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  1. IMPACT! Winter 2001
  2. Schools Should Stand Behind Their Diplomas
    More districts should follow the example of Grand Rapids-area Rockford Public Schools, which guarantees that its graduates possess basic skills by requiring them to pass competency tests before receiving their diplomas.
  3. Coming to Terms with Term Limits
    Contrary to what some observers are arguing, it is far too soon to declare Michigan's experience with term limits for public officials a failure.
  4. Teacher's Case Shows How Union Workers Can Re-Direct Dues to Charity
    A Livonia teacher recently won his bid to send his union dues to charity as an alternative to funding the union's political and moral agenda, which he opposes on religious grounds.
  5. Another Path To School Choice
    A promising option for those who want parents to be be able to choose their child's school, but who are not convinced to support vouchers.
  6. Privatization: The Motor City's Renaissance Engine
  7. Confirmation Page
  8. Cleveland Passed 1888 Test of Character
  9. The Quackery of Equality
    "Free people are not equal and equal people are not free" is a profound truth that politicians forget when they try to force economic equality through punitive taxes and regulations.
  10. Government Should Withdraw from Attempts to Ban ATM Fees
    Government bans on unpopular automatic teller machine transaction fees could deprive consumers of the valued convenience of accessing their bank accounts virtually anywhere.
  11. As Values Collapse, Government Grows
    Promoting ethical values such as honesty, respect, and personal responsibility ought to be a top priority for freedom-loving Americans. The alternative is a nanny state that passes ever more laws to restrain citizens' poor behavior.
  12. The "Patients' Bill of Rights": Get Two Lawyers and Call Me in the Morning
    The "patients' bill of rights" being debated in Congress would only encourage costly litigation but do little to improve Americans' access to affordable, quality health care and insurance.
  13. Letter to the Westwood Community Schools Board of Education
  14. Michigan Education Report (2000-04)
    Michigan businesses and institutions of higher learning are paying an estimated $601 million per year due to the lack of basic reading, writing, and math skills among students and employees, according to a study released in September by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.
  15. Westwood Letter
    Dear Members of the Westwood Board of Education: It has come to our attention that your district is suing the state of Michigan to prevent parents and children from choosing schools outside your district. You are concerned that the schools-of-choice program that the Mackinac Center for Public Policy helped establish is leading to increased segregation in your district.
  16. Group Offers to Take Over Westwood Community Schools to Reverse Loss of Students
  17. Hypocrisy on School Choice Sends Wrong Message to Kids
    Many Michigan legislators and public school teachers choose to send their children to private schools, raising the question: Why shouldn't school choice be extended to all the state's citizens?
  18. When "Local Control" Means Control of the Locals
    A proposed amendment to the state constitution, billed as a way to limit state interference in local affairs, would actually lead to costly litigation and greater government intrusion in the lives and businesses of Michigan citizens.
  19. A Connecticut Yankee in Bankruptcy Court
    Mark Twain handled his bankruptcy at age 59 the old-fashioned way: He worked hard and repaid his debts in full. Today, too many Americans have found a new way: file for bankruptcy and avoid financial responsibility.
  20. Opposing Judicial Philosophies Court Michigan Voters
    Voters must decide in November if they want a state Supreme Court that interprets the law as passed by the Legislature or one that "makes" law by imposing its justices' policy preferences on Michigan citizens.
  21. IMPACT! Fall 2000
  22. Michigan Education Report (2000-03)
    In May, more than 100 business leaders, philanthropists, and others gathered in Grand Rapids for the sixth annual Investors Summit meeting of Children First CEO America, the nation's largest provider of "opportunity scholarships"partial scholarships for children of low-income parents, financed by private-sector contributors.
  23. The Cost of Remedial Education
    More than a third of Michigan students leave high school without possessing basic academic skills including reading, writing, and arithmetic. This forces employers and post-secondary schools to take up the slack. This study conservatively estimates that Michigan businesses and institutions of higher education spend over $600 million annually to teach employees and students skills they should have learned in high school. The comparable national figure is $16.6 billion, but the human costs of K-12 educational failure are incalculable, according to experts' essays included in the study's appendices.
  24. The Cost of Remedial Education (Forums)
  25. Targeted Corporate Incentives Do More Harm than Good
  26. Competition Spurs Public Schools to Improve, Report Finds
  27. Judging How Justices Are Chosen In Michigan
    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is the proper response to those who wish to change the way Michigan Supreme Court justices are selected.
  28. European Observations on U.S. Public Education
    American education would improve if the monopolistic U.S. government school system imitated the many European countries that encourage a competitive educational marketplace between both public and private schools.
  29. Separating State from Church
    "Separation of church and state" watchdogs applaud when courts keep religion out of public schools, but where are they when the state presumes to dictate the curricula of religious seminaries?
  30. Policy Makers Must Remember That Incentives Matter
    People respond in powerful ways to economic incentives and disincentives. Public officials must keep this in mind when crafting or revising tax, welfare and other policies that either reward or punish responsible behavior.
