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  1. Taxi Regulations, Costs Stall Carless Detroiters
  2. County Prevailing Wage Law Could Add Millions To Taxpayer Costs
  3. District's Millage Urgency Claims Don't Match Facts
  4. Right-to-Work Laws Are Not Inspired By Hitler
  5. Right-to-Work Poll Numbers Fit the Pattern
  6. Administrator Group Rails Against Education 'Profiteers;' Makes Millions Off Schools
  7. Vernuccio Discusses Beck Rights

    Was a guest on CNBC's "Kudlow Report."

  8. Recalls Could Include Republicans Who Voted 'No' on Right To Work
  9. The Best of the Best
    Mackinac Center, Michigan Capitol Confidential
  10. Sifting Through History’s Dustbin
  11. Politicians Playing Games and Fooling Their Constituents
  12. National Review Highlights Center's Effort on RTW

    More than two decades of leadership come to fruition.

  13. Recall Change Could Be Unconstitutional
  14. Call a Taxi

    Taxi regulations in Detroit representative of city's downfall.

  15. December 21, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Detroit income taxes, privatized prisons and more!

  16. Judge Bork R.I.P.

    The Mackinac Center's Cliff Taylor on Judge Bork's legacy.

  17. Applauding Michigan Legislators Who Supported Workplace Freedom and Liberty
  18. Union Leaders On Right-to-Work Law: 'There Is Going To Be Retribution'
  19. Mendacity Writ Large

    Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer and 'truthiness.'

  20. How Will Michigan House Members Confront ‘Fiscal Cliff’?
  21. IMPACT January/February 2013
  22. Terrible Track Record

    Government's "green" venture caplitalism experiment a failure.

  23. Cutting the Union Cord: A Cautionary Tale
  24. Numbers Game

    Media inflates number of protesters at anti-RTW rally.

  25. Per-Pupil Spending About Even

    Fears about Oxford proposal misplaced.

    December 18, 2012

  27. SEIU 'Dues Skim' Days Are Numbered
  28. School Official Apologizes For Calling State Reps 'Moron' And 'Mental Midget'
  29. Right-to-Work Laws Can Make Unions Stronger
  30. December 14, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Right-to-work laws, Emergency Managers and more!
  31. Forced Unionism an Assault on Liberty

    Vernuccio, O'Neil in Detroit Free Press.

  32. An Inspiration and a Warning from Michigan
  33. Superintendents Spread Inaccurate Information on Education Reform Bills
  34. Union Protesters' Attack Hits Local Employer with $35K Tent Destruction
  35. Vernuccio, Lehman Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

    The Mackinac Center and right-to-work.

  36. 'We'll Be At Your Daughter's Soccer Game!'
  37. Superintendent Calls GOP Reps 'Moron' and 'Mental Midget' In Right-to-Work Debate
  38. Right-to-Work: What Now for Schools?

    Districts should resist union calls for contract extensions.

  39. Skorup Cited in Wall Street Journal

    Taxpayers shouldn't fund sports stadiums.

  40. Union Steward Paid $100K By Taxpayers Attends Rally Advocating Against Them

    Union steward compares right-to-work bill with Hitler.

  41. BCBS Money Should Fund People, Not Programs

    Blue Cross endowment fund is questionable.

  42. Superintendents Falsely Claim Charter Schools Shortchange Poor Children
  43. Union Speaker to Michigan Governor: 'We'll Be At Your Daughter's Soccer Game!'
  44. The False Social Concerns About Right-to-Work

    Poverty, lack of insurance not higher in right-to-work states.

  45. Final Passage, Text and Roll Call Votes on RTW


  46. Easy Rider

    The data doesn't always tell the story on motorcycle crashes.

  47. State, National Media Turn to Mackinac Center on RTW

    Center experts explain benefits of right-to-work for Michigan.

  48. Hold on a moment, we're forwarding you to the videos ...
  49. RTW Passes; Congratulations to Dr. William Wilson

    Lost job for supporting right-to-work due to union backlash.

  50. From Long Shot to Victory

    Larry Reed recalls right-to-work fight.

  51. VIDEOS: Union Right-to-Work Protest Goes Violent
  52. Union Rates Not Dropping Faster In RTW States

    Right-to-work not to blame for fewer union members.

  53. A 'Date' With Destiny

    The Center ahead of the pack on RTW (by exactly 17 years).

  54. Protest Over Pupils

    Teachers attending RTW rally, schools forced to close.

  55. Right-To-Work Matters for Some Michigan Businesses
  56. Michigan Is a Right-to-Work State
  57. 'Real Jobs' vs. 'Job Announcements' In Right-to-Work Debate
    December 11, 2012

  59. Michigan Becomes 24th Right-to-Work State in the Nation
  60. School Districts Closed Because Of Excessive Teacher Absences Over Right-to-Work
  61. An Open Letter to Sen. Gretchen Whitmer
  62. The Intellectual Firepower Against Right-to-Work

    Who's who on right-to-work.

  63. Labor Expert on Fox News, CNN Discussing RTW

    Bill could pass Michigan Legislature on Tuesday.

  64. Obama Voters Break Ranks on Labor Policy

    President in Michigan today, rejects worker freedom.

  65. Taxpayer-Funded Stadiums a Lose-Lose Proposition

    If Ilitch wants new home for Red Wings, he should pay for it.

  66. The Union ‘Free-Rider Problem’ Myth in Right-to-Work Debate
  67. Public Schools: 'Profit' Bad For Others, Good For Us
  68. A Tale of Two Stalins

    A review of two very different books.

  69. Analyst: Income Argument Against Right-To-Work Legislation Isn't Valid
  70. Labor Expert Explains Right-to-Work in Bay City Times

    A benefit to workers and the state.

  71. School Officials Fearful of 'Segregation'

    They should look at current system first.

  72. The Human Side of Right-to-Work Legislation

    Real people who have been hurt by forced unionization.

  73. December 7, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Right-to-work roll calls, stadium subsidies and more.
  74. Vernuccio Cited on CNN About Right-to-Work

    Also appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney.

  75. Right-to-Work Bills Pass Michigan House, Senate
  76. Right-to-Work Right for Business
  77. Michigan Legislature Passes Right-to-Work Bills

    Gov. Snyder said he will sign them when they reach his desk.

  78. Vernuccio Op-Ed in USA Today on Right-to-Work

    Labor expert explains benefits for Michigan.

  79. Vernuccio Cited in Wall Street Journal

    Right-to-work legislation announced.

  80. Work Slowdowns and 'Free Riders'
    How do they relate to right-to-work?
  81. Wall Street Journal Cites Center on RTW Statistics

    Indiana 43,300 new jobs; Michigan has lost 7,300 this year.

  82. Vernuccio in Reuters, on Fox Business Talking RTW

    Indiana far outpacing Michigan as a right-to-work state.

  83. Legislation Announced to Make Michigan the 24th Right-to-Work State in the Nation
  84. VIDEOS: Union Intimidation, Vandalism at Michigan Capitol Over Right-to-Work
  85. Right-to-Work States Have Lower Workplace Injury Rates
  86. Public School Officials Use Nonprofit for Political Action
  87. Governor: Bill Will Be Introduced To Make Michigan 24th Right-To-Work State
  88. Union Intimidation at Michigan Capitol
  89. Michigan Still Worse Economically Than RTW Oklahoma

    Michigan Education Association props up faulty numbers.

  90. Teachers Shouldn't Be Fired For Not Joining Union

    Right-to-Work would protect those who choose not to.

  91. Follow the Money

    No wonder unions are agitated by right-to-work.

  92. Right-to-Work Draws Attention

    Supporters, oppenents show up in Lansing.

  93. Major Newspapers Highlight Center RTW Video

    Short video explains what right-to-work is.

  94. Right-to-Work Laws Influence Migration

    Attracting more jobs would stem Michigan's population loss.

  95. Vernuccio on Economic Benefits of Right-to-Work

    Cited by MLive, WJRT.

  96. LaFaive: Put Subsidies for Detroit Red Wings on Ice

    Taxpayers should not be forced to support stadiums, arenas.

  97. The Voices of Right-to-Work
  98. Districts Use Taxpayer Resources To Oppose Education Bills
  99. Worker Freedom Advocates Lobby Legislators in Lansing
  100. WSJ Cites Center on Detroit's Fiscal Problems

    City could have avoided problems if it followed our advice.

  101. The 'Pro Big Business' Myth Put to Rest

    Center a lone voice against corporate welfare for 25 years.

  102. Media Shouldn't Whitewash Big Labor's Past

    Long history of union violence, intimidation gets ignored.

  103. Vernuccio Explains Right-to-Work in Detroit News

    Misleading University of Oregon study also scrutinized.

  104. Tea Party Groups Engaged In Battle For Right-To-Work
    December 4, 2012

  106. Another Look at Hydraulic Fracturing

    State should embrace safe, inexpensive energy source.

  107. Right-to-Work Law Would Help Ensure Government Unions Could Not Elect Their Own Bosses
  108. Why Michigan Needs a Right-to-Work Law
  109. Stealth Unionization: The Walking Dead
  110. State Budget Issues Big and Small
  111. Debate on Eduation Bills Focuses On Choice
  112. Less Than 1 Percent of Michigan Teachers Rated 'Ineffective'
  113. Schools Put Unions Ahead of Teachers on Right-to-Work

    "Labor accord" more important than employee freedom.

  114. November 30, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    List of recently proposed bills of interest!

  115. State, National Media Cite Center on

    Vernuccio in Washington Times, on Lucy Ann Lance Show.

  116. MEA Misleads on Oklahoma Right-to-Work Numbers

    An honest discussion will require honest numbers.

  117. What Is Right-to-Work?

    Center analyst explains how right-to-work protects employees.

  118. What Is Right-to-Work?
  119. Unions On The Offensive Against Possible Right-To-Work Bill in Michigan
  120. Michigan House 'Just Says No' to State Obamacare Exchange
  122. Right-to-Work and the Mackinac Center

    The Overton Window is shifting in Michigan on right-to-work.

  123. Michigan Could Become 24th Right-to-Work State
  124. A Quick Lesson on School Vouchers

    Educators misleading on reform bills.

  125. Another GOP Gov. Refuses Obamacare Exchange
    Arizona is out. Where does Michigan stand?
  126. Grand Rapids TV Viewers May Experience Blackouts

    Disagreement between broadcasters, cable company.

  127. Education Choice For Students, Parents Won't Destroy Communities, Schools
  128. WSJ: Legislators as Obamacare 'Fall Guys'

    Wall Street Journal sneers at idea of state exchange.

  129. Van Beek Discusses Education Reform

    Education establishment less than forthright on legislation.

  130. Rigged Pension Study Produces Expected Conclusions
  131. Media Plays Into 'Unfounded Hysteria' Over School Reforms
  132. Extra Early Voting Opportunity in Heavily Democratic Area Raises Eyebrows
    November 27, 2012

  134. Vernuccio on Fox Business Black Friday

    Discussed loss of union influence in Michigan and elswhere.

  135. A123 Logs Its Own List of Failures
  136. Ideas For Fixing the Financial Manager Law
  137. City Wants Drunk Drivers To Pay Police Costs
  138. November 23, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    List of recently proposed bills of interest!

  139. Vague University Policies Punish Students For Jokes, 'Obnoxious' Comments, 'Insulting' Phone Calls or Texts
  140. There'd Be No Thanksgiving Without the Profit Motive
  141. The V-Word

    School funding reform is not about vouchers.

  142. No State Obamacare Exchange Still Best Choice

    "Partnership exchange" a blessing in disguise?

  143. Shhh, U.S. Leads World In Carbon Emissions Reductions
  144. Court Rules in Favor of Land Bank

    Property can be sold to preferred buyers.

  145. How to Fix the Emergency Manager Law

    James Hohman in the Lansing State Journal.

    November 20, 2012

  147. State Board of Education President Makes False Voucher Claims
  148. Hefty School Employee Pensions Burden State Taxpayers
  149. Police Called to Monitor Dam Removal Meeting
  150. Fiscal Cliff Could Hit Michigan Hard
  151. Connecticut Now Struggling With Caregiver Unionization Efforts
  152. Red Dawn Finally Rising In Michigan
  153. MEDC Questioned About Its Transparency
  154. Vernuccio Talks Prop 2 on Fox Business

    Loss was a crushing blow for organized labor.

  155. Proposal 2 Power Grab Demands Review of Government Unionism
  156. Unions, Government Entities Team Up to Keep Information From Citizens
  157. Failing School Ranks Every Teacher and Principal 'Highly Effective'
  158. Failing Schools Able to Mark Themselves Up to a Passing Grade
    November 13, 2012

  160. Michigan Would Fall Hardest Over 'Fiscal Cliff'

    David Littmann on WXYZ in Detroit.

  161. Michigan Home to Half of the Largest Bankrupt Green Energy Companies
  162. Families Forced Into SEIU Scheme Relieved and Thankful After Proposal 4 Defeat
  163. November 9, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    List of recently proposed bills of interest!

  164. Only Two Counties Voted for Proposal 2

    Prop 1 support found close to EM cities, schools.

  165. NYT: Prop 2 'An Embarrassing Loss for Labor'

    Vernuccio cited on Prop 2 loss in New York Times.

  166. District Used $1.7M in Tax Dollars Paying Employees Not To Take Insurance
  167. Voters Avert Disaster by Rejecting Proposal 2

    Executive Vice President Michael Reitz on Proposal 2 impact.

  168. An End Finally in Sight for the SEIU Dues Skim
  169. LaFaive Discusses Ballot Failures

    A mandate for legislative reforms?

  170. Prop 1 Defeat a Loss for Struggling School Districts

    Emergency managers losing vital tools.

  171. All Five Constitutional Amendments Soundly Defeated
  172. Labor Expert in Chicago Tribune

    Prop 2 loss "a major setback for organized labor."

  173. Voters Reject Special Interest Power Plays
  174. The Michigan 'Truth Squad' Problem With Facts
    Fact-checking group gives in to partisan bent.
    November 6, 2012

  176. Prop 2 a Desperate Power Grab by Government Unions
  177. Tea Party Groups Predicting a Romney Victory
  178. Vernuccio on Prop 2 in Forbes

    "A desperate grab for power by government unions."

  179. Media Resoundingly Rejects Prop 2, Prop 4
  180. Behind the Campaign to Lure Businesses to Support Proposal 2
  181. Supreme Court Election, One More Bite At The Apple For The Left
  182. Shouldn’t Enhancing Your Neighborhood Be Up to You?
  183. Real Merit Pay for Michigan Teachers
  184. Why Statewide Education Policy Is Limited
  185. The Price Tag on the Ballot Proposals
  186. MLive Prop 4 Live Chat Transcript

    Center's senior attorney explained SEIU unionization scheme.

  188. Commentary: Proposal 4 Excludes Caregivers From Getting State Employee Benefits
  189. Not Much Mystery Behind $9 Million Raised for Prop 4
  190. Despite Rampant Tenure Abuses, Proposal 2 Would Wipe Out Slight Reform
  191. Vernuccio on Prop 2 in Huffington Post

    Wayne Co. sheriff handcuffs facts of proposed amendment.

  192. Center Expert Cited by State, National Media

    James Hohman on Proposals 1 and 3.

  193. Union Electrician and Wife: 'The SEIU Never Did Anything For Us'
  194. Vernuccio in The Daily Caller

    Prop 2 would cost taxpayers $1.6 billion annually.

  195. Prop 2 Supporters Misled on Other States

    No other state allows collective bargaining to trump state law.

  196. No Teacher Evaluations On Halloween ... And Other Odd Union Contract Provisions
  197. Ballot Issues Explained
  198. Proposal 2 Would Declaw Emergency Managers in Proposal 1
  199. Jacques Barzun, R.I.P.

    Historian, writer, philosopher, anti-statist.

  200. Do Teachers Really Need More 'Protection?'

    Violence and incompetence get you fired in the private sector.

  201. Unions Rig Proposal 2 Business 'Support' List
    October 30, 2012

  203. Proposal 2 Is Not Good For Government Union Workers
  204. Archive of webinar on Michigan's Ballot Proposals
  205. Key Word Missing from Prop 2: Mandatory

    Would establish government unions as "fourth branch."

  206. Prop 3: A Push Backward

    There's a reason we abandoned the wind and sun for energy.

  207. Center Experts Address Props 1, 2 and 4

    Analsysts on Fox Business, WDIV, WDET

  208. Prop 4 Not About Home Care

    It's about the SEIU taking money from vulnerable residents.

  209. Don’t Forget the Supreme Court Races
  210. Law Enforcement Does Not Universally Support Proposal 4
  211. Mackinac Center on Fox Business: The Union Battle for Michigan
  212. Advocacy Alleged In School District Bond Promotion
  213. October 26, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    List of recently proposed bills of interest!
  214. Prop 2 Supporters Putting Out Questionable Info

    Campaign of misinformation exposed by Center analysts.

  215. Vernuccio in L.A. Times, New York Times

    Prop 2 most significant issue in nation behind president.

  216. Michigan Governed by 'Political Careerists'

    How much real-world experience do MI legislators have?

  217. Prop 3 Will Cost Michigan
  218. What Would Proposal 5 Do?
  219. Proposal 5 Likely to Help Limit State Taxes and Improve State’s Economy
  220. Proposal 5 of 2012: An Assessment of the Supermajority Tax Vote Requirement

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy recently published “Proposal 5 of 2012: An Assessment of the Supermajority Tax Vote Requirement,” which addresses Proposal 5 on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot.

