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  1. The Granholm Administration: A Review of Year One
  2. Michigan Education Report (2003 Hiatus)
    Michigan Education Report was not printed in 2003.
  3. Ask the Economist: The Benefits of Right-to-Work Laws; and What Is Inflation?
  4. Public Policy and American Business: The Privatization Revolution
  5. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 23, 2003
  6. Federal Labor Law Aggravates NMH Strike
  7. Greater Transparency Could Have Helped Budget Battlers
  8. Charities Lobby for Higher Taxes
  9. Mackinac Center Applauds DNR’s Contract for Private Management of State-Owned Ski Area
  10. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 16, 2003
  11. Why Michigan Should Start Refusing Federal Funds
  12. Consolidating Elections Is The Right Thing To Do
  13. Interview About Michigan’s “Cool Cities” Campaign, for “On Point,” Public Radio’s Nationally Syndicated Evening News Program
  14. Your Tax Dollars At Work
  15. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 9, 2003
  16. Telecom Regs Stifle Competition and Investment, Raising Costs and Killing Jobs, Analyst Says
  17. Video of Former FCC Chief Economist Thomas W. Hazlett, Speaking on the Failure of Federal Telecom Policy and What Should Be Done About It
  18. Joseph P. Overton Library Dedication
  19. MSU School Finance Study Too Narrow to Support Tax Hike Recommendation
  20. Crossed Lines: Regulatory Missteps in Telecom Policy
    Violation of property rights is the defining feature of current telecom policy.
  21. Issues & Ideas Luncheon, December 2003
  22. Charter School Forces Flint Public Schools to Compete
  23. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 2, 2003
  24. Are Targeted Incentives Constitutional?
  25. Solving the Organ Donation Crisis Through Incentives
    As LifeSharers grows, so does the incentive to become a registered donor: preferred access to an ever-larger pool of donated organs.
  26. Lack of Transparency Complicates State Budget Challenge
    No one — neither the governor, nor the legislative appropriations committees, nor the heads of 20 state departments can know where all the money is going.
  27. Land Preservation Double-Cross
    A slim majority of county commissioners has so far refused to put the millage on the ballot, citing significant unanswered questions about its economic effects.
  28. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 25, 2003
  29. Want to Monitor Your State Government? Now, It’s Easy
  30. Government Cancels Christmas; Civil Society Restores It
  31. Privatization: Back to School with Privatization
  32. Dumping Retirees
  33. The Fallacy of State Economic "Unilateral Disarmament"
  34. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 18, 2003
  35. NMH Nurses’ Vote Puts Hospital, Teamsters in Legal Limbo
  36. The Time Is Right for a Right-To-Work Law
  37. Petoskey Nurses Vote Today
  38. Taxpayers Fund Lobbying for Internet Access Tax
  39. Veterans' Homes: Privatization Could Mean Lower Costs, Better Service (General Article)
  40. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 11, 2003
  41. Measure Land Preservation Program by Its Results, Not Its Goals
  42. The Pros and Cons of Zero-Based Budgeting
  43. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 4, 2003
  44. MESSA: Keeping School Districts From Saving Money on Health Care
  45. How to Make Cities “Cool”
    Our state and its city governments would do better to focus on their more important functions (schools, roads and public safety, for example), which are often carried out in ways that are anything but cool.
  46. The Candy Police
    When state governments can tell local school districts what to do with regard to a detail as tiny as whether or not students can buy candy on school grounds, it’s time to question whether local control has become a thing of the past.
  47. French Fried by the Welfare State
    The French can advance civil society only when they get serious about replacing government programs with private initiative, when discussion gets beyond such infantile reasoning as, “If you want to cut government subsidies, you must be in favor of starving the elderly.”
  48. Mackinac Center to Host 13th Leadership Conference
  49. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 28, 2003
  50. Reinventing Education in Pennsylvania
  51. Remembering Grenada, Two Decades Later
  52. How the State Government Can Consolidate Human Resources
  53. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 21, 2003
  54. Let Automakers Increase Fuel Efficiency
  55. Great Things in Mind for Michigan
  56. Why Michigan Should Shelve its "Economic Development" Programs
  57. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 14, 2003
  58. Privatizing State Fairs Could Save Michigan Nearly $60 Million
  59. Habitat Destruction: Coral Reefs
  60. Eliminate MEDC, MEGA
  61. A Bit More Light on Union Finances
  62. 2,948 Jobs Won’t Be Created if State Income Tax Cut Delayed, Economic Model Shows
  63. Issues & Ideas Luncheon, October 2003
  64. Government Can’t Do Cool: How Overregulation Kills Cool, Hip Cities
  65. Analyst Says: Close Teacher Strike Loophole That Allowed Anti-Charter School Protest
  67. The Candy Police
  68. Don’t Blame Deregulation for the Blackout
    In the end, the blackout was primarily the result of failures at the transmission level — the level where almost no deregulation has occurred.
  69. Eliminate Intermediate School Districts
    ISDs have become bureaucracies in search of a mission — funded to the tune of $878 million per year in property taxes statewide — with abuses such as those at OISD as the result.
  70. Air Travel: A Hundred Years of Safety
    Rather than scrimp on safety measures to gain short-term profits, airlines have found it even more in their interest to ensure the safety of their passengers. No one makes money by putting passengers in danger.
  71. Detroit School Establishment Turns Away $200 million Gift
  72. Dow Foundation makes major grant to Mackinac Center
  73. S&P School Web Site Provides a Wealth of Data
  74. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 30, 2003
  75. Hearings Should Focus On Reforming Economic Development Policy, Mackinac Center Says
  76. Destruction Is No Blessing
  77. Air Travel: A Hundred Years of Safety
  78. Mackinac Center Calls State Report on NMH Strike "Deeply Flawed and Inflammatory"
  79. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 23, 2003
  80. Signs of Wisdom at UAW
  81. K-12 Education Funding Hinges on Appeal Now Before Supreme Court
  82. Michigan High Schoolers To Hone Debate Skills at Mackinac Center Workshops
  83. A Victory for the Gas-Powered Engine
  84. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 16, 2003
  85. Inaugural Presentation of the Overton Award
  86. Bay County Taxpayers Paying Extra for "Union Only" Deal
  87. The Ultimate Rationale for School Choice
  88. State Audit Questions MEDC Job Claims
  89. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 9, 2003
    * Granholm to give MEAP oversight back to Dept. of Education
    * Legislators want to overhaul Intermediate School Districts
    * New state dropout tracking system not delivering data, critics
    * D.C. voucher plan passes U.S. House
    * U.S. House Republicans introduce plan to slow college tuition
    * Private firm solving school district problems, taking heat from
    * COMMENTARY: Head Start reauthorization faces fight
    * Some Florida seniors can skip senior year
    * ANNOUNCEMENT: The Mackinac Center for Public Policy's 16th
    Annual High School Debate Workshops 2003
    * ANNOUNCEMENT: MSU Policy Briefing on "Educating Michigan's