  31. Targeted Corporate Incentives Do More Harm than Good
  32. Harry Privatizer and The Goblet of Fiscal Responsibility
  33. The Impact of Limited School Choice on Public School Districts
    Case studies of how school districts in Michigan's largest county are responding to competition from charter schools and public "schools-of-choice"
  34. Mackinac Center Calls on Governor to Eliminate Corporate Favoritism
  35. Mackinac Center Calls on Governor to Eliminate Corporate Favoritism, Focus Instead on Lower Taxes for All Businesses
  36. IMPACT! Summer 2000
  37. Click To Privatize
  38. Religious Liberty and Compulsory Unionism: A Worker's Guide to Using Union Dues for Charity
    Many employees in unionized workplaces do not know that if they harbor religious objections to joining, financing, or otherwise associating with labor unions, they have legal recourse if their union or employer or both violate those rights. This report explains the statutes and developing case law that protect religious employees' freedom of conscience in the workplace by allowing them to refrain from union membership and divert their compulsory dues to a charity of their choice.
  39. Counting the Cost of Prescription Drug Price Controls
    Those who argue that price controls will make prescription drugs more affordable ignore lessons from Canada and other countries, where such measures have led to poorer quality health care.
  40. Time Is Money: Give Michigan Workers a Flexible "Comp-Time" Law
    Rigid, Depression-era labor laws should be revised to allow more flexible employment arrangements for America's changing workforce, which increasingly includes women with young children.
  41. A New Force for Education Reform
  42. Helping the Elderly Afford Prescription Drugs
  43. Student Activity Fees
  44. A More Flexible Work Schedule
  45. Student Fees: Freedom of Speech or Forced Subsidy?
    College student groups should earn their financial support voluntarily, rather than relying on mandatory "student fees" coerced from the whole student body.
  46. What I Learned in Public School
    Choice and competition are the keys to improving education for all students, says a successful businessman and elected public school board member.
  47. Free Market Moments
    Audio Archives
  48. Michigan Education Report (2000-02)
    In January, Mid-Michigan Public School Academy in Lansing became the largest unionized charter school in the nation when teachers there voted to join the Michigan Education Association (MEA).
  49. Mandatory Reporting of Medical Errors: Sound Prescription or Policy Malpractice?
    Proposed new government mandates on doctors and hospitals could actually harm patients by making care less accessible.
  50. Toward a Civil Society
    (The Mackinac Center first published a version of this commentary in July 1996. As the 2000 presidential election approaches, its re-issuance is especially timely.)
  51. Consumer Choice and the Schools
  52. Earth Day, 2000: The Good News
  53. Big Government to the Rescue
  54. Detroit Should Charter Its Schools
  55. Toward a Civil Society
  56. Progress vs. Pessimism: Environment Doing Better Than Most Realize
    The most recent government data on the environment show that, far from being threatened, Michigan's environment has steadily improved since the first Earth Day 30 years ago.
  57. A Reform Idea for Detroit Schools: Charter Them!
    Converting Detroit's public schools into charter schools would free parents, students, teachers, and principals from a paralyzing education bureaucracy and allow them to take responsibility for making their particular school work.
  58. Earth Day at 30: The Good News
  59. Environmental Quality 2000: Michigan and America at the 30th Anniversary of Earth Day
    Public opinion about the environment is often marked by unwarranted pessimism about the state of our air, water, and natural resources. But the most recent government data show that America in general, and Michigan in particular, have seen impressive gains in environmental quality since the first Earth Day 30 years ago. This report presents decades of facts and figures on Michigan and U.S. air and water quality, land use, and other environmental factors to show that, far from worsening, environmental conditions have actually improved substantially-and are likely to continue improving.
  60. The Census: Inquiring Minds Want to Know . . . A Lot
    The U.S. constitution requires the federal government to conduct a national head count every 10 years, but many Americans are wondering why census officials ask so many nosy questions.
  61. Keep the Internet Tax-Free!
    A plan supported by Governor John Engler would invade consumers' privacy and severely hamper the fledgling Internet economy that is leading the way to growth and prosperity.
  62. Limited School Choice Is Improving Michigan Public Schools
    Competition for students within the public education system is prompting many public schools to embrace reforms that they might not otherwise have tried.
  63. The Taxman Cometh
  64. Census, Schmensus
  65. No Taxing the Internet
  66. School Competition Works
  67. Michigan Should Endorse Commission Majority on Internet Taxation, Think Tank Argues
  68. Internet Purchases: To Tax or Not to Tax, Here Are the Questions
    Has the growth of tax-free Internet sales hurt state revenues or education funding? Is it "unfair" for sales over the Internet not to be taxed while other sales are taxed? Would imposing new taxes on the Internet do serious damage to the ability of this new form of commerce to thrive? Does the growth of tax-free online shopping pose a threat to traditional "bricks-and-mortar" retailers? This study addresses these and other questions in order to provide state, local, and federal policy-makers with the intellectual and empirical ammunition they need to keep the taxman at bay.