    The study examines the amendment to the state constitution that proposes to require a two-thirds supermajority vote of both the Michigan House and Senate, or a simple majority vote of the people in a November election, to impose new state taxes or increase any state taxes that currently require only a majority vote of the Legislature. The study concludes that Proposal 5 is likely to provide additional protection against state tax increases, though it may be appropriate to ensure state lawmakers take further steps to ensure the original intent of the proposal.

    The Policy Brief was authored by Michael D. LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. 

  221. BREAKING NEWS: 'Protect Working Families' Lists Proposal 2 Business Supporters Without Their Knowledge
  222. IMPACT Fall 2012
  223. Super-Seniority

    Are school union bosses more valuable than teachers?

  224. Questions Raised About Land Bank Conflict of Interest
  225. Arc Michigan Exec's Name-Calling Goes Against Group's Own Pledge
  226. Proposal 5: Raw Media Soundbites with Michael LaFaive
  227. 'Protect Working Families' Lists Proposal 2 Business Supporters Without Their Knowledge
  228. 'Non-Teaching' Staff Up 702 Percent Since 1950

    More teachers, more staff, more cost; lower test scores.

  229. Prop 3 Can't Change the Laws of Economics

    No matter how badly supporters want to think it can.

  230. Prop 2 Means More Arbitrary Teacher Placements
  231. Michigan Press Association Questions Prop 2

    Could have "chilling effects" on Freedom of Information Act.

  232. Free Press Live Chat on Prop 4

    Center's senior attorney explains SEIU unionization scheme.

  233. Hospital SEIU Members Say Home-Based Caregivers Get 'No Benefit' From Proposal 4
  234. SEIU Members Protest SEIU Healthcare Michigan
  235. Freep Editorial Page Editor Not Going to be Bullied by Prop 2 Supporters
  236. Union Member Says Proposal 2 is an 'Over-reaching Power Grab'
  237. Let's Call Off the 'War on Women'
  238. New Graduation Requirements Mean Fewer Grads

    Stricter standards impact lower students the most.

  239. Michigan Press Association and Mackinac Center Joint Statement on Proposal 2 and the Freedom of Information Act
  240. Secret Democrat Supreme Court Plan: Run Irish Women Candidates
  241. An Analysis of Proposal 4 of 2012: The Unionization of In-Home Caregivers
    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy recently published “An Analysis of Proposal 4 of 2012: The Unionization of In-Home Caregivers,” which addresses Proposal 4 on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot. The policy brief is authored by Mackinac Center Legal Analyst Derk Wilcox.

    The proposed constitutional amendment would authorize the forced unionization of tens of thousands of home-based caregivers in Michigan, allowing the Service Employees International Union to continue skimming millions of dollars in dues from Medicaid stipends meant to help Michigan’s most vulnerable residents. A line-by-line review of Proposal 4 shows that it would not provide any programs or services to in-home care recipients that are not already available, including any improved care, new options for care recipients or taxpayer cost savings.

    October 23, 2012

  243. Proposal 1 of 2012: The Referendum on Public Act 4

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy recently published “Proposal 1 of 2012: The Referendum on Public Act 4,” which addresses Proposal 1 on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot, also referred to as the “emergency manager” referendum.

    The study examines the claim that local control will diminish if Proposal 1 passes and Public Act 4 is nullified. Public Act 4 had provided expanded powers to state-appointed emergency managers of local governments and school districts that are in a state of serious “fiscal stress or “fiscal emergency.” The study determined that the question in Michigan has not been whether state-appointed managers or court-appointed receivers may replace local elected officials in running a local unit of government; they have been able to do so for decades. The only question is whether state government will participate in the effort to avoid local fiscal insolvency and how it will do so.

    The Policy Brief was authored by James M. Hohman, assistant director of Fiscal Policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. 

  244. Study Finds Rejecting Proposal 1 Will Not Preserve Local Control, but Will Affect Powers Given to State-Appointed Managers of Local Governments in Financial Crisis
  245. Proposal 2 Is Not Simply About Collective Bargaining

    Prop 2 ballot language underlines political agenda.

  246. University of Michigan Hosts 'Non-Partisan' Event: 'The Republican War On Women'
  247. Government Assistance Abounds, But Not For Your Water Bill
  248. Dam Removal Mishap Raises More Questions, Concerns
  249. Michigan 4th-Greatest 'Wage Gap' in US? Hardly

    Slate article with ACS aims for low-hanging fruit.

  250. October 19, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    List of recently proposed bills of interest!

  251. Prop 4 Op-Ed in Detroit Free Press Ungrounded

    Platitudes, falsities and "faux outrage."

  252. Schools Ignoring Merit Pay Law

    Education expert details findings on WJR.

  253. Another One: Stimulus-Backed Battery Company Workers With No Work To Do — Playing Cards, Watching Movies, Reading Magazines

    LG Chem workers "have nothing to do."

  254. Dead Batteries

    LG Chem workers "have nothing to do."

  255. Legislators Propose More Corporate Welfare

    Picking winners and losers; mostly losers. 

  256. Collective Bargaining a 'Right' to Coerce

    Prop 2 would benefit the few at the expense of the many.

  257. Who's Cheating Who?

    Is Grosse Pointe Schools keeping state tax money?

  258. About Those Judicial Candidates

    Voters have to do their homework to learn about judges.

  259. Infighting at the SEIU
  260. Father Taking Care of His Disabled Adult Kids Called An 'Idiot' by Proposal 4 Spokesman
  261. Lawsuit Filed Against Kent County Land Bank

    Vacant properties blocked from tax auction at its request.

  262. While Helping Out Injured Ex-Wife, Man Forced Into Union
  263. Media Looks to Center on A123 Bankruptcy

    Fox News, MLive cite Skorup on failed subsidy recipient.

  264. New High School Performance Database

    Online "report card" searchable, sortable.

  265. A123 Files for Bankruptcy

    Yet another failure of central planning.

  266. Analyst Cited on Prop 1

    James Hohman Op-Ed also in Detroit Legal News.

  267. The Murky Role of MERC in SEIU Scheme
    Commissioner unsure if public employees are public anymore.
  268. Districts Ignoring Merit-Pay Law

    Gov. Granholm reform widely shunned by MEA, schools.

  269. Money Motivates, But a Dollar is Simply Insulting
  270. Study: Most School Districts Violating Merit Pay Law
  271. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 16, 2012
  272. Are Caregiving Relatives 'Public Employees'?
  273. Prop 2 Analysis Gets State, National Coverage

    Freep, National Review Online cite $1.6 billion in lost savings.

  274. What's in a Teachers Union Contract?

    Lots of emphasis on the union, not much on students.

  275. Nearly 80 Percent of School Districts Appear in Violation of Michigan's Merit-Pay Law
  276. Prop 4 Supporter Calls Dad 'An Idiot'

    Retired Detroit police officer objects to his wife paying forced union dues to care for disabled adult children in their own home.

  277. Proposal 6: Who Is Right About New Bridge?

    Is it necessary and who gets the final say?

  278. School Districts Value Best Teachers $1 More Than The Worst
  279. Paying for Performance, Two Schools Ink New Deals
  280. Proposal 4 Ads: Fact or Fiction?
  281. School District's Costly Decisions Protect Union Interests
  282. Making Sense of Michigan's Ballot Proposals
  283. October 12, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    List of recently proposed bills of interest!

  284. MEDC's Lack of Transparency Goes National

    Fox, Instapundit pick up Center expose of hidden A123 video.

  285. The Easiest Way to Fire a Teacher

    Not paying union dues can lead to quick dismissal.

  286. Merit Pay Survey
  287. Prop 5: Protecting Taxpayers from the Government

    Tax limitation amendment would force fiscal responsibility.

  288. Detroit Police Union Official Says Recent Cuts Make Streets Unsafe, But Police and Fire Department Salaries Increased
  289. Talent Mercantilists Resurrected in Michigan
  290. Schools Create Their Own FOIA Interpretation

    Prop 2 would make government even less transparent.

  291. Prop 2 Would Change at Least 170 Laws

    Big labor trying to make a difference without distinction.

  292. Prop 4 Would Put Union Scam in Constitution

    SEIU has skimmed $32 million from the disabled so far.

  293. Michigan Ballot Proposals Grid
  294. Renewable Energy Mandate Backers Have Deep 'Green' Pockets
  295. More Windmill-Related Environmental Concerns

    "We're picking up 10 bats for every bird."

  296. Video Confirms Negative Union Stereotypes

    Threats of violence even against their own members?

  297. Prop 3 Would Cost Taxpayers Billions

    Mandate means higher costs, more corporate welfare.

  298. Misogyny Is Not Responsible For the 'Feminization of Poverty'
  299. Spotty Track Record Doesn't Stop State Agency From Doling Out Deals
  300. 'Concerned Scientists' Not Very Scientific

    Group responds to critique with logical fallacy.

  301. Labor Expert on Fox Business, in Washington Times

    Vernuccio on Prop 2, union spending, Citizens United.

  302. Merit Pay in Mattawan

    For coaches, not teachers.

  303. Proposal 2: More Power for Government Unions

    Protecting public employees at the public's expense.

  304. Activist's Critique of Prop 3 Study Completely Incorrect
  305. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 9, 2012
  306. Prop 2 Supporters Say States Without Unionized Teachers ‘Among the Worst’ On Standardized Tests — Michigan Scores Lower Than Them All
  307. Proposal 1: Raw Media Soundbites with Michael LaFaive
  308. What Would Proposal 4 Do?
  309. Labor Director Vinnie Vernuccio on Fox Business's 'Cavuto' Show
  310. Pontiac Phoenix Center in Ashes
  311. Proposal 4 Would Lock Forced Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers Into Michigan Constitution
  312. MEDC Removes Video of Obama, Top Dems Praising Failed Battery Company

    A123 had been touted by President Obama, Gov. Granholm.

  313. Proposal 1 a Referendum on PA 4

    Mike LaFaive breaks down the ballot proposals.

  314. Prop 4 a 'Money Grab'

    Wright: using constitution to "whitewash a sordid history."

  315. What the Emergency Manager Referendum is About
  316. $1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2
  317. A123 Video Shows President Obama, Top Politicians Praising Failed Green Company
  318. Prop 2 May Put FOIA on Ice for Media, Others
  319. School District Allows Union, Employees To Exclude Material From FOIA Requests
  320. Vernuccio Discusses Prop 2 in Marquette County

    Labor expert explains radical union proposal to U.P. listeners.

  321. Freep Cites Fiscal Expert on Prop 5

    LaFaive: Politicians don't like the scrutiny of their work.

  322. October 5, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on internet crime and Pure Michigan license plates!
  323. Prop 2: An End to Teacher Tenure?

    Certification requirements could also be ignored.

  324. Proposed Rear-view Camera Mandate Would Cost Up To $57.2 Million Per Life Saved
  325. What Would '25 x 25' Do?
  326. Emergency Manager Law Makes Pontiac Reforms Possible
  327. Why Statewide Education Policy Fails

    One size fits all approach does not help students.

  328. School Districts Dodging Health Care Cost Savings
  329. Exhibits List for Patricia Haynes and Steven Glossop v. Service Employees International Union Healthcare Michigan and the Michigan Quality Community Care Council
  330. How Many Voters Will Miss The Bottom Of The Ballot?
  331. Counting on Us for Count Day

    Media turn to Center analysts for details on school funding.

  332. NEA Recognizes Need for STEM Teachers

    But won't budge on salary flexibility.

  333. Sticky Data in Item Pricing 'Study'

    Michigan Citizen Action opposes technology, productivity.

  334. Predators Back In the Classroom? It Could Happen
  335. Raw Comments for Media Use Proposal 3
  336. Complaints About 'Parent Trigger' Miss the Mark

    All parents should have this powerful tool available to them.

  337. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST October 2, 2012
  338. Contracting Helps Cash-Strapped City Add More Police Officers For Less Money — And Better Service
  339. ‘Won’t Back Down’ Triggers Petty Responses
  340. Center's Prop 3 Study Cited

    State, national media mention job loss projections.

  341. Proposal 2 Would Allow Government Union Contracts to Invalidate Existing and Future State Laws
  342. State, National Media Turn to Mackinac Center Analysts and Research for Details, Comments on Proposal 2

    Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, Detroit News.

  343. Center Work on Prop 4 Cited

    Detroit News, Midland Daily News cover SEIU scheme.

  344. Is the Horseshoer on Strike?

    Detroit union goes on strike; ignores $6 billion debt.

  345. Proposal 2 Could Protect Teachers Who Are Drunk, Dealing Drugs in the Classroom
  346. Proposal 2 of 2012: An Assessment

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy recently published “Proposal 2 of 2012: An Assessment,” which addresses Proposal 2 on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot, also referred to as the “collective bargaining” amendment.

    The study examines how the proposed constitutional amendment would enshrine collective bargaining in the state constitution, which would allow government union collective bargaining agreements to invalidate numerous state laws meant to improve the quality of public services and would likely negate a projected $1.6 billion in annual taxpayer savings.

    The Policy Brief was co-authored by Vernuccio and other Mackinac Center analysts: Senior Legal Analyst Patrick J. Wright, Executive Vice President Michael J. Reitz and Assistant Fiscal Policy Director James M. Hohman. Also co-authoring was Paul Kersey, director of labor policy at the Illinois Policy Institute.


  347. Commentary: Alleged Gender Pay Discrepancy Based On Life Choices
  348. September 28, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on deer hunting and used cars!

  349. Sunshine Review Touts LaFaive Op-Ed on Prop 2

    Government transparency advocate concerned about FOIA.

  350. Wind Subsidies Upon Mandates Upon Subsidies

    Maybe politicians should just let the market sort it out.

  351. Union Contract: Teachers Can Be Caught in School Drunk Five Times and On Drugs Three Times Before Being Fired
  352. Proposal 1 Has Nothing to Do With Local Control

    Opponents should focus on fiscal responsibility.

  353. UAW Video Shows Political Influence

    How much more will they get if Prop 2 passes?

  354. From Feminism to FOIA

    Center Op-Eds in The Detroit News.

  355. Students' ZIP Code Should Not Limit School Choice

    "Private" public schools aim to keep students out.

  356. Gov. Snyder Could Replace Board That Helped Facilitate Forced Unionization Of Home-Based Caregivers
  357. Littmann Calculates Cost of NHL Lockout

    Economist pegs $84 million lost for a full season.

  358. Stop the Presses! All of Michigan's Problems Solved
    Bill would make Iosco County "birding capitol" of Michigan.
  359. Van Beek Discusses Teacher Evaluations
    99.6 percent of Michigan teachers rated "effective?"
  360. Is 5076 Montauk Blighted?

    Questions arise over how county land banks operate.

  361. Michigan Gives Unfair Tax Handouts To Try and Counter 'Right to Work' States
  362. Who Is Rep. Ken Yonker? can provide detailed voting records.

  363. Placing School Bureaucrats Before Children

    Anti-charter school bill protectionist for consolidated districts.

  364. State, Nation Have a Long Way to Go

    Two new reports detail economic ranking of Michigan, U.S.

  365. County Blocks Private Citizens From Purchasing Home; Buys The Property Itself
  366. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 25, 2012
  367. Raw Soundbites for Media Use Proposal 2
  368. The Perils of Politicians' Promises

    A radio blast from the past with Congressman Bill Huizenga.

  369. Deciphering Michigan's Ballot Proposals

    Jarrett Skorup on WAAM 1600 in Ann Arbor.

  370. Obama-Promoted Battery Plant Moves to 'Rolling Furloughs' As Company Pulls Back on Jobs Projections
  371. 'It's hard to believe the union could get away with something like this'
  372. The Projected Economic Impact of Proposal 3 and Michigan’s Renewable Energy Standard

    The Mackinac Center for Public Policy recently published with the Beacon Hill Institute “The Projected Economic Impact of Proposal 3 and Michigan’s Renewable Energy Standard,” which addresses Proposal 3, the so-called “25 x 25” initiative, on the Nov. 6,  2012 ballot. The policy brief is authored by David G. Tuerck, Paul Bachman and Michael Head of the Beacon Hill Institute.

    The proposed constitutional amendment would mandate a 25 percent renewable energy standard for Michigan by 2025. The policy brief estimates the cost of the mandates using  the State Tax Analysis Modeling Program – or STAMP – to determine the economic impact on Michigan. They determine that the ballot measure would impose higher electricity prices and economic costs than are sustainable or environmentally friendly.

  373. Mackinac Center: Vinnie Vernuccio Highlights on Ballot Proposals, Part 2
  374. WJR: Beckmann Radio Interview with Michael LaFaive
  375. Mackinac Center: Vinnie Vernuccio Highlights on Ballot Proposals
  376. Scorecard: Congressman Kildee Among The Worst At Looking Out For Taxpayers
  377. News from Lake Wobegon:

    All Michigan teachers are above average.

  378. September 21, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on concussion "time outs" and home improvements!

  379. Prop 3’s Renewable Energy Standard Could Cost Michigan 10,540 Jobs, According to New Mackinac Center-Beacon Hill Institute Study
  380. Study: Proposal 3 Would Result in Lost Jobs, Higher Costs
  381. Center Legal Expert Discusses SEIU Case

    Patrick Wright on WJR with Frank Beckmann.

  382. Vernuccio Cited in Investor's Business Daily

    Prop 2 an "unprecedented power grab" by unions.

  383. Home Help Providers Saved From Illegal Dues
  384. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Asks MERC to Reverse Forced Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers
  385. Legal Foundation Seeks End to Forced Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers
  386. Raw Soundbites for MERC Legal Case
  387. Glossop Family Caregiver Wants Out of SEIU
  388. Education Funding Study Has Flawed Conclusion
  389. LaFaive Discusses Prop 5

    Would put two-thirds requirement in place for tax hikes.

