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  1. Planning for Life Workshop – Farmington Hills

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2018 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  2. Bail Reform: Improving Pretrial Release to Benefit Defendants and Taxpayers
    Michigan’s system of bail and pretrial release is ripe for reform, but any changes to this complex structure require a thorough understanding of current practices and how they diverge from best practices. Analysts at the Mackinac Center and the ACLU of Michigan both published papers to inform the public about bail in our state, which they will present jointly.
  3. Oakland ISD Head Says School Funding Broken; Not At Oakland ISD
  4. FCC Chairman Denounces State, Local Obstacles To Faster Internet
  5. Innovative School Districts Seek Greater Flexibility
    Legislative proposal would aid Madison, Center Line, others
  6. Michigan Wages and Benefits Recovers
    But Private-Sector Compensation Lags
  7. Restrictive Fence Ordinance Makes Unhappy Neighbors
  8. Cure For Poverty: Hold A Full-Time, Year-Round Job
  9. The New Face of the FCC: Q&A with Chairman Ajit Pai
    Ajit Pai is the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, but his philosophy is a bit different than many regulators. Pai’s regulatory philosophy values consumers, competition and markets over regulation, bureaucrats and central planning. His principles include being aware of “regulatory capture,” a free and fair system without dispensing favors and special treatment, flexible rulemaking, and rules which respect the laws of Congress.
  10. Want Faster Internet? What Rural Communities Should Explore
    Government shouldn't be in business of providing internet
  11. Whitmer Approved $4.51 Billion In Corporate Handouts, Denounces Opponents’ ‘Giveaways’
  12. How Much Will the Repeal of Prevailing Wage Save Taxpayers in Michigan?
    It’s complicated, but a reasonable estimate is in the hundreds of millions
  13. Troy Teacher's Pay $106k, Challenges Legislator On Low Teacher Pay
  14. Same Old Story About the Problems in Public Schools
    Nearly 60 years later, the arguments remain the same
  15. This Is What It’s Like When Media Covers Teachers In America
  16. Union Sues Teacher For Exercising Her Right-To-Work Option
  17. Aircraft Sales Tax, Police Sex With Prostitutes, Choose Life Plates, More
    Michigan Votes continues a review of key votes of the 2017-2018 session
  18. How to Control the Pension Debt
    The costs of pension liabilities have grown out of control
  19. Legislator ‘Stunned’ By End Of Film Subsidies, Knocks Other Corporate Handouts She Approved
  20. Detroiters Benefit From Snyder Licensure, Criminal Records Orders
  21. Little Pink House Screening

    Join the Mackinac Center for a private screening of the compelling film about small town heroes who challenged one of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical corporations and an overreaching government all the way to the Supreme Court.

  22. Detroit Charters Nab Top 10 Average Student Body SAT Scores
  23. Need Help?
  24. Residents Seeing Tax Cut Bonus In Their Utility Bills
  25. Choice Satisfies Most Parents, Appeals to Most Voters
    New surveys highlight favorable experiences, need for more options
  26. What Would it Mean to Unleash the MEDC?
  27. Governor’s Licensure Directive Gives Ex-Offenders Another Chance
  28. Here’s One Way Michigan Miscalculates High School Graduation Rates
  29. Enforcing Janus Rights for Public Workers
  30. 100 Percent Of This District’s Teachers Got Merit Bonus
  31. Paid Leave, Parole and Minimum Wage
    MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  32. Mackinac Center Applauds Gov. Snyder’s ‘Outside the Box’ Reforms
    Reforms expand economic opportunities for Michigan citizens seeking a second chance
  33. State Income Tax Used For Giving Benefits To Low Income Residents
  34. Prisons Are Not a Jobs Program
    Closing Ojibway is tough, but necessary
  35. Michigan Parents and Voters Strongly Support School Choice
    Charter school parents extremely satisfied and voters favor expanding school choice options
  36. School Principal Faces Big Pay Cut If She Wins Seat In Legislature
  37. Choices & Voices: A Survey of Michigan Charter School Parents

    Choices & Voices

    This report highlights the results of a survey of nearly 1,500 parents of charter school students in Michigan. Charter schools are state-funded, tuition-free schools of choice, authorized by public agencies such as universities and community colleges.

    The survey asks parents questions concerning their satisfaction with charter schools, why they chose to leave their district-run school, difficulties they may have faced enrolling in a charter school and ideas for improvements, among others. The goal of this survey is to better inform policymakers about the on-the-ground experience parents have with charter schools, so that they might pursue policies that improve Michigan's charter schools.

