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  1. Got Cheap Gas? Thank Fracking
  2. Two Wins for Freedom from Union Coercion in 2014
  3. Legislators Miss 1,626 Votes in 2014
  4. Despite GOP Dominance, Michigan Budget Keeps Growing by Billions
  5. MSU Study: Ethanol Use is Good, as Long as the Environment isn’t Considered
  6. Legislators Missed 1,626 Votes in 2014
  7. R.I.P. Paul Gadola

    Former Center board member passes away.

  8. If Sales Tax is Passed, Michigan Would Have the Second Highest in the U.S.
  9. If Sales Tax is Passed, Michigan Would Have the Second Highest in the U.S.
  10. In a Year Dominated by Stories of Strife, Republicans and Democrats Did Come Together in 2014
  11. Ohio Leads the Way on Criminal Intent Reform
  12. 2013-2014 Legislature Last Day Roll Call Report
    Road funding/tax hike deal
  13. Department Reorganization is New Wine in Old Skin

    Corporate welfare doesn’t work, reorganizing won't fix it

  14. Star Struck: Why States Chase the Film Industry with Subsidies
  15. December 17, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Obamacare “navigators,” unionized college athletes

  16. Taxpayer Cost for Road Fix 'Compromise' Went from $0 to $1.9 Billion
  17. Michigan's Environment is Cleaner Than it's Been in More Than 100 Years
  18. Top 25 of 2014

    Our most popular offerings of the year.

  19. 'I Hate Republicans' on Campus vs. Bipartisan Respect in the Legislature
  20. Different Parties, Same Conclusion on Civil Asset Forfeitures: Reform It
  21. No 'Replacement Revenue' for Taxpayers on Roads

    New plan would give Michigan 2nd highest sales tax.

  22. Corporate Welfare for Hollywood Comes First

    Michigan's roads can wait.

  23. Bill to Curb Local Government Meddling Dies in House
  24. The State Budget and Civil Society
  25. U-M Department Chair: 'It's Okay to Hate Republicans'
  26. LaFaive: How to Cut $2.1 Billion in Spending

    Guest on WILS in Lansing; ideas for road funding.

  27. IMPACT November/December 2014
  28. More Money for Roads Without Raising Taxes

    Center analyst cited in Detroit News.

  29. What are the Real Motives Behind Asset Seizures?
  30. University Gives President a $330K Raise She Doesn’t Want
  31. Michigan's Parole Policies Waste Money, Need Reform
  32. Media Promotes False Narrative that Schools Will Lose Money on Roads Package
  33. Parole, Sentencing Bills Can be Better

    Op-Ed in Detroit Free Press.

  34. Gov. Snyder’s Detroit Victory Dance Premature

    Whether city succeeds remains to be seen.

  35. Economic Freedom Gains in Michigan

    But the risk of backsliding remains.

  36. 'Let's Make a Deal' Time on Road Funding?
  37. School Budgets Safe Under ‘No New Taxes’ House Road Funding Package
  38. Projections Show Schools Get More Even With Road Funding Shift
  39. MEA Gives False Explanation to Members About Why Executive Salaries Rose
  40. One Step Toward 'Reinventing' Michigan

    Governor, Legislature can embrace innovation.

  41. Statewide Media Reporting on MEA Salary Hikes

    Michigan Capitol Confidential first to cover issue.

  42. State School Board President Cites Funding 'Facts' That Ignore Billions in Spending
  43. Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Need Reform

    Transparency, rule of law should be the focus.

  44. The 12 Fiscal Policy Days of Christmas
  45. Senior Olympics Subsidy Getting Old
  46. Bringing Democracy Back to the Workplace
  47. You are Entering the Government Pension Zone
  48. Man Who Speaks Out About Police Seizing His Property Without Charges is Arrested Hours Later
  49. December 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Road funding, religious freedom, film subsidies & more
  50. Prohibition Repealed 81 Years Ago Today

    Similarities exist in cigarette market due to high taxes.

  51. Economists Agree: Ride-Sharing Benefits Consumers

    The poor are helped the most.

  52. The Harm of Occupational Licensing Laws
  53. Union President Concedes Right-to-Work Lawsuit; Strikes Back Against Workers Who Left
  54. When a School 'Cut' Is an Increase

    As shown by the House road funding plan.

  55. How Outraged Is the Right, Really?

    They could learn from their liberal counterparts.

  56. 'Uncompromised' Liberal Group Takes Big Money From Teachers Union
  57. Our Guild-Ridden Labor Market: The Curious Case of Occupational Licensing

    Occupational licensing has had a curious and unusual history both in the U.S. and other nations. During some periods it was virtually nonexistent, but now in the U.S., it is growing rapidly and has developed into a stealth form of regulation. Dr. Morris Kleiner, a nationally recognized expert on occupational licensure, will address this issue and provide answers to why some occupations became heavily regulated and others did not. In addition, he’ll outline the economic effects of occupational licensing on mobility, wage determination, prices and the quality of services delivered.

  58. House Road Plan Is Solid

    A way to fix roads without raising gas taxes.

  59. RTW 'Freeloader' Claim Still a Farce

    MEA is the one freeloading off of teachers.

  60. Property Seized, Money Taken – But No Crime
  61. Got Academics?
  62. Mackinac Center Receives Two-Year, $1 Million Research Grant from The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation
  63. Property Seized, Money Taken – But No Crime
  64. Top 10 Charter High Schools in 2014

    Center's report card accounts for student background.

  65. Vernuccio on Fox News, in The Hill

    Discussed bogus Black Friday protests, the future of unions.

  66. Outgoing NEA Union President Gets $123,000 Raise; Membership Falls 40,700
  67. MEA Executives Take Big Pay Raises While Liabilities Continue to Grow
  68. Your Dues; His 44 Percent Raise
  69. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  70. Bill Would Allow Government to Post Legal Notices Online Instead of Newspapers
  71. Myth And Muddle Blocking Pension Reform
  72. Fewer Prisoners, Fewer Workers – Higher Prison Costs
  73. As Michigan Economy Recovers, State Collects More Taxes
  74. Job Churn Shows Futility of Corporate Welfare

    Cutting income taxes a better way to spur growth.

  75. Voters have Diminished Clout in Lame Duck

    How much, if any, will gas taxes increase?

  76. How Much is Too Much to Pick the State's Chief Executive?
  77. Here are the Top-Rated High Schools in Michigan
  78. Media Reporting on H.S. Report Card

    Rankings available for all public high schools.

  79. Did 'Republican Budget Cuts' Lead to a $51.7 Million Deficit and No Toilet Paper in Schools?
  80. Detroit Shows that Poverty is Not Stopping Parents from Opting for School Choice
  81. November 21, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Constitutional amendment proposals
  82. Rough Road for Pension Reform in New Senate?
  83. LaFaive Addresses National Foundation of Women Legislators
  84. Issues & Ideas Forum Dec. 4 in Lansing

    Our growing occupational licensing regime.

  85. Second Edition of Michigan High School Report Card Gives ‘Apples-to-Apples’ Comparison of School Performance by Adjusting for Students’ Family Poverty Levels
  86. Is This School One of the Best in Michigan or One of the Worst?
  87. The 2014 Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Report Card
  88. Senate Should Take Up HB4001

    Center expert's op-ed on MLive today.

  89. Senate Can Promote Accountable Government with House Bill 4001
  90. Bill Would Ban Red Light Cameras
  91. Film Subsidy Supporters: Mich. Program a Failure

    A 'race to the bottom.'

  92. Pontiac Schools' Story Written In Red Ink
  93. Democratic Lawmakers Target Charter Public Schools, School Choice
  94. Vernuccio Op-Ed in Detroit News

    Restore democracy to the workplace.

  95. Michigan Paid 'Stupidity of American Voter' Obamacare Architect $481,050
  96. Bringing Democracy Back to the Workplace
  97. State Superintendent Claims Detroit Public Schools Has Dramatic Teacher Shortage
  98. No, the GOP Did Not Win Because of Gerrymandering

    House, Senate seats the result of where people choose to live

  99. November 14, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Big gas tax hike, property forfeitures and more
  100. Michigan Bill Could Give Ride-Sharing an Uber Lift
    Bill prohibits local governments from further regulation
  101. Winning by Default

    Breaking down the GOP's 2014 election success.

  102. State Can’t Name Any School Closed for Poor Performance
  103. Morris Hood Jr. Educator Development Program

    Time for the Legislature to end it.

  104. Vernuccio Cited on Tennessee VW Labor Talks

    Chattanooga Times Free Press, Bloomberg Businesweek.

  105. Michigan Chamber CEO Blasts Film Subsidies as a 'Boondoggle'
  106. Is VW the First Model for 21st Century Unionism?

    New policy echoes Mackinac Center recommendations.

  107. Michigan Should Lower the Personal Income Tax Rate in 2015
  108. Sound Road Funding

    Michigan House headed in right direction.

  109. Unionization for the 21st Century: Solutions for the Ailing Labor Movement

    For years union membership has been in decline. In 2012 union membership hit the lowest percentage of the American workforce since 1916. The union business model, based largely on industrial organizing efforts from the 1930s, does not appear to carry over well for today’s educated and transient workforce. This study outlines several ideas that unions could embrace that would grow their membership and improve the services workers receive.

  110. Charter School Group Warns State Superintendent
  111. New Study Details How Unions Can Adapt for the 21st Century, Stem Membership Decline
  112. Mackinac Center and Acton Institute luncheon with F.H. Buckley

    Please join us for a luncheon hosted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the Acton Institute.

  113. Bankruptcy Judge Calls for Better Pension Funding

    House Bill 4804 could help.

  114. Lehman Discusses Legislative Priorities

    Cut corporate welfare, fix roads.

  115. Legislators Block Low-Cost Eye Exams in Michigan
  116. Wisconsin Wind Turbines Declared Health Hazard
  117. Reitz Cited on Criminal Sentencing Reform

    Legislative overhaul could save taxpayers money.

  118. November 7, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    New legislative leaders; facilitating medical innovation
  119. Union President Claims Some Teachers May Have To Sell Homes
  120. Google Doesn't Hit Ann Arbor Job Projections, But Still a Media Favorite
  121. Vernuccio on Unions' Election Day Failure

    Fox News, The Week cite labor policy expert.

  122. Modernizing the Open Meetings Act

    Michigan Law Revision Commission takes step forward.

  123. Bills Would Limit Wind Turbine Lawsuits
  124. Hey, Tim Skubick!

    Where is that 'tax cut fever' you promised?