  390. Pension Study Consultants Have History Defending Expensive Pension Plans
  391. Prop 2 Supporters Change Name

    Can't avoid "stigma" of $1.6 billion in lost tax savings.

  392. Commentary: Prop 4 Supporters Promise Programs That Already Exist

    SEIU proponents pushing what already exists.

  393. Vernuccio Discusses Prop 2 on 'The Big Show'

    What will it do and what will it cost.

  394. Do Prop 4 Supporters Know What It's About?

    Disability advocate appears confused on ballot measure.

  395. Time to Rethink ISDs
  396. Roscommon teachers leave Michigan Education Association
    "Teachers at Roscommon Area Public Schools voted by a nearly 2-to-1 margin to leave the Michigan Education Association ..."
  397. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 18, 2012
  398. They Said, We Said: Claim and Reply
  399. Which Ballot Proposals Are 'Grassroots'?

    A look at who is behind the Nov. 6 ballot proposals.

  400. $1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

    The financial impact of enshrined collective bargaining.

  401. Commentary: Unions Ducking the Truth With Proposal 2 Ad
  402. City Spends $8 Million on Theater — Sells It Eight Years Later for $135,000
  403. DPS teachers awarded bonuses
    "Detroit Public Schools teachers will receive a bonus as part of a court settlement with Emergency Manager Roy Roberts ..."
  404. Proposal 2 Would Cost Taxpayers $1.6 Billion Per Year, New Analysis Says
  405. Achievement Gaps the Wrong 'Focus'

    Edcuation policy analyst in Detroit Free Press.

  406. Detroit high school students to try virtual learning
    "Detroit-area students at high schools run by the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan will have the opportunity to take virtual courses ..."
  407. Chicago strike sparks discussion about teacher evaluations
    "The ongoing Chicago Teachers Union strike, in part due to controversy about how teachers are evaluated ..."
  408. Liberty Seminar canceled
    The Mackinac Center regretfully announces the cancellation of its Liberty Seminar, originally scheduled for September 15 in Lansing. We remain committed to offering news and analysis of this November’s ballot proposals to Michigan residents. You can find our latest information under the heading “MIballot2012” at this website. We also are sponsoring a Speakers Bureau in connection with the ballot proposals; for more information on that program, please call 989-631-0900.
  409. Survey Says: No Consensus On Best Political Polling Method
  410. Economic Development a Campaign Tool

    Subsidies help politicians look like they're "doing something."

  411. Grosse Pointe's Costly Nonresident Crackdown

    District losing money by not accepting outside students.

  412. September 14, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on Facebook and the Pledge of Allegiance!

  413. College stats in for Kalamazoo Promise’s first class
    "Kalamazoo Promise officials have released the latest data showing how the Kalamazoo Public Schools’ class of 2006 is doing ..."
  414. Most of Michigan is 'Poor' or 'Marginal' For Wind Energy
  415. How Not to Measure Charter School Quality

    Individual learning growth should be the main focus.

  416. School District Requiring Parents To Pay For Magazine Subscription May Be Breaking State Law
  417. Excuses Don't Change Facts

    Three Livingston County schools do poorly on report card.

  418. Roscommon Teachers Quit MEA

    Van Beek: MEA has "egg on their face."

  419. How the Chicago Teacher Union Strike Affects Michigan
  420. 'They Are A Bureaucratic Machine That Got Out of Control'
  421. Raw Soundbites for Media Use with Patrick Wright
  422. The Greatest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: Norman Borlaug, An American Hero
  423. Roscommon Teachers Vote to Decertify From the MEA
  424. Proposal 6: The International
    Bridge/Tunnel Voting Requirement

  425. Vernuccio on Fox Business

    Labor expert disusses POJA, Chicago teachers strike.

  426. Count Day Could Become an Outdated Gimmick

    School funding should follow student, even if they transfer.

  427. BREAKING NEWS: Roscommon Teachers Vote to Decertify From MEA
  428. What the Emergency Manager Referendum is About
  429. Wind Turbine Answers Elusive
  430. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 11, 2012
  431. Sweeping collective bargaining proposal on November ballot
    "The state Supreme Court has ruled that a sweeping ballot proposal to expand public employee bargaining power will be on the November ballot ..."
  432. SEIU Draws Attention Over Dues Skim

    Money going toward political purposes?

  433. Granholm's DNC Performance Full of Tall Tales

    Former Michigan governor needs fact-check.

  434. On Being Designated ‘Focus Schools’
  435. What the ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Amendment Would Mean For Michigan
  436. Teacher pension reform law signed
    "Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law reforming school employee pension costs ..."
  437. Teacher pension reform law signed
    "Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law reforming school employee pension costs ..."
  438. F. Vincent Vernuccio on Varney & Co Fox Business 9/10/2012
  439. Highland Park student plaintiffs return to school
    "Eight students who are suing the Highland Park School District for failing to teach them to read at an appropriate level are returning to school ..."
  440. Health Care Unionization Campaign Changes Its Story — Again
  441. Number of Michigan charter public schools continues to grow
    "This school year, 31 new public charter schools have opened in Michigan ..."
  442. SEIU Dues Skim All About Politics

    SEIU president reveals political agenda at DNC convention.

  443. What Would 'Protect Our Jobs' Actually Do?
  444. After Five Years Of Deficits, District Signed Contract Paying 100 Percent Of Health Care
  445. Some Flint students begin year without class assignments
    "In the wake of merging middle and high schools, some Flint School District students were not provided class assignments ..."
  446. Prop. 1: Emergency Manager Repeal
  447. 'Protect Our Jobs' Could Increase Gov't Secrecy

    Freedom of Information Act at risk?

  448. VIDEO: Vinnie Vernuccio on Supreme Court Decision
    'POJA' makes it on the ballot.
  449. Voters Face Tough Decision on POJA

    Give state to union interests or keep Legislature in control?

  450. Supreme Court Rules: Union Power Grab Proposal Will Be On Ballot
  451. City Has Been Paying $10,000 A Month To Light Vacant Garage
  452. POJA Supreme Court Decision
  453. Nathan's First Day of Business
  454. ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Proposal Approved by State Supreme Court
  455. 'Protect Our Jobs' Draws National Scrutiny

    Mackinac Center work reflected in WSJ editorial.

  456. Teachers Denied Freedom to Vote on Unionization
  457. Before Emergency Manager, Pontiac Had 87 Different Health Plans
  458. School Districts Increase Taxes On Residents Without A Vote
  459. Vincent Vernuccio on Michigan Unions' POJA Power-Play
  460. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST September 4, 2012
  461. LaFaive: Why Michigan Needs a Right-to-Work Law

    Lansing State Journal commentary for Labor Day weekend.

  462. Sorry Kids — Say Goodbye to Count Day Goodies
  463. School Support Services Contracting Increases to 61 Percent of Districts
  464. Commentary: Labor Bosses' Vision of Collective Bargaining Hurts Workers, Society
  465. Tax Limitation Amendment May Greet Voters in November
  466. 'Protect Our Jobs' Amendment Would End Binding Arbitration
  467. Inkster Schools Wrongly Blames Previous Emergency Financial Manager for Its Deficit
  468. School District Imposes Taxation Without Representation
  469. Commentary: Michigan Stands Out on High Cost of Car Insurance
  470. State Spends $42.8 Million on Disability Payments, Recipients' Afflictions Unknown
  471. Meaningful School Reform Needed

    More state control is not the answer.

  472. Vernuccio on WPHM AM1380
    Labor policy director discusses "Protect Our Jobs" proposal.
  473. Forced Unionization Campaign Pretending 31-Year-Old Program Doesn't Exist

    home health care, unionization, michigan, ballot proposal

  474. Happy Birthday Indeed for Saginaw Fire Department Union Members
  475. Center Attorney on Zoning, Economic Prosperity

    Food cart operators face challenges nationwide.

  476. ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Proposal Approved by Court of Appeals; State Supreme Court May Have Final Say
  477. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 28, 2012
  478. School tax rates in Kalamazoo County go up without a vote
    "School taxes are set to increase in Kalamazoo County, even though residents did not vote on the matter ..."
  479. SEIU Ballot Language Disconnected From Reality

    Line-by-line look at the ballot proposal.

  480. 'Protect Our Jobs' Doesn't Protect Taxpayers

    Ballot initiative would put unions ahead of legislators.

  481. Center Scholar in Free Press

    Legislature must address highest insurance rates in the nation.

  482. U-M President Pushes Conservation While Taxpayers Pay Up To $30K A Year In Energy Costs For Her Residence
  483. Oxford district’s AstroTurf could cost some their homes
    "Oxford Public Schools has until Sept. 1 to come up with $300,000 to pay for its new football field turf ..."
  484. Court of Appeals Says Union Power Grab Should Be on Ballot
  485. Whitehall saves by switching to high-deductible health plan
    "The Whitehall teachers union and the Whitehall school board have agreed upon a new contract ..."
  486. Michigan districts start testing teacher evaluation methods
    "Fourteen school districts are testing different teacher evaluation models for statewide consideration ..."
  487. Union Money Behind Health Care Ballot Proposal Not Well Hidden
  488. August 24, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Summer session votes round-up!

  489. Audit alleges Genesee district administrator misspent funds
    "The Genesee Intermediate School District has fired a top-level administrator, and a state education department employee has been placed on leave ..."
  490. Union Signature Claim Off By Nearly 130,000
  491. School District Could Buy Laptop For Every Student If Teachers Paid Private-Sector Average For Health Care
  492. Teen Entrepreneur's
    'New Challenge Is Ahead of Him'

    Nathan's hot dogs on sale today!

  493. Gov. Snyder's Obamacare 'Partnership' Misguided

    Law's implementation timetables beyond unrealistic.

  494. Analysis: 25 by 2025 'Green Energy' Studies Ignore Costs
  495. What's in a Number? Job Projections Inflated as 'Job Years'
  496. Nathan's Hot Dog Stand Back in Business
  497. 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur to Reopen Hot Dog Stand in Holland, Mich., Thursday Morning
  498. GQ Hit Piece on GR ArtPrize

    "Like fairgoers sampling sideshows at a carnival."

  499. Media Promotes Massively Inflated 'Green Jobs' Number Put Out by Ballot Proposal Supporters
  500. Wisconsin Official on Health Care Exchange: 'Waiting Is the Prudent Thing to Do'
  501. Land Bank Powers Abused, Costly to Taxpayers

    Government shouldn't act as land speculators.

  502. 13-Year-Old to Reopen Hot Dog Cart

    It took a national spotlight, but ...

  503. CapCon Story Goes Viral

    Detroit horseshoer job classification draws national interest.

  504. Teaching Teachout on the DIA Deception

    Art museums shouldn't receive public dollars.

  505. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 21, 2012
  506. After Veto, Gov. Snyder's Commitment To Transparency Questioned
  507. Most tax increases pass, increases for schools least popular
    "About 90 percent of millages proposed statewide this summer passed ..."
  508. 'Truth Squad' Gets Facts Wrong
  509. What Would 'Protect Our Jobs' Do?
  510. Raw Soundbites for Media Use
  511. Inconvenient Truths on School Choice

    School choice critics often ignore data.

  512. No Horses, But Detroit Water Department Employs 'Horseshoer'
  513. Appeals court rules against deduction for teacher health costs
    "A Michigan appeals court has ruled that a 3 percent deduction from school employees put in place to help pay for health care costs is illegal ..."
  514. Blended learning school to open in Detroit this fall
    "Cornerstone Charter Schools will open a new blended learning high school in Detroit this fall ..."
  515. Gov't Report: Wind Energy Needs Taxpayer Support To Survive
  516. DPS shakeups continue, split power between board and manager
    "Power struggles in Detroit Public Schools continue after a judge ruled that the DPS board has power over academic issues, while the state-appointed emergency financial manager has power over the budget ..."
  517. August 17, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Important House and Senate votes on school pensions!

  518. Debt Program for Public Schools Has Gone Too Far

    Borrowing money to pay off borrowed money.

  519. Madison Heights district settles with teachers union
    "... the Madison Heights Education Association and school district have reached a contract settlement that will result in more money for teachers."
  520. Former Governor Predicted 17,000 Jobs From 'Green Energy' Mandate, Number of Jobs Has Actually Dropped
  521. 'Dues Skim' Proponents, State Department Struggle to Explain Health Care Scheme
  522. A Welcome First Step in Holland

    City council grants temporary permit for hot dog cart.

  523. Let Online Learning Flourish

    State should keep up with technology.

  524. Center Expert in Chicago Tribune

    Radical union proposal unlikely to be on ballot.

  525. Environmental Group Exaggerates Number of Jobs 'Green' Energy Mandate Would Create
  526. Union Power Grab Proposal Heading To Court
  527. Legislature passes school pension reform
    "Michigan legislators have passed school pension reform that is estimated to save taxpayers about $970 million during the next two years ..."
  528. The 'Collective Bargaining' Amendment
  529. Detroit Makes Lemons Out of Lemonade

    Boy, 9, shouldn't have to fix problems created by adults.

  530. School Privatization Up, According to Freep

    Center's 2012 survey completed.

  531. A Boy's Dream Overshadowed
  532. Michigan Ballot Proposals

  533. ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Proposal Is Not Certified by State Board of Canvassers; Court May Have Final Say
  534. Per-Pupil Spending Little To Do With Performance

    How money is spent is more important than how much.

  535. GOP Fumbles: On Verge of Giving MEA Huge Pension Win
    On the verge of giving MEA a huge pension reform win.
  536. Center’s 2012 School Privatization Survey Shows Largest Increase Ever; State ‘Best Practices’ Incentives May Be Working
  537. Film Subsidy Money Has to Come From Somewhere

    It's like "feeding sparrows through a horse."

  538. NEW VIDEO - Homeless Teen and Family Struggle After City of Holland Shuts Down His Hot Dog Cart

    "All he wanted to do was sell hot dogs."

  539. Does the United States Have The 'Smallest Government in 45 Years'?
  540. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST August 14, 2012
  541. Pension Obligation Bonding Bills Expected To Move
  542. Center Coverage Draws Nat'l, Internat'l Attention

    Homeless teenage entrepreneur continues fight against city.

  543. Really? A 150 Percent Business Tax Hike?

    More central planning folly from Lansing.

  544. Bill Would Require Parental Permission For Children To Be Taught By Ineffective Teachers
  545. Commentary: House GOP Halts Transformational Pension Reform; Real World Examples Disprove Their Claims
  546. 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur vs. City Hall
  547. School Support Services Contracting Increases to 61 Percent of Districts
  548. Study Says Most Home Health Care Workers Taking Care of Family, Friends
  549. August 10, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Recent votes on charter schools and green energy!

  550. BREAKING NEWS - Boy Whose Hot Dog Cart Was Shut Down by the City of Holland Now Homeless

    Mayor says city took action after restaurants asked for "protection" from 13-year-old entrepreneur with disabled parents.

  551. Michigan Legislators vs. Liberty and Human Flourishing

    According to, the legislators are winning.

  552. Commentary: A Different Kind of 'Waste'

    Detroit Water and Sewage Dept. and government unions.

  553. High-Scoring High Schools

    Top 10 counties listed.

  554. Detroit Tries to Salvage Water Department

    Center recommended privatization a dozen years ago.

  555. Union Contracts, Bad Investment Force State to Suggest Emergency Manager for Allen Park
  556. Unnecessary State Rule Enriches Crony Capitalists
  557. Michigan Charter Schools Closing While Failing Conventional Schools Stay Open
  558. Van Beek on WJR With Beckmann

    Schools, not parents, have to provide supplies.

  559. Instead of Focusing on Gaps, Focus on Growth

    The "achievement gap" leaves a gap in education.

  560. Scaffolding for Plunder Part II

    "Enhancement" levy a tax, not a voluntary assessment.

  561. Top 10 Charter High Schools

    See how Michigan's top-performing high schools stack up.

  562. Big Votes Coming Up In the Legislature
  563. Proposal 3: The '25 x 25' Renewable Energy Standard
  564. The State Is Already Addressing 'Transition Costs' in School Pension Fund
  565. Top 10 Conventional High Schools

    See how Michigan's top-performing high schools stack up.

  566. With Far Fewer Members, MEA Executives Among the Highest Paid In the Nation
  568. Attorney General: ‘Protect Our Jobs’ should be kept off ballot
    "Attorney General Bill Schuette has serious concerns about a proposed amendment that would prevent state and local government, including public schools, from passing almost any law to limit public sector union collective bargaining ..."
  569. Dr. Paul McCracken, RIP

    Economist was on the Center's Board of Scholars

  570. Standard Fair

    Private state fair nearly a decade after Center suggested it.

  571. MEDC Still Using Questionable Benchmarks
  572. Ballot Proposal Would Exploit Disabled Medicaid Recipients for Union’s Political Agenda
  573. Michigan Department of Education releases school grades
    "The Michigan Department of Education released its revised grades of Michigan school districts ..."
  574. Beware Doubling-Down on Municipal Pension Dysfunctions
  575. ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Would Make Union Bosses the Most Powerful People in Michigan
  576. Emergency Managers:
    A Distasteful Necessity

  577. New charter public school focused on entrepreneurial education
    "A new charter public school opening this fall will focus on entrepreneurship and mathematics ..."
  578. Dearborn district must provide transportation to better schools
    "Schools with large achievement gaps are now required to set aside transportation funding to send students to schools with smaller gaps ..."
  579. Is the National Education Association facing a pension crisis?
    "... the National Education Association may be facing pension payout obligations of nearly $700 million."
  580. Grand Traverse Residents 'Occupy' the Boardman

    Objections to removal of dams gets heated.