    View PDF

  38. Free Speech or Government Speech?
    New bills would increase government oversight
  39. Socialism Didn’t Make Detroit Great
    Once prosperous, the city has not been helped by socialist policies
  40. Union Doesn’t Always Support ‘Public Funds Only in Public Schools’
  41. Big Political Spending By Electric Utility Raises Concerns
  42. MSU Coaches Frequent Users Of State Aircraft
  43. Copper Mines, Foreign Language Requirements, Eminent Domain and More
    Michigan Votes reviews key votes of the 2017-2018 session
  44. State Spends $5.6 Million On Aircraft Over Three Years
  45. 'Wild West' Of Charter School Expansion Never Happened
  46. Teacher Of The Year’s District Plays Games With Merit Pay
  47. Guiding Quality Growth in the Charter Sector
    Workshop sessions focus on developing successful new schools
  48. School Boards Routinely Violate Merit Pay Law
  49. How Taxpayers Get Fleeced in Michigan
    More money is not turning into better government services
  50. U-M Research Guide Leans Left On ‘Fake News’ And Media Bias
  51. Coping with the Growing Number of Felons in Michigan
    Our courts deliver nearly 50,000 felony convictions per year
  52. Dem Lt. Gov. Candidate On U-M Payroll To Monitor Fake News
  53. Public Radio Claims State Took School Money, But Funding Is Higher
  54. Would Residents Favor School Spending Hike If It Meant 21 Percent Income Tax Hike?
  55. Spending Interests Want Spending
    Yet spending interests won’t say where the money should come from
  56. Union Official Criticizes Corporate Handouts But Endorses Business Subsidy Champion
  57. State Budget Grew Faster Under Snyder Than Granholm
  58. Volunteer Fire Departments Save Money, Delivery Quality Service
    Op-ed by Mackinac Center intern highlights potential savings
  59. IMPACT July/August 2018
  60. Home, Assets Tied Up For Years As Family Awaits Forfeiture Process
  61. What Would it Mean to Unleash the MEDC?
    Lawmakers should keep the state's administrators on a tight leash
  62. Sales Price Of Properties Sold At Detroit Tax Auctions Doubles
  63. More Subsidies And Regulations, Mental Health Restraint Rules, Auto Insurance For Seniors and More
    Michigan Votes reports interesting or noteworthy recent bill introductions
  64. Gubernatorial Candidates In Glass Houses On Corporate Handouts
  65. State's Corporate Welfare Partner Claims Thousands of Economists Support Stadium Subsidies
  66. Enforcing Janus Rights for Public Workers
    U.S Supreme Court decision no longer makes union fees a condition of employment
  67. Michigan Chamber of Commerce: Union-Backed Ballot Proposals Will Harm Business
  68. Later High School Start Times Should Stay Local Decision
    Change by Berkley district cites academic benefit
  69. No One Will Win The Tariff Game
    Michigan to lose 91,000 jobs from Chinese retaliation alone
  70. Superintendent Earns Praise Painting School – Which Would Be Illegal If He Were Paid
    Painting isn’t dangerous and Michigan should eliminate its license
  71. Subsidies For A Few And Tax Hikes For The Rest Worked Poorly Here
  72. Poll: Mich. Voters Back Tax Benefits for School Choice
    Strong majority endorse use of 529 plans to help fund K-12 tuition
  73. A Plea for Skepticism about the MEDC: An Open Letter
    Lawmakers should take a closer look at economic development programs
  74. State Corporate Welfare Didn't Work For Greenville
  75. Medicaid Dues Skim May Come To An End, After All
  76. Municipal Governments Blame State For Their Property Tax Hikes
  77. 94 Hours A Week: Presumed Load For This Financial Manager Of Three Michigan Cities
  78. Michigan’s Trial Courts Have a Major Funding Problem
    The statutory scheme that keeps them running is set to expire in 2020 – and there’s no back up plan in place yet
  79. Election Night: More Corporate Handouts or More Personal Income Tax Cuts?
    As expected, both candidates have different plans for economic growth
  80. Mail-in Elections, More Corporate Subsidies, Training Tax Assessors And More
    Interesting or noteworthy bill introductions
  81. ‘Goliath’ Unions Complain About ‘David’-Sized Think Tanks’ Worker Outreach Campaign
  82. Northern Michigan Explains Why It Wanted $4,600 For Names And Salaries Of All Its Employees
  83. A Flip Of A Switch
    Not all energy is there when you need it
  84. Michigan Union Still Pursuing Dues From Teachers Five Years After Right-To-Work
  85. NMU Wants $4,600 to Look Up and Send Salary Data
  86. MDE Overreach a Serious Concern
    New rules attack cyber school option for families
  87. Jackson County Tells Voters To Show ‘Love’ For Parks
  88. Why Taxpayers Are Shelling Out More Money for Worse Service
    In some places, cities pay two or three times the base salary for one person
  89. Superintendent Accused of Intimidation Against Recall Petition Signers
  90. State Lawmakers Should Cut Business Subsidies Even More Next Year
  91. Campaign Promises Show Misunderstanding of Charter School Landscape
  92. When the Cell Door Closes, a Window of Educational Opportunity Should Open
  93. Number Of Michiganders Collecting Unemployment Down 90 Percent Since 2009
  94. Three Important Criminal Justice Reform Opportunities for 2018
    With fewer than 20 days left in the legislative session, that’s plenty of time to pass good reform
  95. Declawing Cats, Debarking Dogs, Strategic Plans and More
    Interesting or noteworthy bill introductions
  96. Can Technology Help Predict Crime and Flight Risk?
    More courts use actuarial tools to assess risks offenders pose to society
  97. Township Voters Give Firm ‘No’ To Government Internet Plan
  98. Foreclosing Over-Taxed Property Helped Wayne County Dodge State Receivership
  99. Michigan Catching Up On State Employee Pension Debt
    Progress is being made, but another $7.5 billion is still needed
  100. Michigan’s Credit Rating Upgraded, Agency Cites School Pension Reform
  101. Flint Waste Water Department Staffer Paid $117k Last Year
  102. Federal Taxpayer Bailout Likely For Big Union Pension Funds
  103. Gov. Rick Snyder’s Fiscal Policy Legacy
  104. Climate Lawsuits Expose Contradictory Government Policies
    Climate Lawsuits Expose Contradictory Government Policies
  105. Politicians Subsidize Less Than 1 Percent of Job Creation
    Taxpayer dollars wasted subsidizing a tiny fraction of the econom
  106. New Bills on Guns, Garbage, Farm Weddings and More
    Michigan Votes looks at some recently introduced bills
  107. Union President Heads List of Highly Paid Flint Employees
  108. Most Cities Require Rental Registrations – This One Gets Personal
  109. New Evidence Suggests Harsher Sentences Don’t Always Deter More Crime
    MCPP Scholar releases new research supporting “smart on crime” approach
  110. A Lesson in Endpoint Bias
    Is the state budget growing faster than inflation?
  111. Detroit’s Per-Resident Revenue Sharing Haul More Than Double Most Other Towns’
  112. ISD-Run Special Education at Bottom of the Pack
    Michigan only state cited for failing special-needs students
  113. Funding Up, But Detroit School Official Claims ‘Budget Cuts’ Stole Recess
  114. This Michigan Utility Is Planning Your Energy Future
  115. For Union Dues Opt-Out Story, NPR Finds Teacher Making $27,000 Less Than Average
  116. Detroit Council Calls For $15 Minimum Wage; Many City Workers Get Less
  117. Public Safety Workers in Michigan Now Enjoy Right-to-Work
    Janus v. AFSCME decision gives right-to-work to police and firefighters in Michigan
  118. Michigan Has Added a Whole Miami Worth of Jobs Since Peak Recession
  119. Big Piece of Utility’s Future Electricity Supply Plans: Michigan Consumers Use Less
  120. Making Waves with the Mackinac Center

    Featuring: Jason Hayes, director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

