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  1. The Top 25 Current Comments of 2006
  2. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 26, 2006
  3. Private Compassion is the Best Cure for Michigan’s Pain
  4. The Failure of Government Intervention: Buy Union this Christmas
  5. IMPACT Winter 2007
  6. Driving Privatization Excitement
  7. John Riecker Joins Mackinac Center Board of Directors
  8. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 19, 2006
  9. Two Who Made a Difference
  10. Venezuela’s Destiny
  11. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 12, 2006
  12. From Worst to First: The Best Business Tax is None
  13. Governor’s Mercury Proposal Lacks Sound Science
  14. A Shared Destiny
  15. Greeley and Bobsy: Wellsprings of Freedom
  16. Incentives Matter, at Any Age
  17. ‘Economic Icon’ Dale M. Haywood
  18. Study Finds Cabela’s Has No County Jobs Impact
  19. Assessing Stricter Mercury Controls in Michigan
    On April 17, 2006, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm directed the Department of Environmental Quality to draft a rule under the state’s Clean Air Act to reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants by 90 percent. The governor ordered the reductions to occur in two phases. The first phase is supposed to entail the reduction schedule established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last year. The second phase is supposed to exceed the federal requirements by reducing emissions 90 percent by the year 2015.
  20. Governor’s Mercury Directive Lacks Sound Scientific Basis
  21. Internet Policy Strictly a Federal Prerogative
  22. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST December 5, 2006
  23. The AFL-CIO Picks the U.N. Over the Constitution
    How we interpret our labor law, or any other law for that matter, is for us to decide, not a foreign dictator or world body.
  24. Time to Get Serious About School Employee Pension Reform
    Private-sector employers are realizing defined-benefit systems like MPSERS do not serve today’s aging and mobile workforce.
  25. Property Owners Hit by Regulatory Takings Deserve Compensation
    Regulatory takings occur when the government enacts a regulation or law that diminishes the value of the property but does not take ownership.
  26. Businesses Taxes: A Pernicious Sham
  27. Youth Violence and the Media
  28. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 28, 2006
  29. Grover Cleveland and Sound Currency
  30. Thankful for Think Tanks
  31. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 21, 2006
  32. Michigan Education Report (2006-04)
  33. How Milton Friedman Influenced Michigan and the World
  34. Mackinac Center in the New York Times
  35. In Memory of Milton Friedman
  36. New York Times Story Describes Mackinac Center President as “Johnny Appleseed” of Free-Market State Policy Think Tanks
  37. Proposal 5 Defeat Means Voters Want Changes
  38. Around the State 2006-02
  39. MichiganScience No. 1
    MichiganScience is a Mackinac Center quarterly magazine that helps meet the need for accurate and accessible information about the increasingly complex scientific issues confronting voters and lawmakers. The magazine reflects the idea that even the most technical scientific policy issues can be discussed with lively prose and compelling visuals.
  40. Mackinac Center Launches New Science Magazine
  41. Is it Smarter to Lower Michigan’s Investment Disincentives a Lot or a Little?
  42. Mackinac Center Files Friend of the Court Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Cases Involving Use of Union Fees for Political Causes
  43. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 14, 2006
  44. Trash Talkin’ Politicians
  45. Michigan’s Gross State Product Plummet Shows Need for Changes
  46. Let Market Decide Tiger Stadium’s Fate
  47. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST November 7, 2006
  48. Subsidized Art Isn’t Free Expression
  49. Arrest Pontiac Police Costs
    Reforms need to be made that take Pontiac beyond the point of simply keeping its fiscal head above water.
  50. Public Bans on Private Actions
    Liberty is more often eaten away one small bite at a time than by one big gulp.
  51. Bold Changes Needed in State Permitting
    Even if a company or individual can bear the cost, they may not be able to afford the time delays associated with agency demands for new data.