  90. "Anti-Sprawl" Report Deeply Flawed
  91. FCC Order Will Fail to Open the Telecom Market
  92. New "tool tax" audits send mixed message to job providers
  93. Resource Conservation and Private Management Solutions
  94. Clare Schools Using Privatization to Keep Teachers
  95. The Best Way to Empower Workers
  96. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 2, 2003
    * To save money, public schools finding ways to keep enrollment
    * NAACP files suit to stop Florida achievement test
    * Michigan lawmakers to push school start past Labor Day
    * Schools try marketing to gain students
    * New York schools pay millions to get parents involved
    * Court dismisses school prayer lawsuit
    * Houston district docks officials' pay

  97. A Hard Pill for UAW Members to Swallow
    Gettelfinger no longer can shield UAW members from competitive pressure. Instead, the UAW must prepare domestic autoworkers for competition.
  98. Michigan’s Primary Land-Use Plan a Failure
    By every measure, Michigan remains largely a rural state. More than 18 million of Michigan’s 36 million acres is forestland, a share that has actually grown by 2 million acres in the past 20 years.
  99. Will Michigan Have its First Unionized Parochial High School?
    The risk for parochial and other religious schools in Michigan is that their mission could be undermined by having to cater to union demands.
  100. With Friends Like This, We're Winning
  101. Budget Balancing Endgame
  102. Agenda and Facts Collide in Land-Use Report
  103. Invest in the Future
  104. State Close To Deal To Privatize Porcupine Ski Area
  105. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 26, 2003
    * Oakland Intermediate School District board members refuse to
    resign amid financial scandal
    * Fees for school activities increase
    * USA Class of 2003 lags in math, science scores
    * Miami teachers' union chief pleads guilty to fraud
    * Educating illegal immigrants costs $7.4 billion per year
    * COMMENTARY: Granholm should support Detroit charter bill