  581. August 3, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Recent votes on health care and government pensions!

  582. Kent County Taxpayers Question Land Bank

    Group alleges "crony government gone wild" in tax lien sale.

  583. Top 10 Rural High Schools

    See how Michigan's top-performing high schools stack up.

  584. Center Pension Analysis in Oakland Press

    How to reform the school employee retirement system.

  585. Back-to-School Shopping

    Schools, not parents, responsible for providing supplies.

  586. Michigan U.S. Rep. Introduces Bill to Ban Criminal Background Checks
  587. Bentivolio Battling GOP Establishment
  588. Top 10 Town High Schools

    See how Michigan's top-performing high schools stack up.

  589. Proposal 5: The Two-Thirds Majority Tax Limitation
  590. Proposal 4: The Unionization of
    Home-Based Caregivers

  591. Proposal 1: Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law
  592. MEDC Programs Consistently Fall Short of Initial Claims
  593. Tax Limitation Amendment May Greet Voters in November
  594. Commentary: Pension Liabilities Larger Than Reported
  595. Henry Payne Explains the Greatness of Friedman

    Detroit News editorial cartoonist at Center event.

  596. Poll: Voters Support Senate Pension Reform

    Moving school employees to 401(k)s draws favor.

  597. Affordable HSA Insurance Growing

    Despite threats from Obamacare.

  598. Time to Give Up Golf Courses, Pools

    Less revenue means cities must innovate, reprioritize.

  599. A Better Choice, Less Than a Mile Away

    Displaced Detroit students have options.

  600. Top 10 Suburban High Schools

    See how Michigan's top-performing high schools stack up.

  601. Global Warming 'Skeptic' Never Really Was
  602. Michigan Chamber president opposes POJA
  603. Mackinac Center Interns Celebrate Milton Friedman

    Discussion of his impact held at Northwood University.

  604. Friedman Sets Phil Donahue Straight

    Great economist also a great man.

  605. Top 10 City High Schools

    See how Michigan's top-performing high schools stack up.

  606. Milton Friedman and School Choice

    The economist's legacy has been long and powerful.

  607. School District Payroll Increases Despite Pay Cuts for Some
  608. AFT wants to end to ‘high-stakes testing,’ increase taxes
    "At its annual meeting in Detroit, the American Federation of Teachers called for an end to what it calls “high-stakes testing" ..."
  609. Center's Vinnie Vernuccio on Fox Business
  610. A Personal Statement About
    ‘Free to Choose’

  612. Home Health Care Ballot Initiative Would Usurp Power From the Governor

    seiu, unions, ballot initiative

  613. School Performance Analyses Useful
    But only if they are used in the proper way.
  614. Center Expert Cited in Chicago Tribune

    Union-backed measure a radical power shift.

  615. Center Scholar in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    New Center website social outcomes of alcohol control policy.

  616. City Shuts Down Teen's Hot Dog Vendor Cart!
  617. Teachers unions give $1 million to 'Protect Our Jobs' initiative
    "The effort to limit legislative oversight of public-sector bargaining has received large financial support from labor and teacher unions ..."
  618. Who pays the most for minimum wage?
  619. 'Occupy' Movement Member Ticketed for Trespassing as Fire Alarm Is Pulled Disrupting Free-Market Conference
  620. Should U.S. math curriculum and standards be revised?
    "Commentary published in The New York Times proposes taking a closer look at how math is taught in U.S. schools."
  621. Michigan’s teaching population aging
    "Michigan teachers are staying in their jobs longer, leaving fewer jobs for new teachers ..."
  622. Michigan PTA President Says Top Spending Highland Park District Needs More Money
  623. Overton Window Cited in WSJ

    James Taranto writes about the Chick-fil-A controversy.

  624. July 27, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Recent votes on pension double-dipping and minimum wage!

  625. Michigan’s Teaching Population Aging

    Seniority clauses in contracts the obvious reason.

  626. Center Story Goes National

    City stops young entrepreneur from selling hot dogs.

  627. State Gives Company $1.65 Million, Creates Zero Jobs and Goes Out of Business
  628. Ann Arbor district balks at written superintendent evaluation
    "Though Michigan law requires school districts to conduct written evaluations of employees ..."
  629. More Money and More Problems

    Highland Park's woes can't be blamed on lack of funding.

  630. Flint Union Contracts A Major Reason For City's Financial Problems
  631. Flint Residents' Incomes Drop While City Spending Increases
  632. Green Energy Mandate Supporter Claims Individuals 'Do Not Have Rights to Quiet'
  633. Detroit Charters Outperform DPS

    When taking student backgrounds into account.

  634. Vernuccio on Fox Business

    Labor policy director comments on union strife at Caterpillar.

  635. Capitalism and Feminism Not Mutually Exclusive

    Dodge: Free markets best for female achievement.

  636. SEIU Ballot Proposal Raises Questions

    Union has skimmed $30 million from caregivers.

  637. U-M President Praised as 'Rock Star' for Cutting Costs, Real Numbers Tell a Different Story
  639. Legislature fails to pass school pension reform
    "The Michigan Legislature has failed to pass pension reform for the state’s public school teachers ..."
  640. Lehman: No Rush on Obamacare

    Time for "principled procrastination."

  641. Auditor General Says State Did Not 'Evaluate the Effectiveness' of $500 Million in Select Tax Breaks
  642. Proposal To Keep Forced Unionization Intact – It’s All About The Money
  643. Michigan granted NCLB waiver
    "The U.S. Department of Education has granted Michigan a waiver from some requirements of the No Child Left Behind act ..."
  644. Detroit targets vacant buildings near schools for demolition
    "State money from a mortgage settlement fund could be used to demolish abandoned buildings near public schools ..."
  645. MSU study: Americans support local control of school districts
    "An analysis of 40 years of public surveys found that Americans support local school board control ..."
  646. Survey Says ... School Union Contracts Contribute to Deficits
  647. A Bipartisan Disaster: Michigan 'Corporate Welfare' Program Rolls On
  648. 'Master'-ing Compensation for Michigan Teachers

    How much should teachers' master's degrees matter?

  649. July 20, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Recent votes on school debt and foreclosure lawsuits!

  650. Michigan Media Busy Reading 'CAP' Scores

    The Mackinac Center's new study hitting news desks statewide.

  651. Highland Park Schools the Best Alternative?

    Is Highland Park Schools the best choice for Detroit students?

  652. New Report Card Compares High School Test Scores and Adjusts For Economic Status
  653. Eaton County Dumps Prevailing Wage Law
  654. Work group begins updating education finance laws
    "A working group charged with updating the Michigan School Finance Act met last week ..."
  655. New School Report Card Produces 'Apples-to-Apples' Comparison of Michigan Public High School Performance by Adjusting for Student Family Poverty Levels
  656. Battle Creek's Player's Dilemma

    Battle Creek cuts extracurriculars instead of exploring pay-to-play or outsourced services. 

  657. City of Holland Tells 13-Year-Old Salesman to Knock It Off

    Senior Investigative Reporter Anne Schieber cited in MLive.

  658. City Shuts Down Teen's Hot Dog Vendor Cart
  659. Charterized school system contract details posted
    "The management agreement between the Muskegon Heights School Board and a charter public school operator has been made available ..."
  660. The 2012 Michigan Public High School Context and Performance Report Card
  661. School District With Continual Deficits Still Handing Out Raises
  662. Official Calls Obamacare Implementation “A Mess”

    Wisconsin, Virginia ask crucial questions about Obamacare.

  663. $131,000 for Five Students?

    Is this superintendent gaming the schools-of-choice program?

  664. 'Dues Skim' Ballot Proposal Proponents Cloud Issue With Mistruths
  665. Public Pensions — Lemons, Leaky Basements and a Losing Bet
  666. Policymakers Still Tripped Up By Pension Transition Costs

    "Transition costs" and "plunging credit ratings" are red herrings to pension reform. 

  667. Is Agriculture One of Michigan's "Big 3"?

    Mackinac Center research cited in debated "farming" quote by Gov. Snyder

  668. Teacher's Pet

    School employees shouldn't get special treatment on pensions.

  669. Union-Backed 'Protect Our Jobs' Ballot Initiative Would Wipe Out Reforms Unions Already Supported
  670. Study Finds That Teacher Pension Plan Unlikely to be Fully-Funded
  671. Fox News Cites Center Analyst

    MichCapCon broke story on union boss pay.

  672. School District Saves By Dumping Expensive Union Insurance Plan
  673. Michigan Government Program Gives $30 Million To Seven Universities, Creates Less Than Half of Projected Jobs
  674. Local Police Union Uses Pay Raise to Help Pay Pension Costs
  675. Highland Park Reform May Have to Begin With Finances

    ACLU suit against emergency manager misses the mark.

  676. July 13, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Recent bill proposals while Legislature is in summer recess.
  677. Union Omits $12K From Disclosure Form That Was Paid to Keep Health Care 'Dues Skim' Alive
  678. Commentary: Protect Americans by Protecting Due Process
  679. MLive Reports on Center Blog Post

    Why emergency managers a better option than bankruptcy.

  680. Governor's Letter Reveals Obamacare Drowning

    "Bureaucratic hubris and overreach" of law exposed.

  681. Center Scholar in Freep

    More FDA regulations won't solve drug shortages.

  682. Why 'What' Is Where It's At
  683. Attorney General Appeals Ruling That Allows SEIU to Keep Taking Dues From Medicaid Checks
  684. Wind Association Executive To State Bureaucrats: 'Delete These Types of Emails'
  685. Emergency Managers Are Bad, Bankruptcy Far Worse

    EM's a less painful alternative for desperate cities.

  686. Top 5 Reasons to Repeal Obamacare

    The Heritage Foundation provides list in policy brief. 

  687. Ballot Proposal to Exploit Disabled Medicaid Recipients

    Union scheme protected by Constitutional amendment.

  688. Can Charter Public School Operator Improve Student Performance?
  689. Teacher Layoffs Not Caused By Lack of Cash
  690. House GOP, Pension Officials Scheme to Dupe Investors
    Big investors no longer trust government credit ratings.
  691. State’s Alcohol Reform Ideas are Diamonds in a Very Big Rough
  692. Select Tax Breaks For State 'Renaissance Zones' Program Returns One-Fifth of Predicted Jobs
  693. Muskegon ISD school board supports emergency manager’s reforms
    "The Muskegon Area Intermediate School District is ready to implement the emergency manager’s reforms in Muskegon Heights, even if the state’s emergency manager law is struck down ..."
  694. Texas Joins Push Against Obamacare; Michigan Not
  696. GOP-Led House Passes New ‘Tax’ On Private Contract Workers To Pay For Retirement System Liabilities
  697. SEIU Skim Scheme Draws Media Attention

    Mackinac Center analysts have exposed union's agenda.

  698. Reforming School Employee Pensions

    Fixing it the right way a must.

  699. Center Study Cited by Fox Business News

    Lavish union spending exposed.

  700. Teacher Union Executives Get Big Raises as Teachers Take Cuts
  701. Canada offers international school choice to Michigan students
    "Canada is offering Michigan high school students the opportunity to attend five of its best schools in Windsor ..."
  702. The Legislature Must Fix Teacher Pensions the Right Way
  703. Emergency Managers Fill the Role of Modern-Day Cincinnatus
  704. ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Would Protect the 3 Percent at the Expense of the 97 Percent
  705. DPS union president says union won’t honor new contract
    "Detroit Public Schools has published its new teachers union contract ..."
  706. Achievement gap grows for Michigan high school students
    "An analysis of statewide Michigan Merit Exam scores found that the achievement gap between black and white students has grown during the past five years in all subjects except social studies ..."
  707. Wind Noise Dispute Pits Scientists Against State Officials
  708. July 6, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Recent bill proposals while Legislature is in summer recess.

  709. Watch Jonah Goldberg Live!

    Simulcast of "An Evening with the Mackinac Center" at 7 p.m.

  710. An Evening with the Mackinac Center: Featuring Jonah Goldberg
  711. Union Health Care Ballot Supporters Say They Have Enough Signatures for a Vote
  712. National Education Association director criticizes Gov. Snyder
    "At the National Education Association’s annual meeting, the NEA executive director criticized the governors of Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin for failing to embrace organized labor ..."
  713. An Evening With the Mackinac Center: Featuring Jonah Goldberg
  714. IMPACT Summer 2012
  715. Center Analyst Discusses Obamacare

    Jack McHugh on how to fix "dysfunctional" health care system.

  716. Liberal Clichés 101: Abstract Democracy and Unity

    Jonah Goldberg's new book.

  717. Ballot Petition Signatures Submitted in Home Health Aide Scheme
  718. State Spending More to Take Your Tax Dollars
  719. Rockets' Red Glare

    New fireworks law in the spirit of Independence Day.

  720. Teacher Pension Reform: The Myth of 'Transition Costs'
  721. Jonah Goldberg on WJR with Frank Beckmann

    Author speaking at Mackinac Center event Friday.

  722. Fix the Real Problem of the Pension System

    Politicians to blame for unfunded liabilities.

  723. Center Analyst in Detroit News

    Op-Ed details job licensing overkill.

  724. Commentary: Shifting School Employees to a 401(k) Is the Most Important Thing
  725. Corporate Subsidy Program Lives On Despite Lackluster Results
  727. DPS chief implements new contract
    "The emergency manager for Detroit Public Schools implemented a new contract for teachers Sunday ..."
  728. Center Analyst Cited in Detroit Free Press

    Alcohol oversight laws to be streamlined.

  729. Commentary: Two Reforms to Really Fix Health Care
  730. Liberal Clichés 101: Dogmatism
  731. Manchester looking for alternatives to MESSA
    "Manchester Community Schools recently approved a new agreement with its teachers union to limit health insurance costs and will seek a new provider ..."
  732. Pontiac Turnaround Stories: City Vs. Schools
  733. Battle Creek could privatize busing
    "Battle Creek Public Schools is seeking bids from private competitors for its transportation needs ..."
  734. Michigan denied NCLB waiver
    "Five states were granted waivers last week from the federal No Child Left Behind act, but Michigan was not one of them ..."
  735. State Spending Up Despite Total GOP Control
  736. Windmill Spin: 'No' Means Maybe
  737. Obamacare Decision Likely to 'Rekindle' the Tea Party Movement
  738. State sets new list of ‘best practices’
    "Michigan public schools must compete seven of eight new “best practices” to receive an additional $52 per student ..."
  739. What the Obamacare Decision Means for You

    A Mackinac Center response to the Supreme Court decision.

  740. Former GOP Spokesman: 'Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?'
  741. What the Obamacare Decision Means for You

    Coverage through employers an endangered species.

  742. State Program Awards $67 Million, Creates One-Third of Projected Jobs
  743. Let Michigan Jobs "Bloom"

    End "economic gardening."

  744. Democratic Rep Cites Questionable Figures in Rant Against GOP's Budget
  745. Michigan Per-Pupil Revenues Hit All-Time High in 2011; $13,400 per Student
  747. llegal teacher strike possible in Detroit
    "Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Federation of Teachers are just beginning to negotiate a new contract for the one that expires June 30 ..."
  748. City Pays Pension and Benefits to Almost Twice As Many Retired As Current Workers
  749. Charter Schools Not At Fault For Conventional School Failures
  750. Are You Prepared for 'Taxmageddon'?

    What will a $494 billion tax hike fix?

  751. Merit-Based Teacher Pay Rewards Everyone

    Blissfield Schools and St. Clair join reformers of teacher pay.

  752. 'Green' Company Awarded Up to $120 Million Promised 70 Jobs — Creates Just Three Jobs in Three Years
  753. Hudson cuts teacher pay 6 percent
    "The Hudson school board has implemented a 6 percent pay reduction for teachers as contract negotiations there continue ..."
  754. Galesburg-August considers privatization to save money
    "Galesburg-Augusta schools could move forward with a plan to privatize custodial and janitorial services unless the unions representing those employees can come up with $180,000 in concessions by the end of June ..."
  755. Highland Park could charterize district
    "The emergency manager appointed to Highland Park schools wants to turn operation of the district over to a charter management company to keep it open ..."
  756. More Than Half of School Districts Ignore Governor's Request For Health Care Reform
  757. Group Rallies Against Push For Unproven Alternative Energy
  758. MPSERS and MSERS:
    Three Pension Policy Briefs

  759. Public-Sector Pension Reform

    Mackinac Center study referenced in Florida newspaper.

  760. June 22, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on pension obligations and corporate subsidies!
  761. School Takeovers: Much Criticism, No Solutions

    Districts with EMs require innovative, quick action.

  762. Supreme Court Rules Unions Can't Take Extra Fees Without Consent
  763. Mount Pleasant alternative school could go online
    "Mount Pleasant Public Schools could convert its alternative high school into an online-only program in order to balance its 2013 budget ..."
  764. School Funding at All-Time High

    See which districts spend the most and least per pupil.

  765. Littmann: Detroit Finances Need Stability

    Free Press Op-Ed outlines city's lack of focus.

  766. SEIU Dues Skim Continues

    Center legal expert discusses court ruling.

  767. Commentary: Health Care Exchange Issue Won't Go Away
  768. Lessons from Allen Park

    City's foray into film subsidies misguided, costly.

  769. An Evening with the Mackinac Center: Featuring Arthur Brooks
  770. Despite Law, SEIU Gets To Continue Taking Medicaid Check Money
  771. Million-Dollar Beer Babies
  772. Analysis: Agriculture Still Not the Second-Largest Industry in Michigan
  773. School Union Asks For Members' Bank Account, Credit Card Numbers to Guarantee Dues Payments
  774. An Evening With the Mackinac Center: Featuring Arthur Brooks in Birmingham
  775. Schools Aren't a 'Jobs Program'

    Fruitport school board sides with union over students.