  52. Proposal 5 and the Fine Print
  53. Don’t Expect Much From Politics
  54. Mission Creep: Prop 5 Cash Isn’t About Classrooms
  55. Proposal 4: Eminent Domain
  56. Proposal 5: K-16
  57. Why Government Should Not Be in the Business of Subsidizing Businesses
  58. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 31, 2006
  59. A Proposal for Property Protection
  60. It’s Time for Michigan to Go to Work
  61. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 24, 2006
  62. “The Wire”: A Barbed Portrayal of Urban Public Schools
  63. Understanding Public Opinion Surveys (short version)
  64. Prop 1: The Forgotten Proposal
  65. Growing Up Means Resisting the Statist Impulse
  66. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 17, 2006
  67. Choice and Accountability in Public Schools
  68. Woe Be Gone, Taxpayers
  69. Issues and Ideas Luncheon, October 2006
  70. The Flint Sit-Downs: A Striking Lesson
  71. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 10, 2006
  72. Decades of Dollars and Disappointment
  73. Ending Cable Monopolies Would Benefit Consumers
  74. Proposal 4: A Legal Review and Analysis
    Proposal 4 of 2006, which will appear on the November ballot, is a proposed state constitutional amendment that would alter state law regarding eminent domain, the legal theory that permits the government to take private property for public use if the government pays just compensation.
  75. Get Rid of the Labels
    Ideas worth supporting are those that are tested and found worthwhile because they produce results, not rhetoric.
  76. Environmental Doomsayers Can Breathe Easy
    This welcome news is yet another reminder that prognosticators of eco-catastrophe are off the mark.
  77. How the Late Great Detroit Statler Lives On
    “Life is service. The one who progresses is the one who gives his fellow human beings a little more, a little better service.”
  78. Proposal 4 Would Place “Reasonable and Significant Restrictions” on Michigan’s Use of Eminent Domain
  79. “I Am Going to Arrest You”
  81. School Choice Snapshot: A 2006 Survey of U.S. Policy and Advocacy Organizations
    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy worked on this survey project from November 2005 through September 2006. We provided assistance to the survey researcher, Adam B. Schaeffer, who was then a National Research Initiative Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., by collaborating on the survey instrument, offering relevant and limited information from our database, handling technical details of inviting and following up with participants, and editing and publishing this document.
  82. IMPACT Fall 2006
  83. Michigan: A Taxing Place To Do Business
  84. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 26, 2006
  85. Universities and Economic Development
  86. Issues and Ideas Luncheon, September 21, 2006
  87. The Stop Overspending Michigan Initiative: A Review and Analysis
    The proposed “Stop Overspending” state constitutional amendment, which failed to gain ballot status in the November 2006 election, addressed four major areas ...
  88. The “Stop Overspending” Proposal Would Have Provided a “Meaningful Restraint” on State Spending Growth
  89. Hayek Was Right: The Worst Do Get To The Top
  90. Assessing the Case for Cable Franchise Reform
    Advances in technology now make it possible for both cable firms and telecommunications companies to provide voice, data and video services to most homes and businesses. This constitutes a dramatic change from the days of cable dominance in the video market, and that of the “Baby Bells” in telephone service. What hasn’t changed, however, is the franchise regime that has long limited access to the local market and thus inhibited competition. In this paper, Diane S. Katz examines the effects of this obsolete regulation on consumers and the economy, as well as the myriad benefits of reform.
  91. Yet Another Regulatory Burden on Electricity Supply in Michigan
  92. Municipal Control of Franchising Inflates Cable Rates and Impedes Broadband Investment
  93. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 19, 2006
  94. Minimum wage hike claims first casualty
  95. Around the State 2006-01
  96. A Superintendent Provides Choice in Edmonton
  97. Issues and Ideas Luncheon, September 13, 2006
  98. Public Schools Can Provide a Choice to Every Parent
  99. An Analysis of Proposal 5: The ‘K-16’ Michigan Ballot Measure
    On Nov. 7, 2006, Michigan voters will be asked to consider a proposed new law that would, if passed, require annual state spending to increase at no less than the inflation rate for the following state budget areas: public school districts and charter schools; certain specific budget items in state spending on public school districts and charter schools; and state universities and community colleges. The proposal also contains new requirements for state payments to districts with declining enrollment and places liability for school employee pension cost increases on state government, rather than school districts. The proposed new law will appear as “Proposal 5”on the ballot, and its mandates would take effect in the 2006-2007 school year.
  100. Proposal 5 Could Aggravate School Finance Problems and Reduce Schools’ Incentives To Improve
  101. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 12, 2006
  102. Teachers’ Strikes, Court Orders and Michigan Law
  103. “What’s Going On” Redux: A Motown Classic Hijacked
  104. A Student’s Tribute to a Hero
  105. Michigan Education Report (2006-03)
  106. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 5, 2006
  107. Reforming America’s Secret Collectivism: The System of Compelled Union Representation
  108. Jazzing Up Civil Society
    Gretchen Valade improved Detroit’s cultural scene with her gift, just as tens of thousands of Americans have done with their own contributions to countless organizations and enterprises.