  106. Ripe for Reform: Binding Arbitration
  107. Eliminate Intermediate School Districts
  108. A Hard Pill for UAW Members to Swallow
  109. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 19, 2003
    * Michigan's Republican Senators send Granholm scaled-down
    charter school bill
    * Teacher shortage now a teacher glut
    * State Dept. of Education strikes down district's activity fee
    * More states using high school exit exams
    * Department of Education clarifies free speech guidelines
    * Power outage disrupts Detroit area school preparations

  110. Don’t Blame Deregulation for the Blackout
  111. Land-Use Council Prescribes Social Engineering
  112. Re-Hyping the Head Start Program
  113. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 12, 2003
    * Studies, testimony show higher spending doesn't improve
    * Michigan district may be charging tuition, officials allege
    * Per-pupil spending to be unaltered
    * Critics say states hard pressed to pay for new federal
    * Houston school district officials falsified dropout rates
    * Poll: Most believe affirmative action can't make up for past

  114. Charter Schools Don’t Need More Michigan Department of Education "Oversight"
  115. Michigan's Farmland Preservation Program: An Assessment
    Michigan’s principal land preservation program has failed to achieve its goals.
  116. Lawrence W. Reed Named Advisor to LifeSharers
  117. State’s Largest Land Preservation Program a Failure
    * Bill package aims at increased accountability for intermediate
    * Senate Head Start bills reject House proposal for state
    * Wayne State University raises tuition
    * Creationism bill introduced in Michigan House
    * Massachusetts superintendent fails mandatory English test
    * German schools in trouble

  119. Remarks Before the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce
  120. Paul Kersey on the Petoskey hospital strike on Michigan Public Radio
  121. Will Michigan Have its First Unionized Parochial High School?
  122. The Headlee Amendment: Serving Michigan for 25 Years
    We could have what Colorado has: a Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which limits spending growth to population growth plus inflation and requires immediate refunds of surplus revenues above that limit.
  123. Reverse Robin Hoods at the University of Michigan
    It makes no sense to hold tuition below market rates if it doesn’t achieve the goal of giving a financial leg up to students from poorer families.
  124. Repeal Michigan’s Anti-Takeover Law
    Anti-takeover laws … often promote the very harms they are supposed to prevent, while imposing great costs and delays on the shareholders and other stakeholders in the corporations.
  126. State Should Remain Neutral in Hospital Strike
  127. A New Baseball Statistic for Opening Day
  128. Draculand: Romanian Central Planners to Subsidize Dracula Theme Park
    * MEAP scores to arrive late
    * Granholm to veto education cuts
    * D.C. voucher opponent shifts opinion
    * Union attempts to organize Catholic school
    * Urban students behind in reading, writing
    * Study: Private schools in India effectively serve the poor

  130. Jack McHugh, Guest on "Politics with Bill Ballenger," WKAR Radio
  131. Giving Laptops to Sixth Graders Won’t Improve Their Education
  132. Repeal the Michigan Control Shares Acquisition Act of 1988
  133. IMPACT Spring 2003
  134. We're All Licensees Now
  135. State looks to build venture capital for high-risk startups
  136. Stronger Incentives for Organ Donation Save Lives
  137. Why Haven’t Michigan’s High Teacher Salaries Improved Student Performance?
  138. Joseph P. Overton: Character for a Free Society
    * School districts will pay part of laptop program cost
    * Charters outperform traditional schools on tests
    * Report: Nation lacks qualified teachers
    * Fraud allegedly plagues federal school Internet fund
    * "Head Start" pilot program generates opposition
    * University of Michigan raises tuition

  140. Measurement: The Key to Charter School Marketing
  141. MEDC Budget Cut a Step in the Right Direction
  142. MEA Tells Members to Quit Reading Mackinac Center Journal
  143. Legislation Would Resurrect Michigan’s Un-Dead Death Tax
  144. Lessons from the First Airplane (Long Version)
    * Hundreds returned to list of failing schools in Michigan
    * School districts across the nation contract out services to
    save money
    * Teachers union relaxes opposition to "No Child Left Behind"
    * Governments often take huge bites out of lottery money for
    * House revises teacher college standards
    * Editorial: More money for schools ineffective without reform

