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  1. Mackinac Center Environmental Analyst Russ Harding Urges Reform of State Dioxin Policy Following Governor’s Veto of Dioxin Testing Bill
  2. 25 CCs of Adrenaline — 2005
  3. Lewis Cass: Conquering the Wilderness
  4. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 20, 2005
  5. Are We Biased?
  6. Michigan Education Report (2005-03)
  7. My Ten Years
  8. Cable Franchises Raise Rates and Lower Quality
  9. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 13, 2005
  10. Mackinac Center Praises Proposed State Constitutional Amendment on Eminent Domain Passed Today by Michigan Legislature
  11. Credit Conundrum
  12. Hope and Opportunity in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
  13. Making Promises That Can be Kept
  14. Mackinac Center Praises Ingham Circuit Judge’s Dismissal of MEA Lawsuit to End State Funding of Bay Mills Charter Schools
  15. Advancing the Cause of Educational Excellence
  16. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 6, 2005
  17. Insurance Demagoguery Drives Rates Higher, Not Lower
    Like all such proposals, the only thing these bills would do is make insurance unavailable at any price.
  18. Globalization: What a Wonderful World
    Despite Michigan’s recent economic woes, in 2004 it exported $35 billion worth of goods and services to the world, ranking it fourth among the states, up from sixth place in 1998.
  19. Can Detroit’s Problems Be Corrected by an Emergency Financial Manager?
    Making changes to Act 72 would be essential for an EFM to have the necessary tools to deal with the city of Detroit’s management and fiscal problems.
  20. A Success in Private Welfare
  21. IMPACT Fall 2005
  22. Flashy Projects Have Not Helped Detroit
  23. Mackinac Center Amicus Curiae Brief in Rapanos v. United States and Carabell v. United States Army Corps of Engineers
    A Mackinac Center “friend of the court” filing to the U.S. Supreme Court in two cases involving federal wetlands regulation of Michigan properties.
  24. Debate Workshops Shine with Enthusiasm and Spectrum of Ideas
  25. The U.S. Supreme Court Should Support Michigan Landowners and Democracy
  26. Africans Whom Westerners Should Heed
  27. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 29, 2005
  28. A Taking by Any Other Name
  29. Morey Dedication Remarks
  30. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 22, 2005
  31. Hope in State Graduation Standards Misplaced
  32. More Diplomas, More Ivory Tower Research Won’t Cure Michigan’s Malaise
  33. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 15, 2005
  34. Telecom Policy Staff
  35. Michigan: The France of North America
  36. Interview Excerpts With Debate Workshop Speakers
  37. Economic Malpractice
  38. Around the State - Introductory Report

    An occasional update of privatization initiatives, controversies and news about privatization.