  125. 2014 Election Aftermath

    Unions' bark worse than their bite.

  126. School District May Have Crossed Legal Line in Tax Request
  127. In Great Lakes States, Union Retribution Fizzles
  128. Michigan School Rankings Ignore Effects of Student Background

    In comparing schools' performance, state ignores what one national expert says may be the prime determinant in academic achievement

  129. Union Doesn’t Get the Memo
  130. Almost Every Teacher and Administrator at Poor Performing Districts Rated 'Effective'
  131. Had Enough of the Political Class Cash Machine? Compact for a Balanced Budget
  132. UAW Dues Hike Was Unnecessary
  133. Budget Cutting Ideas Abound
  134. Effort to Short Circuit School Choice Laid Out
  135. October 31, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Tea Party? Occupy Wall Street? Corporate Welfare
  136. Caught With Their Swimming Trunks Down

    Great Lakes levels prove climate alarmists wrong.

  137. Senator Called Film Subsidies 'a Waste,' Now Votes to Continue Them
  138. State Budget Follies

    Senior Olympics subsidies getting old.

  139. Corporate Welfare and the Michigan Business Tax

    Some subsidies extend another 20 years.

  140. Understanding Public Opinion Surveys
  141. 'Batman vs. Superman' Swings Super Subsidy Deals from Multiple States
  142. Michigan Education Digest

    Media fails on charter public school reporting.

  143. IMPACT September/October 2014
  144. Union Members Used School Email to Promote School Board Candidates
  145. The Science Behind Political Polls

    Center experts' detailed explanation from 2008.

  146. A 'Silver Lining' to Potholes?
    A lesson from 1850 by Frederic Bastiat.
  147. False Pretenses Should be Put to Rest

    GOP candidates scrutinized.

  148. Conventional Schools in Anti-Charter Public School Legislator’s District Have Little to Brag About
  149. Why Politicians Love Film Subsidies
  150. Michigan’s Criminal Code Most Expansive in Region
    Oct. 28, 2014

  152. Beckmann Cites CapCon on Film Incentives

    Host, state senator discuss Hollywood corporate welfare.

  153. Black Job Growth in Michigan Far Out-Pacing Other Groups Post Recession
  154. Overcriminalizing the Wolverine State: A Primer and Possible Reforms
    for Michigan

    (Editor’s note: This paper was co-authored with James R. Copland and Isaac Gorodetski and jointly published with the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research).

    At present, Michigan’s vast, disorganized criminal law inherently places the Wolverine State’s residents at risk of unintentionally violating a growing array of regulatory crimes that are difficult to discover and understand. The complexity of administrating such a criminal code threatens to divert scarce resources away from the enforcement of serious violent and property crimes. This study analyzes the size and scope of Michigan’s criminal law and makes policy recommendations aimed at curbing this “overcriminalization.”

  155. False School 'Cuts' Narrative Takes Another Hit
  156. October 24, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Extend film subsidies, and more key votes from 2014
  157. CapCon Wins Journalism Awards

    Michigan Press Association winners announced.

  158. Checking the Facts

    Brighton union, district agree with Center on facts.

  159. AFT President Takes Salary Cut but Overall Compensation Up
  160. Brighton Teachers Union, School Board Acquiesce to Center Lawsuit, Strike Illegal Language from Contract
  161. Brighton Union, District Strike Illegal Language from Contract
  162. School Choice and More at Risk in High-Stakes Board of Education Race
  163. Senate Votes to Continue Film Subsidies

    Will House put Michigan residents above Hollywood actors?

  164. Teachers Work in the Classroom
  165. Two-Thirds of School Districts Contract for at Least One Major Support Service, According to Center’s 2014 School Privatization Survey
  166. Michigan School Privatization
    Survey 2014

    The growth of school support service privatization has slowed. The 2014 survey shows that the percentage of school districts that contract out for food, custodial or transportation services increased just 0.4 percentage points, the smallest growth recorded since the survey began. Each service, however, increased and satisfaction with contracting remains high.

  167. Free the Food

    Cottage food industry regulations need revamp.

  168. Michigan Education Digest

    Charter school success, MEA politics.

  169. Michigan Senate Votes to Remove Sunset Provision Ending Hollywood Subsidies
  170. When an $8 Million Increase Equals a 'Cut'
  171. Group Seeks to Put Term Limits on Grand Rapids Mayor, City Commissioners
  172. Planning for Life Workshop

    Please join us for a luncheon celebrating the Mackinac Center's Legacy Society and featuring keynote speaker Kevin D. Williamson.

    Oct. 21, 2014

  174. State of Michigan Granted $3 Billion in Special Tax Credits to Big 3 Automakers
  175. Center Research Cited in Daily Caller

    Corporate welfare continues to grow.

  176. Bill Proposes Adding Wind Industry to 'Right to Farm' Act
  177. 'Hastert Rule' May Impact Michigan House GOP Leadership Race
  178. October 17, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Key votes from 2013-14
  179. BEA President Unsure What Her Contract Says

    Center attorney explains it and basis for teacher's lawsuit.

  180. Little House on the Subsidized Prairie
  181. State Subsidizes Tesla, Then Restricts It
  182. Media Coverage of Center's Latest Lawsuit

    Brighton teacher sues union, school board.

  183. Michigan Has Fewer Film Jobs Than it Did Prior to Incentive Program

    $500 million later, 100 fewer jobs.

  184. One Sector Grew Last Decade: Corporate Welfare

    Very few jobs to show for special favors, subsidies.

  185. Schauer Jobs Plan Pricetag: $3.7 Billion
  186. Brighton Teacher Who Served in Afghanistan Sues Union, School District Over Right-to-Work Violation
  187. Memo to Schauer: Don’t forget to feed the prisoners
  188. Mackinac Center Secures Teacher’s Right to Work
  189. Union, District Force Non-Union Teacher to Pay for Union Release Time
  190. Michigan Revenue Sharing Has Increased Under Gov. Snyder
    Oct. 14, 2014

  192. School Districts Manipulate Headlee Tax Limits for More Money
  193. During the 'Lost Decade,' Michigan Shed More Jobs Than U.S. as a Whole
  194. Appointments: A Rarely Recognized Gubernatorial Power
  195. City Looks to License Cats For Acting Like Cats
  196. October 10, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Key votes from 2013-14
  197. Detroit News, Free Press Catch Up to CapCon

    Capitol Confidential broke DIA salaries story three weeks ago.

  198. Union Says Photo IDs not Necessary to Vote — Unless You Vote to Leave Union
  199. Photo-Cop Camera Advocates Shift To Speeding
  200. Obamacare Could Negatively Impact Women

    Twice as likely to work low-hour schedules.

  201. Failing to Counter the Big Lie

    Gov. Snyder, GOP fail to defend K-12 spending.

  202. Moratorium or Mortuary? School Choice Proponents Claim Bill Would Kill Charters
  203. Union Wants High Quality Teachers but Doesn't Want to Pay Them
  204. Gubernatorial Campaign Should be About Things That Matter
  205. Michigan Education Digest

    Teacher pay, charter public school performance.

  206. Union Leader Celebrates Failing School’s Performance
  207. $2.1 Billion in Michigan Budget Reforms
    Oct. 7, 2014

  209. Michigan Finally Reverses the Number of People Leaving
  210. More Michigan Cities Meeting Financial Needs

    Pension liabilities still a looming problem.

  211. Now Lansing Politicians Want a Poet Laureate!

    What rhymes with "that's not your job"?

  212. LaFaive Cited by Fox News

    Indiana toll road privatization.

  213. Vernuccio Cited in Washington Examiner

    Legislation seeks to protect workers from unions.

  214. Michigan's 'Lost Decade' Was Historic
  215. Close MPSERS to Stretch Dollars Further
  216. Making Michigan Right-to-Work: Encouraging School Districts to Follow the Law
  217. Budget Reform Ideas for 2015 and Beyond
  218. Challenging the Rhetoric in the War on Charter Schools – Part II
  219. October 3, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Drugged driving, automatic police pay hikes, "right to try"
  220. Libertarian Think Tank Grades Gov. Snyder Low for Tax Hike Intentions
  221. Michigan Education Digest

    DPS legal problems, millage for closed district.

  222. All Four Teachers in New Schauer Ad Claiming School Cuts are in Districts Receiving More Money
  223. State Legislators Take Care of Themselves

    Even from the grave.

  224. Center Adds Two New Scholars to Board

    One from Hillsdale, one from MSU.

  225. Teacher 'Effectiveness' Ratings Gutted

    Legislators turn their backs on students.

  226. Challenging the Rhetoric in the War on Charter Public Schools
  227. Choosing the Next Michigan Speaker of the House
  228. Memo to Reporters: Follow the Money!
    Sept. 30, 2014

  230. Celebrating 40 Years of Amtrak Deficits (Subsidized by You)
  231. Bureaucracy in Iambic Pentameter?
    Bill introduced for "official" state poem.
  232. Without Fracking, Oil Prices Would be at Record Highs
  233. SuperSubsidies
  234. Some Progressives Want to Silence, not Debate, Opponents
  235. September 26, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Pensions, hunting drones, automatic pay hikes & more
  236. Detroit 'neglecting' its students - at $14K per pupil
  237. U-M Economist Says Feds Shortchanging Michigan by Tens of Thousands of Jobs
  238. Why the UAW Didn't Need to Hike Dues

    Detroit News op-ed.

  239. UAW Dues Hike was Unnecessary
  240. Dem Lieutenant Governor Candidate: Granholm Years 'Weren't As Bad As We Think'
  241. Michigan Education Digest

    School choice, DPS debt, teacher pensions.

  242. FOIA Reform Legislation Languishes in Senate
  243. A Democrat's Reasons For Supporting School Choice
  244. MEA Can't Keep Story Straight on Union Bullying

    VP apparently didn't read president's press release.

  245. MEA Prez and VP should talk
  246. Manufacturing Rebound Puts Michigan Back in the Ballgame
    Sept. 23, 2014

  248. Right-to-Work Will be Blamed

    If Gov. Snyder loses re-election.

  249. Union Bullying Members is Shedding Them: Over 500 People Leave Operating Engineers
  250. SEIU Allowed to Keep Millions in ‘Dues’ Money it Siphoned Away from Medicaid in Stealth Unionization, Court of Appeals Rules
  251. PBS Series Ignores Damage of 'The New Deal'

    Faulty economic policies still felt decades on.