  146. Privatization: Fashionable and Sensible
  147. Americans Work Until Today to Pay for Government
  148. Executive with think tank killed in ultralight crash
  149. My Good Friend Joe
  150. Eulogies for Joseph Overton
  151. News Stories, Columns, Poems, and Web Sites Dedicated to Joseph Overton
  152. Eulogy by the Hon. John Moolenaar
  153. Why 1851?
  154. Eulogy by June Cramer
  155. Thank You For Expressions of Condolence, Tribute and Support
    * Union Says Michigan teacher salaries 2nd in nation
    * Students' history knowledge lacking
    * Flint public schools advertise to compete with charters
    * President Bush touts D.C. tuition voucher program
    * Survey: Parents support school grading plan

  157. Eulogy by Scott Overton
  158. Teamsters May Be Set to Lose Petoskey Hospital Strike
  159. Lessons from the First Airplane
    Just nine days after Langley’s failure, the Wrights took turns flying their carefully designed plane for as long as 59 seconds at Kitty Hawk. The craft cost them about $1,000. It cost American taxpayers nothing.
  160. The Driving-Point Tax: River of Money Could Corrupt Cops, Courts
    Minor offenses aren’t overlooked. For example, a motorist unable to find his or her proof of insurance when requested by a police officer — even if they were, in fact, insured — would be assessed $300.
  161. Eulogy by Lawrence W. Reed
  162. Eulogy by Joseph G. Lehman
  163. Ford Did Indeed Have A Better Idea
    It was clear to Ford that hard work and entrepreneurial risk-taking were the sources of America’s great wealth. “Our help does not come from Washington, but from ourselves,” he wrote. “The government is our servant and never should be anything but a servant.”
  164. Mackinac Center Mourns Loss of Leader
  165. Personal Tributes from Around the Nation and the World
  166. Select News Stories - Joseph Overton
  167. Tributes from Joe Overton's Mackinac Center Colleagues
  168. Joseph P. Overton
  169. Joseph Overton Visitation and Funeral Times and Places
  171. Wedding Toast to Joseph and Helen Overton
    * Michigan House to take up charter school bill
    * Disabled students bill receives U.S. Senate committee approval
    * Legal obstacles, budgets slow spread of tuition vouchers
    * Commentary: Dropout rates deceiving
    * Washington, D.C. schools threaten to fire employees who misuse
    credit cards
    * California charters on par with traditional schools

  173. Does the Michigan Economic Development Corporation Even Matter?
  174. Regression Analysis Results
  175. Independent Ideas Are Needed to Save Money
    * U.S. Supreme Court upholds race-based law school admissions,
    overturns undergraduate 'point' system
    * Computer program tracks teacher development
    * "Nation's Report Card" cause for celebration, concern
    * Commentary: Shorter school day is counterproductive
    * Parents happy with Florida voucher program
    * Money keeps Washington, D.C. public schools from competing with

  177. Non-Profit Housing Legislation Might Result in Less Housing for the Poor
  178. Prescription Drug Advertising: Problem or Solution?
  179. Supercenters—And Shoppers—Under Attack
    * President Bush praises states for education reform
    * Think tank says school choice can revitalize inner cities
    * New York parents happy with charter schools
    * Legislature approves optional four-day school week
    * Commentary: Teacher unions may interfere with reforms
    * Washington, D.C. charter school closes itself for poor performance
    * Elimination of research papers leaves students unprepared for college

  181. WE Can Stop the Spam!
  182. Muskegon ferry loan shouldn't be granted
    * Education secretary approves Michigan accountability plan
    * Teachers often scapegoats, says survey
    * Commentary: Anti-privatization law is bad policy for schools
    * Report finds Head Start programs don't give students head start
    * Charter school authorizers perform well despite roadblocks
    * Professors push for formal grammar lessons

