MSU Sex Crime Lawsuits, Online Voter Registration, Dead Voters, More

March 16, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report

Senate Bill 872, Extend statute of limitations on criminal sexual conduct suits: Passed 28 to 7 in the Senate

To extend to 10 years the statute of limitations on filing a civil lawsuit related to criminal sexual conduct offenses, or if the victim was a minor, until the individual turns 48 years of age, with some narrow exceptions. This would apply retroactively to offenses committed after 1996, and would not require that any criminal prosecution or other legal action was ever brought as a result of an alleged offense. Alleged victims would have to file suits within one year after the bill becomes law.

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Senate Bill 425, Authorize electronic voter registration: Passed 35 to 1 in the Senate

To require the Secretary of State to develop a system for online voter registration on its website. An individual would have to have a valid driver license or state identification card to use the proposed system.

Senate Bill 637, Cap allowable fees for 'small cell wireless' systems: Passed 33 to 3 in the Senate

To establish a comprehensive regulatory regime for small cell wireless systems that use routers on power line poles and other existing infrastructure to provide cell phone and internet access without needing expensive towers. The bill would cap the amount that state and local governments could charge for zoning, permits and other fees.

House Bill 5456, Ban asbestos lawsuit “double dipping”: Passed 35 to 1 in the Senate

To require plaintiffs who seek damages for alleged asbestos-related conditions to disclose whether they have already filed suits against trusts or claims pools created in previous asbestos bankruptcy cases. Reportedly some plaintiff attorneys have filed multiple suits seeking duplicate damages. The bill would also authorize reopening and readjusting cases and damage awards in such cases.

House Bill 5180, Potentially permit air bows for hunting during firearms season: Passed 59 to 47 in the House

To potentially permit the use of pneumatic air bows to hunt game during any open season in which a firearm may be used, and also potentially permit disabled hunters to use air bows during bow season. Specifically, the bill allows but does not require state officials to authorize this. These devices are like crossbows but use compressed air to drive an arrow.

House Bill 5646, Check voter lists against Social Security death lists: Passed 101 to 5 in the House

To require the Secretary of State to check the statewide qualified voter file against the U.S. Social Security Administration's death master file on a monthly basis. Also, to enroll the state in multistate voter registration verification programs, to the extent these do not require a new law to be passed or pushed.

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