  121. State’s ‘Surplus Property’ Process Unchanged For Three Years After Warning of Fraud Risk
  122. Where Michigan Stands on Civil Asset Forfeiture
    The Detroit News chronicles the past, present and future of this misguided policy
  123. Mackinac Center’s Forfeiture Expertise Cited
    New federal lawsuit claims forfeiture violated due process rights
  124. University Spending, Not a Lack of Taxpayer Support, Drives Higher Tuition
  125. Statistics, Anecdotes Point To Public Employees Mostly Doing Better Not Worse
  126. Again, Data Trashes ‘Detroit Schools Underfunded’ Narrative
  127. Firearm Seizures, Sexual Assault, Lock Away Painkillers and More
    Michigan Votes looks at some recently introduced bills
  128. State Corporate Handout Program Milks Taxpayer for Cass City Operation
    Subsidies continue to prove to be utterly pointless
  129. U of M’s Office Of Institutional Equity Is In Court For Due Process Violations
  130. Utility Consultant Suggests Basing Electric Capacity Plans On Idea That Carbon Caps Are Coming
  131. Teachers Union On Supreme Court Janus Ruling: ‘Women And Minorities Hardest Hit’
  132. No Charge, No Conviction — But 956 People Still Lose Stuff To Cops c
  133. Michigan Capitol Confidential Removes Story With Wrong Data On Car Repairs
  134. Policy Proposed for Medicaid Workers Too Broad, Harms Patients and Consumers
  135. Neither Inmates Nor Counties Get Out of Jail Free
  136. Is One Subsidy Really Any Better?
  137. Michigan’s Local Wind Farm Opposition May Drive New Developments To Iowa
  138. By Honoring Football Anthem Protests, Union Dishonors Teachers Who Dissent
  139. Big Michigan Utility Expects No ‘Significant Growth’ Of Electric Cars Here
  140. Michigan Public Sector Salaries Have Increased Every Year Since 2001
  141. How Business Subsidies Cut to the Front of the Line for Michigan Tax Dollars
    Politicians focus on higher status than taxpayers
  142. Charter School Critic Shocked At Groups Giving Teachers Information On Unions
  143. National Publications Cite Mackinac Center in Wake of Supreme Court Decision
    Staff members quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post and more
  144. Retired Police Woman Has Made $200,000 + Annually
  145. Teacher Once Claimed He Fantasized About Being A Barista
  146. A Political Fiction that Won’t Go Away
    Candidates wrongly claim state education funds have been cut
  147. Snyder Budget Whacks $10 Million from Business Subsidy Programs
    Pure Michigan scores $1 million increase
  148. 26 Grand Rapids City Employees Received $20k-Plus in Overtime
  149. Legislature Approves New Business Subsidies
    Big budget bill makes it more difficult to hold lawmakers accountable for spending
  150. First Time Since 2000, No Local Governments Under State Receivership
  151. US Supreme Court Cites Mackinac Center in Landmark Ruling On Unions
  152. Supreme Court Restores, Strengthens Rights For Millions Of Public Employees In Janus Ruling
    My Pay My Say is a national campaign to educate and empower workers to exercise these rights
  153. Nine Years In A Row: State Spending Goes Up Again On Oct. 1
  154. 2018 Marks Final Year of High School Debate Workshops
  155. Michigan Subsidizes Amazon, Even Without Second HQ Project
  156. Another MBDP Jobs Subsidy Project Doesn’t Work
    State officials can’t pick economic winners from losers and shouldn’t try
  157. Higher Taxes Would Offer Little for Ottawa Schools
    Millage money more fairly shared, but promises little results
  158. State Business Handout Program Wastes Another $2 million
    Another state subsidy deal fails to deliver
  159. Recipe For Food Stamps Teacher: Seven In Household, Low Seniority
  160. Bills Reduce Work Restrictions, Give Those With Criminal Records Another Chance
  161. Foster Care Scholarships, Pavement Ideas, Career Predictions
    June 22, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  162. New 5G Internet Faster, Cheaper – And Vulnerable To Local Shakedowns
  163. Dems Get 99.9 Percent of 2018 Teacher Union Political Cash
  164. Students Here Far From ‘All Above Average’ - But Teachers Rated That Way
  165. Smart Regs for Smart Tech: How Government Can Allow Next Gen Internet Networks to Flourish
    This panel will discuss issues related to the future of internet networks, including 5G cell service, “net neutrality” and broadband infrastructure. Panelists will also offer guidance on what governments at all levels — local, state and federal — should do (or not do) in relation to the future of internet connectivity and the spinoff technologies it makes possible.
  166. Detroit’s Tax-Related Debt To Wayne County Down $70 Million Since 2010
  167. Bill Schuette Talks State Government
  168. Earmarks For Key Legislators Recall Late ’90s Spending Blowouts
  169. Detroit is Becoming Friendlier to Entrepreneurs
    The number of licensing violations enforced by the city has decreased
  170. Neither Inmates Nor Counties Get Out of Jail Free
    Michigan counties try, unsuccessfully, to pass their jail expenditures on to inmates
  171. IMPACT May/June 2018
  172. Another Michigan School Expert Misstates, Lowballs Taxpayer Contributions
  173. Is One Subsidy Really Any Better?
    Subsidies do have a destabilizing market influence
  174. Business Subsidy Programs Grow State’s Bureaucracy, Not Its Economy
    They’re mostly just in-state cronyism, not big employer “deal closing” incentives
  175. Flint Water Whistleblower, Mackinac Center Sue Wayne State Over Records Denials
  176. Planning for Life Workshop – Bay Harbor Yacht Club

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2018 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  177. Whitmer Education Plan Trips Over Charter Schools
    Solutions in search of imagined problems raise questions
  178. Mackinac Center and Virginia Tech Professor Dr. Marc Edwards Sue Wayne State Over Flint Water Documents
    The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation files case to help bring about further government transparency
  179. State Taxpayers Seeing Payoff From Smaller Prison Population
    One prison closing now, and analyst reports another may follow soon.
  180. Michigan Lawmakers Consider More Handouts
    If at first you don’t succeed, spend millions of taxpayer dollars
  181. Planning for Life Workshop – Midland, MI