  184. Consolidate School Elections with General Elections
  185. What’s Wrong with Government Funding of the Arts?
  186. Cool It With the Committee on “Cool”
    * Granholm proposes new need-based scholarship
    * Study: Most teachers paid relatively well
    * Some Washington state districts exaggerate budgets to obtain
    * Report: Charter schools have more teachers who teach outside
    their subject areas
    * Students call "free speech zones" unconstitutional
    * Texas school funding system to be changed
    * NOTICE: Mackinac Center announces high school debate workshop
    schedule, speakers

  188. Beachfront Property Rights Need Protection
    Regulators would do far better … to focus attention on the dumping of raw sewage and chemicals that are triggering abnormal plant and algae growth along the lakeshore.
  189. Michigan Unions Continue to Lose Support among Workers
    Labor unions should abandon the old, outmoded adversarial model of labor relations and instead study ways they can create a better atmosphere; in which labor and management cooperatively solve problems in ways that promote free enterprise.
  190. Contract Out School Services Before Laying Off Teachers
    The fact that poor-performing private companies have been fired — a point the MEA makes very clear — doesn’t prove that privatization doesn’t work. It proves that it does.
  191. The Driving-Point Tax: A River of Money Could Corrupt Cops, Courts
  192. Mackinac Center will use Economic Model to Analyze Michigan Tax Proposals
  193. History Shows Markets, Not Politicians, Should Set Gas Prices
    * Study claims poor and minorities have limited access to school
    * Parents upset over vote to end Louisiana school vouchers
    * First Lady asks schools to keep educational programs
    * Supreme Court to decide on public funding for religious
    * Researchers challenge validity of study finding after-school
    programs of little help to students
    * Michigan Merit Award criteria questioned

  195. Mackinac Center Says Supreme Court FMLA Ruling Could Open Dangerous Policy Door
  196. Dealing with Urban Sprawl the Free Market Way
  197. Should Government Hand Out Economic Favors?
  198. Whose Mailbox is it Anyway?
  199. Government Should Neither Favor nor Oppose Labor Unions
  200. Issues & Ideas Luncheon, May 2003
  201. Dear Governor: Please Don’t Offer My Business Special Favors
    A business owner writes the governor.
    * Michigan Senate votes to restore school funding
    * Granholm meets with "failing schools" principals
    * Minority leaders plan protests against Florida achievement test
    * Intermediate school district approves bus privatization
    * Union leader attacks "No Child Left Behind" Act
    * McBain schools approves schools-of-choice program

  203. Testimony on House Resolution No. 42 – A resolution to memorialize the Congress of the United States to enact the President's tax cut proposals
  204. Corporate Welfare in Telecom Harms Consumers
  205. Winners Never Quit, and Quitters Never Win
  206. Government Subsidy Machine
    * Charter schools cost less, study finds
    * State school budget shortfall larger than expected
    * National testing may cost more than expected
    * Doctors say mood drugs overused by schools
    * Bill would allow students to carry cell phones
    * D.C. Mayor says District students "trapped in bad schools"

  208. No Money Where Your Mouth Is
  209. Should Government Deny Workers a Choice in Comp-Time?
  210. Policy Analyst: For Safety of Residents,
    Privatize Detroit Public Housing

  211. State debates MEDC’s value
    * FBI raids Florida teachers' union headquarters
    * Commentary: Charter schools still misunderstood
    * Federal government issues school prayer guidelines
    * Some Michigan schools lack qualified teachers
    * States fail to list districts in need of improvement

  213. DNR Purchased at Least $16 Million-Worth of Michigan Land Knowing It Could Not Pay Its Taxes
  214. Eagle Sightings Signal Improved Michigan Water Quality
    The United States and Canada have identified 14 areas within Michigan’s jurisdiction in which water quality does not support a full range of uses, such as drinking or fish consumption.
  215. County Police Can Patrol Highways for Less
    The state could give grants to county sheriff departments equivalent to 77 percent of the amount it currently spends for road patrols, or $128 million. This would allow sheriff’s departments to hire more deputies, and also boost their overhead to support the expanded operations.
  216. Frivolous, Trendy Teacher Training in Michigan
    “The curricula offered by university education departments are heavy on fuzzy ‘self-wareness,’ ‘multicultural,’ and other faddish or politicized material, and light on the hard knowledge of the subjects that teachers must eventually teach.”
  217. If DNR Can’t Pay Its Property Taxes, It Should Sell Some Land
  218. Decline in Union Membership Part of Long-Term Trend, Analyst Says
  219. How the State Should Encourage Economic Development
    * State allows new charter schools
    * Report finds students' writing skills decline
    * African-American parents embracing home schooling
    * Protests organized against education budget cuts
    * Michigan schools confirm prayer is protected