  109. Survey 2006: School Outsourcing Continues to Grow
    With savings of this magnitude, it is not surprising that superintendents are investigating privatization.
  110. An Unhealthy Policy Prescription
    Romney’s plan will allegedly perform the miracle of covering all of Massachusetts’ 555,000 or so uninsured residents without new taxes or a government takeover of health care.
  111. Mackinac Center Survey:
    Michigan School Privatization Increases

  112. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 29, 2006
  113. Want Economic Growth? Make Incentives Available to All
  114. Taxes Do Matter
  115. Frank Knox: Prescient and Principled
  116. Scientific Minds are a Terrible Thing to Waste
  117. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 22, 2006
  118. A Museum You Don’t Want to Miss
  119. The Difference One Can Make (Original Version)
  120. On a “Lost City” and a Lost Perspective
  121. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 15, 2006
  122. "It Can Happen to You"
  123. Creating Compensation for Regulatory Takings
  124. A Blighted History of Property Rights Protection
  126. The City of Pontiac: a “Going Concern”?
  127. Tributes to Stephen P. Dresch
  128. Michigan Dithers on Medicaid Estate Recovery
    Michigan is the only state that has not implemented estate recovery in some form, despite the fact that the requirement has been on the books for more than 10 years.
  129. The School Choice Movement’s Greatest Failure
  130. Why Did Free Gas Create a Public Stink? (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    With gas so plentiful and cheap, some Ohioans came to think it shouldn’t have a cost at all.
  131. Seeking Opportunity
    There are many reasons people move, but it is probably easiest to sum all of them up with one word: opportunity.
  132. Seminar Provides a ‘Kelo’ of Prevention
  133. Twenty-Nine Seconds That Changed History
  134. Michigan Court of Appeals Ruling in Bay Mills Lawsuit “Terrific News for More Than 10,000 Schoolchildren”
  136. On Carbon Dioxide Emissions, the Supreme Court Should Look to the Law
  137. NEA, AFT Annual Meetings Resemble Political Conventions
  138. How to resign your union membership
  139. Summer of Privatization
  141. SOS: Sensible Spending with Taxpayer Protection
  142. Why Did Free Gas Create a Public Stink? (General Article)
  143. Gasoline Prices in Perspective
  145. The Price of Abandoning Principle
  146. Katz Roils Waters at U.S. Senate
  147. Romney Care: Bad Medicine for Michigan?
  148. Data Show Michigan is #1 in Resident Departures
  149. Appeals Court Hears MEA Union Suit Involving Bay Mills Public Charter Schools
  150. Government Putts
  152. Guidance Directives: Regulation by Bureaucratic Fiat
  153. What Detroit Can Learn From Bangalore: Remove Destructive Taxes
  154. IMPACT Summer 2006
  156. Character Makes the Difference (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    You can’t choose your height or race or many other physical traits, but you fine tune your character every time you decide right from wrong and what you personally are going to do about it.
  157. The Property Rights Fight Since Kelo
    While federal reform efforts have stalled, Michigan residents are well placed to prevent the government from cynically confiscating the property where they live, work and worship.
  158. Why Colorado Matters to Michigan
    Similarly, the K-16 Proposal in Michigan would cost more and accomplish less than its advocates are sharing with Michigan taxpayers.
  159. The Pursuit of Happiness
  160. Congress Seizes on Net Neutrality
  161. Restoring Our Heritage of Property Rights
    America’s Founders created a system of government designed to protect property rights. The Founders were influenced by the 17th century philosopher John Locke, who held that everyone who labored had a natural right to property. Property rights, he wrote, reward effort and reduce conflict. Preserving “lives, liberties, and estates” is “the great and chief end” of government.
  163. The Contemporary Litigation Environment
  164. A Convenient Deceit?
  166. Court Properly Restrains Feds’ Worst Wetlands Excesses, But Ruling Could Ultimately Leave Federal Agencies With Broad Wetlands Authority
  167. Mackinac Center Amicus Curiae Brief in Attorney General v. Michigan Public Service Commission
    A Mackinac Center “friend of the court” filing to the Michigan Supreme Court in a case involving the Michigan Public Service Commission’s renewable-energy surcharge on electrical bills.