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2018 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  182. $8.4 Million Per Year for U-M Diversity Employees
  183. Brian Calley Talks State Government
  184. $107,400-A-Year Teacher Says Teachers Must Work Second Job To Support Families
  185. Auto Insurance Reform for Seniors, Repeal Prevailing Wage, Medicaid Work
    June 8, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  186. Like All Spending, Environmental Spending Needs a Plan and Oversight
    Real estate development is not remediation
  187. Despite Positive Buzz For Detroit, Downward Population Trend Continues
  188. Lawmakers Repeal Prevailing Wage and Pass Work Requirements for Able-Bodied Medicaid Population
    Repeal of union wage mandates and application of Medicaid work requirements will benefit taxpayers and Michigan’s economy
  189. Which Party Gives More In Taxpayer Funded Corporate Handouts?
  190. Lawmaker Blasts Utilities, Nearly Hits Donor Privacy Rights
    Gary Glenn’s rhetoric veers off-course
  191. State Considers Licensing Naturopathic Physicians
    But more regulatory hurdles are unlikely to improve safety
  192. Study Links Catholic Education and Self-Discipline
    Families may have new tool to support private school choices
  193. State Teachers Union on Privatization: Watch What They Do, Not Say
  194. Washtenaw County Township Builds Internet Service
  195. State Aid To School District Much More Than Newspaper Claims
  196. Shri Thanedar Talks State Government
  197. Connect Southeast Michigan Transit Proposal: Looking Backward
  198. Michigan’s New Testing Regime is Better But Should Be Improved
  199. Should Government Get Involved? What to Consider First
  200. Detroit Mayor: ‘We’ve Got To Change’ Children Fleeing City’s Failed Schools
  201. Involuntary Mental Health Treatment, Government Job Training, Aliens, Wine Tasting
    June 1, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  202. Reverse Course on Restricting Medicaid Workers With Criminal Backgrounds
    Michigan Department of Health and Human Services pushing new rules
  203. Even In Low-Paying School Districts, It’s Hard To Beat Teacher Pay And Benefits
  204. Getting More College Grads Won’t Improve State Prosperity
    Many factors play into an area's income growth
  205. If Money To Detroit Schools Is A Measure Of Caring, Michigan's People Care
  206. Beer Glut: The Overregulation of Alcohol in Michigan

    Michigan’s rules about alcohol production, distribution and sales are complex. The state has restrictions on what can be produced, a strict monopoly system for distribution and imposes price controls on sellers. Many of these regulations were originally crafted some 80 years ago in the post-Prohibition era.

  207. Seven Ann Arbor Retirees Getting Six-Figure Pensions
  208. Why Michigan Should Repeal Prevailing Wage
    Law benefits big companies at the expense of taxpayers
  209. Michigan Dems Don’t Like Current Policies, Ignore Facts About What Came Before
  210. Dr. Jim Hines Talks State Government
  211. Lonely Are The Michigan Democrats Who Oppose State Checks To Corporations
  212. Bicycle Clearance, Extend the Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes, More
    May 25, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  213. 22 Of 498 Michigan Legislators Said 'No' To Corporate Welfare Since 2001
  214. Privacy Policy
  215. $757 Million In Taxpayer Funds Handed To A Few Lucky Companies This Year
  216. The Michigan Politicians Who Approved $6 Billion In Business Subsidies
  217. Millions In Taxpayer Money For Pontiac Theater And Little To Show
  218. District’s Teachers Work 50+ Days Fewer Than Private Sector, Union Prez Gripes
  219. Bonfire of the Bureaucratic Vanities
    MEDC should publicize its failures, too
  220. Sen. Patrick Colbeck Talks State Government
  221. Rise In State Revenue Far Exceeds Cost Of Defeated Income Tax Cut
  222. Detroit Charters Send More Graduates to College Than Peers Do
    Longer-term outcomes back up test-score advantages for charter schools
  223. Residential Levies for Business Subsidies, Truck Platoons, Baby Boxes and More
    May 18, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  224. Union In Potential Landmark Case Gave To Sharpton, Progressives, Dem Party
  225. Michigan’s Convoluted Electricity System Leads to Strife and Strain
    Legislature considers a deal for Hemlock Semiconductor and Consumers Energy
  226. State Partially Rolls Back Utility’s Rate Increase, Company Heralds Declining Bills
  227. Why Prescription Drugs Are So Expensive and What the State Can Do About It
    In recent years the price consumers pay for many brand name prescription drugs and even some generics has increased. There are several factors behind these increases. One has to do with the type of the drugs being developed today and the smaller number of patients they target. Another involves middlemen that absorb many of the price discounts provided by drug makers. And a third has to do with the regulations coming from both Washington and the states.
  228. Kayak Tax Proponents Try to Disguise Cash Grab as Safety Measure
    Adding onerous education requirements should not make tax more palatable
  229. ‘Guerilla Journalism’ Outfit Stings Michigan Teachers Unions A Second Time
  230. An Evening with the Mackinac Center
    Join us for an evening of fellowship among friends of liberty.
  231. New Scorecard Ranks Every Michigan Legislator on Corporate Handouts
    Tracks every vote of nearly 500 lawmakers since 2001
  232. The Lawmakers that Voted for the Most Business Subsidies and the Least
    $16 billion in corporate welfare approved since 2001
  233. Detroit Homes With Willing Buyers Get More, But Overall Assessments Plummeted
  234. How Michigan Legislators Voted on Taxpayer-Funded Business Subsidies
  235. Detroit Teachers: Never Mind The $617 Million, What Have You Given Us Lately?
  236. Teachers Union Math Lesson: $8,326 Per Kid > $7,462 Per Kid
  237. 'Clear and Convincing Need' Bill Would Limit Overregulation
    Proposed law would bring more Michigan rules in line with federal government
  238. Require Conviction for Police to Keep Seized Assets, School Safety Responses
    May 11, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  239. Token Symbols of Growth Damage the State Economy
    Select business interests have higher status with lawmakers than regular taxpayers
  240. Nonprofit’s Response To U-M ‘Bias Response Teams’: A Civil Rights Lawsuit
  241. Video Sting Group Claims Michigan Union Got Payoff For Alleged Child-Molesting Teacher
  242. Overtime In Final Years Will Spike Ann Arbor Cop’s Lifetime Pension Payout
  243. Solar Subsidies Are More than 'Fair'
    Those selling a wholesale product should be paid the wholesale price
  244. MEA Opposes Privatization In Schools But Practices It
  245. What I Would Like To See From Campaigns This Year
  246. More Guilty Verdicts Mean More Cash for Local Courts
  247. Think Big: Don’t Expand Transit, Uberize It!
  248. Group Opposing Wind Project Accused Of Misleading Public
  249. Teachers Union Here Eager To Align With Strikes; Higher Funding Makes It Tough
  250. Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Hosted by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan in partnership with Acton Academies and Acton MBA, the Detroit Children’s Business Fair gives kids ages 6-14 a safe space to practice entrepreneurship. The marketplace is free and open to the public.
  251. Budgets, Beer Tents, Vehicle Bike Racks and More
    May 4, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  252. Proposed Bill Package Would Rein in DEQ Abuses
    Landowners should have an easy appeal process for rejected permits
  253. Bill Would Mandate New Parking Lots Use ‘Dynamic’ Handicap Sign
  254. City Denies Alcohol License to Restaurant it Doesn’t Like
    Royal Oak officials discriminate against fast food restaurant
  255. No More Additional Favors for Solar
    Property taxes should tax the value of property, including solar panels
  256. School District Implies Students Need Own Computers; State Law Says Otherwise
  257. Bill Bringing State Closer To Ending Asset Forfeiture Abuse Advances in Michigan
  258. Pump the Brakes: Michigan Should Rethink Driver's License Suspensions
    In 2010, Michigan suspended over 475,000 licenses – one for every 15 drivers. Over 95 percent of those suspensions were for offenses unrelated to driving. Today, 86 percent of Americans use a car or motorcycle to get to work, meaning that a suspended license puts them at serious risk of job loss and other hardships.
  259. The Battle Between Taxes and Fees in Storm Sewer Finance
    Local governments should get popular support for fiscal policies
  260. 99 Teachers In This District Do Union Work on Taxpayers’ Dime — 1 of every 15
  261. Detroit School Superintendent Mistaken On District's Pre-Charter Competition Greatness
  262. Another Michigan Community Moving Toward Wind Farm Restrictions
  263. Michigan Doesn't Fit Profile for Teacher Walkouts
    More already spent on teacher salaries, less on nonteaching staff
  264. School Safety, Frail Prisoners, Pyramid Schemes and Budgets
    April 27, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  265. MEDC Is a Moth to a Failure Flame
    Suniva bankruptcy lights up program shortcomings
  266. Ann Arbor’s $307,000 Firefighter
  267. Tough Time To Be Working In Government?
  268. Net Metering Decision Raises Hackles of Solar Supporters
    'Avoided cost' rate will impact Michigan’s interest in residential solar
  269. Health Policy Consensus Group Calls for Short-Term Health Plan Reform
    Organizations across the country urge Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to make short-term plans renewable
  270. Compensation For Federal Employees Up 36 Percent In Michigan Since 2000
  271. Michigan Economy Rebounds, But Medicaid Enrollment Soars
  272. Pfizer Profits $21.5 Billion In 2017, Gets $32 Million Tax Break From Small Michigan City
  273. Claims Of Rising Poverty Simply Aren't True
  274. Recent Corruption Scandals Involving Some of Michigan’s Largest Unions
  275. Medicaid Work Requirements, Alien Driver's Licenses, Dead Voters and More
    April 20, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  276. A Look at Unions in Michigan, Five Years After Right-to-Work
  277. A Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism

    For decades after the end of the "Great War," communism was on the march. Bolshevik Russia expanded its territory into large segments of Eastern Europe, Chairman Mao took China, and one-party rule dominated in much of Asia, Latin America and Africa. Cuba, a close U.S. ally merely 100 miles from Florida, launched a communist dictatorship that is now nearly six decades old.

  278. Union Attempt to Force Teacher to Pay Fees Deemed Illegal Under Right-to-Work
    Mackinac Center challenges attempt to limit worker freedom
  279. In Michigan, Rich are Getting Richer – So Are the Poor
  280. Free-Range Michigan?
    New Utah law recognizes independence for parents and children
  281. Grand Valley State’s New Intersectionality And Systemic Racism Radio Reporter
  282. It’s Not Called The Great Lake State For Nothing
  283. More Competition Among Liquor Stores on the Way – For Now
    Judge upholds ruling that gets rid of arbitrary 'half-mile rule'
  284. Special Tax Breaks For Privileged Firms Means Money Comes From Someone Else
  285. Income Tax Cut Could Bring 15,000 New Jobs to Michigan
  286. Arbitrary Michigan Licensing Laws: Auto Mechanic vs. Makeup Artist
    Esthetician requires far more mandatory hours and much higher fees
  287. Despite Right-To-Work Laws, Unions Find Ways Make Workers Keep Paying
  288. Latest Test Scores Show Charter Schools Closing Gap
  289. Three Criminal Justice Proposals before the Michigan House this Week
    Here are a handful of bills that are being considered in or advanced out of committee
  290. Updated Research Highlights Impact of Cigarette Tax Evasion
    New York still an empire of smuggled smokes as Nevada leaps towards the top
  291. Ban Pit Bull Bans, Licensure Mandates for Foresters and Shampooers, More
    April 13, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  292. Strong Link Between Cigarette Tax and Illegal Smuggling Rates
    The negative and unintended consequences of excise taxes
  293. State Law May Drive Job-Seeking Michigan Woman To Move Elsewhere
  294. For Each Gallon Of Water Michigan’s People Use, 288 Gallons Fall From The Sky
  295. New Law Removes Obstacles to Classroom
    SB 727 should help alleviate teacher shortage outcry
  296. Money For Roads Doesn’t Go Where It’s Needed The Most
  297. Detroit People Mover Maintenance Worker Paid $174,602 In 2017
  298. Rural School Makes Fast Rise
    Akron-Fairgrove among most improved on Mackinac report card
  299. Oklahoma Teachers Average $20,000 Less Than Michigan - And Are On Strike
  300. It’s Time To Review and Repeal Occupational Licensing Laws
  301. DeVos is Right About Michigan Charter Schools
  302. You Don’t Need Six Figures to Live Comfortably
  303. City Socks Homeowner With $150 Fine For Using Airbnb
  304. Emotional Support Animals, License Mandates and More License Mandates
    April 6, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  305. Michigan’s Golf Courses Will Take Much More Water Than Nestle
  306. State Funding for Universities Continues Upward Climb
    Lawmakers should question what taxpayers get for more money
  307. Are Competition And Consumer Choice In Education Good Or Bad?
    Apologists for poor schools say ‘bad,’ despite their disparate impact on poor and minority children
  308. Pension Spiking, Early Payouts, Second Careers Make For High-Income Cops
  309. How a Top-Performing Charter School in Detroit Overcame Government Obstacles
    New video tells the story of Detroit Prep
  310. Is it Constitutional to Require Criminal Defendants to Fund Their Own Prosecution?
    State Supreme Court considers whether to hear a case presenting this question
  311. Michigan Funding Its Pensions, Using More Realistic Numbers
  312. For Legislature, University ‘Tuition Restraint’ Means Twice The Inflation Rate
  313. The Great Lakes Trough Truce
    Spending interest groups only ask for more money
  314. Michigan Electricity Rates Since 2003: 15 Increases, 1 Cut
  315. Back To The Future With Renewable Energy Puffery
    Who benefits if families must pay more to get the same amount of electric power?
  316. Michigan’s Top School Pension Payouts
  317. US On Pace To Produce More Oil In 2018 Than — Ever
  318. 10 Officials In Larry Nassar Sex Scandal By Salary
  319. Study on Arkansas Tourism Campaign Should Make You Scratch Your Head about Pure Michigan
    If economic impacts are as stated, the tourism industry should pay for its own ad campaign
  320. Constitutional Amendments on Parents' Rights, State University Boards, More
    March 29, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  321. The Steel Industry, Not Taxpayers, Should Pay for New Soo Lock
    Industry should pay for the services it uses
  322. Union Files Federal Complaint Against Company For Giving Its Members Raises
  323. State Corporate Welfare Winner Released from Prison
  324. Detroit People Mover Loses Almost $10 On Every Ride
  325. State’s Education Woes Require Full Assessment
    BLM report takes on key myths but misses complete picture
  326. Two-Thirds Of Last Year’s Gas-Tax Hike Pays Debt On Roadwork Done Years Ago
  327. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling
  328. Where Michigan Lawmakers Stand on ‘Right to Try’ Laws
    Allowing terminally ill Americans the ability to try experimental medicine
  329. Detroit City Buses Cost Taxpayers $3.52 Per Trip; Average Rider Pays Just 76 Cents
  330. Shampooing Hair And Piloting Commercial Airliners Require Same Number Of Training Hours In Michigan
  331. New Pure Michigan Return-on-Investment Figure Won’t Include All Costs
    Previous estimation excluded 50 percent-plus of program costs
  332. Pure Fiction: State Tourism Cost-Benefit Analysis Ignores Costs
    The full cost of the Pure Michigan advertising campaign is ignored
  333. Costs At Issue For Raising Age On Adult Criminal Prosecution
  334. Average Teacher Pay Doesn’t Support Liberal Site’s Narrative? Use It Anyway
  335. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  336. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  337. Passing Bicycles, Peppier Pepper Spray, High School Internship Credit, More
    March 23, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  338. Michigan School Employees Can Officially Resign from Their Union at Any Time
    Supreme Court rejects MEA’S ‘August window’ appeal
  339. Four Years After Its Debunking, Union Still Promotes 'Snyder Cut Schools' Myth
  340. IMPACT March/April 2018
  341. Hamtramck Academy Tops Mackinac Report Card
    NHA charter school aims high, beats odds, busts myths
  342. Big Decline In Number Of People On Food Stamps In Michigan
  343. Awareness and Education Effort Launched Around Landmark Janus Case
    A national campaign spearheaded by the Michigan-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  344. Number of State Employees Down, Amount of State Payroll Up
  345. When the Goal of Spending Money is to Spend Money
    Transit should instead be about getting people places
  346. Democratic Attorney General Candidates Favor Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform
    Bipartisan support for protecting property rights and due process
  347. State of Michigan Spins, Puffs Economic Contribution Of Agriculture To Economy
  348. Michigan Teachers Nation’s Highest Paid Given State’s Lower Cost Of Living
  349. Dearborn Schools Rise to the Top
    District has remarkable showing on new CAP report card
  350. Bipartisanship on Criminal Justice Reform Continues to Grow
    Common ground needed to overcome current shortcomings of justice system
  351. Most Michigan Schools Surveyed Still Buying Union’s Costlier Health Insurance
  352. Magazine’s Description Of Michigan School Funding 24 Years Out Of Date
  353. A Look At The State Budget for Business Subsidies
    Old ideas get new taxpayer cash
  354. MSU Sex Crime Lawsuits, Online Voter Registration, Dead Voters, More
    March 16, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  355. Foreign Trade More Important To Michigan Than Any Other State
  356. What Michigan Government Lacks in Transparency
    Billions in business subsidies still can’t be disclosed
  357. Sponsor Of Medicaid Work Requirements: They’re The ‘Right Thing To Do’
  358. Supreme Court Eyes Unions Politicking With Fees Compelled From Workers
  359. State-led Health Care Reforms