  252. Democrats Call for Moratorium on New Charter Public Schools
  253. Parents Speak Out on Effort to Halt School Choice
  254. September 19, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Expand forfeiture & court costs, auto protectionism, “right to try”
  255. Senate Approves 'Talk Like a Pirate' Resolution

    Good thing they have all the important stuff solved.

  256. Scots Say 'Yes' to Independence

    Seven centuries ago.

  257. Feeling Fine About the End of the World

    Book review of Kevin Williamson's latest effort.

  258. Top DIA Officials Receive Huge Raises While Running Deficit, Raking in Taxpayer Money
  259. Environmental Group Praises Michigan For Press Releases About 'Green Jobs'
  260. Happy Constitution Day

    Recognizing the importance of Sept. 17.

  261. Michigan Education Digest

    How many districts have self-created overspending crises?

  262. Bill would provide tax breaks for items schools must provide anyway
  263. 10 Facts About Pension Systems in Michigan
  264. Far left blog fails Accounting 101
  265. Michigan Supreme Court Justice Suggests Legislature Clarify Criminal Intent Statutes
  266. Government Transparency Bill Stalled in Senate

    Michigan House passed bill six months ago.

  267. CapCon Takes Former Clinton Official to Task

    Robert Reich ignores facts in Free Press op-ed.

  268. Just a little bit off
  269. Liberal Economist: 'Mostly White' Oakland County Deserves the Blame For Detroit's Problems
    Sept. 16, 2014

  271. Economic Freedom: What It Is and Why It Matters

    A necessary building block of a prosperous society is economic freedom. History shows that freer countries tend to become wealthier countries, with the United States typically leading the way. But is the United States moving in a different direction?

    Dean Stansel, an economics professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, will discuss the current state of economic liberty in the United States. Stansel authors the Fraser Institute’s annual “Economic Freedom of North America” report, and will compare states by this measure. Finally, Stansel will assess how well Michigan supports economic freedom.

  272. Michigan Now Spending More on Teacher Retiree Liabilities Than Prisons
  273. Resident Harmed by Windmills Now on County Planning Commission Which Approved Windmills
  274. Grasping At Taxes to Pay for Pensions

    Schools, municipalities get creative.

  275. September 12, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Business tax, "bad driver" tax & more "shadow government"
  276. Economic Freedom and Prosperity

    Mackinac Center speaker in Oakland Press.

  277. Union: Trying to influence legislators is evil — unless it's us
  278. The Growth of Michigan's 'Shadow Government'
  279. House Committee Sitting on Bill That Would Let Qualified Nurses Write Prescriptions
  280. Dropping Union Health Insurance Saves District $737K
  281. Ann Arbor Schools Bargains Over 'Prohibited Subject'
  282. Grand Rapids Transit Agency Defends New Bus Line
    Sept. 9, 2014

  284. Gap Between Teacher Salaries and Private-Sector Workers Increasing
  285. Wright on Sunday Morning Program Talking RTW

    Recent decision gives workers greater freedom.

  286. What Proposal 1 Means for Michigan Going Forward
  287. State Budget Has Low-Hanging Fruit, Too
  288. Where $100 Million Buys Little: Michigan School Employee Pension Fund
  289. 'Worst Fears' of MEA Realized as Teachers Leave
  290. Democrat Mark Schauer Receiving the Big Donations in Gubernatorial Race
  291. Superintendent Doing Something About Illegal Contract Provision
  292. September 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Wolf hunts, golf carts and more licensure
  293. Disdain for Politics Gov. Snyder's Undoing?

    An analysis of the gubernatorial race.

  294. Court Grills County Over Land Bank Activities
  295. News Coverage of MEA's Illegal 'August Window'

    National, international media cite Center expert.

  296. School Districts Across the State Violating Michigan Right-to-Work Law
  297. MEA’s August Window Declared Illegal
  298. Labor Law Judge Rules MEA’s So-Called ‘August Window’ Is Illegal
  299. SEIU: Go on strike against your family members
  300. Michigan Education Digest

    Charter oversight, Saginaw pay cut.

  301. $40 Million ‘Rapid’ Silver Line Bus Takes Twice as Long as a Car
  302. Number of Michigan Residents on Food Stamps Finally Declining
  303. Making Michigan Right-to-Work: Implementation Problems in Public Schools
  304. Survey Finds Issues With One-Quarter of Teacher Contracts Regarding Michigan’s Right-to-Work Law
  305. Making Michigan Right-to-Work:
    Implementation Problems in Public Schools

    This paper examines how public school districts responded to Michigan's 2012 “right-to-work” law. It describes the key findings from reviews of more than 500 teacher collective bargaining agreements. It also raises several questions about the legality of some union contracts with regard to this new law.

    Approximately 75 percent of districts with contracts subject to the right-to-work law removed language that would require employees to financially support a union as a condition of employment. Both legal and policy questions are raised by the remaining 25 percent of districts, which kept mandatory dues language in one way or another, despite having a contract that took effect or was modified after the law's effective date.

    The study describes five issues with these contracts. Twenty-three contracts made no apparent changes and kept mandatory dues language. Eight districts created a separate agreement to require mandatory dues payment. Fifteen contracts were ratified before they would be subject to the right-to-work law, but then didn’t take effect until much later. Five contracts made only the mandatory dues language immediately effective, while delaying the rest of the contract. Finally, at least six districts have modified parts of their contract without making the rest of it compliant with the right-to-work law.

  306. Officials Caved to Red Wings on Corporate Welfare

    Team should have paid for new arena on its own.

  307. Detroit City Council, State Legislature Caved to Red Wings' Demands
  308. Education Rally Long on Emotion, Short on Facts
  309. 'Non-partisan' group is totally partisan
    Sept. 2, 2014

  311. Democrats See New Voter Turnout Techniques as Ace in the Hole
  312. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  313. State Official Has Reputation for Doing it the Right Way
  314. Media Continues Reporting on Teacher Opt Outs

    Ten percent of those who could left the MEA last year.

  315. More Teachers Than Ever Now Know Opt-Out Rights

    Courageous teachers stood up to MEA bullying.

  316. Pensions, not paper, the real cost problem for schools
  317. Where $100 Million Buys Little: Michigan School Employee Pension Fund
  318. The Story of a True Hero Spreads

    Sir Nicholas Winton Feted by Holocaust Memorial Center.

  319. A Uniquely Overqualified Candidate

    LaFaive's satirical cover letter for MEDC job.

  320. Union Falsely Tells Teachers They Lose Sick Leave Benefits if They Opt Out
  321. Right-to-Work, Tax Rates Paint Interesting Picture

    States with worker freedom, low taxes draw people.

  322. MEDC Approves Corporate Welfare for Dealership

    LaFaive: Special favors unfair to competitors, taxpayers.

  323. Michigan Education Digest

    DPS self-created overspending crisis hits $127 million.

  324. Koch Derangement Syndrome
  325. Detroit Expected $55 Million in Property Tax Revenue; It Brought in $6.7 Million
  326. The (Optimistic) State of America 'After Leviathan'
  327. Vernuccio: UAW Facing Big Problems

    Commentary in Capital Research Center's "Labor Watch."

  328. Vernuccio in 'Great Communicators Tournament'

    Online voting runs through Sept. 2.

  329. Political Predictions: A Glance at the Top of the Ballot in November
    August 26, 2014

  331. AP Story on Teacher Opt Outs Goes National

    More than 100 news outlets have coverage.

  332. Gov. Granholm Teaching Class on Job Creation

    LaFaive: "Recommend students stay away."

  333. Charters Outperform Conventional Schools on Top-to-Bottom List When Student Socioeconomic Status Is Taken into Account
  335. Michigan Debt Per Taxpayer: $19,300
  336. August 22, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report
    Key votes from 2013-14
  337. Did Gov. Snyder Create 275,000 jobs?
  338. Attorney Questions School Superintendent on Charter School Action
  339. Do As I Teach, Not As I Governed
  340. Media Continues to Cover MEA's 'August Window'

    Union still threatening those who stopped paying dues.

  341. Coercive Driver Fees Phase-Out Close To Becoming Reality
  342. MEA Sends Collections Agency After Another Member Trying To Leave
  343. Who fact checks the fact checkers?
  344. Small Tent or Big Tent?

    Why political parties are missing the larger picture.

  345. Michigan Education Digest

    Who should control DPS?

  346. Detroit Public Schools continues to overspend
  347. Oakland – the County That Could (Reform Its Pensions)
  348. Teacher Explains Why He Left the MEA

    No longer a pawn in union's "big money political game."

  349. State School Rankings Mostly Measuring Race and Income Rather Than Performance
  350. Local School District Escapes 'At Risk' List Despite Hostile Charter Takeover
    August 19, 2014

  352. Detroit News Editorial on MEA's 'August Window'

    Teachers can resign now, save $1,000 annually.

  353. Global Warming Alarmists Switch Complaints From Water Levels to Rainfall
  354. Unintended Consequences: Cigarette Excise Taxes and Smuggling
  355. Teachers Find Union Alternatives
  356. August 15, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Wolf hunts, terminal patients and Medicaid.
  357. State Education Department Gives a Pass To Failing Districts; Punishes Charters
  358. Charter schools often shut down; other schools rarely are
  359. 'Competitiveness' Outlook Ranks Michigan 12th Best

    State has a way to go to overcome past policies.

  360. Incumbents Outspent Challengers 5-to-1 In Competitive Primary Races
  361. Spalding Writes on Worker Freedom at Townhall

    Union members need to be aware of opt-out 'windows.'

  362. Michigan Education Digest

    Year-round school, Flint overspending, online charter.

  363. War on Charters Tied to Politics and Union Money
  364. Texas Looks to Decrease Occupational Licensing

    Michigan should follow suit, remove more barriers to work.

  365. Why Do Michigan Residents Falsely Believe Education Spending Is Down?
    August 12, 2014

  367. Flanagan Goes too Far on Charter Schools

    State TTB ranking a proxy for poverty; Stanford study ignored.

  368. Mackinac Center Joins Nationwide Effort to Celebrate Employee Freedom Week
  369. Union Sends Out Misleading 'Consent Form' When Members Try To Leave
  370. University Employees Break From MEA For Better Service At Lower Cost
  371. August 8, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Key votes from 2013-14

  372. MEA 'fights for you' while spending very little on actual representation
  373. Will Michigan Taxpayers Be Giving KISS Millions For the Rock Band's Film?
  374. Pension Systems Hurt Workers, Taxpayers

    Defined-benefit plans cannot be supported.

  375. School Haze: Contract Convoluted Regarding Right-to-Work
  376. Skorup on WSJ's 'Opinion Journal Live'

    Discussed 3rd Congressional District primary.

