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  1. What You Read in 2016: Our Top Stories of the Year
  2. Takes Accountability to a New Level: 16 Years, 30,000 Bills, 26,517 Votes Celebrates 16 years of legislative transparency
  3. Tourism Promotion Study Criticism Absurd, Ironic
    MEDC criticism falls flat; still hiding behind secretive study
  4. 2016 Michigan Energy Roundup: Legislature Writes Obama Utility Scheme Into Michigan Law
    A quick summary of new energy regulations
  5. Little Or No Consequences for Detroit Land Bank Billing Scam
  6. High Taxes on Cigarettes Increase Smuggling
    New study looks at national rates
  7. Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation Supports Education Initiative
    $500,000 grant announced in December
  8. Court Rules in Favor of Mackinac Center Clients
    Ruling says union and district violated right-to-work law
  9. Bullying Failed, So Teachers Union May Try Honey To Attract Dues Payments
  10. Fill 'er Up: Michigan Gas Tax Goes Up 7.3 Cents On Sunday
  11. Teachers Union Membership Down 20 Percent, But Executive's Pay up $61,000
  12. Detroit Schools Implosion Stumps Parents – And City Makes It Worse
  13. Merry Christmas!
  14. Children Appreciate the Value of Economic Freedom
  15. Not The Legacy He Imagined? U.S. Oil Production Up 80 Percent Under Obama
  16. Union Gave Teachers Pay Cut To Keep Compulsory Dues Coming
  17. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  18. 2016 Was Good For Michigan
    Economy is growing and shows no signs of stopping
  19. For First Time Ever, Fewer Michigan Charter Schools
    More than a dozen charters closed for poor academics, but zero district schools
  20. Overcrowded? Typical Class Size in Detroit is 22 Kids
  21. High Cigarette Taxes Lead to More Smuggling
    Study provides new estimates of smuggling rates for each state
  22. Why Are Michigan House Republicans Continuing These Union Scams?
    New Legislature should take up pension spiking, release time in 2017
  23. Legislature Reins In Judges’ Power to Deny Parole
    A prisoner’s chances at parole can no longer be rejected by a random judge
  24. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling: A 2016 Update

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.


    Since 2008 the Mackinac Center for Public Policy — and more recently in conjunction with the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation — has worked to estimate the degree to which cigarettes are smuggled into and out of American states. Our research, and that of other scholars too, suggests that smuggling is a rampant problem, particularly in states with high cigarette excise taxes.

    Unintended and unforeseen consequences are a frequent problem in public policy. Few politicians realize when they vote for higher excise taxes that doing so may dramatically increase cigarette-related crime, such as smuggling. These crimes not only deprive local and state governments of tax revenues, they also tend to descend into violence, which produces all sorts of unnecessary damage. Policymakers should take these realities into consideration when contemplating how much to tax cigarettes.

    This report analyzes the relationship between cigarette tax rates and cigarette smuggling rates. It relies on the same statistical model used in our previous studies, but uses the latest available data from 2014. New York State once again claims the highest smuggling rate in the nation. In fact, according to our analysis, New Yorkers consume more smuggled cigarettes than they do legally taxed ones. New York state has the highest excise tax rate on cigarettes in the country at $4.35 per pack and New York City adds another $1.50 tax. Arizona, Washington state, New Mexico and Minnesota round out the top five states for percentage of in-bound smuggling. Michigan ranks 12th, down two positions.

  25. Another Charter School Critic Misses the Mark
  26. New York Times Wrong: Detroit Charter Schools Didn't 'Desert' Kids, the City Did
  27. Plenty of Good Reasons to Oppose Business Subsidies
    Giving taxpayer dollars to developers is ineffective
  28. Votes on Electric Regulations, Asset Forfeiture, School Restraint Rules, More
    December 16, 2016 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report
  29. Michigan Chips Away at Unjust Forfeiture Process
    Citizens are no longer required to pay an upfront bond
  30. Detroit’s Anti-Charter Interests Are the Real Big Political Spenders
  31. Merit Pay Would Benefit Students
    Flexibility in teacher compensation would be good for educators and children
  32. Subsidies Bad For Taxpayers
    Bills considered in Lansing would have favored select businesses
  33. Court of Appeals Rules Union and District Violated Right-to-Work Law
    MERC decision is upheld in a win for Taylor teachers
  34. Time To Fix MPSERS Pension Problem
    Unfunded liabilities will grow so long as lawmakers let them
  35. Detroit Teachers' Pay Frozen, But Union Officials Get Big Raises
  36. Court Says Union's Anti-Right-To-Work Deal 'Hostile' to Teachers
  37. Trump’s Election Could Change Michigan’s Electricity Outlook
    Lawmakers should pause plans to end electricity choice
  38. Licensing Lobbyists Say Rolling Back Interior Designer Rules Will Cost Lives

    Florida fight shows how ridiculous many regulations are

  39. Lawmakers Prohibit Local Bans on Plastic Bags
    Michigan likely to join 16 states with uniformity laws
  40. Problems With Estimating the Union Wage Premium

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.

    The “union wage premium” — the amount a union worker makes in wages and salary above a similar nonunion worker — is often used to highlight the potential value of joining a union. Unions claim that if workers unionize, their wages will increase, because allegedly the average union worker makes more than the average nonunion worker. If this were universally true, it seems like a compelling argument for enrolling in a union. However, the decline in union membership rates over the last several decades shows that an increasing number of workers have not been persuaded to join existing unions or organize new ones, suggesting that they are not convinced that becoming a union member will automatically boost their pay.

    Some still maintain that union members earn significantly more, on average, than nonunion workers: the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations union says that “union workers’ wages are 27 percent higher than their nonunion counterparts” and the U.S. Secretary of Labor claims that union workers make $950 per week compared to nonunion workers’ $750 per week. But these statistics are based on a relatively simplistic view of the data. As this paper will demonstrate, there are significant challenges to using official government data to estimate the size of the union wage premium.

  41. National News Site Attacks DeVos By Citing Questionable School Choice 'Ally'
  42. A Forced Marriage to Intermediate School Districts

    School district leaders reportedly threatened

  43. State and Federal Money Pouring In To Post-Bailout Detroit School District
  44. Profiles in Courage in Defense of Taxpayers

    Cotter and Chatfield hold the line on cronyism

  45. Fixing Michigan's Local Pension Problems

    West Michigan Policy Forum holds panel discussion on pensions

  46. State ‘Pure Michigan’ Agency Refuses to Debate Ad Program's Cost Effectiveness
  47. IMPACT November/December 2016
  48. Dearborn School Superintendents And Budget Tales
  49. Mackinac Center Director of Labor Policy Selected for Trump Agency Landing Team
    Vernuccio will serve on team to coordinate transition at Department of Labor
  50. December 9, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report
    Speed limits, corporate subsidies, ‘photo-cop,’ Israel and more
  51. Michigan's Economy Best In Midwest, And It's Not Just Cars
  52. Critic Still Misses Mark on Detroit Charter Research

    The trouble with doubling down on anti-DeVos criticism

  53. Michigan House Rejects Cronyism Bills

    ‘TIF on steroids’ legislation dead for now

  54. House Lawmakers Consider Key Bills

    Pension spiking, union release time, private public partnerships and toll roads on the table

  55. Bad Santa: Trump Risks Cronyist Blowout with Carrier Incentives

    Draining the swamp by creating new ones

  56. Michigan Legislature Passes Sensible Transportation Reforms

    Uber, Lyft and taxis to play by the same rules

  57. Michigan Legislature Set to End Union Schemes

    Special ‘release time’ and pension spiking arrangements unfair to taxpayers

  58. As Michigan House Considers Electric Monopoly Bill, Observers Fear Price Spikes
  59. 'Photo Cops' Could Write Automated Tickets to Generate Money for Detroit Public Schools
  60. Why School Choice is So Valuable

    Detroit Schools doesn’t expect academic progress for a decade

  61. MSU Bans Smoking on Campus But Reports No Violations
  62. Infrastructure Funding Principles

    Eight guidelines to maximize value for taxpayers

  63. Teachers Union Said They Were Done Losing Members (They’ve Lost 17K Since)
  64. Pew Trust: State Pension Managers Failed Even To Meet Own Funding Estimates
  65. Roll Ridesharing Regulations Across the Finish Line
  66. Michigan’s Licensing Laws Prevent Poor from Accessing Health Care
  67. Free Trade Agreements Have Been Good For America
  68. SEIU Sues Its Own Members for Banquet Hall They Paid For
  69. Don’t Impose Granholm-era Mandates on Michigan Energy

    With new federal regulations likely, legislators should wait on energy reform

  70. Michigan’s Pension Bureaucrats Mislead Policymakers and the Public
    Office of Retirement Services tries to derail pension reform
  71. Pension Officials Mislead Lawmakers

    Testimony from state bureaucrats against pension reform bill is unfounded and inaccurate

  72. December 2, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Give taxpayer cash to developers; permissive regs for Uber; ban local bag bans and more

  73. More Than 18,000 in Michigan Voted Without a Photo ID This Election
  74. Bill Closing Possible Loophole In Photo ID Voting Law May Be On Fast Track
  75. Mackinac Center Receives $500,000 Education Research Grant
    Funding supports third year of education initiative
  76. ACLU: Study Finds Detroit's Charters May Outperform, But Their Competition Hurts Regular Schools
  77. School Budgets, Senate Pension Reforms Under Attack From Pension System
  78. ACLU Joins DeVos Assaults By Ignoring Inconvenient Charter School Truths
  79. Mackinac Scholars Challenge Tourism Officials to Debate

    Letter sent to key proponents of Pure Michigan campaign

  80. Tourism Officials Invited To Debate Efficacy of Pure Michigan

    Mackinac Center researchers challenge state to defend claim that program is worth its cost

  81. How the New York Times Distorts the Performance of Detroit Charters

    Best available research shows Detroit charter schools are successful

  82. The New York Times’ Comprehension Problem on Detroit Charters
  83. Soaring Pension Costs Breaking School Budgets, Crimping Teacher Pay
  84. School Choice on the National Stage

    How Can New Education Secretary Best Advance Opportunities?