  221. Arkansas and Ohio Should Emulate Michigan’s Proposal ‘A’
  222. What Is the Best Way to Teach Reading?
    * Colorado passes voucher law
    * Math and science education decline in Britain
    * Denver teachers may receive merit pay
    * Commentary: Charter school decision ignores the law
    * State education departments fear federal funding won't cover
    cost of mandates under "No Child Left Behind" Act

  224. Property Rights, Condemnation, and Special Interests


    Taking property from families to flip to commercial developers is a great way to generate increased property tax revenues and future campaign contributions. Of course, this scam makes a mockery of private property rights.

    Main text word count: 790

  225. Legislature’s First 100 Days Documented by
  226. How We’ll Know When We’ve Won
    * Hundreds of Michigan schools fail federal requirements
    * Ypsilanti Public Schools uncovers illegal computer software
    * Michigan House approves time limit on charter school decisions
    * Virus disrupts students' travel plans
    * Education official touts religious schools
    * NOTICE: Free seminar for economics teachers

  228. Freedom or Free-for-All?
  229. The Poverty of the United Nations
    * Senate favors August vote on retaining Detroit reform board
    * Utica School District to accept nonresident students
    * Affirmative action case may affect primary education
    * National Education Association reports $47 million in political
    * NYC Mayor Bloomberg's school curriculum reform meets strong
    * Notice: free seminar for economics teachers

  231. Regulatory Power Threatens Rights of Beachfront Property Owners
  232. High Health-Care Costs Affect Auto Insurance
  233. Abolishing MEDC a Great Idea, but Not the Only One
  234. Remembering Prague Spring
    The freedoms aborted in 1968 were won in the “Velvet Revolution” of November 1989 when, sapped of any moral legitimacy or resolve, communist rule and Soviet domination evaporated as millions of jubilant Czechs danced in the streets.
  235. Feds Endanger Michigan Ferry Business
    How refreshing it would be for the federal government to advise the folks at Lake Express LLC, “If you need money to make money, then go get it the honest way: Prove yourself to your investors and to your customers.”
  236. A Way to Ease the Pain of Budget Cuts
    By what standard of social justice does the state inflate the wages of workers who would most likely be earning above-average wages without government intervention?
  237. Don’t Stifle Telecom Competition, Analyst Warns
  238. Will Unions & Management Team Up to Preserve Northwest Airlines?
  239. Don’t Stifle Telecom Competition
    * Nearly 400 Michigan schools may face federal sanctions for
    * D.C. board of education president outrages establishment with
    commentary approving vouchers
    * Milwaukee school board member says union is targeting voucher
    advocates for defeat
    * Abandonment of bilingual education is working in California
    * Security expert says schools could become terrorist target
    * Granholm gives thumbs up to Bush education plan
    * Notice: free seminar for economics teachers

  241. Frivolous, Trendy Teacher Training In Michigan
    * Charter school bill passes Michigan House
    * State universities plan tuition hikes
    * Lawmakers push for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
    * New plan would reinstate Michigan Merit Award
    * U.S. House resolution condemns 9th Circuit's Pledge of
    Allegiance ruling

  243. "Outside the Box" Police Proposal Would Save Taxpayers $65 Million
  244. The Declaration, the Constitution, and the Brilliance of the Founders
  245. Paycheck Protection:  A Matter of Fairness
  246. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: The British Connection
    * Public school debt reaches $200 billion
    * Secretary of Education defends No Child Left Behind Act
    * School choice increases funding, say schools
    * Parochial schools oppose standardized testing, cheer vouchers
    * Michigan schools sign prayer agreement

  248. Private Fitness Programs Show How Civil Society Works
    * MEA may raise teacher dues by maximum amount
    * Granholm budget would restore public school funding, cut
    * Editorial: Keep tracking school spending in hard times
    * High-stakes testing overemphasized, says study
    * Schools receive federal anti-terrorism funding
    * California school district plans to appeal pledge ruling