  39. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 8, 2005
  40. Revitalizing Detroit
  41. Does the Headlee Tax Cap Need To Be Tightened? (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    So has Headlee restrained tax and spending growth? The answer is an unequivocal "maybe." In its 26-year history, the cap was exceeded just three times, and only once by enough to trigger a rebate.
  42. Federal Regulations of Mercury Emissions Appear Adequate
    Great Lakes mercury levels are declining, and to the extent that mercury remains a human health threat in Michigan, the federal program is a more sensible first step in addressing it.
  43. Create Michigan Jobs and Lower Gas Prices
  44. Is There a Statesman in the House? (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    Perhaps we should all take a moment to thank our great-grandchildren yet unborn. If we lack statesmen in this generation, we will still have our disaster relief, our pork and our politics — and they will pay for much of it.
  45. Shepherding Freedom
  46. Michigan Must Lower its ‘Rent’
  47. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 1, 2005
  48. Battle Creek: Don’t Make the Living Wage Mistake
  49. Taking Liberties
  50. Reading Privatization
  51. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines: A Michigan Success Story
  52. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 25, 2005
  53. New Economic Development Program Risky, Unnecessary
  54. The Organ Shortage and Public Policy
  55. Organ Shortage
  56. School Choice in the Empire State
  57. Telecom Reform: The Right Call for Michigan
  58. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 18, 2005
  59. State of the State
  60. Insurance Demagoguery Drives Rates Higher, Not Lower
  61. Issues and Ideas Luncheon, October 2005
  62. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 11, 2005
  63. A “Little Rebellion,” a Great Man
  64. Michigan Wetlands Cases Allow U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Federal Regulatory Power That Is “Too Expansive,” say Mackinac Center Analysts
  65. Peter the Great
  66. Louis Schimmel: Revolutionary Public Servant
  67. A Wisconsin Telecommunications Policy Primer
    A guide to understanding telecommunications law and regulation in Wisconsin and the United States.
  68. A Brief History of State Economic Development
  70. Does the Headlee Tax Cap Need To Be Tightened?
  71. An Agenda for the Next Mayor of Detroit (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    Real reform can’t be postponed. If Detroit’s decline persists and the city’s financial problems continue, the state may be forced to appoint an “emergency financial manager” to run the city under Public Act 72 — an ignominious end for the mayor and Detroit itself.
  72. "Poor Choices" Yield Better Education
    The implications of Tooley’s findings are profound. Opposition to parental choice programs has often hinged on the belief that they would hurt the poor. In the wake of these results from Africa and India, it is difficult to imagine how that belief could be sustained.
  73. Decisions About Great Lakes Drilling Should Be Left to the States
    The Michigan Environmental Science Board concluded in 1997, “(T)here is little to no risk of contamination to the Great Lakes bottom or waters through releases directly above the bottom hole portion of directionally drilled wells. …”  The one small risk was contamination at the wellhead, far from the water’s edge. But wellheads, too, are regulated by the state.
  74. New House “Jobs” Bill Would Allow State of Michigan to Invest in Private Equity Funds and Businesses
  75. Liberalism and Freedom
  76. Think Tank President Calls on President and Congress to Cut Federal Pork Rather Than Increase Deficit for Katrina Relief
  77. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 27, 2005
  78. Privatizing Water Works
  79. IMPACT Summer 2005
  80. State Policy, Federal Policy and Human Capital
  81. Elections Are a Poor Way to Change Schools
  82. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 20, 2005
  83. Transforming Michigan
  84. Issues and Ideas Luncheon, September 2005
  85. Best-Selling Writer and Lawyer Philip K. Howard To Propose “Special Health Courts” in Lansing Tuesday
  86. Little Consensus on Mercury Recommendations
  87. Is There a Statesman in the House? (General Article)
  88. Taking Measures
  89. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 13, 2005
  90. The Principled Case for Grilling Judge Roberts
  91. An Agenda for the Next Mayor of Detroit (General Article)
  92. The Michigan Legislature Should Finish Deregulating Telecom
  93. Tuition Hikes at Michigan Universities Demonstrate Need for Reform
    Private for-profit schools like the University of Phoenix operate at dramatically lower cost per course, offering a product well-liked by students (enrollments are growing 20 percent annually), taught in comfortable but not opulent surroundings.
  94. Improving Michigan’s Regulatory Environment
    If businesses or consumers are forced to spend too much money to obtain a permit or to carry out their business, it is the same as taxing their money away — and sometimes worse, since they lose time as well.
  95. Michigan Supreme Court Ruling on “Beachwalking” Erodes Property Rights
    The court’s ruling now exposes Great Lakes waterfront landowners to new risks and intrusions. Do the landowners have a duty to make the area beneath the high-water mark safe for walkers or wheelchair users? Can people fish all day below the high-water mark?
  96. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 6, 2005
  97. The Northwest Strike and the Twilight of Organized Labor
  98. Forging Consensus Comments by George Clowes and Jay Greene

    This paper summarizes the comments offered by Dr. George Clowes and Dr. Jay P. Greene on my essay "Forging Consensus: Can the School Choice Community Come Together on an Explicit Goal and a Plan for Achieving It," as well as providing my responses to those comments.[1] Though it was written shortly after the comments were submitted, its release was deferred until permission to publish them was received. A complete, slightly revised version of Dr. Clowes’ comments is now available on-line.[2]

    The sections that follow present the reviewers’ comments, grouped by topic. Comments are formatted as block quotations and ascribed to either Dr. Clowes (GC) or Dr. Greene (JPG). My responses appear in the body of the text.

    Dr. Clowes is a senior fellow of the Heartland Institute and contributing editor of the paper School Choice News. Dr. Greene is a senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute, and author of numerous scientific studies of American schools and school choice programs.



