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  1. Thoughts on America's "National Cancer Policy"
    Common sense and good science should replace scare talk and poor policy when it comes to something as serious as cancer.
  2. Auto Insurance in Michigan: Regulation, No-Fault, and Affordability
    Written by one of America's foremost authorities on auto insurance, this study is a thorough review of Michigan's Essential Insurance Act and No-Fault Law. Harrington examines in-depth the structure of rates in the state and explains that they are not the result of price-gouging or insufficient competition. He analyzes the effects of the state's insurance regulations, and makes suggestions that would increase competition, lower costs, and limit the interference of government in a free insurance market. 33 pages.
  3. It's Time to Deregulate Michigan Trucking
    Counterproductive regulations are raising intrastate shipping costs and making the Michigan trucking industry uncompetitive with firms in neighboring states.
  4. TV Peddles Anti-Business Themes
    Are businessmen a set of ruthless connivers, bent upon stepping over anything and anyone that gets in their way, even to the point of murder? To watch their portrayal on primetime television, one would think so.
  5. Ecorse's Grand Experiment
    When Lou Schimmel was made court-appointed receiver of this small Downriver Detroit community of 12,180 residents, he straightened out its finances through budget cuts and widespread privatization.
  6. Litigation and the Market: Restoring the Balance Between Individual and Employer Rights
    Litigation has become an expensive and prominent component of our economy. There are too many excessive damage awards and too few controls on the length and expense of court proceedings. The author examines product liability and employment contract law and recommends ten specific reforms. 5 pages.
  7. We Consume Because We First Produce
    The notion that Americans are economic pigs because we are just 7 percent of the world's population and consume 40 percent of the world's wealth is based on economic ignorance.
  8. The Fallacy of Comparable Worth
    If Michigan adopts and enforces comparable worth, the result would be a legal and economic nightmare.
  9. New Economic Climate Requires New Responses from Auto Makers
    A change in the tax code in favor of savings over consumer spending has hit the U.S. auto industry hard, especially since the economics of the situation mean auto makers should lower prices, something they are loathe to consider.
  10. Regional Economic Development: Downriver as a Case Study
    The seventeen communities of the Downriver Detroit area have traditionally been economically vibrant. Their decline in recent years is due in great measure to excessive tax burdens and the politicization of community services. The authors explain how this area can revive by rolling back property taxes, privatizing a number of municipal functions, avoiding government-directed economic development schemes, and making certain improvements to the transportation infrastructure. The many lessons from the Downriver experience are applicable to communities all across Michigan. 32 pages.
  11. Let's Take Another Look at Government as an Investor
    Economic development schemes promoted by government usually amount to nothing more than thinly disguised subsidies for people with political clout. Flint, Michigan, is a case in point.
  12. Jail Overcrowding in Michigan: A Public Problem With a Private Solution?
    Strapped for cash and experiencing soaring costs to maintain over crowded jails, Michigan counties are overdue for privatization. Van Eaton cites substantial cost savings in more than a dozen other states where jail operation and management has been privatized. Michigan state government should allow our 83 counties the freedom to employ this promising option. 26 pages.
  13. The Imminent Demise of Michigan's Private Workers' Compensation Insurance Industry
    A recent decision of the Michigan Court of Appeals has placed the survival of the state's private workers' compensation insurance industry in serious danger.
  14. Privatization Works for Social Services Too
    In the area of social welfare, government isn't the only game in town. Communities around America are setting good examples for private sector involvement.
  15. Tort Law and the Products Liability Insurance Crisis
    This report examines the theories behind the products liability insurance crisis, including the idea that the crisis is contrived by the insurance industry. Smith argues that the real source of the problem is judicial changes in tort law that undermine the predictability of risk and the independence insurance markets need to adequately measure risk. He recommends steps that governments should take to solve the crisis and bring down consumer and industry costs. 55 pages.
Results 1 to 15 for the year 1989
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