  377. Vernuccio Discusses 'August Window' for Teachers

    How MEA members can opt out of union.

  378. Michigan Education Digest
    Teachers leaving the MEA, Benton Harbor overspending crisis.
  379. Public School District Constantly Promoting Far-Left Political Views
  380. Job Announcements Don't Equal Job Creation

    Too many candidates propping up corporate welfare.

  381. Almost No Teachers In District's Low-Performing Schools Considered 'Ineffective'
  382. School District Revokes Authorization of Popular Charter
  383. Complains about CEO pay; makes $243K to teach a few classes
  384. Enter the 'Great Communicators Tournament'
    August 5, 2014

  386. State, National Media Report on MEA Opt Out

    August is chance for members to resign if they want to.

  387. Truth Squad’s Failed Proposal 1 Fact Check
    Three exemptions to personal property tax, not elimination.
  388. MEA-Endorsed Candidate: Education Spending Is Up
  389. State Budget Savings Idea: Eliminate Revenue Sharing
  390. Supreme Court Ends ‘Dues Skim’ Nationwide
  391. Teachers’ Window of Opportunity Is Now Open
  392. How Cities Are Solving Their Pension Problems – and the Bill That Makes It Easier
  393. No Shortage of Issues To Attack On In Michigan's 15th District Senate Primary
  394. August 1, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Key votes from 2013-14
  395. Michigan Loses 40K Grads; Corporate Welfare Program Paid $127K Each To Keep 125 of Them
  396. Why Are Some Tea Party Supporters Fighting Proposal 1 In Michigan?
  397. What Will Cities Do To Solve Their Pension Problems?
  398. Remembering Milton Friedman on His 102nd Birthday
    An intellectual powerhouse and Nobel laureate.
  399. IMPACT July/August 2014
  400. Dr. Friedman's Vision for Education
    A pioneer in school choice.
  401. Incumbent’s Record Targeted and Defended in Michigan's 46th
  402. More claims of less funding debunked
  403. Solar Subsidy Part Two
  404. F. Vincent Vernuccio cited in Teacher Freedom Article
  405. Defining The Primary In Michigan's 89th: Two Candidates, Two Views
  406. Utility Appeals Wind Turbine Noise Court Ruling
    July 29, 2014

  408. Mackinac Center's effectiveness cited on Fox News and
  409. Dire Predictions of Right-to-Work Didn't Come True
  410. The Worst Funded Pension Systems In Michigan
  411. MEA doesn’t stand with facts
  412. Here's Where the Candidates Stand In Michigan's 42nd House Race
  413. July 25, 2014, Michigan Legislature Roll Call Report
    Key votes from 2013-14
  414. With Summers Off, Some Teachers Work 2nd Job
  415. Early Returns On Michigan As a Right-to-Work State: Incomes Rising
  416. GOP Candidates For Michigan's 80th House District Tackle the Issues
  417. Why are RTW States Gaining Population?

    Better income potential.

  418. Hohman on Personal Property Tax in Detroit News

    Prop 1 better than other Great Lake states' reforms.

  419. New Evidence: Right-to-Work Laws Work

    Center scholar co-authors CEI study.

  420. Three Former State Representatives Crowd The Race For Michigan's 13th Senate District
  421. Union Prez Schooled On RTW
  422. More Confusion Over 'Affordable Care Act'

    Court rules IRS illegally implemented tax credits.

  423. Union Misstatements
  424. Pricey GOP Primary Race For Michigan’s 4th Congressional District
  425. Mitchell Ad About Moolenaar: Truthful or Over the Top?
  426. Obamacare's Survival up to State Legislators

    Figures for Halbig's Michigan impact

  427. Exploring the Political Climate of Climate Change

    "Average" and "normal" are not synonymous.

  428. Netroots Confusion
    July 22, 2014

  430. School Support Service Privatization: Saving Money, Improving Quality
  431. Incumbent’s Voting Record, Philosophy Challenged In Michigan's 107th
  432. Statewide Media Cite Center on Prop 1

    Personal property tax issue on Aug. 5 ballot.

  433. Can we have a do-over on that one?
  434. State Budget Has Increased Almost $5 Billion the Past Three Years
  435. Educators Facing Off In Michigan's 59th House District
  436. July 18, 2014, Michigan Legislature Roll Call Report

    Key votes from 2013-14

  437. Stances on Corporate Welfare a Difference In Michigan's 39th House Race
  438. For Union, Math Is Hard
  439. Hunting Fees Going To Private Landowners
  440. Sentencing Reforms Could Save Tax Dollars

    Council of State Governments issues recommendations.

  441. Hohman to talk at 'Detroit Rising' Panel Friday

    Also, how "progressive" policies damaged the city.

  442. Conventional District Sidelines Successful Charter To Financially Benefit Itself
  443. Pension Malpractice and Fund Raids

    Everyone's doing it!

  444. Michigan Future Report Doesn't Add Up

    Academic research favors low-tax states.

  445. Michigan Education Digest

    NEA prez suggests teacher assessments are "satanic."

  446. Schauer Job Numbers a Mystery
  447. State Board Prez Fights Parental Choice
  448. Andrew Kaluza, RIP

    Former Center intern, 27, passes away.

    July 15, 2014

  450. Michigan 8th Congressional District GOP Primary Getting Feisty
  451. What Do Teachers Want to Support?

    RTW allows them to skip union's political bent.

  452. MEA Committee Urges Dems To Vote In GOP Primary
  453. Making Sense Of The Complicated Ballot Language For Proposal 1
  454. July 11, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Key votes from 2013-14
  455. Agricultural Price Controls are the Pits

    Michigan cherry farmers, others, affected

  456. Manufacturing Job Growth Helps Move Michigan Ahead
  457. Political Experience Separates Candidates In 98th District House GOP Primary
  458. Unions' Bark Worse Than Their Bite

    Vernuccio in National Review on Midwest labor reforms.

  459. Vernuccio, Spalding on WILS in Lansing

    Discussed MEA attacks on teachers, charter schools.

  460. Incumbent’s Voting Record Targeted In Michigan's 86th District House Primary Race
  461. The Free Enterprise Philosophy In a 12-Cell Matrix
  462. Labor's Unfired Shot Heard Round the Country
  463. McHugh: Campaign Finance Laws 'Weaponized'

    Poses threat to political free speech.

  464. Political Free Speech on the 'Down Escalator'
  465. Michigan Teacher Pension Costs Increase To Nearly $1 Billion Per Year
  466. MEA Rhetoric Aimed At Misdirecting Teachers From Focusing On August Opt Out
  467. The Free Enterprise Philosophy
    in a 12-Cell Matrix

    This is a transcription of the last public speech given by Dr. Dale M. Haywood. Dr. Haywood taught economics and philosophy at Northwood University for almost four decades and was a founding member of the Mackinac Center's Board of Scholars. This speech describes why private property, a free market, a profit and loss system and limited government are necessary components for allowing people to prosper.

  468. Failing Charter Public Schools Are Shut Down; Conventional Public Schools Remain Open
    July 8, 2014

  470. August Opt Out Featured in Detroit News

    MEA window "can be extremely confusing."

  471. Lehman Cited in National Review

    Critique of Gov. Snyder's performance.

  472. Public School District Benefits By Branching Into Private Schools
  473. Supreme Court Ruling Opens Door For Daycare Workers To Get Money Back
  474. The Machinations Behind Michigan’s Minimum Wage Hike
  475. Fears of Right-to-Work Proving False
  476. MEA Upset at Having to Follow State Law
  477. School Official Says Illegal Language Should Be Removed From Union Contract
  478. What the 4th of July Means to Me

    Counting my blessings.

  479. July 3, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Key votes from 2013-14

  480. Supreme Court Ends Dues Skim Nationwide
  481. Personal Property Tax Plan Would Cut Taxes By $500 Million
  482. Happy Birthday, America
  483. Detroit News: MERC Ruling a 'Win' for Students

    Center provided legal help for U-M grad students.

  484. Wilcox in Detroit News

    SCOTUS decision's Michigan roots.

  485. Taxpayers Handcuffed By Money Being Given To Beverly Hills Cop Production Company
  486. Proposal 1 of 2014:
    Summary and Assessment

    Download the full study here.

    On Aug. 5 Michigan voters will be asked to approve or reject Proposal 1, which would modify the state’s personal property tax. The legislation that would go into effect if Proposal 1 were approved by voters creates three new exemptions for certain businesses that are currently subject to the personal property tax; it does not eliminate the personal property tax. Commercial and industrial businesses with less than $80,000 of personal property will be exempt, and, eventually, all manufacturing personal property will be exempt. These exemptions amount to an estimated $600 million tax cut when fully implemented.

    The package of bills includes a mechanism for reimbursing local government units for the revenue lost from these new exemptions. The state would set aside a portion of the statewide Use tax revenue, and use this revenue to reimburse local governments. It is estimated that local governments will be reimbursed for the entirety of the revenue lost due to the personal property tax cuts.

    The state would also levy a new, but relatively small, tax on manufacturing personal property that qualifies for one of the exemptions described above, except the small parcel exemption. The state estimates this to raise $117.5 million, making the overall net tax cut of the legislation package worth about $500 million.

  487. Policy Brief: Proposal 1 Would Result in Net $500 Million Tax Break Annually
  488. Schauer Wants to Put Limits On Advertising Done By Charter Public Schools
  489. Reitz in The American Spectator

    Commentary on SEIU defeat.

  490. Supreme Court Takes One Step Away from Forced Unionization
    July 1, 2014

  492. Michigan Families Set Stage For Helping End Forced Unionization Schemes
  493. Media Cite Center on Supreme Court Case

    SEIU-type dues skim outlawed.

  494. Insurance 52% to 119% Costlier Under Obamacare

    County-level comparisons now available.

  495. Supreme Court Rules Unionization Schemes Involving Home-Based Care Providers Are Illegal
  496. U.S. Supreme Court Rules Home-Based Caregivers in Nine States Free from Union Dues Skim
  497. Contrast Over Right-to-Work, Film Subsidies, Detroit Bailout In 31st District Senate Race
  498. Court Backs Finding Of Wind Turbine Noise Problem
  499. June 27, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Key votes from 2013-14
  500. MEA Embraces More Outsourcing

    But still protests when schools do it.

  501. TTB a Poor Measure of Charter Performance

    Free Press should use better metric.

  502. Vernuccio Discusses the MEA's 'August Window'

    Was a guest on "Capital City Recap." 