    Facing seemingly endless paralysis on health care reform from the federal government, a growing number of states are starting to consider reforms that they could enact to improve the provision of health care for their residents. Although federal laws and rules dominate health care regulations, there are still several worthy reforms that states could pursue that would have the effect of lowering costs and expanding choices for patients.

  360. School District Gets More From State For Fewer Students, Super Calls It Inadequate
  361. How ‘Ineffective’ Michigan Teachers Get $26k More Than ‘Highly Effective’ Ones
  362. Union Official Says Teachers In Second-Highest Paying District Need Second Jobs
  363. Cutting the Competition?: The Effects of Licensing Barbers in Alabama
  364. An Apparent Political Panic In Response To University Sex Abuse Scandal
  365. Want Money For Roads? Take It from This Failing Program
    Michigan Business Development Program funding should end
  366. Free Credit Freezes, Expel Student Sex Offenders, Release Frail Prisoners
    March 9, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  367. Salt Bill Would Raises Prices On All To Benefit One Company
    Senate Bill 363 is held up in the Michigan House
  368. Whitmer ‘Tired Of ... Corporate Tax Giveaways’ But Voted For Dozens
  369. Public Schools’ Advocate Reports Added Spending Didn’t Help, Considers More
  370. Put ISD Funding on Education Budget Table
    While agency spending grows, Guv seeks student-based cuts
  371. Noteworthy In 2017: School Pensions Reformed, No Annual Contribution Shortfall
  372. DTE Earns Big Gas Pipeline Profits, Lobbied For More Gas-Fired Electricity
  373. Property Tax Revenue On a Slow Rise
    Value of property increased 12 percent over past four years
  374. Increased Enrollment In Detroit Schools Just Bureaucratic Reshuffling
  375. Utica Community Schools Responds to CapCon Article on District Finances
  376. The Flexible State Budget
  377. Bridge Magazine Calls 'Foul' On Michigan Capitol Confidential Article
  378. Utica School Board Member Errs, Blames Usual Suspect For Mythical Funding Cuts
  379. Juvenile Justice Shouldn’t Create Lifelong Obstacles
  380. Governor’s 6-Year-Old Corporate Handout Program Should Be Shuttered
  381. A Lot Fewer Detroit Public Schools Teachers Rated 'Highly Effective'
  382. More Road Repair Money, Restrict Metadata Collection, Medical Marijuana, More
    March 2, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  383. How Much Less Union Politicking If Supreme Court Bans Forced Fees?
  384. CJ -> criminal-justice
  385. Firm Gets $220,000 State Subsidy Deal, Files For Bankruptcy
  386. Michigan PTA Needs Refresher On Law Governing Charter School Admissions
  387. AFSCME gets Supreme Court snicker
  388. Raising the Age: Should 17-Year-Olds be Eligible for Juvenile Justice in Michigan?