  99. Number Cruncher
  100. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 30, 2005
  101. Pain Threshold
  102. The Minimum Wage Is Hardest on the Poor
  103. Private Scholarships: a New Beginning for Detroit’s Kids
  104. Scotland: Seven Centuries After William Wallace
  105. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 23, 2005
  106. A Michigan Catholic School Remains Union-Free
  107. Michigan Needs to Jump Start its Economy with Tax Cuts
  108. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 16, 2005
  109. Michigan Education Report (2005-02)
  110. MEA Goes Nuclear in Charter School Suit
  111. Retirement Planning for Social Security
  112. Where’s the Beef?
  113. Former DPS CEO Grudgingly Testified to the Benefits of Educational Liberty
  114. Legislative Sunlight — in Michigan and Elsewhere
  115. Thank You for Registering to Attend
  116. It's Called "the Initiative"
  117. Judge McKeague and the Cost of Confirmation
  119. Revised Great Lakes Agreement Should Be Rejected
  120. Survey: School Outsourcing Grows
    According to Loock, the district went from paying a $100,000 subsidy to the food program to posting a profit of up to $25,000 after Chartwells took over.
  121. The Sound of Freedom
    In the summer of 1965, my mother announced one day that she was taking me to see a film called “The Sound of Music.” I knew nothing of it other than that a lot of singing was involved, and to my mind, that was a good enough reason to stay home. I went reluctantly — and was enthralled.
  122. Supreme Court Ruling Shows Telecom Regulation Should Be Abolished
    The ruling’s outcome is all well and good. Yet the FCC’s distinction between “telecommunications services” and “information services” is, in fact, imprecise and arbitrary — a regulatory invention that has no place in today’s telecommunications market.
  123. Furthering Freedom from Michigan to Mongolia
  124. Proposed Water Legacy Act: A Bad Idea for Michigan
  125. Competitive Sourcing on an Individual Basis
  126. The Price of Cool
  127. Debate Workshops 2005
  128. A Der Spiegel Interview with James Shikwati
  129. Is the NEA Really a NUT?
  130. Proportioning Water
  132. Voice of "Treason"
  133. Founding Disneyland: An Entrepreneurial Milestone
  134. A Governor Cries “Treason”
  135. A Dispatch from Mongolia
  136. Court Building
  137. The Privatized Accident Fund of Michigan Turns 10
  138. Money for Nothin’?
  139. The Sound of Freedom (Long Version)
  140. Responding to Michigan’s Population Slide
    No serious analysis can argue that redistributing the tax burden or putting the state deeper in debt so it can pick winners and losers could possibly make Michigan better off.
  141. Bad Food at a Good Price!
    Imagine a restaurant with second-rate food, surly waiters, slow service and high prices. When the manager sees a customer getting restless, he rushes over and offers a 15 percent price cut.
  142. Granholm’s Task Force Report: Wrong Prescription, Critical Disease
    In the four states with a long-term care insurance partnership program, around 180,000 long-term care insurance policies have been sold — a purchase rate far higher than in other states. Of these policyholders, only 86 have had to resort to Medicaid.
  144. U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy Should Be Filled With Justice Dedicated to Rule of Law and Constitutionally Protected Freedoms
  145. The Parent Trap
  146. Smoke and Terrors
  147. Education Policy in Okemos?
  149. Sticks-and-Stoning Michigan’s Economy
  150. U.S. Supreme Court Today Delivered Flawed Decision in Kelo v. New London
  151. Property Damage
  152. Michigan Reforms Election Calendar
  154. Jen and the Art of Education
  155. Rally for the Classroom, Not the Budget Process
  156. Thatcher of the West
  157. Thou Shalt Have No Other School System Before Me
  158. Fixing Michigan's Fiscal Policy- 2005 Edition

    As a service to citizens "Michigan's Budget Challenge" provides "one-stop shopping" for those seeking more information about current budget issues facing state government. This Web site contains links to budget analysis from government and non-government experts; budget bills and related legislation; news stories and editorials from Michigan's leading newspapers; commentary from various sources; spending cut studies and articles; and concise, objective, plain-language descriptions of budget bills and related legislation from

    NEW - Overview of "Omnibus" State Budget passed by the House on June 9, 2005.


  159. House “Omnibus Budget” Overview
  161. Why Students Need “A Patriot’s History of the United States”
  162. Telecom Law in Michigan: Change, or Get Left Behind
  163. Dioxin Agreement Needs Sound Science and Protection for Property Owners
  165. Remembering Reagan
  166. Schmeling K.O.’d by Louis! Louis K.O.’d by the U.S. Government!
    Even in destitution, Louis remained a symbol of black achievement and American resistance to Hitler. But the American tax code remained a symbol of the strangling of economic wealth and generosity.
  167. Catholic Schools and the Common Good
    Given Catholic schools’ superior social and academic effects, it would seem sensible to structure education policy so as to make Catholic schooling more readily available, especially to low-income and minority families. We have done the opposite.
  168. The Class is Always Keener on Our Own Side of the Street (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    Asian students consistently outperformed those in the United States, while their parents downplayed their accomplishments. American parents, unaware of their children’s poor showings, tended to think their children were doing very well.
  169. Jobs Tomorrow: Deja Vu
  170. The Good Old Days of Cheap Gas Are Here Now!
  171. Responding to Michigan’s Population Slide
  172. "21st Century Jobs Fund": Lessons From the “Clean Michigan” Bond Program
  174. An Ethical Business Climate, or a Business Climate of “Ethics”?
  175. A Looming Charter School Re-Union?
  177. Issues & Ideas Luncheon, May 2005
  178. Notes on Michigan’s Economy
  179. Coupons or Value?
  180. The Inspiring Story of Thomas Clarkson