  168. Regulations Run Amok in Michigan: Part Two
  169. Regulations Run Amok in Michigan: Part One
  171. Wise spending pays for killing biz tax
  172. Is Every "Choice" a Good One?
  173. Happy Birthday, Adam Smith!
  175. Grover Cared
  176. Making State Agencies More Accountable
    Agencies and commissions have become so used to having free reign that they broadly construe their mission even where the Legislature only gives a particular agency or commission a limited task.
  177. Double-but-Nothing: More Education Spending Hasn't Yielded Better Results
    Our educational institutions usually do not create incentives for instructional improvement by rewarding effective teachers and sanctioning ineffective ones.
  178. Federal-Mogul Lesson: Get Rid of the SBT and Fix the Fundamentals
    What will it take before government understands that gimmicks don’t work, and that only fixing the fundamentals of our business climate through broad-based reforms will?
  179. Detroit Should Sell Tiger Stadium As Is
  180. Memorial Day: for the Love of Liberty
  182. Issues and Ideas Luncheon, May 2006
  183. Character Makes All the Difference in the World
  184. Michigan Should End Its Tax Favoritism
  185. Michigan Education Report (2006-02)
  186. Sinking fund legislation could balloon local property tax millages
  188. Secret Ballot?
  189. City of Sylvan Lake
  190. Municipal Finance Expert Louis Schimmel Joins Mackinac Center
  191. Mackinac Center President Comments on Passing of Herbert D. Doan, Chairman of the Dow Foundation
  193. State College Money Should Follow Students, Not Lobbyists
  194. The State of the Great Lakes
  196. Union Monitor
  197. The Wrong and Right Approaches to Michigan’s Economic Malaise
  198. Fair Share Plans Are Anything But
  199. Mackinac Center Amicus Curiae Brief in Michigan Education Association v. Superintendent of Public Instruction et al
  200. 42 Days of Infamy? (General Article)
  202. 42 Days of Infamy? (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    We can speculate, however, that a worker might sign a public petition at the request of a friend, but vote another way when protected by privacy.
  203. Averaging Our Way to Average (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    The proposed mandate would substantially weaken the limited influence parents have in the current system.
  204. Great Values, Great Movies
    In “The Patriot,”Mel Gibson’s character expresses skepticism about the American Revolution with a question that seems especially poignant today, when our own homegrown government takes more of our earnings in taxes than George III ever imagined possible: “Why should I trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away?"
  205. How Big Is Bush’s Big Government?
  206. A Voter’s Checklist for School Elections
  207. Law of the Land
  208. Mackinac Center Files Friend of the Court Brief in MEA Lawsuit Involving Bay Mills Charter Schools
  210. MEGA Grant Requests: What Companies Say
  211. Earth Day in Michigan: Room To Celebrate
  212. The Final Phase of the Great Depression
  214. Around the State
  215. A Window Into Lawmakers’ Souls
  216. Federal Mogul: More Evidence that “Targeted Incentives” Don't Work
  217. The Best Way To Support the Arts
  219. Regulation’s Real-World Impact
  220. The Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative: “Enlightened Self-Interest”
  221. A Magnificent Exposition
  223. Protecting Art From Politicians
    Using tax dollars to fund artistic pursuits is not in the best interest of Michigan citizens.
  224. How To Replace the SBT With Nothing (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    Here’s how to save $1.855 billion by injecting competition into government operations, providing public employee fringe benefits comparable to (generous) Private-sector plans and eliminating non-core functions.
  225. An Alternative to Green Orthodoxy (Viewpoint on Public Issues)
    There is an alternative to embracing Green Orthodoxy. Few states or school districts have actually evaluated the veracity and impartiality of environmental curricula.
  226. An Alternative to Green Orthodoxy
  227. Replacing the Single Business Tax With – Nothing
  228. Support the Arts: Just Don’t Use Other People’s Money
  229. IMPACT Winter/Spring 2006
  231. MSAs Increase Freedom and Choice
  232. Irony in Ironwood
  233. Michigan’s Lemon Industrial Policy
  235. Happy Anniversary, Free Speech!
  236. Testimony of Diane Katz Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
  237. The Downside of a Minimum Wage Increase
  238. Entertaining Art: To Tax or Not To Tax — That Is the Question
  240. Who Pays for the Minimum Wage?
  241. Melville W. Fuller: A Model Chief Justice
  242. MESSA Reference Page
  243. Time to Revive Competition in Electricity Supply
  245. Michigan Education Report (2006-01)
  246. Fixing Michigan's Fiscal Policy- 2006 Edition
    Michigan's economy has been losing ground to other states for half a century. Here's how to turn it around.