  503. Thinking Outside the School Box
  504. Audit Shows SEIU 'Dues Skim' Likely Bolstered By Extra $3.7 Million; Union-Run Registry Ineffective
  505. Schools Getting $377 Million More For Retiree Benefits But Officials Still Complaining About 'Cuts'
  506. Select Business Subsidies, Endorsements Are Differences In 37th District Senate GOP Primary
  507. Public School Administrators Complain About Pension Costs; Don't Offer Solutions
  508. Michigan Future Misses the Mark
  509. 'He's Just Making That Up' — No Shortage of Attacks In 3rd Congressional District GOP Primary
    June 24, 2014

  511. Gongwer, MIRS Cover MERC Ruling

    Grad students saved from unionization.

  512. School Districts Copying Each Other's Homework While Calling Increased Funding a 'Cut'
  513. Unionization Ruling Before The Supreme Court Could Be 'Huge'
  514. A Request For Lower Beer And Wine Prices
  515. June 20, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Votes on “navigators,” pets, squatters, woodstoves, taxi-cartels

  516. Tax Foundation Takes On Michigan Future Report

    Says Minnesota comparison "misses the mark."

  517. State Agency Rules That Graduate Student Research Assistants Not Eligible For Unionization
  518. Michigan Employment Relations Commission Rules Again that Graduate Student Research Assistants Cannot be Unionized
  519. Ohio Starts Holding Wind Industry Accountable
  520. Repeal Post and Hold Alcohol Rules

    Beer and wine wholesalers gain, consumers lose.

  521. Fox Covers MEA's Attack on Teachers

    Vernuccio, teacher with host Neil Cavuto.

  522. MEA Upset at Having to Follow State Law
  523. School District's Math Doesn't Add Up
  524. Mackinac Center Requests Michigan Liquor Control Commission Rescind Rule Requiring ‘Post and Hold’ for Beer and Wine Prices
  525. The After Effects Of Michigan's Minimum Wage Increase
  526. Oh, The Things You Will Learn

    An intern's brush with bureaucracy

  527. Vernuccio Discusses MEA's Attack on Teachers

    Guest on SiriusXM radio's 'Wilkow Majority.'

  528. Michigan vs. Minnesota Report Says Little About What Policies To Pursue
  529. Wind Power 'Success Story' Was a Massive Failure
  530. Washington Examiner: MEA Attacking Teachers

    Fox News: Union sending members to collections agency.

  531. Skorup on WNEM-TV5

    State has enough money to fix roads.

  532. State Budget Shifts Extra Revenue Sharing Funds To Detroit
    June 17, 2014

  534. Legislators Should Look To Oklahoma To Address Pension Change ‘Transition Costs’
  535. Double Standard On School District Deficits
  536. A Vision for Michigan's Future

    Featuring Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

  537. Court Upholds Law Banning Automatic Wage Increases For Public Employees
  538. June 13, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Road taxes, budgets, e-cigs and more…

  539. Michigan Teacher Pension System Liabilities Increase Again
  540. MEA Sends Credit Agency After Teacher Who Stopped Paying Dues
  541. Raising the Minimum Wage
  542. Legislature Considering More Transparency For Asset Forfeiture
  543. Low-Hanging Fruit Can Help Fund Roads

    There's plenty of money in the current budget.

  544. RTW States Lead the Way

    More income, population growth.

  545. Media Details Center Efforts to Help Teachers

    New website can help teachers opt out of the MEA.

  546. Minimizing The Damage From Michigan's Minimum Wage Increase
  547. Unionization Case Before The Supreme Court Could Have Lasting National Impact
  548. Reitz Cited on Government Transparency

    "Essential for citizens to know."

  549. Grazed and Confused

    Detroit's response to goats exposes bigger problem.

  550. How to Mitigate the Damage Caused by Michigan’s New Minimum Wage Hike and Why More Labor Reforms Are Necessary

    James Sherk, senior policy analyst in labor economics at The Heritage Foundation, will present on ways to mitigate the economic harms caused by a higher minimum wage and on ways to hold government unions more accountable to their members.

  551. Politics Prevailed With Michigan's Minimum Wage Increase
    June 10, 2014

  553. Mackinac Center Unveils New Website to Help MEA Members Opt Out During ‘August Window’
  554. Legislature To Prohibit Courses That Teach Unionization Techniques
  555. Legislator Blames 'Shady Bankers' For Detroit's Problems Despite Voting To Double Debt
  556. Detroit’s Dilemma Tests Lansing’s Leadership
  557. Teacher Unions Agree to Faulty Contracts in Order to Maintain Mandatory Dues
  558. Agenda for Detroit: What Role Should State Play Post-Bankruptcy?
  559. Proposed State Law Would End Blowout High School Football Games Early
  560. June 6, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Detroit “Bailout,” a Little Extra for Roads, Internet Harassment
  561. Media Reports on Center Request

    New MERC rule would help public-sector union members.

  562. May 30, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Minimum wage, medical service tax.
  563. Fears of Right-to-Work Proving False

    Stats show RTW states enjoying growth.

  564. Income Growth In Right-to-Work States Significantly Higher
  565. Rule Request Would Require Public Sector Unions To Notify Members Of When They Are Eligible To Resign
  566. Mackinac Center Requests Michigan Employment Relations Commission Create New Rule Requiring Public-Sector Unions to Notify Members of Opt-Out Windows
  567. Bill Would Allow Strip Searches for Misdemeanor Crimes; Probable Cause Not Necessary
  568. Michigan Politicians Misrepresenting Attorney General Position To Push Detroit Bailout
  569. Republican Push For Higher Minimum Wage Likely Has Anti-Taxpayer Strings Attached
  570. Despite Differing Reports, Michigan Experiencing 'Solid Job Recovery'
    June 3, 2014

  572. Lehman, LaFaive in Wall Street Journal

    How Democrats won on minimum wage, gas tax.

  573. Internal Issues Put International Charter Public School At Risk
  574. IMPACT May/June 2014
  575. Ohio One Step Closer To Ending In-State Renewable Energy Mandate
  576. Teachers Contract Contains Questionable Forced Unionization Clause
  577. Lawmakers Misrepresent Detroit Pension Bill

    Legislation does not “cap” potential taxpayer contributions.

  578. Policy and Politics Just Part of the Action on Mackinac Island
  579. Right-to-Work States Dominating In Job Growth
  580. Select Few Benefit from Film Subsidies

    While crumbling roads impact everyone.

  581. MEGA Credited-Companies Created Only 18.9 Percent Of Projected Jobs Since 1995
  582. The 89,000 Clean Energy Jobs Myth
  583. Union Opposes Privatization For Others, Outsources For Itself
    May 27, 2014

  585. MEA Still Chasing Thousands Not Paying Dues Or Fees
  586. Here Is Who Voted For The Detroit Bailout and To Not Close Pension System
  587. Thank Heaven We Have a Full-Time Legislature

    Vitally important job of picking official state frog.

  588. May 23, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Detroit bailout, gas tax, FOIA.

  589. A Look At The Left-Wing Groups The National Education Association Supports
  590. Media Misinterpreting Detroit Pension Bill

    Legislation doesn't address pension underfunding.

  591. Legislature Lacks Credibility in Detroit Bailout

    Now they want you to fix their mess.

  592. Detroit Bailout Bill Leaves Taxpayers On The Hook For New Pension Underfunding
  593. Money For Detroit Is Clearly a Bailout

    Policymakers should stop saying otherwise.

  594. False Fears About Fracking

    Bridge Magazine cites dishonest 'Gasland' scene.

  595. Gov's Immigration Reform Isn't Bold Enough

    Shouldn't be limited to Detroit and STEM degrees.

  596. The Detroit Bailout and Meaningful Pension Reform
  597. Michigan Teachers Contribute to Six-Figure Salaries at the NEA
    May 20, 2014

  599. School Districts That Privatize Usually Pay Teachers More
  600. The Detroit Bailout and Meaningful Pension Reform

    Our speakers will be Richard Dreyfuss, a senior fellow with the Commonwealth Foundation in Pennsylvania and Stephen D. Eide, senior fellow with the Center for State and Local Leadership at the Manhattan Institute in New York.

  601. Gov. Snyder Is Right

    'Don't Give Detroit a Bailout.'

  602. Detroit Bailout Discussion at Noon Tuesday

    Center hosting Issues & Ideas forum in Lansing.

  603. LaFaive in Free Press

    No bailout for Detroit.

  604. Experts To Rebut Claims of Opponents Protesting Detroit Pension Reform Plan
  605. In-State Renewable Energy Mandate Could Be Eliminated In Ohio
  606. Detroit Bailout Without Pension Reform Is Political Malpractice
  607. Bill Would Bring Public Notice Rule Changes
  608. Hypocrisy Over Private Organizations 'Profiteering' Off Education System
  609. LaFaive Discusses Detroit Bailout

    City should fix its own problems.

  610. Minimum Wage Issue a Battle of Election Year Gimmicks
  611. MEGA Failure: Job Projections From Michigan Tax Credit Program Rarely Came True
  612. Center in Wall Street Journal Consecutive Days

    Cited on SEIU scheme, Detroit bailout.

  613. MEA: Too Many People Making $ Off Public Schools

    MEA president made $212,848 last year.

  614. Cost of School Millage Approvals Inflated Because of Prevailing Wage Law
  615. Closing Pensions a Litmus Test for Detroit Reform

    "Business as usual" if Legislature caves.

  616. Alleged ‘Transition Costs’ Avoidable In Detroit

    Shouldn't be used as a roadblock to pension reform.

  617. MEA Economist Ignores Billions In Education Spending
    May 13, 2014

  619. Detroit Bailout Package

    Handy link to descriptions of all 10 bills.

  620. Wage Hike Bad for Tipped Workers

    Vernuccio explains in Detroit News.

  621. Skorup Discusses Hollywood Corporate Welfare

    Film subsidy money could be better spent.

  622. Wage Hike Would Hurt Tipped Workers
  623. State Government Playing Favorites With Food Providers
  624. Measure Would Ban Enforcement Of Woodstove Emission Regulations
  625. Union Surrenders Member Benefits To Keep Unenforceable Clause In Contract
  626. Stricter Rules Proposed For Taxpayer Funded Bridge Cards
  627. Small Business Owner: An Increased Minimum Wage Hurts Everyone
  628. Reforming Michigan's Civil Asset Forfeiture Law

    Legislature should follow Minnesota's example.

