Center Adds Two New Scholars to Board

One from Hillsdale, one from MSU

The Mackinac Center welcomes two new academics with strong Michigan ties to its Board of Scholars. Members of this board write for the Center, review its publications, and provide other consultation and guidance. The two new scholars are Michael J. Clark of Hillsdale College and Ross B. Emmett of Michigan State University's James Madison College.

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Dr. Clark received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University in 2011. He is currently an assistant professor in economics, and due to his high teaching evaluations, the current Wallace and Marion Reemelin chair in free market economics at Hillsdale.

Dr. Emmett is a professor of political economy and theory and constitutional democracy. A historian of economic thought, his work is concerned with the constitutional political economy of a free society and the enhancement of the bourgeois virtues that support it. He is currently writing a biography of the University of Chicago economist Frank H. Knight.

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