Careers at the Mackinac Center

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy provides a dynamic, challenging work environment for qualified men and women who are interested in helping improve their world. The Mackinac Center combines a stimulating intellectual environment with a practical, results-oriented research and education agenda. The full-time staff of the Center represents a variety of educational backgrounds including economics, history, engineering, advertising, marketing, journalism, fine arts, business, and law. Center staff have come to the Mackinac Center after successful careers in higher education, manufacturing, management, public service, and the practice of law.

Successful members of the Mackinac Center team are intelligent, independent thinkers with high standards of personal and professional conduct, who possess strong written and oral communication skills, excellent analytical ability, and a sound understanding of political economy. Above all, potential candidates should possess a deep respect for human rights and receive satisfaction from making a positive impact on society.