Merit Pay Would Benefit Students

Flexibility in teacher compensation would be good for educators and children

A growing need for more educators equipped to teach subjects such as math and science makes the case for paying teachers based on need and merit.

Currently, most teachers in Michigan are paid based on seniority. Changing the compensation formula to reward teachers when their students do well would create an incentive for high performance. Mackinac Center Director of Research Michael Van Beek spoke with WNEM News about the concept known as merit pay.

It's a good idea because merit pay is simply rewarding great teachers for the great work that they do in the classroom. We spend a lot of money on it as taxpayers and we think there's room for improvement. Performance pay and merit pay is one way that we think we can do that.

Also, allowing teachers to be paid more based on merit and demand would encourage more of them to specialize in subjects with a shortage of quality teachers.

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