  776. Illinois Cigarette Tax Hike Raises Concerns

    Mackinac Center research on smuggling, crime cited.

  777. Center Analyst Discusses Michigan Jobs

    Manufacturing jobs the key to economic growth.

  778. Remembering Vincent Chin

    Death at the hands of laid-off autoworkers 30 years ago today.

  779. Unions Push to Protect the 3 Percent

    Ballot proposal ignores recent votes in Wisconsin, California.

  781. The State as Venture Capitalist: Michigan Fund Loaned $7.7 Million, Creates Only 20 Percent of Promised Jobs
  782. Union 'Dues' vs. Union 'Fees': Michigan Union Head Deliberately Clouds the Issue
  783. Black charter school students top host district counterparts
    "Black students in charter public schools outperformed their counterparts in conventional school districts and statewide on the 2011 MEAP test ..."
  784. Legislature Should Be Bold on Tax Cuts

    Difference should be made up with spending cuts only.

  785. The Lottery: Really Helping Schools?
  786. Only Two School Districts With Deficits Don't Meet 'Best Practices'
  787. DPS to lose $4 million due to low attendance
    "Detroit Public Schools will have to repay the state $4.2 million after attendance fell below 75 percent on several target dates during the 2010-2011 school year ..."
  788. DeWitt to sell timber to help solve overspending crisis
    "DeWitt Public Schools plans to make about $43,000 by selling timber located on school property, including some trees that could be 200 years old ..."
  789. Lear gives $1.5 million to Detroit tutoring program
    "Juniors and seniors at the East English Village Preparatory Academy will be paid to help tutor middle schools students as part of a $1.5 million grant Lear Corp. is giving Detroit Public Schools ..."
  790. June 15, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on cutting the state income tax and pension reform!
  791. Cost Recovery Fees a Double-Edged Sword

    Analyst says they could be a tax hidden as a fee.

  792. Banning Comments Not New In Lansing
  794. Senate opts not to vote on school pension reform bill
    "The Michigan Legislature recessed for a month without passing a controversial school employee pension reform bill ..."
  795. School District Describes $13 Million Increase in Spending As Budget Cut
  796. House GOP Hides Behind Rigged 'Study'

    Punting on pension reform keeps the burden on taxpayers.

  797. Jobs Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Licensing and regulation overkill hurts job market.

  798. National Media Cites Center Analyst

    Unions push to shield the 3 percent from economic reality.

  799. Study: Feds Favoring UAW in Auto Bailout Cost Taxpayers Extra $26.5B
  800. The Shortage of
    Generic Sterile Injectable Drugs:
    Diagnosis and Solutions

    According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the number of times drugs were in short supply almost tripled from 61 in 2005 to 178 in 2010. The figure reached more than 250 in 2011. This means that manufacturers reported to the FDA that they were unable to meet demand for the drugs. Hospital and health-system pharmacists, as well as oncologists, anesthesiologists and other specialists have also increasingly reported difficulties acquiring drugs.

    These are mostly injectable drugs for cancer and other important therapies, and they are frequently produced by generic drugmakers. These drugs are not dispensed by community pharmacies, but rather administered by health professionals in clinical settings.

    Currently proposed solutions are unlikely to address the crisis satisfactorily. Congress appears ready to give more power to the FDA, but making FDA regulations more onerous will not alleviate the current shortage of crucial medicines.

    A more promising approach is to make it easier for competitors to enter the market in response to forthcoming shortages. In general, this means reducing and ultimately removing the FDA’s monopoly on the approval of drugs for medical use. Shifting these medicines to Medicare Part D insurance may also stabilize supply by helping ensure manufacturers receive adequate compensation for the medicine, even as taxpayers are protected from escalating costs.

  801. Million-Dollar Beer Babies
  802. Outsourcing Isn't the Problem

    Special favors to bring jobs back not the answer.

  803. Center Research Cited in Wall Street Journal

    House GOP taken to task for being soft on pension reform.

  804. ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Backers Submit Petition Signatures
  805. State Spent $2.3 Million to Train 200 in Renewable Energy — Only a Few Got Jobs
  806. Comparing Apples to Lemons in Pension Reform

    Legislature needs to be transparent about costs.

  807. House Pension Reform Savings are Phony

    The Senate's plan is much more realistic.

  808. An Evening with the Mackinac Center: Featuring Arthur Brooks
  809. Governor backs $4 million teacher evaluation pilot program
    "Gov. Rick Snyder said he supports a year-long pilot program to study teacher evaluation processes in 12 school districts statewide, but wants to cap the cost at $4 million ..."
  811. Michigan Needs Different Tack on
    Alcohol Control

  812. Union President's Email Tells Members to Get 'Everyone We Know to Vote For Democrats'
  813. An Evening With the Mackinac Center: Featuring Arthur Brooks in Grand Rapids
  814. Utah Incurred No Pension Reform ‘Transition Costs’

    Michigan House Republicans should take note.

  815. SEIU Extends Home Health Care Contract On Day Governor Signs Bill Making 'Dues Skim' Illegal
  816. Putting Up Gutters and Putting Down Tile Will Cost You in Michigan
  817. Detroit teachers union threatens lawsuit over hiring practices
    "The Detroit Federation of Teachers says it might sue Detroit Public Schools over the evaluation and hiring process of teachers for the 2012-2013 school year ..."
  818. Unemployment fraud uncovered at Detroit Public Schools
    "More than 30 current and former Detroit Public Schools employees have been identified in an alleged unemployment fraud scheme ..."
  819. Zeeland superintendent suspended for plagiarism
    "Zeeland Public Schools Superintendent Dave Barry has been suspended for two weeks without pay after admitting to plagiarism ..."
  820. City Pays Public Safety Officers Nearly Twice Residents' Incomes, Repeatedly Requests Tax Hikes
  821. A 'Business as Usual' Comeback?

    Recent votes in the Michigan Legislature a cause for concern.

  822. June 8, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on "parent trigger" laws and earmarked sales tax for roads!
  823. Minimum Wage, Maximum Harm

    Why Michigan's minimum wage shouldn't be increased.

  824. Snyder Recall Leader Pushing 'Protect Our Jobs'

    Lehman offers to debate UAW Boss Bob King.

  825. Muskegon Heights could become charter district
    "A change in state law could help the financially troubled Muskegon Heights Public Schools “charterize” its entire district ..."
  826. Mackinac Center President Invites Bob King to Debate ‘Protect Our Jobs’ Ballot Proposal After UAW Chief a No-Show at Policy Conference Debate
  827. Ray Bradbury: Poet of Science and Sanity

    A reflection on the author's life and work.

  828. Lehman Invites UAW Boss to Debate

    Voters deserve to hear both sides of "Protect Our Jobs."

  829. Center Scholar Testifies Before Congress

    Professor Mark J. Perry addresses energy policy.

  830. Public-Private Education Partnership: Unlikely Consensus, Promising Result
  831. Constitutional Pension Reform,
    50 Years On

  832. State Lawmakers Invite a Local Emergency Manager by Disregarding Michigan’s History
  833. Telling Tales Out of School

    Schools work just fine without collective bargaining.

  834. Michigan Already Diverges From GASB Rules

    Full contributions in only two of last 10 years.

  835. Commentary: House GOP Still Flailing Around on Pension Reform
  836. Walker Lesson: We Can Stand Up To Big Unions
  837. President Joseph G. Lehman Debates 'Protect Our Jobs' Ballot Proposal at the Mackinac Policy Conference
  838. Retail Alcohol Density and Public Safety

    Scholarly evidence shows no negative connection.

  839. Freep, MLive Cover Lehman Debate

    UAW-backed ballot initiative only benefits the 3 percent.

  840. Gifts for You on Keynes' Birthday

    His economic theories continue to harm America.

  841. Wisconsin Dems, Unions Could Claim Victory Even If Gov. Scott Walker Wins
  842. GOP Congressman Under Fire For 'Detroit Union Boss Agenda'
  843. Walker Opponents: ‘Shhh, Don’t Mention Collective Bargaining’
  844. Governor backs $4 million teacher evaluation pilot program
    "Gov. Rick Snyder said he supports a year-long pilot program to study teacher evaluation processes in 12 school districts statewide, but wants to cap the cost at $4 million ..."
  846. Center Study Cited in Huffington Post

    California considering cigarette tax increase.

  847. Center Cited on Belle Isle, New Windsor Bridge

    Huffington Post, Crain's both mention Center analyses.

  848. Detroit News Cites Center on 'Release Time'

    Higher education costs also addressed in Center Op-Ed.

  849. District's Union Contract Ensures Bonus Money For Teachers
  850. Detroit teachers union threatens lawsuit over hiring practices
    "The Detroit Federation of Teachers says it might sue Detroit Public Schools over the evaluation and hiring process of teachers for the 2012-2013 school year ..."
  851. Unemployment fraud uncovered at Detroit Public Schools
    "More than 30 current and former Detroit Public Schools employees have been identified in an alleged unemployment fraud scheme ..."
  852. Zeeland superintendent suspended for plagiarism
    "Zeeland Public Schools Superintendent Dave Barry has been suspended for two weeks without pay after admitting to plagiarism ..."
  853. Battle With 'Overzealous' Tax Hunters Continues
  854. June 1, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on public school budget and state budget!

  855. Teacher Pension Underfunding Hits $22B

    Shows need to close fund immediately.

  856. Lansing Builds a 'Scaffolding for Plunder'

    House Bill 5667 has several flaws

  857. Muskegon Heights could become charter district
    "A change in state law could help the financially troubled Muskegon Heights Public Schools “charterize” its entire district ..."
  858. Superintendent Worries Teaching Less Attractive Than Factory Work
  859. Commentary: Michigan Licensing Laws Must Change
  860. Lehman Debates Union Power Grab

    Ballot initiative called "self-centered and reckless."

  861. Union Uses Students as Pawns

    Teamsters encourages kids to skip school.

  862. Taxpayers Pay Twice for Union 'Release Time'

    Union bosses doing union work on taxpayers' dime.

  863. SEIU Sues State, Governor to Keep Home Health Care 'Dues Skim' Money Flowing
  864. Learn to be a Citizen Watchdog
  865. Ecorse Cuts Police OT in Half Once Union Contract’s Restrictive Language Was Removed
  866. Governor’s Occupation Reform Proposals Sound
  867. The Big Lie of Government Pensions
    Poor performance can drive away investors, businesses.
  868. 'Green' Energy Agenda Exposed

    It's not really about energy at all.

  869. Michigan Pension Underfunding Gaps Widen

    Another reason MPSERS should be closed now.

  870. The Longest Yard

    Prison guards defeat taxpayers in privatization battle.

  871. Teacher Union Poverty Claims Fail Fact Test
  872. Paint by Numbers

    State licensing mandates unnecessary, burdensome.

  873. Cheeseheads Agree: 401(k)s for New Hires

    Wisconsin poll: Walker likely to survive recall.

  874. Labor Group Targets Disabled Rehab Program Participants For Unionization
  875. The Dangers of Painting — State Law Requires Training, Exam, Fees For the Right to Earn a Living
  876. Playing Chicken With the World’s Economies
  878. Goodrich refuses to outsource, cuts 17 teachers
    "Goodrich Area Schools will lay off 17 teachers and increase class sizes after refusing to outsource noninstructional services ..."
  879. Bill would require teachers unions to pay for union work
    "Taxpayers would no longer have to foot the bill for teachers union bosses who spend all or part of their day on union business instead of teaching ..."
  880. Town Votes Down Windmill Plan, Board Moving Ahead Anyways
  881. School leaders scared of competition from online charters
    "Administrators of conventional school districts are worried about the competition they’ll face from online charter public schools ..."
  882. SEIU Dues Scheme Must End

    Center has battled illegal unionization for nearly a year.

  883. Attorney General Orders State To Stop SEIU 'Dues Skim'
  884. Senate bill would change kindergarten cutoff
    "Proposed legislation that would require children be 5 years of age by Sept. 1 before entering in kindergarten would bring Michigan more in line with the rest of the country ..."
  885. McHugh Reponds to Chuck Moss on Pension Reform

    Agree to disagree, but get the big thing right.

  886. May 25, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on "beach grooming," credit information and more!
  887. Littmann Lays Out Teacher Pension Reform Facts

    State's competitiveness hinges on reform.

  888. Center Analysis Cited in Detroit News

    Pension reform "transition costs" are overstated.

  889. AEI: 'Pension Industrial Complex'
    Transition cost claims are bunk.
  890. Attorney General Orders Home Health Dues Skim to End
  891. Michigan's Competitiveness Depends on Defined Benefit Reform For Teachers
  892. Teacher and Spouse Make $140K Per Year, 'Adamant' That Their Children Will 'Never' Be Educators
  893. Flexible charter public school increases test scores
    "WayPoint Academy, a charter public school, increased test scores and will avoid closure after increasing the length of the school day and adding Saturday classes ..."
  894. GOP Budget Spends More on Film Subsidies

    Republicans want to keep giving your money to Hollywood.

  895. Gov. Snyder, Gov. Wise Talk Online Learning

    Center hosted two events in Lansing Wednesday.

  896. Union's Scare Tactics Exposed

    Myths about privatization fail to materialize.

  897. Tecumseh schools spending tax dollars on tourism campaign
    "Tecumseh Public Schools will spend tax dollars intended to educate students on a tourism campaign through the state’s Pure Michigan advertising program ..."
  898. Reality Check: Is Teacher Pay So Low They Cannot 'Eat and Have a Life'?
  899. Improve Michigan’s Economy with Alcohol Sales at Farmers Markets
  900. Ecorse: Regaining Control
  901. The Online Learning Revolution
  902. Former Center Chairman Honored by JA

    Richard Antonini inducted into hall of fame.

  903. House GOP on Verge of Surrendering to MEA

    Pension reform bill could be gutted.

  904. Government-Backed Green Energy Company Sweetens Package For Top Executives Despite Mounting Problems
  905. Oops, House Committee Chair Not Sure How Union-Friendly Language Got Into Teacher Pension Bill
  906. Analysis: Michigan’s Long History of Government Pension Problems
  907. House GOP Would Stick Taxpayers With Billions

    Prefunding retiree health benefits for teachers a mistake.

  908. Personal Property Tax Phase-Out Matters For Michigan
  910. Muskegon Heights emergency manager says no consolidation
    "The new emergency manager for Muskegon Heights Public Schools said the district cannot merge with another due to its long-term overspending crisis..."
  911. Ecorse: Regaining Control
  912. Michigan Lags Nation on School Choice

    Progress in Great Lake State, but more can be done.

  913. Former W.Va. Gov. Bob Wise in Freep

    Speaking at Center events Wednesday at noon and 6 p.m.

  914. Van Beek Explains How Flipped Classrooms Work

    Watching lectures at home, doing homework in class.

  915. No Relief In Sight For Home Health Care Workers
  916. Intimidation, Threats Take Place of Civil Discourse
  917. Senate passes school employee pension reform
    "Teachers and other school employees hired after Jan. 1, 2013, would begin to pay a fair share of their own retirement benefits under legislation that recently passed the Michigan Senate ..."
  918. State to rate school performance using colors
    "The Michigan Department of Education is proposing using a color-coded system to indicate school achievement levels as part of the waiver it is requesting from the federal No Child Left Behind Act ..."
  919. Commentary: States and Federal Government Should Stop Funding Higher Education
  920. Utica schools to save millions with private custodians
    "Utica Community Schools expects to save $2.2 million a year after the board of education voted to contract with a private firm to provide custodial services ..."
  921. May 18, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on pre-funding public school pensions!
  922. Two Cheers for Teacher Pension Reform Bill

    Senate takes step in the right direction, but more to be done.

  923. Michigan Senate Takes Up Bill to Ban Government Union Stewards Working on Taxpayers' Dime
  924. GOP's 'No' Votes On School Choice Defend Their Decisions
  925. DFT: Ignore district interview procedures
    "Teachers in the Detroit Public Schools who want to maintain employment there are going through interviews to keep their jobs ..."
  926. There Are Options to Address 'Transition Costs'

    Plan would shift teachers to new pension system.

  927. SEIU's Vicious Circle

    Union pays employer so it can funnel money back to the union.

  928. Sen. Richardville: 'Tell the Mackinac Center that, OK?'

    Majority leader embraces school employee pension reform.

  929. Littmann Cited on Michigan's Unemployment Rate

    "Signs trending upward," but uncertainties exist.

  930. Expensive Janitorial Contract Forces Cuts
  931. Commentary: Productivity Leads To Prosperity
  932. Pennies on the Dollar

    SEIU paying employer to keep millions in illegal dues flowing.

  933. Union Friendly GOP Legislator Spurned by Big Labor
  934. Union Money Helps 'Dues Skim' Stay Alive
  935. Quo Vadis, Michigan?
    Government-sector union pensions a fiscal time bomb.
  936. Alcohol Regulation Study: No Advantage To Tighter Restrictions
  937. Gov. Snyder clarifies, vows to enforce higher cyber charter cap
    "Gov. Rick Snyder and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan issued a joint press release making it clear that they will enforce a higher cap on cyber charter public schools ..."
  938. Biased Message Pitched in Taxpayer Funded Textbook
  940. There's No School Retiree Health Benefit 'Entitlement'

    The state has no obligation to provide these benefits.