  85. Policy Experts Available to Discuss Key Lame Duck Bills

    Mackinac Center analysts offer insights on ridesharing, pension, energy and economic development bills

  86. School Choice Opponents Recycle Myths as Trump Picks DeVos for Education
  87. Dear Teachers Union: School Pensions Not Supposed To Be A Ponzi Scheme
  88. Higher Education Spending Still Down After Michigan's 'Lost Decade,' But Rising
  89. Even With $500 Million Borrow-and-Spend, Detroit Schools Violates Building Codes
  90. Cost of Federal Employees Who Said They'd Quit Under Trump: $65 Billion
  91. You Can Now Drink and Ride a Pedal Pub in Detroit
  92. Happy Thanksgiving
  93. Pistons Move to Downtown Comes With Big Taxpayer Price Tag

    Mackinac Center experts comment on the deal in state media

  94. Mackinac Center President’s Statement on Betsy DeVos Nomination
    DeVos will be new Secretary of the Department of Education
  95. Unions Fight their Members’ Interests on Pensions

    Containing and curing pension underfunding benefits retirees, workers and taxpayers

  96. How to Revamp Michigan’s School Rating System

    Include comparisons, tie growth to standards and issue grades

  97. Experts: Michigan Senate's Utility Bill Shackles State To Obama EPA Overreach
  98. Study: New Sports Facilities Do Not Increase New Business Openings

    Research discredits idea for ‘catalyst’ or ‘transformational’ developments

  99. After Election Season, Economic Liberty Please

    Lesson from a state-by-state study: Liberty promotes prosperity

  100. Teacher Pay Flat at Insolvent Detroit Schools, But Union President's Pay Doubles
  101. Un-Making a Murderer

    Preventing crimes provides huge cost savings

  102. Obamacare in Michigan: 32 Percent More Than Projected Take Medicaid Expansion
  103. How Michigan Stands in the Way of Poor People Getting Medical Care
  104. State Not Transparent with Effectiveness of Multi-Million-Dollar Program

    New Pure Michigan study questions advertising expenditure

  105. Radical U-M Student Group Demands 'Sanctuary Campus' Walkouts
  106. Despite Union Claims, School Pension System is in Trouble

    MPSERS, unfunded liability

  107. Ballot-Selfie Ban Stands In Way of Free Speech

    Riley pens op-ed in The Detroit News

  108. Labor Reform Wins Big on Election Day

    Mackinac experts discuss results in Wall Street Journal, others

  109. Michigan Employers Create Thousands of Jobs without the Aid of Politicians

    Economic development programs just transfer money to a lucky handful

  110. Annual Cost To Pay Teachers Same As Doctors $1,283 Per Person
  111. Voters Reject Transit Tax Proposal in Wayne County

    Mackinac commentary featured in Detroit media

  112. Only Two of the Nation's 72 Largest Newspapers Endorsed Trump
  113. Legacy Society Luncheon: The Morality of Capitalism

    Please join us as we welcome Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, as guest speaker at the Mackinac Center Legacy Society Annual Luncheon this year. Mr. Bandow will share the moral arguments for free-market principles in his talk, Morality of Capitalism.

  114. MEA Union's Latest In Persistent Pattern of Lowballing Teacher Salaries
  115. Chamber: Concern Lansing Abatement Proposal Could Have 'Unintended Consequences'
    corporate welfare,
  116. Friday, November 11, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Increase windmill mandates, authorize driverless vehicles, empower airport police

  117. Some Proposals for Criminal Justice Reform in the Legislature

    Making Michigan safer, freer and more prosperous

  118. Ghosts Of Corporate Welfare Past To Suck $7.6 Billion From State Budget
  119. Mackinac Center Welcomes New Scholars

    Two NMU professors join Center's Board of Scholars

  120. Recommended Reading: A New Look at “The Bet”

    Human well-being has increased dramatically over the last few decades

  121. Back to the Drawing Board on Energy Policy

    The election results results could mean a different future for electricity

  122. Grass Roots Tax Group Helps Defeat Big Metro Transit Tax
  123. Voters Reject Detroit-Area Transit Boondoggle

    Flawed 20-year RTA plan falls at ballot box

  124. Worker Freedom Won Tuesday

    Election results favor labor reform movement

  125. Safe Space? Ann Arbor Landmark Painted With 'Kill em All' After Trump Victory
  126. Free The Unions — Let Workers Who Don't Pay Represent Themselves
  127. State Gave Biofuel Company Millions for Unbuilt Plant
  128. Tax Hike Vote in Kent County Expensive, Unnecessary

    Unfair to force taxpayers to subsidize the recreation of others

  129. Where Michigan’s Public Sector Union Laws Rank
  130. Let Dentists Hire Licensed Dental Therapists
  131. The Double Standard in Environmental Protection
  132. Individualized Solutions for Juvenile Justice Can Help Reduce Mass Incarceration
  133. Music in Motown: Private Detroit College Prepares Students for Music Careers
  134. Friday, November 4, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Some key votes of the 2015-16 Legislature

  135. Michigan Energy Battle May Mean More 500 Foot Wind Turbines in Communities
  136. Senate Proposes Broad Criminal Justice Reforms

    Changes could save money and improve outcomes

  137. Rising Pension Costs Bury Michigan Schools Despite Past Tweaks to System
  138. Pension Debt Soaring After Three Rounds of Reform Half-Measures
  139. Key Criminal Justice Bills Working Their Way Through the Legislature

    Proposed reforms to juvenile sentencing, prisoner parole time and judicial power

  140. The State Claims ‘Pure Michigan’ is Worth Tens of Millions. It Isn’t.

    Other research does not validate MEDC’s secretive, no-bid contractor

  141. Liberal Math: Millions More Equals a 'Billion Dollar Cut'
  142. Let Them Take Selfies: Explaining Michigan’s Law

    Ballot selfies are still prohibited in Michigan, for now

  143. Pure Michigan’s ‘Budget Justification’

    Why an independent review is necessary

  144. Study: Pure Michigan a Poor Investment

    New study raises questions about Pure Michigan’s effectiveness

  145. Research Is Clear When It Comes To School Choice

    DeGrow op-ed published in The Detroit News

  146. Pure Michigan Spent $295 Million and Even Hotels Only Got Scraps Back
  147. Pure Michigan Spent $295 Million and Even Hotels Only Got Scraps Back
  148. An Analysis of State-Funded Tourism Promotion

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.

  149. Pension Debt ‘Like a Mortgage?’ Yeah – On a Home You Sold Years Ago
  150. The Spookiest Policy Ideas Threatening Michigan

    From taxing free meals to creating a Bank of Michigan

  151. Northridge Academy Still Growing Strong

    Beating odds the beginning for Flint charter school

  152. Michigan Local Government Revenues Strong Despite Complaints

    Taxpayers already provide local governments more money

  153. Wayne County Schools’ Tax Hike Sponsors Paint False Picture With ‘Factual Information'
  154. Metro Transit Tax Ad's False Claims About Riders With Disabilities
  155. Friday, October 28, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Gas tax increase, more college building debt, ‘culpable mental states,” liquor oligopoly and midwife licensure

  156. Labor Reform Efforts Still Big Issue In Michigan, Across Country

    Mackinac Center experts recently in the news

  157. U-M's New 'Chief Diversity Officer' Will Collect $385,000 per Year
  158. Climate Activists Endanger Lives by Tampering with Pipelines

    As winter approaches, fossil fuels keep us warm

  159. Michiganders Want Electricity Choice But Bill Would End It

    Op-ed published in Bridge Magazine

  160. Wayne Co. Schools’ $80 Million Annual Tax Hike Won’t Cover Pensions
  161. Metro Detroit Transit Tax Assumes Funding From State and Feds That May Never Come
    transit, RTA
  162. You'd Be In Big Trouble If You Spent Like Uncle Sam
  163. An Opportunity to Improve School Funding Equity?

    Pushback against federal regulation should not preclude local reform

  164. State Health Policy Toolkit

    10 reforms state lawmakers can implement now

  165. Defined-Contribution Plans Help State Credit

    Michigan's credit rating could increase after pension reform

  166. Media Loves Corporate Welfare Stories, But Silent When Jobs Go Bust
  167. WikiLeaks: Granholm's Obama Job Application Oversold Clean Energy Jobs
  168. RTA Transit Tax Focuses on Old Technology, Ignores Opportunity

    Mozena debates merits of plan on Michigan Matters

  169. October 21, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Ban gas chamber for pets; subsidies for hospitals and Flint businesses; authorize new school taxes; regulate drones; more

  170. Tilt from Tax Cutting to Corporate Welfare Renews Failed Approach to Economic Growth

    Lawmakers face a number of corporate welfare proposals

  171. Some Upper Peninsula Residents In Revolt Over Federal Road Closings
  172. Michigan Considers Freeing Up Uber and Taxis

    Ridesharing companies, taxis and limos would compete on level playing field

  173. Granholm Touted Failed Companies in Bid for Federal Energy Job
  174. Young Entrepreneurs Set Up Shop In Detroit

    Local media covers Detroit Children's Business Fair

  175. Detroit’s Taxes, Regulations Keeping It Down

    Skorup pens op-ed in The Detroit News

  176. Michigan High School Grad Rate Up as Detroit Schools Increases 30 Percent
  177. Superintendent Compensation Available Online

    State media covers update of Mackinac Center database

  178. $1 Billion of Tax Money Thrown Into a Growing Deficit

    Michigan increased pension funding and it’s still not enough

  179. Government Official Denigrates Citizen for Seeking Public Information

    FOIA is a legitimate accountability tool

  180. Oakland Officials Deny Hushing Up Report Critical of Transit Tax Proposal
  181. Potential Corporate Welfare Binge Risks Second Michigan ‘Lost Decade’
  182. How Saginaw Prep Turned Around Academically

    Charter school shedding 'priority' label

  183. Flashy Projects Won’t Save Detroit: Here’s What is Hampering Recovery
  184. State Spending Up and Up, But Spending Interests Cry Poverty
  185. Building Bikes in the Motor City
  186. October 14, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Tax breaks for developers; allow school recreation tax; fee hikes; ban ‘cyber-revenge porn’

  187. EPA Expands Power by Calling Plowed Farm Fields 'Mini Mountain Ranges'
  188. Rights and Responsibilities Collide: Student Free Speech Bill Struggles
  189. Here's Why You Deserve a State Income Tax Cut
  190. Michigan Spends Hundreds of Millions Supporting Private Schools
  191. First Detroit Children’s Business Fair This Saturday

    Free community event showcases young entrepreneurs

  192. Back to the Future for Taxpayer Stadium Funding in Detroit

    Legislators should stand firm against special deals 

  193. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  194. State Takes Minnow-Bite From City’s Budget, Lobbyist Cries 'Shark'
  195. Dental Therapists Would Relieve Michigan’s Dentist Shortage