  629. States Spending Less Money On K-12 Education Get Better Results
  630. Detroit Bailout Solved: Sell Just ONE Painting

    Use state money to fill potholes statewide.

  631. Corporate Welfare for 'Millionaire Movie Makers'

    WNEM details film subsidy scheme.

  632. Statewide Taxpayers on the Hook for Detroit?

    LaFaive cited in Detroit News on bailout scheme.

  633. Despite Shortage Of Bus Drivers, Union Wants Worker Fired For Not Paying Dues
  634. The Debate Over School Spending

    Teacher pension costs really are part of classroom spending.

  635. Detroit 'Openly and Notoriously' Went Bankrupt

    Its reward? Maybe a state bailout

  636. Attorney General: School District Violating State Law By Automatically Deducting Union Dues
  637. Mackinac Center Experts Available to Discuss Gov. Snyder’s Detroit Bailout Plan
    May 6, 2014

  640. More Detroit Favors Piled On Top of Other Favors

    City gets more in revenue sharing than all others combined.

  641. Michigan Taxpayers Paying More Money for Fewer Workers
  642. Teamsters Drop Case Requiring Non-Members Pay Unfair Fee
  643. Teamsters Local 214 Drops Legal Claims Against Dearborn Employees Who Exercised Worker Freedom Rights
  644. Cigarette Smuggling Still Rampant in Michigan, Nation
  645. Privatizing Detroit Department of Transportation Would Save City Millions
  646. School Board Member: Close Teacher Pension System
  647. State, National Media on SEIU's Downward Spiral

    Right-to-work rescues 44k from stealth unionization scheme.

  648. Poll: Voters Say Small Business Will Suffer Most With Minimum Wage Increase
  649. Retiree Benefits Pose Problems For Pothole Patching Plans In Grand Rapids
  650. Cigarette Smuggling Undermines Tax Revenue

    Michigan lost $350 million in 2012.

  651. 'Binding' Taxpayers to Detroit

    Bailout money means fewer potholes get fixed.

  652. Which Michigan School Districts Pay The Most?
  653. Detroit Should Sell Some Paintings and More

    It's the only fair solution to all Michigan residents.

  654. SEIU Membership Drops 80 Percent

    When given a choice, thousands refuse to join.

  655. SEIU Membership Drops 80 Percent After Dues Skim Ends
  656. Art Sales and Angry Journalism

    Detroit Free Press editor's remarks uncalled for.

    April 29, 2014

  658. Repeating Inaccurate Claim About School Funding Does Not Make It True
  659. Can Detroit Bailout Sneak Past GOP Legislature?

    Jack McHugh explains how in The Macomb Daily.

  660. Detroit Charter Student a Potential Ivy Leaguer

    Credits school choice for its role in his success.

  661. Public-Private Partnerships: The Good, Bad and Ugly
  662. How to Pass a Detroit Bailout the Majority Party Opposes
  663. Seventy-Five Percent of Michigan Voters Think Local, Family-Owned Businesses Will Have More Difficulty Adjusting to Higher Minimum Wage
  664. A Center-Right Candidate Questionnaire that Digs Deeper
  665. From Detroit To The Ivy League: One Student's Journey
  666. Union Leader Claims Government Entities 'Falsifying' Financial Problems
  667. Utah's Lessons for Michigan Pension Reform
  668. Michigan State University Administering Program On How To Unionize Employees
  669. Everyone Should Have an Opportunity to Prosper

    Regulations often hinder people from work

  670. Corporate Welfare for Hockey Pucks or Burgers?

    If the Red Wings get it, why not McDonald's?

  671. Schauer Calls For Long-Term Solvency Of Pension System; As State Senator Voted To Underfund It
  672. How Michigan Can Fix Its Pension Problems
  673. Center Files Brief at U.S. Supreme Court

    Urges justices to take up free speech case.

  674. Schauer Education Plan Looks To Shut Down Successful Charter Public Schools
  675. Thank You for Registering!
  676. How States Are Fixing Pension Problems – And Michigan Can Too

    How states like Michigan can fix perennial pension problems will be the topic of this Issues and Ideas Forum. The featured speaker will be Dan Liljenquist, who spearheaded pension reforms in Utah while he served as a state senator. For his role in the Utah reforms, Liljenquist was named a 2011 “Public Official of the Year” by Governing Magazine, and has since a become national expert on this issue and highlighted by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, among others outlets.

  677. How to Make Michigan Schools More Expensive

    Mark Schauer's education plan protects the status quo.

  678. More Good News for Michigan

    State climbs to 12th place in economic outlook rankings.

  679. Ticket Sales a Matter of Property Rights
    April 22, 2014

  681. Poll Shows Solid Opposition To Detroit Bailout
  682. CEO Compensation Comparison Lacks Perspective
  683. It's All in How You Ask the Question
    Three polls on Detroit bailout, three outcomes.
  684. Perry: Ticket Resales Should be Unregulated

    Tickets to games or concerts are personal property.

  685. Detroit Should Sell Some Paintings

    Unfair to make the many subsidize amenities for the few.

  686. Detroit Bailout Makes for Strange Bedfellows
  687. Michigan State Budget Process Allows For Plausible Deniability
  688. Mackinac Center Executive Vice President Michael J. Reitz Joins Board of Michigan Coalition for Open Government
  689. Retiree Who's Becoming Face Of 'Pension Tax' is Collecting Generously
  690. Political Predictions for 2014
  691. School District May Violate State Law By Removing Teachers Based Strictly On Seniority
  692. More State Favors for Detroit

    Deferment through borrowing.

  693. Michigan Capitol Confidential honored by Detroit Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists

    Four staff members receive awards.

  694. Tax Freedom Day In Michigan
  695. Minimum Wage Hike About Politics, not People

    Jarrett Skorup Op-Ed in Detroit News

  696. Superintendent Claiming Less Money Receives $515 More Per Pupil
  697. Center Experts in Detroit News

    City should privatize transportation department.

  698. Special Deals Allow Detroit To Collect Hundreds Of Millions In Extra Revenue
    April 15, 2014

  700. Detroit EM Considering Center Proposals

    Privatization could help stabilize struggling city.

  701. Large Majority of Republican, Independent Voters Object to Gov. Snyder’s Detroit Bailout Plan, According to New Polling Numbers
  702. Community Group Fighting Third Attempt To Bring Wind Farm To Town
  703. Details Behind Push For 'Mystery Project' Begin To Surface
  704. Detroit’s Special Favors Add Up

    Only city in Michigan allowed to tax utility bills.

  705. Government Subsidies Run Amok

    Remember, Uncle Sam can't count.

  706. More Higher Ed Spending Questionable

    Legislators, taxpayers need answers.

  707. Local Governments Not Starved For Cash
  708. Road Funding: Getting the Priorities Right
  709. Vernuccio Cited on President's Ann Arbor Visit

    Most Americans can't afford a $14 sandwich for lunch.

  710. Michigan School Funding Up, Results Flat
  711. Amtrak Subsidy Takes Money from Roads

    Riders should pay their own way.

  712. Maine Cigarette Tax Hike Would Have Undermined Health Goals
  713. Grand Rapids Selectively Released Public Information
  714. Obama Drops a Minimum Wage 'Stink Burger' On Michigan
  715. Center Adds New Scholar to Team

    Jason Taylor, CMU professor and economist.

  716. Center Scholar in Wall Street Journal

    Mark Perry on alleged gender pay gap.

  717. IMPACT March/April 2014
  718. The Winners and Losers in Detroit Bankruptcy
  719. Reuben Sandwich With A Side Of 500K Lost Jobs
    April 8, 2014

  721. A Letter to Ranny Riecker on 50 Years of Service
  722. RIP Ranny Riecker

    Center mourns loss of founding director.

  723. April 4, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
  724. Cities Increase Fees, Spend More While Complaining About State Shared Revenue
  725. Legislative Reforms in 2013 Leave Much to be Desired
  726. Pension Debt: Not Just a Problem in Detroit
  727. Trim Corporate Welfare to $0
  728. Corporate Welfare for New Red Wings Arena Won't Spur Economic Development
  729. Draconian Traffic Fee Law Moving Toward The Chopping Block
  730. School Union Contracts Across The State Retain Clauses Calling For Hiring Based On Race
  731. Mystery Project Almost Got $5.5 Million From Taxpayers
  732. Superintendent Says District Worse Off Despite Getting More Overall State Money
  733. A Better Way to Protect Detroit Pensioners

    Make it a "contract city"

  734. Taxpayer Representation Missing From Assessor Review Panel
  735. State Rep: School Districts Willfully Violating Law Should Face 'Criminal Charges'
  736. Union Teacher Contract Has Illegal Racial Preferences Provision
  737. Collective Bargaining Reform:
    Are Districts in Conflict With State Law?

    This Issues and Ideas Forum will present Mackinac Center findings from a review of more than 100 teachers union contracts, which analyzed the various ways school boards have attempted to comply with the 2011 reforms regarding teacher evaluations, placement and tenure. Our featured speaker will be Representative Ken Yonker, R-Caledonia, who will share his thoughts on the intent of the 2011 reforms and how districts have implemented them.

  738. Agenda For Detroit: What Role State Government Should Play After Bankruptcy
  739. March 28, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Votes on soccer, roadkill, nuke plants.

  740. Michigan Education Association Misleading Voters

    'Kids Not CEOs' website rife with misinformation.

  741. MEA President's Math in Detroit News Questioned

    District says Cook's claim "cannot be substantiated."

  742. District Disputes MEA President's Claim About School Funding Cuts
  743. VW and the UAW vs. Workers, Democracy and Free Speech
  744. Medicaid Expansion Studies Weren't Trustworthy

    Analysis reveals multiple flaws.

  745. Center Scholar's Commentary at

    New Red Wings arena should not get corporate welfare.

  746. Video Report: Teachers Hope Their Win Against Union Emboldens Others
  747. Electricity Competition In Texas, Illinois Brought Lower Prices Than Michigan
  748. Michigan Paying $860 Million In Select Tax Incentives, Subsidies
  749. Right-to-Work States See Larger Gains

    Personal income and population growth numbers released.

  750. Happy Birthday Norman Borlaug

    Credited with saving 1 billion people.

  751. Emergency Manager Model Brings Fiscal Security to Pontiac
  752. City Says Recording Device Ban Was Due To 'Miscommunication'
    March 25, 2014

  754. College Spending Results Questioned

    More money doesn't yield better results.