  941. How CapCon Uses Transparency Laws to Hold Government Accountable
  942. Alcohol-Market Controls Like Michigan’s Do Not Appear to Advance Public Health and Safety, Study Finds
  943. International Academy named 5th best high school in country
    "U.S. News and World Report has released its “Best High Schools” list for 2012 and International Academy placed fifth in the nation ..."
  944. Ypsilanti school board approves deficit-elimination plan
    "The Ypsilanti School Board approved a deficit-elimination plan the night before it was due to the Michigan Department of Education ..."
  945. Energy Debates Heat Up As High Electric Rates Continue
  946. Alcohol Control Reform
    and Public Health and Safety

    Michigan regulates the sale of beer, wine and “spirituous” (hard) liquor through state statute and rules promulgated by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. As part of this system, state government intervenes in the spirituous liquor market as a monopoly wholesaler, a role it has filled since the end of Prohibition. The state also mandates that most suppliers of beer and wine grant exclusive sales territories to a select group of wholesalers. These and other restrictions artificially raise prices and reduce the availability of alcohol to Michigan’s consumers.

    Last year, a state Liquor Control Advisory Rules Committee was charged with developing alcohol control reform proposals. Some critics, however, have cautioned that the state’s present alcohol laws are necessary to protect public health. This Policy Brief examines the health and safety effects of alcohol regulations like Michigan’s.
  947. Grand Rapids expects enrollment to decline by 400 to 600
    "An increase in parental choice could mean 400 to 600 students assigned to Grand Rapids Public Schools will instead be attending a school chosen by their parents next year ..."
  948. Van Buren public schools raises athletic GPA requirement to 2.0
    "The Van Buren Board of Education has voted to raise the minimum GPA required to participate in interscholastic sports to 2.0 ..."
  949. 'Taxpayer Burnout' Likely At Play In Rejection Of Grand Rapids Community College Millage Request
  950. Commentary: Politician 'Ambushes' Transparency Reform Group, Gets 'Counter-Ambushed'
  951. May 11, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on boat rentals, medical marijuana and more!

  952. Occupy to Protest Mackinac Center

    Group sends mixed message with its words, actions.

  953. Corporate Welfare Backers Change Tune
    Subsidies now about "groundwork" after jobs fail to materialize.
  954. Taylor, Huizenga Join Center Board
  955. Oxford Community Schools: The Great Recession — and the 'Greatest Gift'
    In this first installment of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy's new "Schools of Innovation" series, we begin with Oxford Community Schools' experiment with virtual learning. This study examines the district's adoption of Web-based learning to deliver and enhance student instruction. The effectiveness of virtual learning and the resulting increase in district enrollment have fueled the expansion of other school programs — a marked contrast to the many Michigan school districts that have struggled to maintain their offerings during the state's economic slump.
  956. Teacher Made Over $80K Per Year, Retires With a Pension of Over $40K — Claims 'Violation of Trust'
  957. Mackinac Center Speaker on WJR

    Arthur Brooks coming to Michigan in June.

  958. CapCon Story Draws National Attention

    The folly of central planning examined.

  959. Commentary: Legislators Choose School Employees Over Taxpayers on Retirement Benefit Reform
  960. Analysis: Local Governments Wrong to Call Foul On Property Tax Reform
  961. Federal 'Stimulus' Spent $34.5 Million In Michigan For Only 183 Total Jobs
  962. Revenue vs. Profits

    Michigan teachers union doesn't know the difference.

  963. Teachers' Union Fails Accounting 101
  964. Mackinac Center Hosting Arthur Brooks in June

    AEI president's new book released today.

  965. Crime Hinders Economic Development

    Michael LaFaive in The Saginaw News.

  967. Bill raising cyber charter cap moves to senate
    "A bill raising the arbitrary cap on the number of cyber charter public schools allowed in Michigan narrowly passed the state House and has cleared the state Senate ..."
  968. Allen Park Turns to Residents For Bad Investment Bailout
  969. Congressman Dave Camp's Speech at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  970. Carnac Predicts:
    Schools will try to enroll kids who are too young.
  971. Center Scholars Featured in Free Press

    Van Beek, Coulson on school choice, district consolidation.

  972. Michigan's Job Loss Apocalypse Averted!
    No thanks to the "Department of Corporate Welfare."
  973. Making the Whole Class Flip: The Online Learning Revolution
  974. The Public School Pension Fund’s Problem Is Not Charter Schools
  975. Grand Rapids charter school to focus on fine, performing arts
    "Officials at Lake Superior State University are expected to authorize a new charter public school in Grand Rapids focusing on the fine and performing arts ..."
  976. City Claims Significant Workforce Cut; Budget Says Otherwise
  977. Schools of Innovation

    Mackinac Center for Public Policy's Schools of Innovation

  978. Detroit Consent Agreement: Another Kick of the Can?
  979. MEA PAC is fourth biggest political fundraiser in 2012
    "A recent report on money in state politics found the Michigan Education Association to be among the leading PACs for fundraising in 2012 ..."
  980. Former Pontiac administrator accused of spending $300K
    "An Inkster school administrator has been accused of going on a “shopping spree” at district expense while working as an assistant superintendent for Pontiac Schools ..."
  981. Snyder/Wise Private Luncheon
  982. 'Skim Tracker' Hits $30 Million
  983. Where Is the $31K Teacher With a Master's Degree?
  984. May 4, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on kindergarten, medical marijuana and more!

  985. Michigan Poets

    New book offers a free market look at the arts.

  986. Few People Stay Poor

    Center scholar explains income mobility.

  987. Preliminary financial review for Pontiac schools
    "State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan has informed Pontiac Schools it will undergo a preliminary financial review ..."
  988. Union Lobbying Helps Keep Prison Privatization Bill Locked Up
  989. Commentary: Low-Balled School Pension Contributions Kick Taxpayers in the Teeth

    They've been low-balled for too many years.

  990. School Pension Contributions Hurt Taxpayers

    They've been low-balled for too many years.

  991. There Are Alternatives to PA4 ...

    ... But the unions will like them even less.

  992. 'Free' College Tuition Plan Questioned

    Jobs attract graduates, not vice versa.

  993. District Official Confirms That MEA Salary Claims Not Supported
  994. Renewable Energy Standard Driving Prices Higher in States, Europe
  995. MEA Ignores Reality In Complaints About Health Care Cost Increases
  996. Former Center Scholar in 'Governing' Magazine

    Lou Schimmel is Pontiac's emergency manager.

  997. PLAs, Student Loans, Welfare Subsidies
    Check out today's Michigan Capitol Confidential.
  998. Commentary: Arbitrarily Low College Loan Interest Rates Harm Students, Taxpayers
  999. Lawmakers, Governor Seeking To Get Project Labor Agreement Ban Back In Place
  1000. Welfare Recipients Get Hundreds For Car Repairs, Clothing Allowance
  1002. Madison teachers threaten lawsuit over retroactive pay cuts
    "Teachers in Madison District Public Schools say a 10 percent pay cut the board of education applied retroactively to the start of the school year is illegal ..."
  1003. Movie Reviews

    Media fails to report on film subsidies funded by taxpayers.

  1004. McHugh on Legislators' Benefits

    "A matter of fairness and perception."

  1005. Flint-area teachers ‘flip’ their classrooms
    "Two Flint-area teachers have flipped their classroom and are trying to help their coworkers do the same ..."
  1006. While Taxpayers Shell Out Big For Hollywood Stars, Media Fawns
  1007. Two Michigan schools on federal ‘Green Ribbon Schools’ list
    "Two Michigan schools are among 78 nationwide named to the first-ever Green Ribbon Schools list ..."
  1008. Flint charter public school to lose authorization
    "Central Michigan University has decided not to renew Center Academy of Flint’s authorization for next year ..."
  1009. Controversial Cyber Security Bill Passed By U.S. House
  1010. April 27, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on virtual learning and the state budgets!

  1011. Spencer Discusses SEIU Dues Skim

    Money still being taken from disabled, despite new law.

  1012. Educrats Spin Conspiracy Theories

    Charter public schools, parental choice threaten monopoly.

  1013. More Charter Public School Expansion

    House approves lifting cap on cyber charter schools.

  1014. House Votes To Raise Cyber School Cap
  1015. Trenton schools now accepting schools of choice students
    "The Trenton Board of Education has voted to accept applications for schools of choice students ..."
  1016. Prisons Not an 'Economic Development' Program

    Legislators objecting to prison savings.

  1017. Fact Checking the MEA President

    Claims about teacher pay don't add up.

  1018. Emergency Manager Repeal Ballot Proposal Likely Headed to State Supreme Court
  1019. MEA President Repeats 'Disingenuous' Claim About Teacher Pay
  1020. SEIU Dues Skim Scheme Continues
    CapCon also tracking public-sector pay.
  1021. Public Sector Workers Still Earn More Than Private Sector Workers
  1022. Home Health Care Dues Still Being Skimmed
  1023. Wright on WJR With Beckmann
    Indiana union claims new law is 'slavery.'
  1024. School Employee Retirement Benefits

    A case study.

  1025. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST April 24, 2012
  1026. State Supreme Court lets DPS emergency manager stay
    "In a unanimous decision, the Michigan Supreme Court rejected an appeal of a lower-court decision that upheld the appointment of Roy Roberts as Detroit Public Schools emergency manager ..."
  1027. 'Green' Energy Advocates Targeting Michigan Again
  1028. Union Lawsuit Claims 'Slavery'
    Wright: "Expands the definition of chutzpah."
  1029. Littmann to Speak on $58M School Bond Vote
    Bond votes in 2007 and 2010 failed.
  1030. Teacher Pension Poverty Claim Warrants Scrutiny
  1031. Some Michigan teachers could receive $1,600 bonuses
    "Teachers at 28 Michigan schools could be seeing bonuses worth up to $1,600 this year ..."
  1032. Commentary: Laws Should Be Just, Benefit Consumers
  1033. Adrian teachers reject contract proposed by mediator
    "Adrian teachers have rejected their latest contract offer ..."
  1034. 4,100 DPS teachers get layoff slips
    "Detroit Public Schools has sent layoff notices to the district’s entire teaching staff ..."
  1035. Missouri House Votes to 'Nullify' Obamacare

    Vote shares historic date with Lexington and Concord.

  1036. CapCon Highlights Teachers' 'Issues'

    Pension costs, early retirement raise questions.

  1037. April 20, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on underage drinking, hotel taxes and more!

  1038. Retired Educator Says He 'Would Not Have Gone Into Teaching' With Proposed Pension Reform
  1039. Commentary: School Pension System Impacts Everyone’s Future
  1040. Union Sues Indiana Governor; Claims Right-To-Work Law Enforces Slavery
  1041. Fowlerville considers privatization to avoid budget deficit
    "Fowlerville Community Schools expects to see its budget deficit grow to $2.6 million next year ..."
  1042. 'Stranded Costs' Will Always Be Paid by Taxpayers

    Keep charter school and contract employees out of MPSERS.

  1043. CapCon Story Gets National Attention
    Teacher upset she can't retire at 47.
  1044. Van Beek on Schools' Long-Term Debt
    School bond process must be reformed.
  1045. Center Scholars Cited in Detroit News
    LaFaive, Smith battling regulatory overload in liquor laws.
  1046. Aiming To Outlaw Government Revenue Bounty Hunters
  1047. Teacher Upset She Can't Retire at 47
  1048. Center Analyst in Investor's Business Daily
    Kersey: Union officials don't like right-to-work accountability.
  1049. U-M, MSU Spent Nearly $2 Million Each On Football Bowl Game Trips
  1050. Commentary: Direct Alcohol Shipping To Minors Is Not a Public Safety Problem
  1051. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST April 17, 2012
  1052. Financial emergency declared in Muskegon Heights
    "Gov. Rick Snyder has accepted the recommendation of the Muskegon Heights review team and declared the district to be in a financial emergency ..."
  1053. Where A Pay Freeze Is a Pay Raise

    Teacher contracts use interesting math.

  1054. Hohman Op-Ed in Free Press
    Fiscal analyst also cited in Detroit News on teacher pensions.
  1055. Gas Prices Are Complex, but Not Mysterious

    Mackinac scholar explains the origins of gas prices.

  1056. Crystal Falls students to compete in robotics championship
    "Three seventh grade students from Crystal Falls are headed to Anaheim, Calif., to compete in the VEX Gateway world robotics championship ..."
  1057. 1,200 Hours To Be a Lawyer, But 2,000 To Be a Barber
  1058. Ann Arbor school to host Michigan’s first Muslim spelling bee
    "Precious Sprouts School in Ann Arbor will host a regional contest for the first national Muslim spelling bee ..."
  1059. Ypsilanti, Willow Creek discuss district consolidation
    "School boards from Ypsilanti and Willow Run have both voted unanimously to hold a joint meeting to discuss a possible merger between the two districts ..."
  1060. Despite Environmental Alarmism, Great Lakes Have Not Been Setting Low Water Level Records
  1061. April 13, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Newly introduced bills, including $900 million state borrowing from insurance companies and college tuition subsidies.
  1062. Flashy Projects Flash Back
    It didn't have to come to this for Detroit.
  1063. Same Old Story on Energy Policy

    Politicians show continued folly of central planning.

  1064. A Tale of Two Districts: Responding To Severe Fiscal Problems
  1065. DPS to experiment with 10 ‘self-governing’ high schools
    "Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts has announced a plan to create a hybrid system within the district with 10 high schools being converted into “self-governing” buildings ..."
  1066. The Problem With Allen Park
  1067. Charter Schools Average Smaller Class Sizes

    Less top heavy than conventional schools, too.

  1068. There's No Such Thing as Free Parking
    Or free speech, if you get a ticket at MSU.
  1069. Pontiac's Fiscal Revolution
    Emegency manager taking steps to rescue city.
  1070. Commentary: Pension Reform Bigger School Fiscal Issue Than Education Budget
  1071. Commentary: 'Corporate Welfare' Hype Yields Few Economic Results
  1072. Allen Park Residents Call for Change
  1073. Union Workers Would be Better Off With a 401(k)
    Statistics show union pensions are in poor shape.
  1074. Breaking News!

    Michigan advances to 17th on economic outlook index.

  1075. SEIU Scheme Ends
    Legislation stops dues skim.
  1076. The Source of Schools' Pension Problems
    Misleading comments a disservice to taxpayers.
  1077. Hohman on Teacher Pensions in Detroit News
    His recent study shows how to save taxpayers billions.
  1078. Sen. Debbie Stabenow Addresses the Issues
  1079. Union Members Down, Money For SEIU Up
  1080. An Answer to the MEA's Lawsuit
    Expand the union dues collection ban.
  1081. No Lean Times For SEIU 'Dues Skim' Union Bosses
  1082. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST April 10, 2012
  1083. 25 Reforms in 2011
  1084. New Law Frees Home Health Care Providers From Stealth Unionization, Dues Skim
  1085. Pfizer Story Cited
    CapCon story forms basis for entire posting.
  1086. The Business Lesson of Pfizer and Ann Arbor
  1087. Reform Needed to Curb Rising School District Debt Levels
  1088. Close the State School Employee Pension Fund
  1089. Collective Bargaining Initiative Is About Power, Not Rights
  1090. Prison Spending Ripe for Reform
    Center research cited in Lansing State Journal.
  1091. Commentary: 'Card Check’s' Big Lie Exposed
  1092. Hohman Commentary in Dearborn Paper
    Time to fix school employees' retirement fund.
  1093. CapCon Coverage Gets National Media Attention
    Story on A123 cited in Washington Examiner.
  1094. Analysis: Two-Handed Michigan Recovery is Real
  1095. You Had to Figure This Would Happen...
    MEA lawyers blocking labor law reforms.
  1096. April 5, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Newly introduced bills, including money to Detroit and regulating children's products.
  1097. Kersey Cited on Right-to-Work Laws
    Makes states "more attractive" to businesses.
  1098. Advanced Search Help
  1099. Video Shows President Obama, Top Politicians Praising Failed Green Company
  1100. Education Budget Tightened, Alarmist Predictions Fail To Materialize
  1101. Commentary: A Plan to End ObamaCare — and the Current Health Care Status Quo
  1102. University Budget Transparency vs. Secret 'Appropriations Mud Pit'

    Increasing term limits won't help government transparency.

  1103. Green Eyeshadow On Red Ink: 'Green' Jobs Fail To Live Up To The Hype
  1104. Other Big State Universities Tighten Their Belts — U-M Has Much To Learn

    OSU and Kentucky Cut Back; U-M Has Much to Learn

  1105. MEA's Underpaid Teacher Claims Don't Fit With The Facts
  1107. Don’t Milk Charter Schools for Pension Contributions
  1108. Director of Labor Policy Cited on
    Center's Paul Kersey consulted in proposed Detroit consent deal.
  1109. Commentary: Country Cannot Afford Obamacare
  1110. Commentary: Mixed Messages on Prison Spending
  1111. Are Teachers With Master's Degrees Forced To Take Food Stamps?
  1112. Cutting Librarians and Therapists Would Save Prisons Millions
  1113. March 30, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on home health care workers, lottery welfare and more!
  1114. Two Bills, Two Standards
    Helmet laws and "cyber" schools.
  1115. Center Cited in National Review
    CapCon story on A123 battery maker draws national attention.
  1117. Activists United Against Union 'Power Grab' Proposal
  1118. Most Michigan Voters Think Right-to-Work Is a Winner
  1119. David Littmann on Fox Business News
    Discussed Detroit's financial downfall.
  1120. Center Analyst on Pension Reform
    James Hohman discusses school employee pension plan.
  1121. Lehman: U.S. Can't Afford Obamacare
    Center president's Detroit News Op-Ed.
  1122. 'Flipped Classrooms' Aid Student Learning

    "Results speak for themselves"

  1123. Flipped Classrooms Underline Student Learning
  1124. Center Cited on Tourism Subsidies
    State study noted as "dubious."
  1125. Tuition Subsidies Offer Too Few Benefits
  1126. Bill Would Require CEOs Get Drug Tested If Company Gets Loans, Grants Or Tax Credits From State
  1127. The End Is Near: 'Skim' Stopper Bill Headed To Gov. Snyder
  1128. Detroit Unions Dislike Manager Law?
    They'll really hate bankruptcy court.
  1129. Unions in Perpetuity

    Can home health care aides really decertify their union?