  250. Knowing the Real Impact of Government
  251. MEA Teachers Face Maximum Dues Hike to Ease $10 Million Union Shortfall
  252. News Stories Prompted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy Study of the Clean Michigan Initiative
  253. Michigan Education Association Dues Increase Memo
    This Feb. 6 memo from MEA officers to MEA members was obtained by Michigan Education Digest, a publication of the Mackinac Center. It explains to MEA members why their dues may be going up by $111.90 per year.
  254. From this Week's Michigan Education Digest:
  255. Seventy Years Since FDR: A Time To Remember John T. Flynn
  256. Lawrence Reed and a panel of journalists discuss the state budget on Off the Record
  257. Governor prepares to deal with huge shortfall in first budget proposal
    * State law gives financial incentive for district consolidation
    * Detroit Public Schools denies misspending Title I grant money
    * Plymouth-Canton Community Schools restricts students' wartime
      television access
    * Legislators withdraw alternate school budget-cutting options
    * Kilpatrick criticizes proposed cuts in federal after-school
    * Court allows controversial Pledge of Allegiance ruling to stand

  259. Associated Press State and Local Wire
  260. Mackinac Center Offers Granholm, Legislature Specifics for More than $2 Billion in Budget Savings
  261. Recommendations to Strengthen Civil Society and Balance Michigan's State Budget
    If Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the Michigan Legislature need specifics on how to close Michigan’s looming $1.7 billion budget deficit, they need look no further than the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s new report on balancing the state budget, released today.

    More than 200 specific recommendations from Mackinac Center analysts total more than $2 billion in cost savings and revenue enhancements. All budget reductions, including those involving federal funds, total $3.7 billion. 157 pages.
  262. Michigan Court of Appeals Accepts Appeal To Dismiss Teachers’ Union Attack
  263. Gov. Granholm: Profile in Budget Courage
    With government at all levels consuming over 40 percent of national income — more than ever before in our nation’s history — now is the time for bold initiatives to re-shape what state government does and does not do.
  264. How to Fix the Organ Donation Crisis
    Who can calculate the value of a life saved or the improvement in the quality of life of a dialysis patient or of one who is constantly being admitted to hospitals with congestive heart failure?
  265. Attack on SUVs Unwarranted
    Highway safety in general has dramatically improved despite a doubling of licensed drivers and twice as many registrations. The fatality rate hit a historic low of 1.51 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2001, down from 5.5 in 1966.
  266. Long-term Rx for state budget
  267. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 25, 2003
    * U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Detroit school takeover case
    * Rochester schools may pull students out of International
       Baccalaureate Academy to save money
    * National PTA losing membership
    * Michigan schools examine alternate budget-cutting plan
    * Report: After-school programs cost $1 billion per year, don't
    * Michigan universities claim nothing left to cut from budgets

  268. School Choice Interview on WDEO Radio
    Brian Carpenter talks about school choice on WDEO Radio's "Kresta in the Afternooon."
  269. House Committee Approves Living Wage Preemption
    Mackinac Center analyst testifies that prohibition of local wage laws is “appropriate” measure
  270. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 18, 2003
    * Michigan schools consider four-day weeks
    * Kilpatrick replaces Detroit school board
    * Fight for private-school scholarships brews in Washington, D.C.
    * Portage Public Schools privatizes driver training, saves money
    * Canton subdivisions petition to switch school districts
    * Commentary: Parental control key to fixing schools

  271. Testimony on H.B. 4160
  272. Executive Order Cuts School District Funding
  273. K-mart: Another MEGA Failure
  274. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 11, 2003
    * Livonia ties administrators' pay increases to M.E.A.P. scores
    * Senate bill would raise dropout age to 18
    * Study finds more African Americans choosing home schooling
    * Pennsylvania district introduces plan to grade parents
    * Study: Greater school funding doesn't always mean higher
    M.E.A.P. scores
    * Gun fire strikes school board member's home
    * Michigan requests leniency for federal "failing schools"
    * New York parents sue schools for choice guaranteed under
    federal law

  275. Privatization: Catch It If You Can
  276. IMPACT Winter 2003
  277. MEGA Corporate Tax Loophole Worth $45.5 Million
  278. Celebrating Dr. Hans F. Sennholz on His 81st Birthday
  279. Gov. Granholm Proposes 14 Expansions of Government, 6 Limitations
  280. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 4, 2003
    * Coalition urges tax increases to fill state budget gaps
    * Michigan Education Association reports $10.7 million deficit
    * Oakland Schools dismisses superintendent
    * GAO releases biannual report on performance of U.S. Dept. of
    * Commentary: The truth about grade inflation
    * D.C. teachers union investigation broadens to bank

