Ridesharing Drivers Tell Their Stories

Why simple regulations are important to so many Michiganders

Ridesharing companies operate in six cities in Michigan and have provided job opportunities and rides to thousands of Michiganders. But they currently operate in a legal gray area, putting drivers at risk. We recently spoke to a handful of drivers for Uber about their experiences and why it is important to establish statewide regulations to protect the service.

“Uber saves lives,” said Rebecca and Babacar. Both drive in Grand Rapids and discussed how the ease and convenience of ridesharing apps provide an attractive alternative to driving drunk. But Larry, who drives on the other side of the state, recalled a different experience: “I got a ticket in Ann Arbor for operating a limousine without state certification,” he said.

Kevin, a father of four whose extra income from Uber saved his family’s house, had a question for lawmakers: “Are you going to be a state that companies look towards expanding to, or are they going to be a last resort because they know it’s going to take so much money to get in here and do things?”

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