    The Detroit News covers new Mackinac Center report

  196. Tuition Up 3.9 Percent, But U-M Finds $85 Million More For 'Diversity'
  197. Coming to America: Liberian Immigrant Now Detroit Business Owner
  198. Worker’s Choice: Freedom for Employees and Unions

    State and national media cover Mackinac Center concept

  199. October 7, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Big gas tax hike; welfare cops; local pit bull bans; selling student data

  200. IMPACT September/October 2016
  201. Got a Permit for That Garage Sale?
  202. Mackinac Center Dismisses Tourism Tax Suit After Resort Owner Sells Property

    Center wishes former client well in retirement; leaves door open to future challenge

  203. Rumors of Unions' Post-Right-to-Work Death Exaggerated
  204. What is 'Electricity Choice'?

    11,000 customers are waiting for it

  205. Saginaw County Sheriff Denies Driving Seized Muscle Car, Won't Explain 56k New Miles
  206. Norton Shores Resident Fears Pension Underfunding Will Cause Tax Increases, Job Losses
  207. Education Union Should Be Voice For Pension Reform

    School employees deserve more than political promises

  208. Putting Too Many People in Prison Puts Michigan at Risk

    New study indicates prison time increases recidivism

  209. Union Sloppiness Costs Teacher Thousands in Lost Pay, Blames Mythical ‘Funding Cuts’
  210. Michigan Legislature Can End 2016 Strong by Acting on Key Issues
  211. Michigan and Ontario Governments Agree to Promote Crony Capitalism Together
  212. Voters Support School Choice
  213. Researchers: Having More College Grads Around Doesn't Mean Less-Educated Workers Earn More
  214. The Lose-Lose Situation in Pension Funding

    Pension underfunding, not defined contributions, is the problem

  215. September 30, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Sex! Crime! Hollywood! Uber! Oh boy!

  216. Closest Thing to Immortality? Government Programs

    Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps has survived multiple defundings

  217. State Policies Created School Pension Pain
    The only real solution is to close public pensions to new employees
  218. Here are the Issues Facing Detroit Schools

    Adding to the dialogue

  219. Dental Therapists Would Improve Access to Care

    Study recommends Michigan create new midlevel providers

  220. Feds Force Michigan Cherries to Rot – In Order To Raise Prices
  221. Working in Detroit
  222. Michigan District Bans Homeschooled Girl From Homecoming Dance
  223. Dental Therapists: A Proposal to Expand Access to Dental Care in Michigan

  224. This Week in Fiscal Policy News

    Tax reform proposals and state pension underfunding

  225. Michigan's Pension Crisis Means Tax Hikes and Cutting Cops
  226. Republican AG Rebuffs GOP Governor On Failed Detroit Schools: OK To Close Them
  227. U of M Brings Personal Pronoun Wars To Michigan
  228. Feds Claim Power Over Every Mud Puddle Under 'Migratory Molecule' Theory
  229. Progress Michigan Hits Road With False School 'Cuts' Claims
  230. Michigan Counties on the Verge of Pension Crisis

    Lansing State Journal publishes op-ed on local pension debt

  231. Sierra Club: No Gas, No Coal, No Nukes; Lansing Utility: No Lights, Then
  232. Time to End the 21st Century Jobs Fund

    New Mackinac study featured in state media

  233. Obama’s Overtime Rule Would Hurt Those It’s Intended To Help

    Patrick Wright joins WNEM TV5 to discuss new rule

  234. Michigan House Passes Bills Rolling Back Arbitrary ‘Handyman’ Licensing
  235. Detroit Metro’s Economy No. 14 In U.S., Bigger Than Nation Of Chile
  236. Proposed Beer Tax Hike Would Hurt Brewers

    LaFaive comments in MLive article

  237. September 23, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Out with old in with new licensure mandate; increase legislature transparency; more

  238. Lawsuit Filed to Fight Michigan’s Ban on Tesla Sales

    Skorup weighs in with USA Today and the Detroit Free Press

  239. There Will Be Harsh Consequences for Raising North Dakota’s Tobacco Tax
  240. Union Survey: Michigan Teachers Want Pension Reform

    Only 12.2 percent of MEA members feel they will have a comfortable retirement

  241. Note to Hillary Clinton: Right-to-Work Laws Are Very Popular
  242. EPA Opposes U.P. Road, But Senator Suggests New Mine Its Real Target
  243. Superintendent Pay, Contract Database Updated

    109 school district heads paid $200,000+

  244. Pugsley Correctional Facility to Close

    Michigan's prison population on the decline

  245. Before Flint’s Lead Crisis, City Council Raided Money from 'Water Fund'
  246. Budget Gimmicks, Debt and Deficit Smokescreens Preceded Flint Lead Crisis
  247. Calling All Young Entrepreneurs to the First Detroit Children’s Business Fair
    Finding the next Henry Ford or Hendrik Meijer
  248. More to Charter Special Ed Gap than Meets the Eye

    Disability types, local conditions drive disparity

  249. We Verify Teachers Union Pay Claims, You Choose Whether to Trust Them
  250. Worker’s Choice: Freeing Unions and Workers From Forced Representation

    Unionized workers are forced to accept union representation whether they want it or not, even though Michigan is a right-to-work state.  Right-to-work takes away a union’s ability to get a worker fired for not paying them. However with the law unions are still given a monopoly to represent all workers on a job. They must provide representation even to those not paying them. While unions like their monopoly they still complain about what they call “free riders” – those forced to accept their services but not paying for them.  Unions have brought legal challenges in several states claiming right-to-work violates constitutional takings clauses because of this so-called free rider issue.

  251. Union Claims Experienced Teachers Make Less Than $30K; They Don't
  252. Michigan Bill Legalizes March Madness and Fantasy Sports Bets
  253. Michigan Class Sizes Hard to Find, So Public Radio Reports Opinions
  254. September 19, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Blasts-from-the-past on road funding, same-sex adoptions, civil asset forfeiture and more

  255. State’s '21st Century Jobs Fund' Spent $100 Million For Just 1,052 Jobs
  256. Study Recommends Ending Michigan’s 21st Century Jobs Fund

    The program has failed even by its own measurements

  257. Michigan Must Stop Keeping Peoples’ Property Without Conviction

    Skorup discusses civil forfeiture on Michigan Radio

  258. An Evaluation of Michigan's 21st Century Jobs Fund

    In 2005, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm launched a project intended to stimulate he state’s economy: the 21st Century Jobs Fund. At the time the state had not yet recovered from the 2001 national recession and was suffering the country’s highest unemployment levels.

    After a tough political battle to establish the program and after making a number of compromises, the 21st Century Jobs Fund was created. The program was to be funded from 2006 to 2015, and in the 2013-14 legislative session, under a new governor and Legislature, it was extended until 2019 and provided with $75 million in continued annual funding.

    After ten years of existence, this program has received little attention and its effectiveness has never been measured. All government programs should be reviewed regularly, and it is time for a close look at the 21st Century Jobs Fund.

  259. NAACP: Historical 13-Star Flag Associated With 'Racial Supremacy' Groups
  260. Union and School Illegally Take Dues from Teachers' Paychecks
  261. Understand the Emergency Manager Law Before Changing It
  262. How Pensions Are Bankrupting Cities and States and How to Fix It

    Retiree benefits are a national crisis, but some cities and states have made significant reforms that are saving money and preventing liabilities being pushed off onto future generations. This event will discuss the scope of the problem and what Michigan should be doing to solve it.

  263. An Opening for Michigan Licensing Reform

    When the state asks for higher fees, repeal the mandates

  264. Worker’s Choice: Freeing Unions and Workers From Forced Representation

    Event in Lansing discusses new legislation

  265. Police Seize Car, Drive 56,000 Miles, Sell It Without Charging Owners With a Crime
  266. School Superintendent: 13-Star 'Betsy Ross' Flag Injects 'Hostility' and 'Hate'
  267. Markets, Not Politicians, Slow State Oil and Gas Production

    From 'obscene profits' to 'obscene losses'

  268. Michigan’s Quiet Success in Containing Retiree Health Care Costs

    Simple reforms lower the burden of debt

  269. Flashy Projects Generate Taxpayer Losses

    A state economy isn't made up of the biggest companies

  270. Lawmakers Agree Car Insurance Too Expensive — But Not On How To Fix It
  271. Bill Would Ban Ann Arbor's Ban on Young Adult Tobacco Sales
  272. What You Owe for Pensions

    Michigan governments hold $3,800 per person in pension debt

  273. September 9, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Medical marijuana crack-down, driverless trucks, dogs in outdoor cafés

  274. Should Michigan Cities Be Allowed to Ban Pit Bulls?

    Probably not

  275. ‘Worker's Choice’ or ‘Free Riders’? Union Reform Bill Opts for Former
  276. Michigan Will Have No Ballot Questions This Year
  277. Post a Photo of Your Marked Ballot? You've Broken the Law
  278. New Study Calls for More Spending to Provide Nothing

    Higher education costs are increasing, but why?

  279. Wild West: What Education Establishment Calls Parents Choosing Their Kids’ School
  280. Mackinac Center Research Topic of Council Meeting

    Local news covers pension problems in Norton Shores

  281. An Inspiration for Expanding Detroit’s Educational Choices

    The second in a two-part series on Detroit Cristo Rey High School

  282. Michigan Lawmaker Introduces Worker’s Choice Bill

    Legislation would increase worker rights and free unions from representing those who do not pay dues

  283. Reform Occupational Licensing Laws to Prevent Crime
  284. Privatization Remains a Popular Practice with School Districts
  285. Do Michigan Criminal Penalties Make Sense? No One Knows
  286. Despite the Hype, Detroit's Job Growth Among the Lowest in the State
  287. Your Transaction is Secure
  288. An 'Exclusive' Private School, But Not Like You Think

    The first in a two-part series on Detroit Cristo Rey High School

  289. Schooling Outside the Box: State Bans Aid to Private Innovators Like This School
  290. Union Membership in Michigan Down 38 Percent in 32 Years
  291. Foundation Examines Michigan Pensions and Finds - Mismanagement
  292. Mackinac Center Offers Labor Reform Ideas in Time for Labor Day

    Op-ed on top reforms in The Detroit News

  293. September 2, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Ding overspending schools, limit corporate subsidies, legislative subpeonas and a boost for the disabled

  294. Multiplier Analyses Are Prone to Abuse

    Common ways to rationalize use of taxpayer dollars

  295. Governor Gives Academically Failed Detroit Schools a Three-Year Pass
  296. Plastic Bag Tax Hurts Consumers, Businesses and Does Little for the Environment