    Michigan is one of five states where 17-year-olds are prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system, rather than the juvenile justice system. Following a trend in several other states, some Michigan stakeholders have begun a “raise the age” campaign to adjust the age of adult criminal liability to 18, the age of majority for all other purposes. The Legislature introduced bills to that effect last year, but opponents of the campaign warn that shifting 17-year-olds into the juvenile system will be an expensive burden on resource-strapped counties. Reformers counter that the move will ensure better outcomes for teens in the long run. Join us to hear expert panelists discuss the costs and benefits of raising the age.

  389. State Corporate Welfare Agency Picks Winners That Turn Out To Be Losers
  390. Getting Harder For Union To Spread Teacher Pay Disinformation
  391. ‘Truth Squad’ Omits Key Michigan Charter School Facts In DeVos Hit Piece
  392. Nonprofit Helps Ex-Prisoners Stay Clean
  393. English as Official Language, More Road Repair Money, a Foster Care Alternative
    February 23, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  394. Of Michigan’s 100 Best Public Elementary And Middle Schools, 30 Are Charters
  395. Detroit Schools Will Sell to a Prison, But Not a Charter School
    Moves criticized by parents and community members
  396. Mackinac Center Ranks Michigan’s Elementary and Middle Schools
    The third edition of the Context and Performance Report Card unveiled
  397. The Michigan Context and Performance Report Card: Public Elementary and Middle Schools, 2017
  398. Teacher Pay Data Part of Public Discussion Of School Finance
  399. State’s MBDP Job Creation Claims an Inconvenient Fiction
    Just because government says its effective doesn’t mean it is
  400. ACLU and Mackinac Center Call on Legislature to Require a Conviction Before Police Can Keep Property
    Report shows forfeiture in Michigan typically involves small amounts of money, property taken from people never convicted of a crime
  401. Education Budget Should Back Parents' Priorities
    Snyder's proposal undercuts cyber school, shared time options
  402. UAW Goes On Campus To Find New Members
  403. Study: Michigan Business Development Program of Questionable Merit
    Research shows decline in jobs in counties where subsidized projects are located
  404. An Assessment of the Michigan Business Development Program
  405. MSU Spending Big For Post-Nassar PR
  406. A Swimming Pool’s Worth of Parking Lot Runoff Not ‘Vital’ To Great Lakes
  407. Industrial Wind Farms Bring Political Conflict, Recalls and Lawsuit to Township
  408. Michigan Is Not a Windy State
    The true cost of wind in Michigan is beginning to become clear
  409. One Tax Cut and One Increased; an Unfair Levy Repealed; Stronger Pepper Spray
    February 16, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  410. City Taking In More But Manager Cries Poverty
  411. Michigan’s Long 'Bad Driver Tax' Nightmare Will Finally End
    A revenue-grab from Michigan’s lost decade left a trail of social costs and broken lives
  412. Did School Choice Opposition Help Doom Detroit’s Bid For Amazon HQ?
  413. Meet Some Law Enforcement Officers Who Support Forfeiture Reform
    Michigan Legislature should strengthen property rights
  414. IMPACT January/February 2018
  415. Michigan College Lands On Wrong Kind Of Top 10 List
  416. Michigan May Surpass 2000 Employment Levels Soon
    An important milestone of recovery for the Great Lakes State
  417. Mackinac Center Policy Expert Recommendations 2018
  418. Many More Walk To Work As Take Subsidized Transit in Michigan
  419. Some Teachers In This District In Line For 17 Percent Pay Hikes
  420. Flint Schools Hanging On After 77 Percent Enrollment Decline Since 2003
  421. Police Seize Property All The Time And It’s No Big Deal — Until They Want To Keep It
  422. Airbnb Ban the Latest in Detroit’s Short-sighted Thinking
    City council makes it harder to earn a living and visit a city desperate for population growth
  423. Lawyers 'Double Dipping' on Asbestos, Traffic Stop Etiquette, Impaired EMTs
    February 9, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  424. Detroit Closed 194 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In 2016-17
  425. Last Year, Flint Schools Got Double The State Average In Funding
  426. Former State Trooper: Cops, Prosecutors Misuse Problematic Asset Forfeiture Law
  427. Crime Shouldn’t Pay, but Requiring Reimbursement May Not Pay Off
    Harsher penalties are not as effective at deterring crime as increasing the risk of getting caught
  428. Where Teachers Get Highest Pay Has Shifted Over Past Three Years
  429. Illinois Takes Pension Advice From ‘The Simpsons’
    Michigan has done a lot to avoid this fate
  430. New Video Series Looks Underneath the Hood at How School Funding Works
    6-part video series examines school funding in Michigan
  431. Debate Heated On Ending Police Keeping Seized Property With No Conviction
  432. Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law Needs to Go
  433. Extreme Cold Highlights Our Need for Better Energy Options
  434. City’s Politicians Strive To Beat The Clock Spending Federal Money
  435. Michigan Charters Get More Bang for the Buck
  436. WMU Professor Responds To Claims He Is Not Pro-School Choice In Education
  437. DTE Electricity: Out With Old Coal, In With New Gas
  438. Cats and Dogs, Chickens and Fish
    February 2, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  439. Traverse City Continuing Push for Government-Run Internet
    Similar efforts have failed in city after city
  440. Public Schooling Interests Recommend Spending More On Public Schooling
  441. Michigan Considers Allowing Ex-Offenders to Work as Health Professionals
    A step in the right direction on licensing
  442. Breaking Tax Cut Promise In 2011 Cost Michigan Taxpayers $4.3 Billion (So Far)
  443. Detroit Tax Officials Eye Blake Griffin’s $171M Salary
  444. Do Michigan Charter Schools Get More Bang for the Buck?

    The past year’s rise of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education has brought more attention to the performance of charter schools, both nationally and in her native Michigan. Charter schools are tuition-free, state-funded schools of choice that tend to operate with fewer dollars than other public schools. How well are charter schools doing with the resources they have?