  1130. Commentary: Tourism Study Flawed

    State needs to abandon subsidy favors.

  1131. Center Analyst Discusses Right-to-Work Issues
    Paul Kersey on WEMU.
  1132. Pure Michigan’s Bid For More Tax Money
  1133. Justices' Questions Provide Insight In Obamacare Debate
  1134. IMPACT Spring 2012
  1135. Center Analyst Cited on Early Spring
    Economic activity could increase consumer confidence.
  1136. Creative Arts: Exaggerated Teacher Union Claims Not Supported By The Facts
  1137. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST March 27, 2012
  1138. DFT: Up to 900 Detroit teachers expected to retire this summer
    "Officials from the Detroit Federation of Teachers expect up to 900 teachers to retire before the beginning of next school year ..."
  1139. Detroit Bankruptcy: America’s Leading Indicator?
  1140. Stockbridge students use underwater robot to search for remains
    "Eight Stockbridge High School students and their teacher are taking their custom-built underwater robot to the Micronesian island chain of Palau to search for a B-24 bomber shot down during World War II ..."
  1141. Better Late Than Never: An End To the 'Dues Skim'
  1142. Populist 'Free Gas' Bill Comes At A High Cost
  1143. State approves Pontiac deficit elimination plan
    "The Michigan Department of Education has approved a deficit elimination plan for Pontiac Public Schools ..."
  1144. Next round of EduJobs funding to be dispersed next month
    "Schools near Battle Creek will receive more than $637,000 next month as part of the EduJobs funding ..."
  1145. Some Unions Still Battling Governor's Reforms; Taxpayers Left Holding the Bill
  1146. Governments Already Impose Hunger Games

    Plenty of parallels between new movie, reality.

  1147. March 23, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on home health care workers, Obamacare and more!
  1148. Center Legal Analyst on WJR
    Senate votes to end SEIU skim scheme.
  1149. Highland Park EM ‘fully expects’ district to be open next year
    "Jack Martin, Highland Park’s emergency manager, has no plans to close the district or merge it into Detroit Public Schools anytime soon ..."
  1150. State Senate Passes Legislation to Define Home Health Care Providers as Private Individuals
  1151. The Alliance for Retired Americans
    Senior citizen lobbying group gets SEIU money.
  1152. Union Pushes Ballot Proposal To Keep 'Dues Skim' Alive
  1153. Land Banking: An Old Idea With A Poor Track Record
  1154. BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Senate Stops Home Health Care 'Dues Skim'
  1155. Center Cited on Student Victory
    Some U-M students upset they can't force others into a union.
  1156. How Miserable Are Teachers?
  1157. Sen. Debbie Stabenow Named 'Porker of the Month'
  1158. LaFaive Viewpoint Garners Media Attention
  1159. Legal Analyst: 'Monitoring' SEIU
    Union trying to push forced unionization ballot measure.
  1160. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST March 20, 2012
  1161. East Detroit opens to Wayne County ‘schools of choice’ students
    "The East Detroit Public Schools Board of Education has voted to accept schools of choice applications from Wayne County students ..."
  1162. Michigan Should Reform School Lending System
  1163. University of Michigan Spends $129K To Produce a Degree
  1164. Commentary: Bailout of Student Loan Debt Is Not the Answer
  1165. How Cost Effective Are Michigan’s Universities?
    What they spend per degree completed.
  1166. Analyst Talks About Michigan Gas Tax
    Legislators should prioritize road spending, not raise taxes.
  1167. Center Analyst: College Subsidy Plan Won't Work
    Michael Van Beek outlines the downsides to "Michigan2020."
  1168. Senate Shows Support For Ending Home Health Care 'Dues Skim'
  1169. Schools can decline ‘pink slime’ beef next year
    "School food service directors will soon have the option of buying beef that does not contain “pink slime,” ..."
  1170. Stealth Unionization Scheme Bleeds Medicaid
  1171. Flanagan receives vote of confidence, contract extension
    State Superintendent of Public Instruction "Michael Flanagan has received a vote of confidence and a one-year contract extension from the State Board of Education ..."
  1172. Minnesota Moves on Right-to-Work, Taps Mackinac Center For Bill Wording
  1173. The Cover Story For the 'Dues Skim'
  1174. Teacher concessions will save Marysville $950,000
    "A new teachers contract comes with $950,000 of savings next year for Marysville Public Schools ..."
  1175. March 16, 2012, Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on cell phones, state retiree medical benefits and more.
  1176. The Economic Opportunity Institute
    A progressive think tank getting SEIU money.
  1177. James Hohman On Teacher Retirement System
    Significant changes needed to rescue underfunded plan.
  1178. GOP Establishment Standing in Way of Prevailing Wage Reform
  1179. Ypsilanti public schools facing $14 million deficit
    "Ypsilanti Public Schools could be facing a $14 million deficit next year due to decreasing enrollment ..."
  1180. Commentary: Stop Forcing Michigan Taxpayers To Pay for Government Union Stewards
  1181. Oakridge Schools Lets the Sunshine In
    Transparency in union negotiations sets new standard.
  1182. Kos Media
    Publishers of "Daily Kos" get SEIU money.
  1183. Center Analyst Discusses Union Ballot Proposal
    Paul Kersey details "self-centered and reckless" initiative.
  1184. A City At the End of Its Rope
  1185. Do Government Unions Really Need All That Money?
  1186. The Importance of 'Sunshine Week'
  1187. The Edward M. Kennedy Institute
    SEIU and the legislative career of Sen. Ted Kennedy.
  1188. Victory for U-M Grad Students
    New law prevents forced unionization of graduate students.
  1189. Closing the School Employee Retirement Fund
    Center analyst explains how schools can save millions.
  1190. Cigarette Tax Hike Brings Smuggling, Other Unintended Consequences
  1191. Snyder Signs Bill Reinforcing That Graduate Students Are Students, Not Employees
  1192. Study: 'Barriers' To Public Employee Pension Reform Unfounded
  1193. Jobs with Justice
    A national network of local coalitions ... getting SEIU money.
  1194. Michigan Public School Employees Pay For One of the Country's Richest Unions
  1195. Mackinac Center releases study on closing underfunded MPSERS
    "The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has released a new report discussing five ways to close the state’s badly underfunded public school employee pension plan ..."
  1196. Law Signed by Gov. Snyder Confirms Legal Precedent, Protects Graduate Student Research Assistants From Forced Unionization
  1197. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST March 13, 2012
  1198. Study Discusses Five Ways to Close State’s Badly Underfunded Public School Employee Pension Plan
  1199. Why Don't Superintendents Have Tenure?
    No public employees should have it.
  1200. Five Options for Addressing
    ‘Transition Costs’ When Closing
    the MPSERS Pension Plan

    Michigan Public School Employee Retirement Plans
    in Need of Reform

    This study considers the supposed ‘transition costs’ that would be effected by a state switch from a defined-benefit to defined-contribution retirement system. In it, the “transition costs” are found to be nonbinding and discretionary. In addition, the study offers the state a series of reforms that would diffuse such costs, as well as consideration for the long-term fiscal improvements that would arise from payment of the pension’s unfunded liabilities.
  1201. The Center for American Progress Action Fund
    Political advocacy, among "other" things, with SEIU money.
  1202. Dim Bulbs
    Editorial compares $50 light bulb to Chevy Volt
  1203. Bloated Teacher Contracts Much To Blame For Issues In Highland Park, Muskegon
  1204. House committee considers increased number of count days
    "State legislators are considering increasing the number of count days to better allocate per-pupil state aid ..."
  1205. Commentary: Contracts Show, Manager Law 'Chemo' for Cancerous Fiscal Abuse
  1206. Gov. Snyder calls for renewed efforts to reduce truancy
    "Gov. Rick Snyder has called for renewed efforts to reduce truancy ..."
  1207. Bill prohibits schools from collecting union dues
    "A bill that would ban school districts from collecting union dues has passed the Legislature and is on its way to Gov. Snyder, who is expected to sign it ..."
  1208. The Stealth Election That Led To The Home Health Care 'Dues Skim'
  1209. Muskegon Heights may close without emergency manager
    "Officials at Muskegon Heights Public Schools told an emergency manager review team the district may have to close as early as April unless they receive an emergency manager ..."
  1210. March 9, 2012 Weekly Roll Call

    Votes on public school union dues and U-M grad students!

  1211. Americans United for Change
    SEIU gives advocacy group $300,000.
  1212. Why the 'Michigan2020' Plan is a Poor Investment

    More subsidies for college won't increase graduation rates.

  1213. Commentary: Pegging 10th Grade Students Politically Unnecessary And Inappropriate
  1214. U-M Graduate Students Blue Over Unionization
  1215. Benenson Strategy Group
    A DC public relations firm with a strong partisan tilt.
  1216. Center Analysts Discuss Illegal Unionization
    A video explaining the scheme is posted at
  1217. School Districts in Deficit are Top Heavy
    Spend 43 percent more on administration than state average.
  1218. Free Press Writer Praises Center Scholar
    "Sober, scholarly summary" presented at Issues & Ideas forum.
  1219. Michigan Public Schools $19.7 Billion In Debt
  1220. School Districts Will Soon No Longer Be Responsible For Deducting Teacher Union Dues
  1221. Government Incompetence At Its Worst – The Tragedy of the Forced Unionization of Home Health Care Workers
  1222. Colorado WINS
    More state government worker politics from the SEIU.
  1223. Paul Kersey Discusses New Labor Proposal
    "This is about protecting government employee unions."
  1224. Self-Centered and Reckless
    What "Protect Our Jobs" wants to do to Michigan.
  1225. Kersey: Union Ballot Plan a 'Power Grab'
    Proposed ballot initiative would negate money-saving reforms.
  1226. Mackinac Center Video Posted at
    Michigan GOP Senate fails to stop SEIU scheme.
  1227. Limbaugh Uproar Overshadows Real Problems With Obamacare
  1228. Union-Supported Ballot Proposal Targets Right-to-Work, Recent Reforms
  1229. A Tale of Two States: Indiana and Michigan
  1230. America Votes
    An SEIU "partner" and "consultant."
  1231. Exports Critical For Michigan's Recovery
  1233. DPS to run Highland Park’s nonteaching services
    "Detroit Public Schools will operate nonteaching services in the Highland Park school district under an agreement between the districts’ emergency managers ..."
  1234. The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center
    "Capacity-building" through ballot initiatives, and SEIU cash.
  1235. Increasing Tobacco Taxes Brings Negative Results
    More smuggling, more crime predicted by Center analysts.
  1236. GM Suspends Volt Production
    Center analyst cited on $250k subsidies.
  1237. Health Care Caps Will Help Students
    Money can be directed to the classroom, where it belongs.
  1238. Bad Axe hires consulting firm to boost test scores
    "Bad Axe School District has hired Great Lakes Consulting to help increase student proficiency in math and reading, as well as combat teacher ineffectiveness ..."
  1239. Overhaul Of Highland Park School District On The Horizon
  1240. Nation’s Highest Gas Tax Coming to Michigan?
  1241. Time to Scotch Michigan’s Wholesale Alcohol Monopolies
  1242. Michigan Senate Should Help End Illegal Unionization
  1243. House bill requires board members physically attend meetings
    "The state House of Representatives has passed a bill that would require all public officials and school board members to be physically present to participate in public meetings ..."
  1244. Muskegon Heights deficit plan called unrealistic
    "The emergency manager review team investigating Muskegon Heights Public Schools was told the district’s deficit reduction plan, which includes a 40 percent wage cut for employees, is not realistic ..."
  1245. SEIU Healthcare Michigan
    A political amoeba.
  1246. March 2, 2012 Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on grad student unionization, lottery welfare and more!
  1247. MCLF Joins Supreme Court Brief
    Seeks to end illegal SEIU unionization.
  1248. SEIU Dues Skim Explained
    Jack Spencer discusses illegal unionization.
  1249. Breitbart: An Unstoppable Force For Freedom
  1250. DPS sees decrease in violent crime
    "Detroit Public Schools reported a decrease in the number of violent crimes in district schools ..."
  1251. Bill To Prevent U of M Grad Student Research Assistant Unionization Headed To Governor
  1252. Highland Park Schools Get State Bailout — Already Receive $14,000 Per Student
  1253. Health Care Compact Bill Would Shift Power Back To The States
  1254. Remove Needless Mandates on Teachers
    Additional training has shown no impact on student performance.
    E-petition site was recipient of SEIU cash.
  1256. Analyst Questions Democracy of Unions
    Union concerns about PA 4 appear unfounded.
  1257. Littmann Discusses '9-9-9' Tax Reform Plan
    Senior economist on Lansing radio show.
  1258. Home Health Care 'Dues Skim' More Than Matches SEIU '08 Obama Contributions
  1259. Do We Let Unions Bankrupt Governments?
    What the fight over Public Act 4 is all about.
  1260. Alcohol Control in Michigan

    A Collection of the Mackinac Center's Resources on Liquor, Beer and Wine Regulations in Michigan

  1261. Public School Welcomes All
    (Unless they're from Detroit.)
  1262. Center Analysts Discuss Emergency Manager Law
    LaFaive, Kersey interviewed regarding ballot initiative.
  1263. The Atlas Project
    SEIU beneficiary "putting progressives on the path to victory."
  1264. According to Beneficiaries, All Government Spending Is Worth the Investment
  1265. Earning More Than Your Boss: Dearborn Lieutenant Makes More Than Chief of Police, Mayor
  1266. Train Wreck: Amtrak Is a Case Study in Government Waste

    Subsidies for Amtrak, other rail projects should end.

  1267. The Brave New Foundation
    Leftist media outlet took in $250,000 from SEIU.
  1268. LaFaive Cited on Government Golf Courses
    "Least necessary of the least necessary government services."
  1269. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 28, 2012
  1270. GOP Hopefuls Square Off
  1271. Prison Privatization Bill Locked Up By House Inaction
  1272. Niles teachers protest contract offer
    "About 100 teachers carrying signs showed up at a recent Niles Community Schools board of education meeting to protest the board’s latest contract offer ..."
  1273. Analyst Cited on GM Bankruptcy
    Kersey: UAW played a role.
  1274. The Applied Research Center
    SEIU "dues" funding activist consultant.
  1275. Bill to ban grad student unionization moves to Senate floor
    "The Senate Government Operations Committee has approved a bill that would block the unionization of graduate student research assistants at state-funded universities ..."
  1276. America Ready For Revitalization
  1277. Restoring the American Dream
  1278. School claims township implementing ‘neo-Jim Crow’ in lawsuit
    " The Michigan Islamic Academy has asked a federal district court judge to overturn a Pittsfield Township Board of Trustees decision that rejected its rezoning request ..."
  1279. 'Consensus' on Global Warming is a Manmade Concept
  1280. State grants emergency $4 million for Highland Park students
    "Gov. Rick Snyder has signed an emergency bill that allocates $4 million dollars to the help students of Highland Park ..."
  1281. Commentary: 'Correction' of CapCon Story Leaves Something To Be Desired
  1282. Feb. 24, 2012 Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on GSRA unionization, unemployment benefits and more!
  1283. ‘Change that Works’
    $4 million SEIU project was unabashedly political.
  1284. Endowments up at Michigan colleges and universities
    "A recent study by the National Association of College and University Business Officers has found that college and university endowments around Michigan saw strong growth in the previous fiscal year ..."
  1285. Celebrating Black History Month
  1286. GOP-Dominated Senate To SEIU: 'Here's $4 Million'
  1287. Tea Party Groups Set To Pick U.S. Senate Candidate
  1288. Upside-Downside of “9-9-9” Income Tax Reform
  1289. The Clean Economy Development Center
    Clearinghouse for "green energy" boondoggles was recipient of $100,000 in SEIU cash. First of a series.
  1290. Subsidized Green Energy Company Struggles, Lays Off Workers — Rewards Top Executives
  1291. How the Forced Unionization of Day Care and Home Health Care Providers Took Place
  1292. Center Expert Discusses Genesee School Lawsuits
    Details of lawsuit kept mum; Center advocates for transparency.
  1293. Bill To Stop Graduate Student Unionization Moves Ahead
  1294. Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Forced Unionization 'Dues Skim' Linked To West Coast Scandal
  1295. Detroit News Editorial Supports GSRA Autonomy
    Editorial argues lawmakers should protect U-M researchers
  1296. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 21, 2012
  1297. Unemployment Rate Not as Rosy as It Appears
  1298. All “ Weekly Roll Call Report” Votes for 2012
  1299. Digital Learning Day
    How schools are using technology to improve education.
  1300. Michigan's First Digital Learning Day
  1301. Prohibition by Price
  1302. Despite Deficit, Some Dearborn Top Officials Got Boosts in Pay
  1303. Unplugged: 'Educators-Know-Best' Video Clip Ordered Taken Down
  1304. Should Threats Against Legislators Have Stricter Penalites?
  1305. Feb. 17, 2012 Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on stealth conventions, PAC money to unions and more
  1306. Michigan Vulnerable to Indiana
    Kersey cited in Miami, Kansas City papers.
  1307. High Costs Force School District to Drop Union-Connected Health Plan
  1308. Center Analyst Discusses Gas Taxes
    GOP legislators pushing bills to ramp up gas, vehicle taxes.
  1309. Center Cited on Fox Business
    Noted for battling illegal unionization in Michigan.
  1310. MEA's Hyperbole About Cyber Charter Schools
    Teachers union math gets a failing grade.
  1311. Roots of SEIU Forced Unionization 'Money Skim' Lead To Former ACORN Organizer
  1312. Dividing Ourselves From All That

    AFL-CIO Op-Ed is wishful thinking and hysteria all in one.

