 project.

  1127. County Commissioner Touts Reed's 'Seven Principles'

    Elected official asks fellow commissioners to read it.

  1128. Legislators Get Sworn In — And Get Cookies
  1129. Supreme Court Justice's Problems Not Likely to Affect Generous Pension
  1130. Activist Group Claims Government Subsidized Green Energy Projects Are Worthwhile
  1131. Michigan a Cigarette Smuggling Haven

    10th highest rate in the nation, according to new study.

    January 8, 2013

  1133. Analysis: High Cigarette Taxes Contributing to Increased Smuggling Rates in Michigan, Elsewhere
  1134. WingsWorld
  1135. Iceberg Ahead: Unions May Play Right-to-Work Off on Teachers
  1136. Government ‘Authorities’ Run Amok
  1137. Reform Starts in the States, Not in Washington
  1138. Higher Cigarette Taxes Create Lucrative, Dangerous Black Market
  1139. Despite Popular Thinking, Michigan Economy Is Not Determined By Automotive Industry
  1140. MEA Spends More On Salaries, Benefits Than Member Representation
  1141. Status Quo School Defenders: Money For Me, But Bad For Thee
  1142. New Civil Rights Group Joins Affirmative Action Case
  1143. The Conservative Environmentalist
  1144. Vernuccio Discusses Snyder Recall on Fox Business

    Big Labor still reeling over worker freedom in Michigan.

  1145. Warren Mayor Giving Away Anti-RTW Bumper Stickers

    Center's labor policy expert cited in Detroit News.

  1146. Right-to-Work Gives Teachers a Choice

    Association of American Educators offers an option.

  1147. Michigan Congressional Republicans Split On 'Fiscal Cliff' Vote
  1148. Michigan Migration in a Holding Pattern

    United Van Lines 2012 data released today.

  1149. Media Highlights 'Missed Votes' Report service tracks legislators' voting records.

  1150. Lawsuit Against Highland Park Schools Misguided

    ACLU should acknowledge changes the district has made.

  1151. December 27, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Read the 2012 MichiganVotes Missed Votes Report!

  1152. School Officials Using Technology For Advocacy
  1153. Private Compassion is the Best Cure for Michigan’s Pain
  1154. Your Favorites: Our Top 10 Stories of 2012
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