School Transportation News Features Center Study

Survey of school service privatization

Mackinac Center research was recently featured in the national School Transportation News magazine.

In January, the magazine wrote about a new study by Michael LaFaive and James Hohman that compares the rates of privatization of noninstructional services in schools across five states. The survey examined the use of contractors for services including busing in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia and Texas.

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As School Transportation News reported, Michigan came in second to Pennsylvania in contracting transportation services.

Michigan, Mackinac Center’s home state, came in second at privatizing transportation services at 26.6 percent of school districts. Transportation remains the least privatized major non-instructional service, the study found, but contracted school bus service grew by 12 percent from 2014, and from only 3.8 percent or 21 districts in 2005.

Read the full School Transportation News article here.