May 27, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

Coerced abortion, flashing green snowplow lights and lawsuits, welfare heating subsidies

House Bill 4787, Authorize enhanced penalties for abortion coercion: Passed 26 to 11 in the Senate

To authorize enhanced penalties for threatening or committing a “stalking” or assaultive crime with the intent to coerce a pregnant female to have an abortion, or taking other coercive actions with that goal. The bill authorizes additional fines of $5,000 to $10,000 on top of penalties imposed for the underlying crimes.

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House Bill 5247, Permit green flashing lights on snow plow trucks: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate

To allow snow plow trucks to use flashing green lights, in addition to the current yellow lights prescribed by law. Adding green is said to make the trucks easier to notice in snowstorms.

Who Voted “Yes” and Who Voted “No”

Senate Bill 706, Ban local logging truck regulations stricter than state's: Passed 34 to 3 in the Senate

To prohibit local governments from imposing restrictions on logging trucks that exceed those authorized by state law.

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House Bill 5512, Extend sunset on welfare heating subsidies: Passed 34 to 3 in the Senate

To extend for another three years the 2016 sunset on a state home heating welfare subsidy program.

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Senate Bill 885, Let assisted living facilities sell drinks to residents: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate

To increase from 20 to 25 the number of liquor licenses that may be granted to certain continuing care retirement homes, and revise the allocation of these among different types of facilities.

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House Bill 5230, Ban snowplow service contract indemnity clauses: Passed 101 to 8 in the House

To prohibit indemnity promises in commercial snowplow and de-icing service contracts, which require the contractor to indemnify the property owner from lawsuits seeking damages based on negligence or omissions (like missing a spot when clearing ice from walkways). The bill would clarify that the property owner is responsible to maintain the property in a safe condition, but could still sue the snow removal company for contract violations.

Who Voted “Yes” and Who Voted “No”

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