    Legislature considers bill to stop new Washtenaw County tax

  297. Michigan’s Looming Dentist Shortage?

    Mid-level providers could help fill the gaps

  298. You’re OUT! School Bars Resident From Working as Baseball Ump
  299. Top Labor Reforms for Michigan
  300. Troubling Lack of Student Test Progress Deserves Candor, Not Spin
  301. Detroit Should Lessen Licensing Requirements

    Mackinac Center op-ed published in Wall Street Journal

  302. Praise, Not Criticism for Companies That Follow Rules

    Op-ed on Mackinac pipeline published in MLive

  303. Statewide Student Test Scores Are In and the News Isn't Good
  304. Voters’ Support for School Choice Remains Strong

    Most Detroit residents want more options

  305. New Survey Finds Broad Support For School Choice In Michigan

    Survey of likely voters shows broad support

  306. Trump and Clinton are Both Wrong: Free Trade is Good for People

    The benefits of trade in Michigan

  307. Almost Entire County Commission Overthrown After Spending Splurge
  308. State Ed Chief: Opening School Near Another One is 'Wasteful'
  309. Major Sectors Growing as Michigan Unemployment Hits 15-Year Low
  310. This Fall Will Be the First Time There are Fewer Charter Schools
  311. Study: $15-An-Hour Minimum Wage Would Kill 281,000 Michigan Jobs
  312. Michigan and Ontario Governments Agree to Promote Crony Capitalism Together

    When international cooperation is not helpful but destructive

  313. Charter School-Prison Comparison Misses the Mark

    Analyzing recent attacks on school choice

  314. August 26, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Income tax money for roads; bans on e-cigs for minors, powdered booze and local knife regulations and more

  315. Detroit Had More Corruption in One Day Than John Oliver Found in Charter Schools Over 10 Years
  316. Management Model No Guarantee of County Pension Soundness
  317. Survey: Most Michigan Schools Outsource Noninstructional Services
  318. Study 'Segregates' School District Borders By Ignoring Key Data
  319. The Most Important State Election This November: Michigan's Next House Speaker
  320. Petty Restrictions on Tobacco Endanger Respect for Law

    Creating unnecessary crimes weakens force of important laws

  321. Government Held to Different Standard in Environmental Matters

    Hayes discusses Kalamazoo River spill on WWMT

  322. Key Part of Civil Asset Forfeiture Law Ruled Unconstitutional

    Bond requirement challenged at Court of Appeals

  323. Michigan Plans to Close Some Top Public Schools
  324. Michigan's Underfunded Pensions: A Tale of Two Counties

    pension unfunded liability, pension funds

  325. Average Michigan Teacher Pay Nation's Highest When Adjusted for Cost of Living
  326. August 19, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Cut-off welfare truant scofflaws, ease stair-lift restrictions, cap government investor guarantees, raise license fees

  327. Labor's Voices Sound More False Notes On Teacher Pay
  328. Putting School Funding Inequity in Perspective

    Proposal A has not been a dismal failure

  329. Taxes Up $4.3 Million, State Money Down $200K: So Who 'Compromised' Services?
  330. Hard to Find: 'Teachers On Food Stamps'
  331. Worker’s Choice Popular in Michigan, Nationwide

    National Employee Freedom Week poll finds overwhelming support of idea

  332. Cigarette tax hike initiative a bridge too far
  333. Lessons from Muskegon Heights School Overhaul

    What DPS officials can learn from similar reforms

  334. Recycling Pop Cans Shouldn’t Make You a Felon

    Michigan still has room for improvement on overcriminalization

  335. Seventy Percent of School Districts Contract Out for Food, Custodial or Transportation Services

    Statewide survey finds continued growth in school privatization

  336. Couple Could Lose Their Home Through Civil Forfeiture

    Government confiscates thousands of dollars without filing charges

  337. When Was Flint 'Run Like a Business'?
  338. Township Denies It Had Landfill Documents, County Records Say Otherwise
  339. "Rich States, Poor States" Presentation – Traverse City, MI

    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Mackinac Center for Public Policy have partnered to bring Jonathan Williams, vice president of the Center for State Fiscal Reform at ALEC and co-author of the 9th Edition of Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index. Mr. Williams will discuss the policy trends over the years that helped Michigan's economy recover and what needs to be done to keep Michigan moving forward.

  340. Survey: Most Union Members Support Worker’s Choice

    Wall Street Journal features Mackinac Center concept

  341. Michigan’s Highest Taxpayers Could Soon Pay More

    New op-ed questions value of proposed RTA and Wayne RESA millages

  342. Ann Arbor Council Defies State Law, Bans Cigarette Sales to Adults Age 18 to 20
  343. Michigan School Privatization Survey 2016

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.

    This is the 14th edition of the Mackinac Center's annual school privatization survey. We ask every school district in the state if they outsource one of the three main noninstructional services — custodial, transportation and food services. The results from this year's survey show that 70 percent of school districts contract out for at least one of these services.

  344. Michigan School Privatization Survey 2016

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.

    This is the 15th edition of the Mackinac Center's annual school privatization survey. We ask every school district in the state if they outsource one of the three main noninstructional services — custodial, transportation and food services. The results from this year's survey show that 70 percent of school districts contract out for at least one of these services.

  345. Michigan County Pension Systems Owe $2.5 billion
  346. Hoping Against History: Clinton Calls for Millions of Clean Energy Jobs
  347. Business Climate, Not Cronyism, Key to Michigan’s Future Growth

    New op-ed published in The Detroit News

  348. August 12, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Key votes on guns, same-sex adoptions, pensions, nanny-statism

  349. Study: Ontario Should Look to Michigan

    Canadian think tank recommends following the Michigan tax reform model

  350. State Board of Education Not Immune To School Funding Myths
  351. WSU Prof Responds to CapCon Article On His Study: Readers Deserve Better
  352. Post-Bankruptcy Detroit Hasn't A Clue How Much Comp Time It Owes Employees
  353. State 'Post and Hold' Rules Economically Unsound

    Liquor laws benefit the few and the expense of the many

  354. Corporate Welfare’s Strange Allure for Politicians
    Just say "no" to crony capitalism
  355. WSU Prof's Report Blaming Flint Decline on 'Structural Racism' Used Bad Data
  356. Snyder Orders a State Economic 20 Year Plan
  357. Corporate Welfare’s Strange Allure for Politicians
  358. Financial Emergency Over: Elected Government Returns to Pontiac
    emergency manager, Pontiac
  359. Michigan Adequacy Study Shows the State Already Spends Plenty on Education
  360. How a Government Transparency Request Can Take Months
  361. You Have My Permission to Speak … Unless
  362. You Can't Do That: Township's Taxpayer-Funded Tax Hike Electioneering
  363. August 5, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Mandate more music, restrict fracking, surrogate moms and more

  364. Smuggling Would Rise Along with Tobacco Tax
  365. Ten Facts About Government Pensions In Michigan
  366. Up and Down: The Story of Teacher Salaries in Detroit
  367. Honest Education Discussion Requires Counting All the Dollars

    Michigan should spend smarter before spending more

  368. Michigan’s Auto Sales Regulations Lead to Higher Prices

    Free Press covers direct auto sales debate

  369. Detroit Schools Deteriorated, Questions On $500 Million Bond
  370. Addressing the Shortcomings of Probation and Parole

    Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program a success

  371. School Choice Benefits All Students

    DeGrow debates value of private schools on WalletHub

  372. MSU Car Smoking Ban Increases Potential for Community-Police Tensions
  373. Michigan Requires More Than 200 Occupational Licenses
  374. The Electric Car Future That Never Happened
  375. Economic Freedom and Well-Being Noticed by Top Official

    Michigan's economic liberty is slowly improving

  376. DNC Email Leak Reveals Party’s Feelings on Unions

    Op-ed published in The Detroit News

  377. Macomb County City Deletes Former Official's Criticism from Website
  378. After Billions in Subsidies, Just 918 Michigan Car Battery Jobs
  379. July 29, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    More ways for lawmakers to exhibit warm-and-fuzzy

  380. Friedman Legacy Day

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Northwood University Forum for Citizenship & Enterprise cordially invite you to join us in celebrating the 10th Annual Milton Friedman Legacy Day.

  381. Michigan to Write $1 Billion in Secret Corporate Welfare Checks in 2016
  382. A Quick Brief on the Housing Recovery in Michigan

    Price of average home is approaching record levels

  383. Children Poisoned by Lead Shouldn't Be Turned Into A Limerick
  384. Calls to Expand Michigan’s Economic Development Programs Fall Short

    New plans don't even claim to develop the economy

  385. Why Americans Should Care the U.S. is Approaching $20 Trillion in Debt
  386. Not in a Box, Not With a Fox; GOP Didn't Cut School Funding
  387. The union wage premium: Difficult to calculate, likely overblown
  388. We're No. 1: Unemployment in Michigan Fell Faster Than Anywhere Else
  389. Michigan Crushes Korea in Corporate Welfare Handouts

    Nearly $9 billion in subsidies over two years

  390. Union Should Secure the Retirement of Their Members

    New op-ed discusses Teamster pension problems in Washington Examiner

  391. IMPACT July/August 2016
  392. Detroit Was Just the Beginning: The Crisis of City Pension Systems in Michigan
  393. Trust Parents or Political Appointees to Choose Best School for Kids?
  394. July 22, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Plates for me, plates for thee, plates for the man behind the tree

  395. MSU: You Can Be Ticketed For Smoking in Your Own Car
  396. Counting Government Workers Tells Little About the Quality of Government

    Cost and quality should be the primary concern

  397. GOP Convention Notes: 50,000 Attendees, Lots and Lots of Police
  398. Planning for Life Workshop – Suttons Bay, MI

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2016 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  399. A Federal Bill to Loosen Licensing Requirements

    And a step for Michigan to follow suit

  400. Department of Environmental Quality Must Be Transparent

    Michigan media reports on latest Mackinac Center lawsuit

  401. Criminal Justice in a Free Society

    Mackinac Center announces criminal justice initiative

  402. Six Numbers Showing Detroit’s Pension Problems
  403. Shivering in the Dark? Sierra Club Opposes 91 Percent of Michigan Electricity
  404. Detroit's Red Ink Remains, But Future Looks Brighter
  405. 10th Annual Milton Friedman Legacy Day Celebration to Be Held in Midland

    Mackinac Center to co-host event with Northwood University Forum for Citizenship and Enterprise

  406. No Conspiracy Behind Cheap Gas Prices, Just Good Old Supply and Demand
  407. From Batting Nets to 'Hide Haulers,' Almost Everything Requires a License in Detroit
  408. Party In Crony Capitalism Revolt Holds Convention at Government-Owned Hotel
  409. Mark Ruffalo Wants Government to Defund the Police — But Fund His Films
  410. Imaginary Murder Pets Versus Michelle Obama

    Society uses the free market: It’s super effective!