  445. Charter Schools a Valuable Investment for Taxpayers
    Charters prove more cost effective and produce larger ROI
  446. Doing More With Less: The Charter School Advantage in Michigan
  447. Detroit Would Mandate Video Surveillance, Make Businesses Pay
  448. Snyder, New Report Pitch for More Education Dollars
    Evidence lacking for any significant impact on achievement
  449. Politicians Cannot Keep Up With Dynamic Economy
    Subsidies for a handful, costs for everyone else
  450. About
  451. Michigan Schools Underfunded - If You Don’t Count All The Funding Increases
  452. Media Plays Games, Misleads Readers When Its Target Is School Choice
  453. Stakes High In Special Education Disputes, With Legal Costs To Match
  454. Come or Go, Amazon’s HQ Decision Means Little to Michigan Economy
    It’s a magnet for agenda-driven interpretation though
  455. Income Tax Breaks, Environmental Rules Reviews, Ransomware and more
    January 26, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  456. Renewable Energy is Not Cheaper After All
    Popular measurement of renewable energy's cost ignores its unpredictable nature
  457. Detroit Fails To Collect 20 Percent of Property Taxes Owed
  458. Number Of Unionized Charter Schools In Michigan: 2.4 Percent
  459. New Additions to Mackinac Center Board of Scholars
    Three new faces join Center's Board of Scholars
  460. Michigan House Votes to Protect Electronic Data
    Nearly unanimous in support of prohibiting state cooperation with illegal federal searches and seizures
  461. Obama Stimulus Aside, More Money Than Ever Rolling Into State Road Repair Budget
  462. Cash Bail Hurts Innocent Poor People
    The practice should be reformed to serve its purpose better
  463. Mackinac Center Tallies Proposed Expansions and Limitations in Gov. Snyder’s Last State of the State
    The address contained five proposed government expansions and no limitations
  464. State Budget Rose $5.9 Billion During Gov. Snyder’s Tenure
  465. Is This Working? The Effects of Occupational Licensing on the Workforce

    Working a job — any job — is connected to lower poverty, better income mobility, lower crime rates, fewer children born out-of-wedlock and a host of other positive results. But today, the right to earn a living is becoming more difficult. In 1950, only around 5 percent of workers needed an occupational license – today, more than one out of every five workers in Michigan is required to have this special government permission to work. This typically includes mandated educational degrees, hours of training, upfront fees, testing, continuing education, and limits of people with criminal records.

  466. Gov. Snyder Should Make Link Between Jobs and Criminal Justice Reform
    Tonight’s State of the State will certainly focus on jobs — but shouldn’t ignore criminal justice reform
  467. Typical Household Has Lost $1,134 To 2007 Michigan Income Tax Hike
  468. School Choice Week Puts Michigan Progress in Perspective
    Choice popular with parents, still needs vigorous defense
  469. Detroit Education Scene: A March To School Choice
  470. State Rep. Howrylak Explains Why He Believes Charters Should Pay Into Public School Pension System
  471. Charter Teachers Get No Pensions, Amendment Would Make Schools Pay Anyway
  472. Education Policy Expert Provides Important Perspective on New School Finance Study
    Increased funding won’t automatically improve educational outcomes
  473. Veto Override, Higher Income Tax Exemptions, Charter Schools and ISD Money, more
    January 19, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  474. Bad Forensic Evidence Sends Innocents To Prison
  475. As Medicaid Costs Skyrocket, States Have a New Opportunity to Innovate
    New guidance on work requirements indicates potential for reforms
  476. More People Moving From Illinois To Michigan Than The Other Way
  477. Laws of Evidence: How Sound Forensic Science Policy Can Help Prevent Wrongful Convictions

    The Innocence Project is a well-known nonprofit organization whose goal is to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. Forty-six percent of its cases involved misapplied forensic science — meaning that a method, technique or analysis was conducted incorrectly. There have been 17 exonerations in Michigan involving misapplied forensic science. Now, in partnership with the Reason Foundation, the Innocence Project is calling for improvements to forensic science and for better transparency and quality control in crime labs. Panelists from the Innocence Project and Reason will discuss how the application of forensic science to criminal prosecutions can be improved by policy change and public education.

  478. Half-A-Billion Dollars More This Year
  479. Fewer Kids Statewide Does Not Mean Less Money For Schools
  480. DTE Produces Enough Wind Power To Run 24,000 Homes - But Part Of The Day Only
  481. Rising Revenues Never Enough For Michigan Cities And Their Lobbyist
  482. Deed Restrictions, Neighborhood Watch Vehicles
    January 12, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  483. Bills Make It Easier For Private Marketing Bureaus To Force Dues on Businesses
  484. Many Michigan Families Sacrifice for Choice
    Documentary shows how Blaine Amendment limits education options
  485. Michigan’s Tax Collectors Are Hauling It In
  486. What People Are Saying About Our 30th Anniversary
  487. Michigan’s Most Popular Uber Destination is in the City That Once Banned It
    Ann Arbor overregulated ridesharing until state lawmakers freed it
  488. Governor Granholm Called to Underfund Pensions 6 Years Before Company Bankruptcy
    There is no natural constituency for properly funding pensions
  489. Teacher Shortage Claims: Republicans Did It
  490. How to Help Those with a Criminal Record Find Work
    Eliminate unnecessary crimes, right-size punishments and repeal licensing laws
  491. Property Owner: Mackinaw City’s Ban On Airbnb Rentals Violates Our Rights
  492. 2017 Was Good For Michigan
    State economy continues to expand
  493. Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law Drives Up Costs
    Government should do fair bidding for projects
  494. Detroit Ignores State Law, Turns Down Money to Avoid Selling Abandoned School
    Detroit Public Schools Community District enforces deed restriction against charter
  495. You Can Legally Warm Your Car Now
    The Legislature should repeal more nonsensical administrative rules in 2018
  496. State Forces Hotels And Inns To Fund Private Marketing Bureaus
  497. School Choice Breaks Down Racial Barriers
  498. Michigan’s Well-Being Metric Stuck in “Balanced” Position
  499. Michigan Jails’ ‘Pay-To-Stay’ Jail Fees Stir Controversy
  500. 2003 Granholm: ‘California, Eat Your Heart Out!’
  501. Facts About Michigan’s Infrastructure You Never Hear
    Overall, it is serving us pretty well
  502. State Reforms of Occupational Licensing
    New report from Cato highlights Michigan work
  503. Did You Know? Michigan Wolf-Dog Ownership Restrictions
  504. The Numbers Are In: Detroit Charters Outperform Detroit District Schools
  505. -untitled-
  506. Detroit Public Schools Super Responds To ‘Charter Students Outperform’ Report
  507. Michigan Legislature’s 10 Most Revealing Votes of 2017
    Which side were your lawmakers on?
  508. Michigan Well-Being Metric Stuck in 'Balanced' Position
    Changes in policy could attract more people
  509. No, Michigan Teachers Did Not Experience Pay Cuts In 2017
  510. Unlawful In Michigan To Work For Less Than $9.25/Hour
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