  755. Poll Shows Many Michigan Residents Misinformed About Education Spending
  756. Michigan's Film Incentive Program Has Been A Bust
  757. Column: When Silence Speaks Volumes
  758. New Bill Would Prevent Discriminatory Charitable Bin Bans
  759. More Problems with Ferndale Teacher Contract

    Ignores state laws regarding seniority, evaluations.

  760. Center Research in Time, Washington Post

    Tobacco smuggling stats a national story.

  761. CapCon Story on Ferndale Draws Attention

    State, national, international media respond.

  762. Land Bank Funding Makes It Into Supplemental Spending Bill
  763. Electric Vehicle Battery Subsidy Failures Evident Early On
  764. House Readies For Vote On FOIA Reforms
  765. Teacher Who Left MEA Explains Why

    Ray Arthur in Detroit News.

  766. Why Michigan Needs More Immigrants
  767. Non-Christians Given 'Special Consideration' In Union Teacher Contract
  768. Asset Forfeiture Laws Threaten Property Rights

    Center statement on House Bills 5230 and 5233.

    March 18, 2014

  770. A Decade On: Center Beats MEA in Union's Assault on Free Speech
  771. Asset Forfeiture Issue Arises With Clause in Human Trafficking Bills
  772. Free-Market Approaches to Immigration Reform

    This Issues and Ideas Forum will look at the question from a free-market perspective. Our speakers will be Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute, and Helen Krieble, founder and president of The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation and creator of the “Red Card Solution,” a plan that could curb illegal immigration by offering non-citizen work permits that do not lead to citizenship.

  773. Right-to-Work Should be Judged on Economic Data

    Corporate welfare inquiries not a good barometer of success.

  774. More People On Food Stamps After Past Minimum Wage Increases
  775. The Mackinac Center, Free Speech and the MEA
  776. Moderate Steps for Brewers, Industry Freedom

    No reason for Legislature not to do more.

  777. Hospital Union Continues to Bully Employees

    Hurley administrators fail to step in.

  778. Happy Anniversary Proposal A
  779. Union Intimidation List Back Up
  780. Sunshine Week 2014
  781. SEIU Fined for Campaign Finance Violations

    Union dues skim took $34 million from Medicaid.

  782. Unions, Left-Leaning Groups Dominate List of Largest Political Donors
  783. There Is No Relationship Between College Graduates and Economic Growth
  784. Teacher Speaks Out on Union Bullying

    MEA will go after 8,000 teachers not paying dues.

  785. Tax Board Bans Recording Equipment In Hearing Involving Nonprofit
  786. SEIU Fined Almost $200,000 Over Actions Tied To 2012 Ballot Proposal Campaign
  787. Liberty and Character – The Indispensable Connection

    Featuring Lawrence W. Reed, president emeritus of the Mackinac Center and current president of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

  788. Lopez on Fox Business

    Corporate welfare for movies unfair to taxpayers.

  789. What a Union Looks Like in a RTW State

    Alabama UAW shuns rhetoric, gives honest answers.

  790. Economics 101: Minimum Wage Kills Jobs

    When prices go up, quantity demanded goes down.

  791. Grand Rapids Says Nonprofit Acton Institute Not A Charitable Institution
  792. Not Pretty: 2013 Legislative Roundup
  793. Legislature Split on Funding For Land Bank Authority
    March 11, 2014

  795. LaFaive Proven Right on Cigarette Tax Hike

    Mass. losing millions due to smuggling.

  796. Vernuccio on Worker Freedom

    Panel discussion in Washington, D.C.

  797. Teachers Victorious Over MEA

    State, national media report on RTW win.

  798. MEA Says 8,000 Haven't Paid Dues; Some Teachers Say Union Intentionally Misled Members
  799. Who Is Behind The Minimum Wage Increase Drive?
  800. Unlicensed Dogs Get New Leash On Life; Taxpayers Due A Refund In Traverse City
  801. March 7, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  802. Teachers Victorious In Their Quest To Get Out Of The MEA
  803. Michigan Education Association Gives Up Fight Against Two Teachers Who Exercised Worker Freedom Rights
  804. 'Super Seniority' For Union Officials, Other Clauses In School Contracts Prohibited By Law
  805. Electricity Competition in Illinois

    Consumers save $240 annually.

  806. Other Michigan Cities in Pension Debt

    Not just a Detroit problem.

  807. McHugh Discusses Budget on WILS

    Focus on smarter spending, not more spending.

  808. Michigan Third-Grade Reading Levels Down Significantly
  809. Majority of State’s Largest School Districts Have Language Prohibited by State Law in Their Contracts; Includes Teacher Evaluations, Layoffs, Seniority
  810. Roadblocks to Reform?: A Review of Union Contracts in Michigan Schools
  811. Revolving Door Crony Capitalism Spins Washington and Lansing
  812. Roadblocks to Reform?: A Review of Union Contracts in Michigan Schools

    This study focuses on Public Act 103 of 2011, which made teacher evaluation, layoff policies and teacher placement prohibited subjects of bargaining, among other things. After surveying 200 Michigan school district collective bargaining agreements, this study finds that as many as 60 percent of districts could have collective bargaining agreements in place that contain language prohibited by PA 103.

    Some districts negotiated with their unions to add language stating that if circumstances changed, pages of prohibited language would take immediate effect. Others simply changed the word “teacher” in order to keep the prohibited language but have it apply to other staff members. Finally, some districts appear to have kept prohibited language without explanation.

    This study includes further examples and lists of districts that kept the prohibited language in their contracts. As a solution, penalties could be added to the collective bargaining reform laws in order to encourage district compliance.

  813. Union Touts Liability Insurance As Perk; Costs $4.35 A Year Per Member
  814. Why Good Tax Reform is Difficult

    Special interests battle Rep. Camp's plan.

  815. Detroit News, Free Press Cover MCLF Lawsuit

    MEA sued over more teacher bullying.

  816. Look at Municipal Finance Trends Before Pumping In More Money
  817. Union Website Warns About Bullying, But Members Who Opted Out Report Being Bullied
  818. Study: Per-Pupil Funding, Class Size Not Predictor of Schools Families Choose
  819. February 28, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  820. Mackinac Scholar in Wall Street Journal

    Smith on IRS scandal and media failure.

  821. Lawsuit Filed Against MEA Over Dues Policies, 'Fair Representation'
  822. Michigan's 'Pay It Forward' College Tuition Plan Will Equal Higher Costs
  823. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Files Suit in Oakland County on Behalf of 39-Year Teaching Veteran to Prevent MEA Harassment
  824. Union Exec Claims Posting Names of Workers Who Opted Out Serves As Membership Reminder for Others
  825. What Right-to-Work Means

    A view from a union contract.

  826. Tuition Plan Would Make College More Expensive

    Spalding and Skorup in The Detroit News.

  827. Displaced: How Michigan Districts Are Ignoring Anti-Seniority Reforms
  828. Detroit’s Spruce Goose – City Airport
  829. MEA Aggressive With Dues Collection Information; Silent On How To Opt Out
  830. Why Tax Rate Cuts Matter More Than Increasing Credits and Exemptions
  831. Why Michigan Needs a Tax Cut

    People know better how to spend their own money.

  832. Lawmakers Move Away From Giving Land Banks Exclusive Privileges
  833. School District, Union Working Together to Try to Ban Charter Schools
  834. Fairy Tale Minimum Wage Economics

    Ballot backers actually think there won't be job loss.

    March 4, 2014

  836. Law Judge To Hear Unfair Labor Practice Complaints Against MEA
  837. Analysis: Michigan's Labor Force Growth Among Fastest in Nation
  838. IMPACT January/February 2014
  839. Politicians Should Stand Up for Taxpayers

    Instead of sending their money to Hollywood.

  840. Housing Expenses Among the Perks Michigan Residents Pay for Big Hollywood
  841. Detroit: Possibility of Real Privatization, Savings

    Emergency Manager's plan filed in bankruptcy court.

  842. Center Expert, Board Member Discuss Detroit

    LaFaive, Lockwood at Reason Foundation event.

  843. Mackinac Center Experts Available to Discuss Detroit Bankruptcy Plan
  844. Bars, Restaurants Could See 280 Percent Increase in Labor Costs With Minimum Wage Ballot Proposal
  845. Looking to Pontiac for Detroit Solutions

    Reason Foundation roundtable discussion.

  846. Hospital Union Resorts to Intimidation Tactics Against Workers Who Opt Out
  847. Spalding Op-Ed on School Choice

    Explains the benefits to MLive readers.

  848. Expert: Consumers Energy Trying To ‘Muddle’ Wind Turbine Noise Solution
  849. School Choice Helps Families Access Better Schools
    February 18, 2014

  851. State Economic Outlook from David Littmann

    Discussed DBusiness article on WJR.

  852. Mackinac Center’s VoteSpotter App Allows Constituents to Give Legislators Immediate Feedback on How They Voted
  853. School Districts Insist They Need More Money to Educate Fewer Students
  854. VoteSpotter App Draws Media Attention

    Give instant feedback to your legislators.

  855. VW Vote Shows 'Card Check' Still a Fraud

    UAW loses when secret ballot is allowed.

  856. Spalding on Fox2 Detroit

    College costs, school takeovers discussed.

  857. Analysis: Michigan’s Cigarette Smuggling Rate Falls Slightly; State Still in Top 10 Nationally
  858. Michigan Assessors On the Path To Raise Property Taxes
  859. Cigarette Smuggling Still Rampant in Michigan, Nation
  860. How Politicians Game the Pension System
  861. Bill Would Keep $60 Million Special Deal in Place for Hemlock Semiconductor
  862. February 14, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  863. Commentary: Focus on Post-Secondary Education Shifting

    It doesn't always have to mean college.

  864. Analysis: Misleading Commercial on Electric Rates

    Comparison to Texas invalid, dishonest.

  865. Vernuccio on PBS News Hour

    Labor expert talks UAW/VW vote in Tennessee.

  866. School District Works Around State Law To Protect Teachers Based on Seniority
  867. State GDPs vs. Comparable Nations

    Center Scholar Mark Perry's "Carpe Diem" blog.

  868. Michigan Exports to Mexico and China Increasing
  869. Districts Asking for More Money Already Getting It

    Mismanagement, not funding, deserves scrutiny.

  870. Union Bullying Story Draws National Attention

    CapCon broke story about RTW "intimidation" list.

  871. Trim Corporate Welfare to $0
  872. Democrats Education Spending Math Doesn't Add Up
  873. Ag Still Not Michigan's 2nd Largest Industry

    And why that myth is so damaging.