  69. Are Americans Tax Slaves to the Government?
    Americans today are in desperate need of relief from punishing taxes, which consume an incredible 38 percent of the average family's gross income.
  70. IMPACT! Spring 2000
  71. Socialized Medicine Leaves a Bad Taste in Patients' Mouths
    Canada's socialized health-care system ensures that everything-including hospital food-becomes fodder for political battles. U. S. policy makers should resist calls to further socialize America's market-oriented health system.
  72. A Comedy of Errors
  73. Vile Victuals
  74. Unemployment Insurance to Help the Employed?
  75. Edison Schools in Michigan
  76. Lower Taxes, Less Regulation Key to Twenty-First Century Economy
    For Michigan to compete in the twenty-first century economy, policy makers must continue to cut taxes and remove regulatory barriers to the information-based businesses of the present and future.
  77. Farm Worker Legal Services Encourage Law of Unintended Consequences
    Two government-funded programs aimed at helping Michigan farm workers are actually working together to make it harder for poor laborers to find housing.
  78. Don't Raid Michigan's Unemployment Fund to Pay for Family Leave
    President Clinton wants states to use unemployment compensation to provide paid leave for parents staying home to care for their newborn children. Lawmakers should instead allow workers to negotiate "comp-time" arrangements to handle family needs.
  79. Contract Terms Crucial To Inkster-Edison Partnership Success
  80. Michigan Education Report (2000-01)
    The Michigan legislature in December acted on two pieces of legislation aimed at effectively de-unionizing Detroit school administrators and boosting the number of charter schools that state universities can authorize.
  81. Government Should Stay Out of Business
  82. School Choice and Segregation
  83. Build It And They Will Come-Or Will They?
  84. Celebrating the Spirit of Enterprise and a Famous Camera
  85. Celebrating Free Enterprise and One Hundred Years of Kodak Moments

    With the introduction of his Kodak Brownie camera in 1900, entrepreneurial genius George Eastman put photography within reach of average Americans for the first time.

  86. Where Are the Omelettes?
    Freedom brings the greatest human happiness and prosperity, as the bloody history of Russia, Cambodia, and other centrally planned societies shows.
  87. Fear of Segregation Is No Argument against School Choice
    Private schools, which parents choose, offer more racially integrated student populations than do public schools, where students are assigned based on where they live.
  88. Government "Economic Development" Handouts Rob Peter to Pay Paul
    One state program is using tax dollars to lure an out-of-state firm to Michigan to compete with third-generation, family-owned Koegel Meats of Flint.
  89. Shining a Light on Privatization
  90. What Is Real Compassion?
    The original meaning of the word emphasizes personal involvement with the needy, not impersonal and ineffective government programs.
  91. Leave Internet Access to the Market
    Government "forced access" proposals would stifle innovation, limit competition, and raise prices in the growing market for Internet access.
  92. Defeated Watershed Proposal Would Have Drained Taxpayers' Wallets
    Michigan property owners should beware of continuing efforts to raise their taxes in the name of "watershed management."
  93. Land Trusts: A Private Solution to Protect Michigan Farmland
    Dozens of private land trusts are helping to preserve 70,000 acres of Michigan wetlands, wildlife habitats, scenic views, forests, and farmland.
  94. Protecting the Environment-without Government
  95. School Choice: An Idea That Goes beyond Partisanship
  96. The Market for Internet Access: Government Intervention or Private Innovation?
  97. Union Preferences for Government Construction Are Costly and Unfair
  98. Private Solutions to the Public School Teacher Shortage
  99. Private Banks and Preventing Another Great Depression
  100. There is a Solution to the Crisis in Education.
    The Mackinac Center has launched the Education Reform Leadership Project, an exciting training program that is equipping citizen leaders throughout Michigan to effectively champion school choice and help solve Michigan's education crisis. This brochure explains how parents, teachers, and concerned citizens from all walks of life can get involved to become the education reform leaders of Michigan's future.
  101. Freedom Fund
  102. My Union Doesn't Represent Me!
    Nearly one million Michigan workers belong to unions, but most have no idea what to do if their union is abusive or unresponsive. This brochure provides straightforward answers to the most common questions of union members who wish to exercise their right to "decertify" their current union and pursue other means of representation at the bargaining table. A contact list of organizations that provide workers with more help and information is included.
  103. Teachers: You Don't Have to Pay for Union Political Spending
    Many teachers routinely see their union dues being spent on behalf of social or political causes with which they disagree, and too often this is because they do not know their rights in a unionized work environment. This brochure lets teachers know they cannot legally be forced to join a union, can resign their union membership if they wish, and can stop being forced to pay for activities other than those involved with representation before management. A full list of organizations teachers can contact for more help and information is included.
  104. Agenda for the Millennium
  105. Change Your World
Results 1 to 105 for the year 2000
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