Snyder’s Veto of Aftermarket Auto Parts Bill a Win for Consumers

MLive covers defeat of anti-competition bill

Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a bill last week that would have made it illegal to repair vehicles using aftermarket auto parts, and that’s a win for consumers.

Mackinac Center policy analyst Jarrett Skorup spoke with MLive after the veto, explaining that many studies have found aftermarket parts — an auto part made by a different company than the original equipment manufacturer — are just as safe as their often more expensive counterparts.

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“Consumers should have that choice in deciding which auto parts they want to use,” Skorup told MLive.

Skorup explained the bill and the problems with it in a recent blog.

Competition between parts manufacturers is good for consumers and repair facilities. It makes parts better, helps keep down the costs for consumers and can even put downward pressure on the cost of auto insurance. Legislators should be encouraging more competition, not less.

Read the full MLive article here.

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