Foster Care Scholarships, Pavement Ideas, Career Predictions

June 22, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report

Senate Bill 196, Authorize foster care scholarships tax checkoff: Passed 104 to 5 in the House

To allow an individual to choose to automatically contribute $5 or more from his or her state income tax refund to provide college scholarships to children in foster care.

House Bill 6014, Spend $10 million to test pavement ideas from public: Passed 100 to 9 in the House

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To authorize $10 million to try out three ideas submitted by members of the public and selected by state board proposed by House Bill 6013 for using existing materials or construction methods that they believe would be beneficial for road construction.

Senate Bill 343, Give students government predictions related to careers: Passed 96 to 13 in the House

To require school districts to give students a regional “career outlook” forecast document created by a government "Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives." This would be part of a process that seventh-graders must undergo of creating an "educational development plan" with school officials.


Senate Bill 302, Revise state land ownership limits: Passed 66 to 43 in the House

To eliminate a cap on the amount of acres the state can own in the northern part of the state, but require additional procedures for state land acquisitions. The bill would prohibit acquisitions if the state fails to make full “payments in lieu of property taxes” (PILT) on state land to local governments. The bill revises a number of details of current law to generally facilitate access to state land for recreation and resource use, and makes a number of other changes to state management details.

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