  247. A Supreme Court To Be Proud Of
    The Supreme Court under Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller did not stretch either the law or the Constitution beyond what the words said. When the justices found law to be in conflict with the Constitution, they usually sided with the latter, because liberty under the rule of law was their highest priority.
  248. Change To Win What?
    Organized labor has moved well beyond its core mission of championing workers’ issues to financing and promoting a range of policies and groups that have nothing to do with labor.
  249. Michigan’s Russian Roulette
    The governor’s five-year plan does not include reducing the cost of producing goods and services in Michigan — something that would attract industries trying to compete globally. Instead, the plan is built around the 21st Century Jobs Fund and other state programs that substitute central planning for the market process.
  250. Proposed Limitations and Expansions of Government
  251. Putting the Government's Cart Before the People's Horse
  252. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 28, 2006
  253. How To Replace the SBT With Nothing
  254. Michigan Can't Afford the Status Quo
  255. Around the State
  256. The Money Myth
  257. Michigan Cases in U.S. Supreme Court To Define Scope of Federal Wetlands Regulation
  258. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 21, 2006
  259. Today’s Oral Arguments in U.S. Supreme Court Wetlands Cases Suggest Court Is “Concerned About Federal Encroachment”
  260. Celebrating Black History Month, 2006
  261. Corn Flakes and Greatness
  262. Patterson: Blow Up the Single Business Tax
  263. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 14, 2006
  264. The State of the Michigan Economy
  265. We’ve Only Just Begun?
  266. Issues and Ideas Luncheon, February 2006
  267. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 7, 2006
  268. Government Golf: Unfair Competition Hurts Business, Taxpayers
    As citizens and taxpayers, we should be asking ourselves: Is golf one of the legitimate functions of government?
  269. Government Broadband: Unnecessary and Unfair
    More often than not, municipal broadband ventures have saddled taxpayers with unwelcome debt or otherwise failed to deliver promised results.
  270. Banks and Credit Unions: The Unlevel Playing Field
    Banks, especially small and mid-sized community banks, have been consistently losing market share to credit unions because the latter enjoy status as nonprofit financial cooperatives for tax purposes.
  271. Supporting Companies That Oppose Eminent Domain Abuse
  272. Parents Still Have an Option to Check Kids’ Safety
  273. Change To Win What?
  274. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 31, 2006
  275. Past as Prologue: Will We Learn From History?
  276. State of the Statist
  277. Around the State
  278. Mackinac Center To Tally New Granholm Initiatives Tonight
  279. Time to Park Old Thinking
  280. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 24, 2006
  281. The Great Communicator
  282. Takeover of Detroit Schools Shows Few Intended Results
  283. Mackinac Center Reiterates Its Policy on Toyota Land Case
  284. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 17, 2006
  285. The First Phase of the Great Depression
  286. Keeping the Lights on for Privatization
  287. Mackinac Center Files Legal Brief in Toyota Land Case
  288. Mackinac Center Amicus Curiae Brief in DPG York v. Michigan
    A Mackinac Center “friend of the court” filing to the Michigan Court of Appeals in a case involving the preferential sale of state land.
  289. Navigating Wetlands to the Supreme Court
  290. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 10, 2006
  291. Wal-Mart Exposes Contradictions on the Left
  292. The Sun Sets on “Opportunity Scholarships” in the Sunshine State
  293. Demography is Destiny
  294. New Data Shows Michigan Citizens Still Fleeing State
  295. An Introduction to the Overton Window of Political Possibilities
  296. Happy 300th Birthday, Ben!
  297. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 3, 2006
  298. Michigan Landowners To Be Heard at U.S. Supreme Court
    Congress has effectively entered into land-use regulation, a domain traditionally left to state and local government. Worse, Congress delegated its authority to the Army Corps of Engineers, whose employees, whatever their expertise, never face the crucible of an election.
  299. Public Pension Plans Need To Reflect Reality
    When it comes to defined benefits, corporations and municipalities have seen the warning signs and are changing course to avoid getting burned. Public school employee unions and their allies in Lansing would be wise to do the same.
  300. Hope in State Graduation Standards Misplaced (Viewpoint on Policy Issues)
    Given state bureaucrats’ lack of success implementing the law’s one existing requirement, we should not place much hope in an additional mandate to fix public education or improve the economy.
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