    This essay is dedicated to three of Thomas Clarkson’s spiritual heirs: two longtime friends and superb historians, Robert Merritt of Waterford, Conn., and Burton Folsom of Hillsdale, Mich.; and Dr. Hans F. Sennholz, a great economist and teacher who instilled a passion for liberty in many thousands of students over four decades at Pennsylvania’s Grove City College, my undergraduate alma mater.


  182. How Much Is Enough?
  184. The Class is Always Keener on Our Own Side of the Street (General Article)
  185. Socialists at War
  186. Despite Governor’s Claims, Proposed Water Legacy Act Unnecessary, Existing Groundwater Laws Ample, Says Former DEQ Director
  187. Groundwater Regulation: An Assessment
    In proposing the Water Legacy Act, Gov. Jennifer Granholm is attempting to increase state regulation of groundwater use through a costly and intrusive permit regime. If enacted, this drastic change would upend longstanding water rights and further weaken Michigan’s economy.
  188. Charter Schools: 13 Years and Still Growing
  190. MEGA: 10 Years With Little To Show
    MEGA’s attempt to pick winners and losers is a poor substitute for improving the fundamentals of Michigan’s business climate.
  191. Is the Governor’s Water Legacy Act All Wet?
    More water is diverted into the Great Lakes than is siphoned out, and groundwater supplies are regularly replenished and remain abundant.
  192. Remembering George Sutherland: Defender of the Constitution
    So persuasive was Sutherland, and so bad was the NRA, that the Supreme Court voted unanimously that the law was unconstitutional.
  193. Abandoning Prison Privatization Will Cost Michigan Taxpayers
  194. Ann Arbor Trailblazers
  195. Catholic Schools and the Common Good
  196. Freedom and the Organ Shortage
  197. Great Lakes Legislation Ill-Conceived and Ill-Advised
  199. Multiplying the Power of Informed Citizens
  200. Issues & Ideas Luncheon, April 2005
  201. Testimony by Michael D. LaFaive to the Michigan House Commerce Committee
  203. Limit Government; Don’t Run It Like A Business
  204. April 18: Another Day of Reckoning
  205. April 15
  206. MEGA: A Retrospective Assessment
    April 18, 2005 marks the 10th anniversary of The Michigan Economic Growth Authority, a program established by Michigan government with the mission of spurring in-state job creation and business investment. The authority is the state of Michigan’s agent for selecting firms to receive Single Business Tax credits in return for creating new facilities and jobs in Michigan.
  208. Extensive Study of Michigan Economic Growth Authority Finds Weak Track Record and No Significant Economic Effects
  209. Michigan’s Math Standards Receive a “C”
  210. Michigan Education Report (2005-01)
  211. Government, Poverty and Self-Reliance: Wisdom From 19th Century Presidents

    This essay is an edited version of a speech originally given by Lawrence W. Reed, president emeritus of the Mackinac Center, at the inaugural conference of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College in April 2005.

  212. John Paul II: Affirming the Importance of Refuge from the State
  213. Breaking the Business Tax Deadlock
  215. From Hospitals to Tsunami Relief: Lessons of Charles Hackley
    Millions of Americans have contributed generously, just as they were accustomed to doing a century ago, because Americans have long believed that people voluntarily helping people is the way civil society is meant to work.
  216. Her Own Personal Autoworld (Viewpoint of Public Issues)

    More than 50 years of economic development history in Michigan should be enough to convince us that the economic development emperor has no clothes.