  411. July 15, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    More government energy debt; more subsidies for college, grocery stores and water; pension reform and more

  412. How Some Michigan Cities Dodge the Unfunded Pension Liability Trap
  413. How an Ice-Making Company is Succeeding in Detroit
  414. Reforming No-Fault Insurance Would Lower Costs, Reduce Uninsured Cars

    Van Beek discusses reforms in Fox UP interview

  415. Vet Saves Dog's Life, Family is Happy – State Sanctions Him

    The problem with occupational licensing 

  416. Drug Raids Down 75 Percent in Detroit as Police Shift Their Focus
  417. Mackinac Center Files Open Records Lawsuit Against State Government Over Flint Water Documents

    Open government requires timely information

  418. Democratic Senators Seek to Silence Debate About Global Warming
  419. No Easy Answers in Highland Park

    Students continue to flee troubled district

  420. Blown Away By Flawed Research on Jobs Program

    Michigan spent millions with little to show for it

  421. Court Overrules Licensing Board, Exonerates Vet Who Saved Dog
  422. Occupational Licensing Costs Hurt Working Class Michiganders
  423. Mr. Dem House Leader, You're Still Not Entitled to Your Own Facts
  424. MSU Drops Algebra From Graduation Requirements
  425. Michigan School Funding At Record High
  426. Former Gov. Granholm Left Teaching Job at Berkeley; Husband Dan Mulhern to Teach One Class in Fall
  427. Detroit’s Top Employer No Longer a Government Entity
  428. Mackinac Center Defends Resort Owner’s Free Speech Right

    State media covers tourism bureau lawsuit

  429. Workers Could Feel Pinch of Obama’s Overtime Rule

    Vernuccio op-ed published in The Detroit News

  430. School Funding Is Complicated: One Part Goes Down But Total Goes Up
  431. Pay for New Ann Arbor Teachers Up 24-44 Percent in Four Years
  432. State Government Up to Its Eyeballs in Pension Debt
  433. Private Schools Could Save Michigan $750 Million a Year
  434. Uber Disrupts Organized Labor and a Union may get More Dues Paying Members
  435. Detroit Soccer Team Turns to Private Investment to Fund New Stadium
  436. As Municipal Golf Courses Lose Money, Taxpayers Pick Up the Tab
  437. July 1, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Repeal 'stand your ground,' assert 'right to drinking water,' make policy body camera images secret, more

  438. Lawsuit Challenges Forced Payments for Tourism Bureaus
  439. Michigan Adequacy Study Shows the State Already Spends Plenty on Education

    New study provides few clear-cut answers

  440. Mackinac Center Weighs in on State’s Education Adequacy Study

    State media covers school funding study

  441. Independence Day
  442. How Bad Investment Rate Projections Cause Pension Underfunding
  443. Here's What the NY Times Got Wrong On Detroit Public Schools
  444. Northern Michigan Resort Owner Files Lawsuit Against Tourism Board to Reclaim His First Amendment Rights
    Mackinac Center files suit to protect property owner's free speech rights
  445. Academic Failure Forces Charter School Closure
  446. More Mythical School Funding Cuts Reported
  447. Mackinac Center Weighs In On State’s Education Adequacy Study

    Spending more money won't help unless it is spent in effective ways

  448. I Don’t Have Answers to These Questions

    There aren't always easy answers to policy questions

  449. Commemorating the Repeal of the Stamp Act

    The history of transaction taxes in America

  450. Union Contract Delivers Five-Year Salary Freeze for State's Teacher of the Year
  451. Planning for Life Workshop – Grand Rapids, MI

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2016 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  452. New Evidence: Film Incentives Still Don’t Work

    Research from Michael Thom analyzes a variety of programs

  453. Deficits Loom, But Community College Launches Athletics Program Anyway
  454. One Brighton Area Schools Administrator in Line for $58,000 Increase in Pay
  455. A $4.6 Billion Transit Millage Is a Tax Too Far for Detroit

    Time to question the benefits of the Regional Transit Authority 

  456. June 24, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Noteworthy proposals to amend the state constitution

  457. Snyder’s Veto of Aftermarket Auto Parts Bill a Win for Consumers

    MLive covers defeat of anti-competition bill

  458. Vote Sends Lake Michigan Water Outside the Great Lakes Basin
  459. Right-To-Work For More? Michigan Income Growth the Nation’s Third-Fastest
  460. MSU Scholar Ignores School Revenue Sources

    Says revenue has been cut

  461. More School Spending is Still Unlikely to Boost Achievement

    A response to a critique of ‘School Spending and Student Achievement in Michigan: What’s the Relationship’

  462. School Budgets Stressed Alright — But Not From Mythical State ‘Cuts’
  463. Clarifying Detroit Schools Release Time Policy

    Judge Rhodes points out oversight in op-ed

  464. Tackle Licensing for Good Policy in Michigan

    New York Times covers fight to allow people to work

  465. Fewer School Districts Borrowing to Cover Expenses, But Pension Debt Rising
  466. Gov. Snyder Vetoes Bill Limiting Consumer Auto Parts Choices

    HB 4344 would have increased red tape for consumers and businesses

  467. State Government Up to Its Eyeballs in Pension Debt

    Unfunded pension liabilities dwarf state’s other borrowing

  468. How They Spin 'Underfunded Schools': Ignore the Federal Money
  469. Spiking Pensions: Another MEA Executive Involved in Special Deals
  470. June 17, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Votes from the last week of the spring legislative session

  471. Wayne State Drops Math Requirement, May Add Diversity Requirement
  472. Another School District-Teachers Union Pension Spiking Deal
  473. Not So Fast ... Dems Don't Get That School Spending is Up
  474. County Takes Michigan Woman's Property Over $7 Late Fee
  475. Taxpayers Spend Millions A Year on Union Activities

    Op-ed in The Detroit News addresses union release time

  476. Ph.D. Not Good Enough, Professor: You Still Can't Teach in Detroit Schools
  477. Narrative Trumps Facts When Reporting on Detroit Public Schools
  478. June 10, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Detroit School bailout “final answer,” require warrant for electonic data search, much more

  479. IMPACT May/June 2016
  480. You're Wrong, Senator: Many Detroit Teachers Do Earn More Than You
  481. Uber May Be Opening Door for 21st Century Unionization

    Vernuccio op-ed published in Huffington Post

  482. Need A Microscope to Find the Corporate Welfare Jobs in Michigan's Economy
  483. Time for The MEA To Recognize Right-To-Work

    Media covers new Mackinac Center lawsuit

  484. Pension Funding: Why Your Town is Going Broke
  485. New Study Shows Positive Effects of Ridesharing

    Introduction of Uber decreases crash rates and DUIs

  486. House Refuses to Ration School Choice for Detroit Parents, Children

    Hard work, hopeful opportunities lie ahead

  487. House Republicans 'No Way' on Detroit School Choice Restrictions
  488. Dear Teachers: Here's Why Your Salary Isn't Higher
  489. Cut Corporate Welfare to Help Balance State Budget

    Tenuous relationship between corporate welfare and economic health

  490. Lawmakers Must Preserve Choice in DPS Bailout

    Op-eds in The Detroit News and Midland Daily News

  491. Pure Michigan: An Economic Development Program That Doesn’t Create Any Development
  492. As Right-to-Work Expands, So Do Union Membership Rolls
  493. Despite Enrollment Decline, Teachers Paid More
  494. Detroit’s Economic Fortunes Won’t Get a Kick Out of Subsidizing a New Soccer Stadium
  495. Retiree Obligations, Lack of Cash Hampers Michigan's Fiscal Condition
  496. Legislature Makes it More Difficult to Use Inexpensive Car Parts

    Will Gov. Snyder veto the bill?

  497. June 3, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    School recreation taxes, raises some speed limits, disclose pension liabilities

  498. Rumors of Taxpayer Spending

    State job funds are expensive and underwhelming

  499. Michigan School Pension Debt Grows Again
  500. Michigan Private Schools Cost Significantly Less Than Public Schools
  501. The Boundaries of Educational Choice: Surveying Michigan's Private School Landscape

    Nonpublic schools serve tens of thousands of Michigan elementary and secondary students, yet a clear understanding of the state's diverse private education landscape has been lacking. While most states (including those on our borders) have enacted some kind of publicly funded choice program, Michigan private schools fight in the Legislature for a small share of funding to cover the state’s health and safety mandates. In order to expand choice, Michigan must overcome a stringent constitution, as well as some popular misconceptions about private schools.

  502. Hopeful Medicaid 'Direct Primary Care' Pilot Embraced by Senate, Gutted by House
  503. Municipal Revenues Up Despite Arguments to the Contrary

    Bridge Magazine article misses the big picture

  504. Freedom for Nations, States and Cities

    Economic freedom increases human well-being

  505. Four Months and Counting for Records from Agency at Center of Flint Water Crisis
  506. Worker's Choice

    Where there’s a unionized workplace, there’s forced representation. That’s true regardless of whether a state is right-to-work or not. Even if a union can’t get a worker fired for not paying dues, the worker is still bound by union representation.

  507. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  508. May 27, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Coerced abortion, flashing green snowplow lights and lawsuits, welfare heating subsidies

  509. The Mackinac Center at the 2016 Mackinac Policy Conference
  510. State Data: No Detroit Teacher Shortage
  511. Detroit Bailout's Charter School Restrictions Not About What's Best for Kids
  512. Here's How Much More Money Detroit Public Schools Has Received Over the Years
  513. Thousands of Detroit Parents Vote With Their Feet for School Choice
  514. Detroit Teachers Under Pay Freeze, But Union President Gets Big Pay Hike
  515. Detroit Charter Schools Spend Way Less Money and Get Way Better Results

    Just look at the evidence

  516. The State of Private Schools in Michigan

    Survey provides new information about this unique education sector

  517. History Shows Delayed Adequacy Study Will Call for More Money

    Michigan already spends more per pupil than the national average

  518. Money Rolling In, But Cities With Hands Out To Lansing Claim 'Broken' Finances
  519. A Survey of Michigan's Private Education Sector

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.

    According to data collected by the state, Michigan has 601 private schools that enroll about 113,000 students — about 7 percent of all students in the state. All but 14 of Michigan’s 84 counties have at least one private school operating within their boundaries. Despite the fact that private schools in Michigan are widespread, there is very little publicly available information about them. In response to this need, the Mackinac Center, with the help of the Michigan Association of Nonpublic Schools, conducted a survey of private school administrators from all across the state.

