Flint Shows Importance of Open Government

Reitz in The Detroit News

The Detroit News today published an op-ed by Mackinac Center for Public Policy Executive Vice President Mike Reitz calling on lawmakers to make Michigan government more accountable.

In the piece, Reitz says, “The Flint water crisis provides a vivid and tragic reminder about the importance of open government.” Referring to a recent article in Michigan Capitol Confidential, Reitz shares that the Mackinac Center received a bill from the City of Flint for $172,000 when it asked to see two years’ worth of city emails that include the word “lead.”

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Sunshine Week, this week, is a reminder that government accountability is strongest when citizens can evaluate the decisions and the decision-making process of public officials.

Reitz went on to offer five reforms the Legislature could enact to increase accountability in the state, including placing the office of the governor under FOIA’s purview, strengthening the penalties for not complying with open records laws and providing records electronically.

Read the full op-ed in The Detroit News.

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