  217. To Own or Be Owned: That Is the Question
    “Ownership” as a general concept is never at issue in any society. It is neither possible nor desirable to construct a society in which people or the material things they create are not “owned.”
  218. Freedom to Learn: Rebooted
  219. Judge Paul Gadola: A Win for the Federalists
  220. Wage Law: The “Right to Work”
  222. States’ English Standards Still Need Improvement, Study Says
  223. Right-Sizing Military Infrastructure
  224. The Visionary and the Reactionary
  225. No Cop-Out Left Behind
  227. Tax Breaks for Hybrid Buyers
  228. Happy Anniversary, Free Speech
  229. MEGA Promises Versus MEGA Realities
  230. Wetlands Law Mired in a Bog
  232. The Economic Effects of the Minimum Wage
  233. The Price of Leadership
  234. Site Selection Rankings Are Questionable Indicator of Success
  235. Analyst: “Site Selection rankings provide only a limited picture of a state’s economy”
  237. A Quick Guide to the Scholarly Literature on School Choice
  238. The “Payless Payday”
    What’s the moral for state leaders today? The lasting and meaningful question is always, “Am I doing the right thing?”
  239. Watkins Debacle Shows Need for Basic Education Reforms
    If the Michigan Board of Education, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the state Legislature hope to regain any credibility with the public, they must now show that they are serious about helping kids — and not just exiling people who offer straight talk about the system.
  240. A Fair Comparison: U.S. Students Lag in Math and Science
    The notion that America’s public school problems are confined to inner cities, and that our wealthy suburbs produce world-beating high school graduates, is a myth.
  241. Trying Too Hard to Be Cool
  242. Prudent Investor
  243. Job Search
  245. Her Own Personal "Autoworld" (General Article)
  246. To Own or Be Owned: That Is the Question (Original Version)
  247. Government Encouragement
  248. Liberty at the Threshold
  249. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 22, 2005
  250. David L. Littmann Encourages State Legislators “To Sort Wheat From Chaff” in Book “Price of Government”
  251. Reinventing a Broken Wheel
  252. 4M: The Real Structural Problem
  253. IMPACT Winter 2005
  254. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 15, 2005
  255. School Budgets: A Crisis of Management, Not Finance
  256. Water Softener
  257. Borrowing Time?
  258. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 8, 2005
  259. “200 Pounds of Rock-Solid Muscle, Sir!”
  260. The Great Emigration
    If people are the lifeblood of a city, then Detroit is bleeding to death. Staunching the flow will require a dramatic improvement in the city’s schools.
  261. Creating Clear Signals on Telecom
    Telecom firms are understandably reluctant to invest in markets where regulators wield power arbitrarily.
  262. Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and Liberty
    We cannot know what views Douglass and Washington might hold if they were alive today. But it’s worth remembering that the injustice and racial discrimination they faced in their era were at least as unforgiving as any persecution experienced in America in recent decades.
  263. By the Time I Got Back From Phoenix...
  264. How Ideology Perpetuates the Achievement Gap
  265. In Celebration of Black History Month, 2005
  266. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 1, 2005
  267. Michigan at the Crossroads
  268. Mackinac Center President Calls for Eliminating SBT Through Spending Cuts, and for Deregulation of Telecom
  269. Issues & Ideas Luncheon, January 2005
  270. Regulating the Regulators: Adopt a “No-More-Stringent” Law
  271. Dare We Compare?
  272. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 25, 2005
  273. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick cites Mackinac Center
    Mackinac Center cited by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in a speech on budget cuts. Fox News (video).
  274. Lansing Must Embrace Basic Reform Following the Watkins Debacle
  275. Revisiting Cobo
  276. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 18, 2005
  277. The $200 Million Question
  278. Toyota Land Deal: Unequal Treatment, Awful Outcome
  279. Presidential Demeanor?
  280. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 11, 2005
  281. Michigan at the Crossroads
    The world economy is relentlessly, ruthlessly competitive. Michigan has no entitlement to a healthy economic future. Unless Lansing finds the courage to abandon “business‑as‑usual,” the state’s economy — and the people of Michigan — will fall further and further behind.
  282. A New Beginning: Ending the Single Business Tax
    Only eliminating the SBT and ensuring a bold net reduction in business taxes can begin to trump Michigan’s other handicaps in its economic competition with other states and nations. Even eliminating the SBT and cutting state spending dollar-for-dollar is not impossible; the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has detailed billions in potential state budget savings in areas like Medicaid, education and corrections.
  283. Watkins Gets It Right
  284. Ending the Evolutionary War
  285. Jack McHugh Discusses the State Legislature's 2004 Tax Hikes on WAAM's "The Careful Capitalist"
    Mackinac Center Legislative Analyst Jack McHugh discussed the legislature’s recent tax and fee increase votes with host Mark Robinson on WAAM radio’s “The Careful Capitalist” program. McHugh explained how the pressure to spend still overcomes politicians’ recognition that Michigan’s taxes and government will need to get smaller. This is a failure of will that has a very real cost to our economy and our freedom.
  286. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 4, 2005
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