    February 11, 2014

  875. Debate Du Jour: Minimum Wage Takes Center Stage
  876. Health Care Workers Having Trouble Finding Union That Plays Fair
  877. Farm Bill Full of Corporate Welfare

    Big spending on small part of economy.

  878. Corporate Welfare Schemes Need Transparency

    Mackinac Center commentary in Detroit Free Press.

  879. The Best Plan for Michigan Tax Reform

    Lower rates, fewer exceptions.

  880. Union Bullies Workers Exercising Their Rights
  881. Bill Would Add Paid Members to State's Corporate Welfare Agency
  882. Do Politicians Understand Economics?

    Minimum wage proponents don't appear to.

  883. Commentary: A Legislative Agenda for 2014

    Get back to the 2011 and 2012 reform agenda.

  884. $1 Trillion Farm Bill Full of Subsidies, Special Favors

    Majority of Michigan GOP delegation voted for it.

  885. February 7, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  886. Court Orders Utility To Address Wind Turbine Noise Problems
  887. Michigan Still Underfunding Teacher Pensions

    Made full contribution just twice in last decade.

  888. Center Adds Three New Scholars to Board

    Chris Douglas, Michael Hicks, Todd Nesbit.

  889. Mark Schauer's Support for Corporate Welfare

    He had lots of help from the GOP along the way.

  890. Narrative Changing On Michigan K-12 Education Spending
  891. Littmann Testimony on SB 402

    Michigan needs "visionary leadership" on tax cuts.

    February 4, 2014

  893. Scholarship Endowment Created in Honor of Teri Olson
  894. Democrats Selectively Considering Pension Benefits In Education Funding
  895. There Is No Good Reason the MEDC Should Exist
  896. Free Press: School Funding Up Under Gov. Snyder

    Paper substantiates what Michigan Capitol Confidential first reported.

  897. Skorup on 'West Michigan Week'

    Debate over minimum wage.

  898. Vague Criminal Laws Threaten Individual Liberty and Burden the Justice System
  899. The World Is Getting Better and Better
  900. Detroit Should Look to Pontiac
  901. Schauer, Other Michigan Dems Call For Higher Minimum Wage While Paying Interns Nothing
  902. Lawmakers Poised To Continue Corporate Welfare Fund
  903. January 31, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  904. State Loses 200,000 Jobs, MEDC Finds 2,185

    Why tax cuts are better than corporate welfare.

  905. Michigan Job Growth Higher Than Initially Reported
  906. Detroit's Spruce Goose: City Airport
  907. Harming the Competition

    Why some companies want a higher minimum wage.

  908. Vernuccio on Benefits of RTW for Missouri

    Op-Ed in Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader.

  909. Can Detroit Replicate Pontiac's Success?

    LaFaive outlines how in today's Oakland Press.

  910. Wages Rise in Right-to-Work States
  911. Like A Broken Record, MEA Complains About 'Insufficient Funds'
  912. The Ticket: The Many Faces of School Choice

    Our guests will discuss the benefits of different, emerging models of educational options and what is possible for Michigan.

  913. State Revenue Estimating Conference Needs Better Estimating
  914. Will Legislature Keep Tax Cut Promise?

    SB 402 begins to undo 11.5% hike from 2007.

  915. Happy National School Choice Week!

    Plenty of reasons to celebrate in Michigan.

  916. Pension Costs Mean Tighter Budgets For Classrooms, Taxpayers
  917. MDOT Subsidy Numbers Off Track

    Amtrak passengers should pay their full share.

  918. Commentary: Higher Ed Spending Myths

    MSU professor's presentation questioned.

    January 28, 2014

  920. LaFaive Cited on Minimum Wage in GR Press

    Research refutes AFL-CIO president's claim.

  921. Budget Watchdog: Debt Burden In Michigan Now $25,300 Per Taxpayer
  922. Kent County Land Bank Is Not a Good Deal For Citizens
  923. MDOT Response to Mackinac Center Amtrak Piece
  924. 'Business Improvement Zones' = Property Taxes

    If you doubt that, try not paying the "assessment."

  925. Advocates of More Education Spending Ignoring Billions in Other Funds
  926. Utility Asks Court To Slap Down Excessive Wind Turbine Noise Finding
  927. January 24, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report
    Update on recent legislative action
  928. Gubernatorial Candidate Makes Inaccurate Claim About Education Spending
  929. Michigan Taxpayers Have Already Bailed Out Detroit
  930. The Importance of Real Equality

    And why the government can't provide it.

  931. Commentary: Your Pledge for Detroit

    Bailout scheme takes from other needs.

  932. Center Experts Cited on Detroit Bailout

    Plan is unfair to state taxpayers.

  933. Energy Expert: Michigan Should Eliminate Its Utility Monopoly For Lower Prices
  934. Money for Nothing

    Detroit bailout comes at expense of statewide taxpayers.

  935. Wright Discusses Supreme Court Visit on WJR

    Illinois union scheme similar to SEIU dues skim.

  936. Asking Questions to Help Cut Through the Political Fog
  937. Mackinac Center Expert Available to Discuss Detroit Bail Out
  938. Expert: Utilities Distorting Electric Choice Track Record
  939. U.S. Supreme Court Discusses Right-to-Work For All Public Employees
  940. Expanding the Electricity Market: A Good Choice for Consumers

    This Issues and Ideas Forum features Dr. Ted Bolema, a Mackinac Center adjunct scholar and senior policy editor for the Mercatus Center in Washington, D.C. who will make the case for why Michigan needs to give Michigan electricity customers more options.

    January 21, 2014

  942. Q&A With the MEDC: Verifying Jobs Resulting From Special Government Favors
  943. Two-Thirds of School Districts Contract for at Least One Major Support Service, According to Center’s 2013 School Privatization Survey
  944. Michigan School Privatization Survey 2013
    Michigan’s school districts have saved money by turning to the private-sector to provide support services. This 2013 survey shows that 65.5 percent of districts now contract out food, custodial or transportation services to private-sector vendors. This is an increase from 31.0 percent in 2001. The survey covers the three services, satisfaction and insourcing among Michigan’s public school districts and has been performed in 2001, 2003, and annually since 2005.
  945. George Will Cites CapCon in Washington Post

    SEIU dues skim highlighted ahead of SCOTUS case.

  946. The Certificate of Need 'CON' Job

    Regulation increases health care costs 11 percent.

  947. State Agency Has 52 Employees Who Earn More Than $100K
  948. Michigan’s Renewable Energy Mandate Causing Harm, Probably Unconstitutional
  949. Facts, Not Fiction, on State School Spending

    K-12 spending up three consecutive years.

  950. Gov. Snyder Keeps Pace in State of the State

    Bipartisan track record is to expand government.

  951. January 17, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  952. Policy Experts Comment on Governor's Speech

    LaFaive, Spalding on State of the State.

  953. Center Scholar in Detroit News

    Electricity deregulation good for customers.

  954. The $2 Billion Education Funding Myth
  955. Skorup Debates Minimum Wage

    Grand Valley State University event.

  956. Little Disclosure on Business Subsidies

    Deals could eat up half of budget surplus.

  957. Reality Check: Michigan Public Schools Getting More Money For Fewer Students
  958. Gov. Snyder’s 2014 State of the State Address Included Six Proposed Government Expansions, Two Limitations
  959. Don't Bail Out Detroit with State Tax Dollars

    It would be unfair to taxpayers statewide.

  960. Lockwood's Belle Isle Idea in Wall Street Journal

    Also interviewed on Fox Business.

  961. CapCon Story Draws National Media Attention

    Michigan family devastated by Obamacare.

  962. Westland Dropping 'Gatekeeper' FOIA Fee, Lowering Costs for Public Documents
  963. Bureaucrats Befuddled By America's Auto Market
  964. Vernuccio Testifies on Missouri Right-to-Work

    Cited in St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

  965. Michigan Auto Jobs On the Rebound Thanks to 'Leaner and Meaner' Manufacturers
  966. For State Employees, 2014 Means Finally Having the Freedom To Choose
  967. Commentary: RTW States Doing Better

    Growing twice as fast as forced unionization states.

  968. Corporate Welfare Scheme Back With New Name

    'Aerotropolis' now 'VantagePort.'

  969. City of Westland Restructures FOIA Fees in Response to Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Lawsuit
  970. 'Deep Freeze' Adding Inches of Ice to Great Lakes Levels
  971. Mismanagement Often to Blame for School District Financial Troubles
  972. Bill Would Open Up Competition In Michigan’s Electricity Market
  973. January 10, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

    Update on recent legislative action

  974. Michigan Needs Better Forfeiture Laws

    Bipartisan bills address issue.

  975. Minimum Wage Earners: Many Still Live at Home

    Average family income is almost $57,000.

  976. Detroit Needs More 'From the Heart' Transactions, Less Government
  977. Michigan Taxpayers Paying Far More Money For Far Fewer State Workers
  978. Why Detroit Pensions are Underfunded

    Plenty of blame to go around.

  979. Can Tea Parties Succeed Again?
  980. Disabled Family Sees 300 Percent Increase In Health Insurance Costs Under Obamacare
  981. Pension 'Transition Costs' Remain a Myth
  982. What Economic Development Transparency Should Look Like
  983. Michigan Students Need Private School Choice

    Families want more options.

  984. Cities Take Snow Emergencies To New Restrictive Level
  985. Judge Upholds Right-to-Work Dodging Tactic
    January 7, 2014

  987. Highland Park: The Road to Recovery
  988. University Staff Breaks Away From Michigan Education Association
  989. Detroit: Reforms and Recommendations
  990. Media Highlight 'Missed Votes' Report

    Detroit News calls for part-time Legislature.

  991. Batman and Superman vs. Taxpayers

    Film subsidy costs taxpayers almost $8 each.

  992. Administrative Law Judge Recommends Dismissal of Taylor Teachers’ Challenge to Decade-Long Forced Dues Extension
  993. Center Research Question Addressed
  994. Record Profits for Warner Bros. Doesn't Stop State From Giving Company Huge Subsidy
  995. Minimum Wage, Minimum Employment
  996. Minimum Wage Drumbeat Grows Louder

    Minimum wage popping up on national scale. 

  997. Michigan Among the Leaders In Job Growth
  998. The World Is Getting Better and Better

    Poverty rate slashed 80 percent in past 20 years. 

  999. Superintendent Makes False Claim About Her Salary, Benefits
  1000. Public-Private Compensation Gaps Still With Us
    The public sector's misconception of reality.
  1001. Tax Cut ‘Fever’?
  1002. Your Favorites: Our Top 10 Stories of 2013
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