  520. Transparency Bills A “Significant Step Forward”

    Reitz interviewed by Michigan Radio

  521. A Life in Perspectives

    A Celebration of the Life of Andrew J. Coulson

  522. Bill Takes Away Car Owners' Choice of Less Expensive Parts
  523. Managed Competition Versus the Free Market, In One Photo
    Cabstand at Reagan National shows need for ridesharing
  524. School Districts Receiving More and Spending More
  525. Detroit Public Schools' Collapse Preceded Charter School Expansion
  526. Teaching Jobs Still Getting Plenty of Applicants
  527. Local Governments Cry Poor but Act Rich

    If the fiscal stress is so great, why keep doling out uncompetitive benefits?

  528. May 20, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Automaker protectionism, who’s the repo man, ballot initiative signatures and more

  529. State Expects to Take $2.4 Billion More; Media Cries 'Deficit!'
  530. An Uber Driver Shares His Story

    Op-ed explains efforts to permit and restrict ridesharing 

  531. Taxpayers Should Not Be on the Hook for Stadiums

    Bill Simmons gets it right

  532. 'Got Your Back' or Stab It: Union Sics Bill Collectors on Right-to-Work Exercisers
  533. Contracting Non-Instructional Services Can Help Students

    Op-ed published in Chicago Daily Herald

  534. High Taxes Lack a Guarantee of Quality Services: See Detroit

    It's about how resources are managed

  535. Mackinac Center Will Represent Teacher Suing MEA For Keeping Him In Union

    Mackinac Center representing teacher suing MEA

  536. Group Hired To Assess Michigan Education Spending Always Recommends More

    Op-ed published in Lansing State Journal

  537. Maryland Brewer Tweaks Michigan's Alcohol Regulators
  538. Three Reforms to Bring Down Michigan Health Care Costs
  539. Ridesharing Drivers Tell Their Stories

    Why statewide regulations are important to so many Michiganders

  540. Federal Red Tape Costing Michigan Families and Businesses Billions
  541. Free Market Solutions to Problems in Health Care

    The Affordable Care Act dramatically changed the healthcare market throughout the United States and expanded the control of the federal government over healthcare policies. Despite this fact, there are still reforms that states can make that could expand the access and reduce the cost of medical services. This event will feature several experts who will discuss reforms that Michigan policymakers should consider if they want to improve healthcare services in this state.

  542. How Forfeiture Should Work in Michigan

    New Mexico and Nebraska limit forfeiture to criminal cases

  543. Mackinac Center and Sierra Club Call For More Transparency in Michigan Government

    Joint Free Press op-ed explains transparency efforts

  544. Yes They Are: National Magazine Says Poor Detroit Charter Schools Not Closed
  545. Detroit Schools Transition Chief Says: Restrict Charter Schools in City
  546. Fears About State Pension Underfunding Drive School Employees to Other Options
  547. Economic Interference Week

    Economic Development Week is no cause for celebration

  548. May 13, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Transit subsidy taxes, ban bag bans, alien drivers, grass seed warning font size

  549. School Choice Opponents Pick Institutions Over Special Needs Families

    Students with special needs should have access to real choices

  550. Contaminated Water Dominates Flint Headlines, But Pension Earthquake Looms
  551. Let Consumers Use Plastic Bags

    New bill would prevent local governments from overregulating grocers

  552. Why Do College Costs Skyrocket Year After Year?
  553. The Evidence is Clear: State Spending on Colleges is Wasteful

    Michigan increases higher education spending by tens of millions

  554. Teaching 'Hard' - Yes, 'Underappreciated' - Maybe, but 'Underpaid' a Stretch
  555. Planning for Life Workshop – Detroit, MI

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announces our 2016 Planning for Life Workshops around Michigan.

  556. Right-to-Work Makes Unions Stronger

    Vernuccio op-ed in Washington Examiner

  557. delete me
  558. The Right Way to Analyze Teacher Salaries in Michigan
  559. Average Teacher Salaries Decline, But Individual Educators Get More
  560. That’s What We Said

    Right-to-work studies confirm Mackinac Center findings

  561. Communities Consider Risky Municipal Broadband

    Local governments should get out of the way of private providers

  562. Pension Costs Are Crowding Out Public Safety

    Michigan is losing cops to retiree costs

  563. State Fails to Make Required Teacher Pension Fund Contribution
  564. Get Uninsured Cars Off the Road Through Reforming No-Fault
  565. Despite a Setback, Right-to-Work is Advancing Across America
  566. Michigan Parents Deserve a Statewide Report Card for Schools
  567. Detroit Schools Do Not Have 'Low Pay' or 'Crowded Classes'
  568. In Michigan, Uber Operates in a Legal Gray Area — These Bills Would Change That
  569. May 6, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Detroit school bailout, teacher strikes, state spending increases, more

  570. Job Churn Shows Why Targeted Tax Favors Do Not Work

    There is constant job loss and creation in the state economy

  571. Late-night TV Misinforms on Teacher Salaries
  572. Detroit Charters Face All of the Obstacles of Detroit Public Schools – And Overcome Them
  573. Vernuccio: Teacher Sickouts Hurt Kids

    Mackinac labor policy director interviewed by Fox Business

  574. House Dems to Detroit Parents: No New Charter Schools For You
  575. Detroit Public Schools Debt Largely Not Supported By Additional Taxpayer Dollars

    The state isn't on the hook for most of what DPS owes

  576. Can I Catch a Ride?: Regulating Uber and Lyft in Michigan

    Ridesharing is a new service made popular by companies like Lyft and Uber. It relies on smartphones to connect those who need a ride to drivers willing to provide one — a riff on the traditional taxi system. Ridesharing has allowed thousands of Michiganders earn extra income as drivers and save money and time as riders. It currently operates in a legal gray area, because ridesharing drivers are not cabbies or chauffeurs. 

  577. Prof’s Theory: Six-Figure DPS Staff 'Thought They Deserved' Kickbacks
  578. What’s Your Bubble? A Think Tank Checks Its Privilege

    The ‘bubble score’ of Mackinac Center staff

  579. DPS Sickout Teacher Lowballs Salary in Newspaper Story
  580. Group at Fore of Detroit School Preservation Effort Has Mixed Record
  581. State Attorneys General Wage War on Political Dissent
  582. Some Michigan Universities Spend Huge Money Subsidizing Sports
  583. Michigan Budget on Course for $7 Billion Rise Under Republicans
    Michigan budget, state budget
  584. Michigan Needs To Stop Charging Residents To Get Their Property Back

    Mackinac Center analyst authors op-ed in Detroit Free Press

  585. April 29, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Crime and Punishment: juveniles, sign breakers, fetus merchants, more

  586. How Two Similar School Districts Get Such Different Results

    Study suggests funding levels have little impact on student growth

  587. IRS-Style Viewpoint Discrimination in Grand Rapids City Government?
  588. Tax Hike Election Coming to You Tuesday?
  589. Grand Rapids City Attorney Calls Alleged Rape Victim a 'Crack and Heroin Whore'
  590. Education Spending Not Tied To Success

    New study featured in state media

  591. West Virginia Right-to-Work May Turn on Supreme Court Race

    Possible backtracking on worker freedom if union-endorsed candidate elected

  592. Panic Over: Number of School Districts in Deficit Plummets
  593. Detroit Schools 'Misplace' $30 Million from Feds for Pensions
  594. Cigarette tax hike will increase criminal activity
  595. Stopping University Tuition Hikes Would Cost Nearly $3 Billion

    Spending at Michigan public colleges is skyrocketing

  596. After 10 Years of Deficits, How One District Escaped Being Dissolved
  597. State Employees' Average Cost Up to $117,000
  598. State of Michigan Employees Averaged 10 Sick Days Last Year
  599. More from Taxpayers, But State Corporate Welfare Taking More Too
  600. April 22, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    School tax hikes, cash-only for rims, bigger fonts on seed warnings

  601. Czar-Like Detroit Education Commission Part of Establishment's 'War on Charters?'
  602. New 'Rich States, Poor States' Index Released

    Michigan improves slightly

  603. The Many Benefits of Ridesharing

    Lyft and Uber provide transportation and jobs in Michigan

  604. Why Some Teachers Prefer a 401(k) Over a Pension
  605. Detroit Mayor Says His Commission Will Be Independent While His City Discriminates

    Be wary of limiting competition in a failing school district

  606. Bankrupt Detroit Still Refuses Property Sales to Charter Schools
  607. Worker’s Choice Solves Free-/Forced-Rider Problem in Wisconsin

    Vernuccio op-ed explains idea in national publications

  608. Ann Arbor Crackdown Illustrates Need for Statewide Ridesharing Framework

    Eliminate gray areas surrounding Lyft and Uber

  609. 'Level' Playing Field for Detroit Charter Schools?
  610. Detroit Free Press, USA Today Publish Letter Dispelling Charter School Myth

    Charter schools may not refuse students selectively

  611. Pure Michigan Campaign Ineffective, Needs To End

    New op-ed published in the Detroit News

  612. MEDC's Priority: Defend Its Budget
  613. Duggan Approved Ban on Selling Closed Detroit Schools to Charters
  614. Government Has Probably Made You A Tax Cheat
  615. Michigan Parole Bill Would Revise Standards for Prisoner Release
  616. Pope Francis Favors School Choice

    Educating children a “primary” and “inalienable” right of parents

  617. April 15, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Ban “cyber revenge porn,” authorize Pet Protection Orders, rapist fathers’ rights, yoga regulation

  618. New Study: No Correlation Between School Spending and Student Outcomes

    Study finds spending more on Michigan schools doesn’t increase achievement

  619. Which Firms To Get $1 Billion from State Taxpayers? None of Your Business
  620. Closing Pensions for State Employees in 1990s Saved Michigan Millions Today

    Study highlights savings from defined-contribution reform

  621. School Spending and Student Achievement in Michigan: What's the Relationship?

    Click here to view the PDF of the full study.

    Does Michigan devote enough money to primary and secondary education? Do school districts receive enough revenue to ensure the vast majority of enrolled students graduate college or career ready? How much does it cost to provide a quality educational experience? These are the types of questions for which the Michigan Legislature recently paid nearly $400,000 to obtain some answers.