  281. Mackinac Center: Cut this and this ...
  282. Historic Preservation for Strip Malls?
    Surely, no property owner can be expected to underwrite the private operations of tenants who are running fledgling businesses that may not be able to survive in the marketplace of supply and demand.
  283. A Lesson from Great Britain
    For a visitor to give every exhibit the attention it deserved would have required 200 hours in the building.
  284. Time to Refocus Special Education on Reading Achievement
    The fact that the IDEA program comes with federal money [means] school districts have a strong incentive to classify more students as being learning disabled.
  285. Northern Iraq: An Unusual Reminder of Freedom
  286. New Website Provides "One-Stop Shopping" for State Budget Research
  287. Prevailing Wage Repeal Would Save State $400 Million Annually
  288. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 28, 2003
    * Study: Public schools resegregating
    * East Lansing school district forced to cut millions
    * Boston Teachers Union demands greater spending from financially
    troubled district
    * AFT dissolves D.C. teachers' union leadership; takes over amid
    theft allegations
    * State education budget problems hurt charter school enrollment
    * Editorial: Class sizes not affected by hiring more teachers

  289. Health Care: Let’s Put People First, Not Government
  290. Does Holland, Michigan Need 'Living Wage'?
  291. Major Ag Cuts Advocated
  293. Sales Tax on Services Is Bad Policy
  294. The Folly of "Living Wage" Laws
  295. Forthcoming study will recommend more than $1 billion in total savings
    Mackinac Center report identifies $34 million in state agriculture department savings; $59 million in one-time revenue.
  296. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 21, 2003
    * Granholm to cut school funding
    * Editorial: President Bush right to oppose affirmative action
    * Commentary: Granholm wants new early-childhood programs
    * Poll: Grand Traverse area residents split on effectiveness of
    Proposal A
    * State begins rating schools

  297. Proposed Budget Reductions for the Michigan Department of Agriculture

    Gov. Granholm and the Michigan Legislature can save $34 million in the state agriculture budget, and sell state land for another $59 million.

  298. New Labor Rule Would Improve Union Financial Accountability
  299. Senate Bill Would Revive Telephone Price Controls
  300. Granholm’s Resistance to Tax Hikes Is Sound Policy
  301. Proposed Rulemaking on Labor Organization Annual Financial Reports
  302. Cut State Spending
  303. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 14, 2003
    * Think tank asks Court of Appeals to dismiss MEA lawsuit
    * District of Columbia teachers' union misspends millions
    * STUDY: Michigan teacher quality lacking
    * Metro Detroit superintendents seek help to bridge language gap
    * New study shows positive public school response to school choice

  304. Telephone Rate Regulation Rings Hollow
  305. New Hope for Free Markets in Africa’s Most Populous Nation
  306. Michigan’s Prison Costs And What To Do About Them
  307. Department of Labor Proposes New Union Financial Reporting Rules
  308. Associated Press State and Local Wire
  309. Why Tax Credits Are Better than Vouchers
    Senior Fellow Andrew Coulson writes for The Independent Review, defending tax credits as the best vehicle for choice in education.
  310. Mackinac Center asks Michigan appeals court to dismiss union legal attack
  311. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 7, 2003
    * Detroit plan for 15 charter schools fails
    * Warren Consolidated district contemplates closing schools
    * Study claims testing harms students
    * Honor society established for home school students
    * Bush announces increased aid for low-income students

  312. Union Agreement Threatens West Michigan
    Union corporate campaigns and undemocratic, push-button labor deals run roughshod over the rights of employers and employees to fairly and freely make their own decisions about unionization.
  313. Reviewing the Engler Tenure
    No governor in recent Michigan history has done more to lighten the state tax burden than John Engler. Michigan has made more progress in this regard than any other major state.
  314. Thomas M. Cooley and the Role of Government
    Cooley was no advocate for special privileges and perks for the wealthy or politically well-connected, and he condemned the cozy, corrupt relationships that often tied powerful interests and government.
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