    These answers would clearly be helpful to policymakers who determine how many tax dollars to allocate to schools. But these concerns about the adequate level of school funding are based in part on the common assumption that spending more on K-12 schools will generate better academic outcomes. A more fundamental question that policymakers might want to answer before determining the appropriate level of funding for schools is: What is the relationship between school spending and student achievement in Michigan?

    That is the question this paper attempts to answer.

    To read a response to a critique of this study, click here.

  622. Local Ballot Initiatives Target Police, Prosecutors Confiscating Property
  623. Mackinac Center Names New Vice President of Marketing and Communications

    Welcoming John Mozena

  624. MSU Prof Calls Republicans 'Dying White People,' Receives Raises
  625. Top Rated School Could Be Closed in Battle Creek
  626. Pure Flummery: Seeing Double on Corporate Welfare Spin

    Pure Michigan ads are attractive corporate welfare

  627. Trust Parents with Schools of Choice

    Don't restrict opportunity for 'historically disadvantaged' student groups

  628. Michigan Motorcycle Deaths Decline Since Helmet Mandate Repeal
  629. Economy Threatened By Aging of Michigan's Soo Locks
  630. April 8, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Require schools teach sexual and internet etiquette; impose mileage tax; a teen court

  631. Reasons to be Optimistic Abound in Michigan Economy

    State leads the way out of recession, but work still to do

  632. Number of State Employees Who Make $100,000+ Up 50 Percent Under Snyder
  633. How to Ease the Coming Physician Shortage

    Changing licensing restrictions and expanding services would help

  634. Clock Ticking on School Adequacy Study
  635. It's Time for Scope of Practice Reform

    Current laws increase health care costs and limit access

  636. Detroit Children Need Choice, Not Bureaucracy

    DeGrow responds to DPS reform in the Detroit News

  637. Ride Sharing
  638. Michigan Pushes Back Against Feds on Labor Regulations
  639. Why Michigan Needs Electioneering Reform

    MLive publishes Mackinac Center policy analyst’s take

  640. Governor, Legislature Clash Over E-Cigarette Regulations
  641. Michigan Senator: Employer Mandates Are For Other People
  642. Healthy Charter Sector Belies Need for Commission, Extra Regulation
  643. End the 21st Century Jobs Fund
  644. Ban Closing a Detroit School, No Matter How Bad?
  645. Michigan Should Make Detroit Public Schools an All-Charter System
  646. Safe Drinking Water or Subsidize Ads for Resorts?
  647. April 1 Michigan Legislature Weekly Roll Call Report
    Constitutional amendments on same sex marriage, legalized pot, “referendum-proofing” bills and more
  648. Mackinac Video Featured in The Washington Post

    Watch Rebecca Friedrichs make her case for worker freedom

  649. Prison Guard Union Provides Lurid Claims for U-M Anti-Privatization Report
  650. Michigan Households Paid $9 Each for Batman v. Superman
  651. 'Pure Michigan or Pure Puffery?' Op-ed Published In The Times Herald

    Taxpayers deserve more transparency about how their money is being spent

  652. Another Reason for Information Deficits on Flint Water Crisis
  653. Truckers See Local Fines as a Cash Grab
  654. Hung Supreme Court Delays Freedom for Public Employees

    Public employees' First Amendment rights are on hold

  655. Hohman in LSJ: Road Tax Hike to Fund Medicaid Expansion

    Road funding will morph into Medicaid funding.

  656. Puffery or Proof? The Business of Tourism Subsidy 'Budget Justification'
  657. A Hopeful Vision for Education in Detroit

    Detroit needs drastic reforms, not more tinkering.

  658. Feds: Multimillion Dollar Detroit Public School Scam Ran for 13 Years
  659. Four Questions About the Detroit Public Schools Plan
  660. How Michigan's School Rankings Aggravate Social Tensions
  661. March Madness Office Pools: Illegal, But Tolerated
  662. Need a Job? Michigan's Unemployment Rate Better than U.S. Average
  663. Are Michigan's Record Labor Force Gains Real?

    Can we celebrate recent record-breaking job growth figures?

  664. The Republicans Who Voted to Ration School Choice in Detroit
  665. Republican Senate Bails Out Detroit Schools, Rations School Choice
  666. Skorup in Midland Daily News on Occupational Licensure

    Remove needless barriers that block entrepreneurs and job seekers

  667. Fact-Checking Teacher Union Math on Detroit Schools
  668. R.I. Cigarette Tax Hike Proposal to Cost State Money
  669. Mackinac Center Director of Education Policy on Senate Passage of DPS Bills

    Michigan Senate Approves New Commission, Prevents New Educational Choices

  670. Michigan House Passes Bill Eliminating Forfeiture Bonding

    Would repeal a requirement that people post a bond to recover property that was sized without a criminal conviction

  671. The Real Story Behind the Feds Pursuing 'Climate Change Deniers'
  672. When Obstructionist Teachers Unions Applaud the Senate Republicans ...
  673. Holding Back Social Promotion: Florida’s Example Promises Stronger Readers

    Well-designed third-grade retention policies can work

  674. Supposed To Be For the Children
  675. Meme This: Michigan Sells a Lot to China
  676. Detroit Receives Friendly Airbnb Ranking

    Here’s the best regulatory approach for the state

  677. March 18, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Detroit school bailout, extra liquor license for big stores, digital assets

  678. U-M Economist: 'Michigan's Economy is Doing Great'
  679. More People Looking for Jobs and Fewer People Not Finding Them
  680. March Madness Betting Pools are Illegal in Michigan

    Bet with friends at your own risk

  681. Acton Wins Tax Dispute in Grand Rapids

    City unfairly targeted the group

  682. State Rankings Penalize Schools for Having More Poor Kids
  683. IMPACT March/April 2016
  684. Local Grocery Bag Bans Coming? Not If These Legislators Prevail
  685. New Bill Fixes a Pension Problem, Leaves Major Problem Untouched

    Boosted pensions aren't the main cause of underfunding

  686. Flint Shows Importance of Open Government

    Reitz in The Detroit News

  687. Bill Would Let Detroit Schools Collect Automated 'Photocop' Traffic Fines
  688. State Licensing Laws Affecting Where People Choose to Live
    Another reason to loosen labor regulations
  689. Teachers Union Spends Little of Its Funds on Bargaining
  690. Screening of 'Poverty, Inc.'

    Sponsored by Northwood University’s Forum for Citizenship and Enterprise and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

  691. No Auto Bailout, but Johnson Controls Got Big Government Subsidies
  692. Who’s Picking Up the Tab?
  693. March 11, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    “Stale” petition signatures, bank examiner powers, arson burns

  694. State Dodges Deadline for High Stakes School Performance List
  695. Vernuccio Joined WXYZ for Primary Night

    How labor issues factor into the 2016 election

  696. 'Reckless Expansion' of Charter Schools? Not Quite
  697. Healthy Charter Sector Belies Need for Commission, Extra Regulation

    Michigan's charters are excellent and improving

  698. Despite Candidate Rhetoric, Michigan Exports to Mexico Continue to Gain

    Freer trade is good for Michigan and the country


    Most union members have never had a say in which union represents them in their workplace. This is because once a union is certified, it normally maintains that certification indefinitely. When new employees start on the job, they are simply given a union card and told which union is representing them — they have no voice in the matter. 

  700. Charter School Critics: Accountability For Thee But Not For Me
  701. DeGrow Letter Published in Wall Street Journal

    Rebutting DPS allegations from teacher union president

  702. Gov. Snyder Releases 21,730 Flint Documents, No Charge; City Wants $172,000
  703. NPR Quotes Hohman to Correct Sanders

    NAFTA is not responsible for Detroit's woes

  704. Michigan Corporate Welfare’s Secret Giveaway: $1 Billion in 2016

    State refuses to disclose how much each company gets

  705. Trump, Snyder Agree: More Visas for Foreigners With Degrees

    Possible change of course for presidential candidate

  706. You Are Paying for Local Government Tax Hike Ads
  707. A Path to Real Regulatory Reform: Decrease Michigan’s Licensing Burden
  708. Why Can't Detroit Go to all Charter Schools Like New Orleans?
  709. Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Boosting Economic Growth
  710. Highly Paid Officials Don't Always Equal High Public School Performance
  711. Charter Schools Are Not to Blame for Pension Woes

    The way to catch up on underfunding is not to rope more people in

  712. March 4, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report
    Teens with liquor, bikers without a license, DNR double dipping
  713. Public Records and the Office of the Governor

    FOIA lessons from the rest of the states

  714. In Grand Rapids, Your Home is Not Always Your Castle
  715. Michigan's Highest Paid School Employees (No. 1 Makes $368,836)
  716. Maryland Cigarette Excise Tax Hike Proposal Irresponsible
  717. Don’t Limit Workers’ Right to Work

    Bill would allow employees to vote on right-to-work

  718. Here’s Where Teachers Get the Highest Pay in Michigan
  719. West Virginia Excise Tax Hike Proposal Invites Smugglers

    How Raising Cigarette Taxes Could Increase More Than Revenue

  720. Court: Can't Prove Union Encouraged Sickouts; Union Boasts of Them In Newsletter
  721. Michigan Capitol Confidential
  722. In 20 Years, Only Two Corporate Welfare Recipients Created 1,000+ Jobs
  723. Why Don't Detroit's Most Successful Public Schools Get More Praise?
  724. February 26, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    “Reasonable” government electioneering, save sweltering children, teach the Holocaust

  725. Charter School Group Demands Apology from Detroit Free Press Columnist
  726. Wright Discusses Scalia on Let it Rip

    Panel discussion on replacing the deceased Supreme Court judge

  727. Cherry-Picking Michigan Charter Data Leads to Wrong Conclusions

    Based on the best evidence, charter schools are a net benefit

  728. Mackinac Research Cited by Wall Street Journal

    Two articles examine right-to-work in West Virginia and across the country

  729. Friedrichs Case Petitioners: For Want of a Justice
  730. Grand Rapids: Michigan's Boomtown

    Recovered from recession and grown beyond its 2000 peak

  731. New Context and Performance Report Card in the News

    Study ranks elementary and middle schools with socioeconomic context

  732. Federal Funding Favors Poorer School Districts Like Detroit
  733. February Viewpoints

    Analysis of Worker's Comp, DPS Reform and Income Inequality in Michigan

  734. The Flint Water Crisis and the Challenge of City Infrastructure

    Sponsored by Northwood University’s Forum for Citizenship and Enterprise and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

  735. If You Can't Believe Huffington Post on Charter Schools ...
  736. Average New York Teachers Makes $76,000 — Media Ignores to Exaggerate ‘Attacks'
  737. Michigan Public Schools Get More Money than Ever to Cover Operations
  738. Poor Cities Don't Equal Underfunded Public Schools
  739. February 19, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Flint water rebates, raises for judges, more sap for you

  740. Democrats Want Higher Minimum Wage for Others While Paying Their Workers Nothing
  741. Free Press Quotes LaFaive on Arena Deal

    Possible conflict of interest in new Red Wings venue

  742. Union Official Peddles False Figures in Teacher Pay Complaint
  743. Let Them Work: Solutions for Michigan’s Overbearing Occupational Licensing Laws

    Occupational licensing is now the biggest issue in labor economics, with even more of an effect than unions.  On a national basis 25 percent of all Americans need the government’s permission and specific credentials before they can work.  That is more than twice as many people who are members of unions—11 percent and declining—and 25 times the number who earn the minimum wage.

  744. Unions are Super PACS
  745. IMPACT January/February 2016
  746. The Best Elementary and Middle Schools in Michigan

    New Context and Performance Report Card released

  747. Legislation Would Prevent State From Advertising to Get More People on Medicaid
  748. The Context and Performance Report Card: Public Elementary and Middle Schools, 2015
  749. Bill Would Fine 'Aggressive' Panhandlers
  750. LaFaive and Nesbit Op-ed Published in Lincoln Journal Star

    Raising cigarette taxes would increase smuggling

  751. Setting the Record Straight on Teacher Pay Won't 'Destroy Public Education'
  752. Historic District Horror Stories
  753. Bill Would End Monopoly on New Auto Sales
  754. Majority of States in Country Are Now Right-to-Work

    West Virginia Legislature overrides Governor’s veto

  755. February 12, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Nude dancing, pet adoption background checks, unionization and pensions

  756. State Officials Lose Official Representation in Flint Water Lawsuit
  757. State Will Collect $725 Million More Next Year
  758. Governor’s Budget Pays for Medicaid Expansion with a Gas Tax

    And spending continues to increase

  759. Speed Trap Empire Strikes Back at Reform Effort
  760. Higher Education Subsidies: Is College More ‘Affordable’ for Those Who Don’t Go?

    Gov. Snyder’s budget proposal hikes cost to taxpayers

  761. Marquette County Takes on EPA
  762. Detroit Classrooms Are Not Overcrowded
  763. Andrew Coulson: In Memoriam

    Remembering a great champion of educational freedom

  764. Vernuccio Interviewed by Wall Street Journal

    West Virginia Legislature votes for right-to-work

  765. Put Parents in the Drivers Seat of Detroit School Reform
  766. New Bills Would Put Teeth Into Ignored Teacher Strike Law
  767. Inequality in Michigan: Not As Bad As You Think
  768. Michigan Worker’s Compensation Reforms Have Succeeded
  769. Your Tax Return Fundraises For These Nonprofits
  770. Karl Marx the Most Assigned Text at Michigan Colleges
  771. West Virginia House Vote Could Tip National Scale on Right-to-Work

    State poised to become 26th right-to-work state

  772. February 5, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Flint water bill rebates, dark skies, tax breaks for developers

  773. Little Evidence That Unions Make Workers Safer

    right-to-work, injury

  774. Poor Decisions, Not Funding System, Fuel Detroit Schools’ Woes

    DPS has benefited from state loan program

  775. Tax Cuts Beat Selective Favors in Economic Growth

    Only broad changes will improve the state's economy

  776. Right-to-Work States Enjoying Faster Job Growth
  777. School District Thwarts Transparency With Unnecessary Costs
  778. Michigan Competitiveness Stuck on Mediocre

    Economic outlook has improved, but could be better

  779. Nastiest Bumper Sticker Ever

    Addressing common misconceptions about capitalism

  780. Blizzard Hits East Coast But Climate Change Not Blamed
  781. School District Used Second-Graders to Urge Tax Vote
  782. Friends of Freedom

    Featuring Michigan Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter

  783. Civil Forfeiture Timeline
  784. School Transportation News Features Center Study

    Survey of school service privatization 

  785. Like Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering for Tax Hikes? Here’s a Bill for You

    Legislation would gut new taxpayer-friendly restrictions

  786. Bills Would Repeal Legislators', Governor's Open Records Law Exemptions
  787. College Grads Attracted to Opportunity Before Bike Lanes

    To increase college grads, increase opportunities for all

  788. Stage Set For West Virginia to Become Next Right-to-Work State
  789. Big Turnout, Crossover Voters May Spice Up Michigan's Presidential Primary
  790. Taxing Matters: Michigan's Middling Rank

    Michigan tax burden mediocre; improvements can be made

  791. Right-to-Work States Have Faster Income Growth
  792. Government’s Free Pass to Trespass

    Some homeowners find property assessor guidelines objectionable

  793. January 29, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Flint crisis money, drone bans, animal abuser checks

  794. In Memoriam: Bruce Beerbower
  795. House May Push Back Against Snyder's Detroit School Plan
  796. State: 'Secure Our Future' NOT Code for 'Vote Yes on Tax Hike' (wink, wink)
  797. Vernuccio Testifies on Right-to-Work in West Virginia

    Director of Labor Policy described how states benefit from worker freedom

  798. Sports Stadium Deals Consistently Strike Out

    Cities fail to negotiate deals that protect taxpayers

  799. Director of Research Speaks at Operation Action U.P.

    Van Beek discusses effects of and solutions to over regulation

  800. Debate Rages Over How Often Government Pushes For A 'Yes' Vote on Tax Hikes
  801. Give Michigan Special-Needs Students Fair Access to the Best Options

    Michigan should consider a full range of choice

  802. Mackinac in the News for School Choice Week

    Op-eds highlight benefits of educational options

  803. Myth-Busting the Michigan 'Gag Order' Law
    What Senate Bill 571 actually does
  804. Detroit Teachers Make More Than Twice Average Household
  805. Senate Acts, House Dallies on Pension Spiking and Union Release Time Bills
  806. It's Time to Expand Public Records Transparency

    It's time to expand public records transparency

  807. Whistleblowers Allege Police Pension Spiking Scheme
  808. Correct Union Right-to-Work Analogy: Like Firing Vegetarians for Not Buying Meat
  809. Center Featured in West Virginia Media

    West Virginia could become 26th right-to-work state

  810. Pension Reform Failure Cost Michigan Taxpayers $6 Billion or More

    It harms current employees and retirees as well

  811. Thank You for Supporting CapCon!
  812. Thank You for Supporting the Center!
  813. Bills Impose Accountability on Powerful Historic Districts
  814. Detroit is Not Really Tracking the 'Comp Time' of its Employees
  815. Michigan Can Do More On Occupational Licensing
    Free event in Lansing next month
  816. January 22, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Flint water money, driving while stoned, more

  817. Don't Blame Lack of Money for Deplorable Conditions in Detroit Schools
  818. Removing Someone Else's Dog Collar Could Mean Jail Time
  819. In West Virginia Right-to-Work Debate, Unions Re-Use Scare Story Script
  820. Hit Rewind: Union Trots Out False 'School Cuts' Claim (Again)
  821. How the Flint Water Story Was Uncovered
  822. Group Seeks to Press Tesla Sales Issue in Lansing
  823. Indicted Detroit Principal Claims Robin Hood Status, Collected Six-Figure Paychecks
  824. Republican Senators Propose Sales Tax Increase for Roads
  825. Pity the Pollsters: Cellphones Complicate Fraught Process
  826. West Virginia Could Become 26th Right-to-Work State
  827. CON Law Restricts Patient Access to Critical Health Care Services

    State gets no benefit from protectionist rationing scheme

  828. January 15, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

    Occupational licensure mandates, African-American needs, more

  829. Money, Not Governance, Appears Main Focus of New Detroit School Proposal
  830. Read This Or You May Die
  831. Michigan Universities Doing Just Fine

    And without more taxpayer money

  832. City: Vote 'Yes' On Tax Hike or You May Die
  833. The Numbers Behind Upcoming Adequacy Study

    Michigan students slow to improve, despite increased funding

  834. Detroit School Bailout Jeopardized by Teacher Sickouts
  835. Statewide Ridesharing Regulations

    A simple solution to the Uber lawsuit

  836. Michigan’s Next Criminal Intent Challenge

    Many local ordinances would benefit from reform

  837. Supreme Court Tone Appears to Favor Ending Agency Fees to Unions
  838. In Michigan, $1.5 Billion Powerball Pot Just $522 Million After Taxes
  839. Pravda Worked for the Kremlin, Why Not Here?
  840. Unions Do Not Benefit All Employees

    Friedrichs is a case study in how unions can benefit some at the expense of others

  841. Vernuccio Op-ed Published on

    Labor policy director discusses Friedrichs case in press

  842. Detroit District Teachers Stage Sickout; Charter Teachers Go to Work
  843. Detroit Teacher Sickout Strike Causes 80 Percent of Students to Miss School
  844. This Supreme Court Case Could Forever Change Government Unions
  845. State Legislature Looking to Address Detroit School Sickouts
  846. Union Officials Spin Lawsuit Doom and Disinformation, Members Don’t Buy It
  847. Ratepayers vs. Monopoly: How Will Next Utilities Commissioner Rule?
  848. Michigan Voters Will Now Have to Select Their Politicians Individually
  849. Union Activists Protest Opposition to Coerced Union Dues
  850. Mackinac Center Subject of SEIU Protest

    Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association at issue

  851. New Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering Restrictions Anger Local Government Tax Hikers
  852. Fewer Opportunity Seekers Flee Michigan

    The number of customers heading out of Michigan was largely offset by the number moving into the state.

  853. MEA Announces Violation of Right-to-Work Law, Says Members May Leave at Anytime

    Notice published in official magazine

  854. Michigan Economy No Longer Dependent on Auto Industry
  855. The Real Problem with Government Pensions

    Hint: It's not markets or greedy workers

  856. Star Wars Made $1 Billion in 10 Days; Feds Spend That Much During Every Showing
  857. Political Reasons, Not Economic Ones, Keep Corporate Welfare Agency Alive
  858. Weekly Standard Features Mackinac Center Research

    Examining government alcohol control across the country

  859. Vernuccio Quoted on UAW Bullying in The Detroit News

    Coverage of intimidation by UAW local

  860. Schools Seek New Property Tax Powers
  861. Rebecca Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association
  862. Michigan’s Walkathon Ban: A Repeal 80 Years in the Making
  863. Use a Charter School Board to Reorganize Detroit Public Schools
  864. Schools and Locals Electioneer for Tax Hikes, State Nods
  865. What You Read Last Year: Our Top Stories of 2015
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