  1313. Editorial Cites Hohman on Chevy Volt Subsidies
    Taxpayers on hook for up to $250K for each one sold.
  1314. Online Charter School Spending Trends
    How do they compare to brick-and-mortar schools?
  1315. Center Expert Outlines Right-to-Work Issue
    Michigan needs law to remain competitive.
  1316. Would Michigan Have Been Better Off if the Sit-Down Strike had Failed?
  1317. Illinois Woman Charged With Making Death Threats Against Mackinac Center
  1318. Detroit to close some schools, turn others into charters
    "Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts has announced plans to close 16 buildings after this school year and offer four more to charter operators ..."
  1319. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 14, 2012
  1320. Detroit: The Triumph of Progressive Public Policy
  1321. Detroit Could Sell Off Assets to Avoid Insolvency
    Center analyst recommended doing so 11 years ago.
  1322. Wright Discusses SEIU Scheme
    Union collects $28M in illegal dues and counting.
  1323. Center Expert Cited on UAW Politics
    Proof that Michigan employees need right-to-work protection.
  1324. MSU Starts Student Health Care Mandate
  1325. Magnet programs drive increased enrollment in Jackson
    "Jackson Public Schools saw enrollment gains after February’s count day ..."
  1326. Commentary: When Stadium Deals Fizzle, Taxpayers Lose
  1327. Bill to expand cyber school choice passes house committee
    "The House Education Committee has approved a bill that will raise the cap on cyber charter public schools ..."
  1328. Kalamazoo-area schools shift to full-day kindergarten
    "The four remaining Kalamazoo-area schools with half-day kindergarten programs will switch to full-day programs due to likely changes in state aid ..."
  1329. Unemployment Rate Dropping But 'Disturbing Trend' As Number of People Receiving Food Assistance Skyrockets
  1330. Tax Foundation Rates Michigan
    State climbs 42 spots after eliminating MBT.
  1331. Feb. 10, 2012 Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on judges, roads and expanding taxes
  1332. 'Best Article on Wind Farms You Will Ever Read'
    Wind energy unreliable in times of weather emergencies.
  1333. Corporate Welfare to Increase $20M
    Governor's 2013 proposed budget released Thursday.
  1334. A growing list of things the staff likes
  1335. Elementary Students Forced to Write Advocacy Letters to Governor Criticizing Education Cuts
  1336. Bureaucrats vs. Parents — Who Should Choose Where Children Are Educated?
  1337. Governor ties increased school funding to district performance
    "In his annual budget proposal, Gov. Rick Snyder announced a plan to tie increases in school funding to student performance ..."
  1338. Center Experts on School Spending

    Employee insurance costs cut into education funding.

  1339. 'Forced Unionization' Employer Out of the Picture, But Dues Keep Flowing To SEIU
  1340. Center Analyst Discusses Gas Tax
    Michigan headed for highest fuel tax in the country?
  1341. Benefit Costs Sunk Benton Harbor's Finances
  1342. Myth 5: The Unequal Funding Myth
  1343. Pete Hoekstra Ad Misses the Mark
    Washington, not China, to blame for national debt.
  1344. Rep. Ray Franz: Hero of Home Repair Tradesmen
    Sometimes politicians actually get it.
  1345. Rosy Solar Jobs Projections Fail To Live Up To the Hype
  1346. Beaverton teachers drop MESSA for Blue Cross Blue Shield
    "Teachers at Beaverton Rural Schools have dropped MESSA and adopted Blue Cross Blue Shield as their insurance provider in their new three-year contract ..."
  1347. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST February 7, 2012
  1348. Right to Work: Right for Oregon, Right for Michigan
    More jobs, faster growing incomes, all that good stuff.
  1349. The Unequal School Funding Myth
    The latest in an ongoing video series.
  1350. LaFaive Cited on Indiana Right-to-Work Law
    Michigan employees need right-to-work protections to keep pace.
  1351. SEIU Sent Key GOP Senator $5K on Day Bill to End 'Forced Unionization' Arrived in Senate
  1352. Comcast expands eligibility for ‘Internet Essentials’
    "Comcast has announced it is expanding eligibility for “Internet Essentials,” a program that provides Internet access to the households of disadvantaged students ..."
  1353. Research Shows Right-to-Work Laws the Right Way to Go
  1354. How Corporate Welfare Hurts People
  1355. State Behind on School Employee Pension Reform
  1356. What Right-to-Work Means for Indiana
  1357. Portage declines to fully privatize custodial work
    "The Portage School Board has decided not to privatize its first-shift custodial services ..."
  1358. Projections vs. Reality — Should Politicians Make Job Creation Claims?
  1359. The Price of Government Unions (It's High)
    But it doesn't have to be, according to new study.
  1360. MCLF Attorney Discusses U-M Case
    Students being denied due process in unionization fight.
  1361. Portage Schools Turns Down $270K Savings
    District outsources some custodial work, but not all.
  1362. Taxpayer Costs For Average State Employee Increased From $79K in 2001 to $95K in 2011
  1363. The Unstoppable Teacher Pension Fund Monster
  1364. If the Monopoly Title Fits, Wear It
    Alcohol distribution territorial monopolies hurt consumers.
  1365. Center Pension Study Cited
    State employee pension change has saved $4 billion.
  1366. MCQ3 Response To 'Forced Unionization'
  1367. Home Health Care 'Dues Skim' Worse Than Previously Thought
  1368. Nation’s Highest Gas Tax Coming To Michigan?
  1369. Award-Winning Reporter, Editor Joins Michigan Capitol Confidential as Managing Editor
  1370. Comcast expands eligibility for ‘Internet Essentials’
    "Comcast has announced it is expanding eligibility for “Internet Essentials,” a program that provides Internet access to the households of disadvantaged students ..."
  1371. It's Official: Indiana Is a Right-to-Work State
    Congratulations are in order for our neighbors to the south.
  1372. Is President Obama Correct That State Budget Cuts Are the ‘Largest Factor’ in Tuition Increases At Public Colleges?
  1373. Indiana Governor Signs Right-to-Work Law; Michigan’s Fragile Economy Faces New Competition
  1374. Trash Collectors Equal 'Green' Jobs? President's Campaign Ad Claims 'Green Energy' Job Growth From Criticized Study
  1375. Indiana Is A Right-to-Work State
  1376. Landmark Right-to-Work Bill Passes in Indiana House
  1377. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 31, 2012
  1378. Dems' Plan: Scale Back Select Corporate Tax Credits They Already Voted For
  1379. Virtual Learning Can Improve Outcomes and Save Money
  1380. Commentary: Charter Schools Face Discrimination in Michigan
  1381. Universities extend application window for new charter schools
    "Grand Valley State University is extending the application window for new charter public schools ..."
  1382. Right-to-Work-for-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda
    For the umpteenth time: No, wages won't collapse.
  1383. Catholic Schools Week
    Seeing school choice through a different lens.
  1384. Is Congressman Ron Paul Supporting Select Energy Subsidies?
  1385. Muskegon Heights privatizes some positions, saves $1.2 million
    "Muskegon Heights will save about $1.2 million this year and next after privatizing clerical workers, custodians and bus drivers ..."
  1386. Center Scholar, Wife, Pen New Book
    They are "nationally recognized" FDR experts.
  1387. Niles secretaries take 2.5 percent pay cut
    "Secretaries in Niles Community Schools have agreed to a new contract that includes a 2.5 percent pay cut ..."
  1388. Saline will wait for state decision on ‘Pledge’ mandate
    "The Saline Board of Education will wait for the state Legislature to act before going ahead with a proposal to require students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily ..."
  1389. Bringing Freedom to Afghanistan
  1390. Jan. 27, 2012 Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on plastics,  prison taxes and parking tickets
  1391. The Debate About Online Charter Schools
    Objections are easily refuted.
  1392. Kersey Cited in Wall Street Journal
    Right-to-work study shows benefits of law.
  1393. 'Birthday Tax' Unveiled in Lansing
    New taxes, fees for road maintenance.
  1394. Congressman Addresses Mackinac Center Audience
    Rep. Dave Camp discusses election year, tax rates.
  1395. 'We Found a Place Where Our Children's Safety Would Never Be An Issue'
  1396. U-M Forced Grad Student Unionization Case: Court Approves One-Sided Hearing
  1397. Some CMU faculty suspicious about union contract vote
    "Some Central Michigan University Faculty Association members are suspicious of their union’s voting process ..."
  1398. Helping Districts Deal With Deficits
  1399. Court Denies U-M Students Their Say
    Only pro-unionization parties allowed to testify.
  1400. Happy Birthday, Michigan!
    State turns 175 today.
  1401. Center Scholar's Commentary in Financial Post
    Uncertainty will supress 2012 economy.
  1402. Loar v. Michigan Department of Human Services Brief

    This booklet contains the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation’s final legal filing in a nationally known case involving the illegal unionization of Michigan’s home-based day care business owners and providers as government employees. Wright argued the case in the Michigan courts on behalf of Sherry Loar, Michelle Berry and Paulette Silverson, who each own home-based day care businesses.

    The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation sued to end the DHS' illegal diversion of so-called "union dues" from state subsidy checks received by home-based day care providers who watch children from low-income families. The "dues" were funneled to a government-employee union that purports to represent more than 40,000 of Michigan's home-based day care providers, who are actually private business owners and independent contractors.

    The case was ruled moot by the Michigan Supreme Court after the DHS ceased to collect the dues and the DHS director stated that these home-based day care providers are not public employees.

  1403. Indiana Dems Still Boycotting To Avoid Right-To-Work Vote
  1404. When Will Right-to-Work Come to Michigan?
  1405. Commentary: Right-to-Work Will Keep Michigan Competitive
    Law prohibiting forced union dues on clear path to governor's desk.
  1407. What You Should Know About School Choice
    New video examines benefits of school choice.
  1408. Online Revolution: Grand Rapids
  1409. Online Revolution: Grand Traverse
  1410. Online Revolution: Southeastern Michigan
  1411. Catching Up With an Old Friend
    Lawrence Reed interview in The Daily Bell.
  1412. Issues & Ideas Forum: The Future of Unionized Government
  1413. Indiana Dems Force Chamber Doors Open, Insist On Allowing Interruptions During Right-to-Work Debate
  1414. Issues and Ideas Forum: The Future of Oil and Gas
  1415. Teacher Contract Specifics Part of Strike Action Plan?
  1416. Indiana Right-to-Work Bill Still Stalled
  1417. BREAKING: Indiana House Passes Right-to-Work Bill — Measure To Become Law Soon
  1418. Michigan's Solyndra?
    Taxpayers on the hook for shady movie studio deal.
  1419. Bay City Repeals Prevailing Wage Ordinance
    Other cities, state should follow suit.
  1420. Teachers' Union Manual Shows How to Organize Illegal Strikes, Use Children During Bargaining
  1421. Indiana Dems Lose On Right-to-Work Bill and Run Again
  1422. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 24, 2012
  1423. Michigan celebrates 'School Choice Week'
    "Gov. Rick Snyder joined 25 other governors in recognizing the week of January 22-28 as 'School Choice Week' ..."
  1424. Small Business Survey: Obamacare Already Killing Jobs
  1425. National School Choice Week
    Good for parents, student, teachers and taxpayers.
  1426. Individual districts can now ‘Race to the Top’
    "The Obama administration has restructured the “Race to the Top” program and will now allow individual school districts to compete for federal money ..."
  1427. School District: Spending Up, Revenue Up, Red Ink Up — Wants More Money
  1428. Today May Be 'High Noon' Over Indiana Right-to-Work Bill
  1429. Center Analysts' Op-Eds Address Right-to-Work Law, Charter Public School Discrimination
    LaFaive, Van Beek in Detroit, Lansing papers.
  1430. Michigan school’s ‘flipped classrooms’ featured on CNN
    "Clintondale High School Principal Greg Green was featured on CNN’s education blog ..."
  1431. Center Analyst in CS Monitor
    Paul Kersey cited on right-to-work debate in Indiana.
  1432. Schools funding increases tied to improvement
    "Public schools won’t see their funding reduced in the next budget, but Gov. Snyder wants them to show improvement in order to get funding increases ..."
  1433. Indy Democrats Still Not Showing Up — Right-to-Work Standoff Drags On
  1434. Grassroots Obamacare Hearing: The People Speak
  1435. Center Expert Gives Economic Forecast
    David Littmann on what 2012 could bring.
  1436. Jan. 20, 2012 Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on hunting, jury duty and marinas.
  1437. Workers Are Wonderful, But Where's the Union?
    The AFL-CIO's new ad campaign
  1438. Center Analyst in Free Press on Film Subsidy Failure

    State retirees on the hook for missed bond payment.

  1439. Analysis: Michigan Cannot Grow Out of Pension Problems
  1440. Some Tea Partiers Gunning For Republican Senate Majority Leader
  1441. LaFaive Cited on Emergency Manager Law
    Cities brought it upon themselves, analyst says.
  1442. What a Right-to-Work Law Will Mean For Indiana
  1443. LaFaive Cited in Bloomberg Businessweek
    Corporate welfare stretches back decades.
  1444. Indiana RTW: No Movement, Just Rhetoric
  1445. Township Board Votes Unanimously to Exempt Employees From State Law, Continue Paying Nothing For Health Insurance
  1446. Lehman Cited on Gov. Snyder's First Year
    Michigan View column previews State of the State speech.
  1447. CapCon Cited in Muskegon Chronicle
    Smoking ban impact on alcohol sales.
  1448. Gov. Snyder’s 2012 State of the State Address Included Five Proposed Government Expansions, One Limitation
  1449. Michigan public universities have $4.2 billion in unrestricted assets
    "A review of Michigan’s public universities found their unrestricted net assets rose to $4.2 billion this year ..."
  1450. Count of Proposed Government Expansions and Limitations in State of the State Address Available Wednesday Night
  1451. Detroit Public Schools trying to keep Children’s Museum open
    "Detroit Public Schools announced it is working on options to keep the Detroit Children’s Museum open ..."
  1452. Breaking News: Indiana Dems Run Again, Right-to-Work Bill On Hold
  1453. MEDC Consultant Busted for ‘Recycling’ Reports
  1454. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 17, 2012
  1455. UAW Member: Union Workers 'Need to Embrace' Right-to-Work Laws
  1456. Trust Us, We Won
    Why are contract ratification vote totals such a big secret?
  1457. Center Analyst on State of the State Address
    Right-to-work law, personal property taxes need attention.
  1458. LaFaive Cited on Indiana Right-to-Work Battle
    Outcome will impact Michigan.
  1459. Reality Check: Who Is to Blame For School Deficits?
  1460. Saline schools considers mandating ‘Pledge of Allegiance’
    "Trustee David Holden has asked the Saline Board of Education to mandate a daily recitation of the “Pledge of Allegiance" ..."
  1461. Commentary: It's Time to Repeal Prevailing Wage Law
  1462. 48 districts post budget deficits, 22 larger than $1 million
    "Almost 50 of Michigan’s 550 school districts posted a budget deficit for 2010-2011 ..."
  1463. Indiana Democrat: Right-to-Work Bill 'One of the Worst ... In a Generation'
  1464. Analysis: State Behind on School Employee Pension Reform
  1465. Teachers' Union: Many Members Conservative; Overwhelmingly Funds 'Progressive' Groups
  1466. Jan. 13, 2012 Weekly Roll Call
    Votes on toy guns, hunting guns and barber poles.
  1467. Number of charter schools to increase slowly
    "A leading advocate of charter public schools does not expect to see a large increase in their numbers despite a new law that removes the cap ..."
  1468. Muskegon Health Care Workers Get Out of SEIU
  1469. Opposition to Online Charters Misguided
    Savings can benefit students and educators.
  1470. A Digital Learning Success Story
    Suttons Bay Schools an innovation leader.
  1471. Senator Wants to Track Legislators' Voting Records already does that — at no cost to taxpayers.
  1472. Fake Tea Party Scam Ends In Fraud Convictions
  1473. Financial emergency declared in Highland Park School District
    "Gov. Rick Snyder has declared the Highland Park School District is in a financial emergency ..."
  1474. District Refuses to Sell Unused Building to Public Charter School — Despite Receiving $250K Asking Price
  1475. Indiana Right-to-Work Bill Slows Down
  1476. Taxpayers Fund Bureaucratic Back Slapping
    Over-sized checks wasteful, opportunistic.
  1477. Right-to-Work Inches Ahead in Indiana
  1478. skimTRACKER 'Forced Unionization' Dues: More Than $34 Million Taken By The SEIU
  1479. Bay City Amends Prevailing Wage Ordinance
    State, cities should abandon "archaic practice."
  1480. Congress Mandates the Impossible
    Gas prices spike as fines are passed on to consumers.
  1481. Hohman Cited by Fox on Chevy Volt
    Analysis continues to draw national attention.
  1482. How Long Is Too Long For Unemployment Benefits?
  1483. Emergency manager needed for Highland Park Schools
    "A financial review team has asked Gov. Snyder to appoint an emergency financial manager for Highland Park Schools ..."
  1484. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 10, 2012
  1485. Award-Winning Investigative Reporter Anne Schieber Joins Mackinac Center Communications Team
  1486. Breaking News!
    CapCon on location covering Indiana right-to-work bill.
  1487. Kersey: End Prevailing Wage
    Free Press Op-Ed calls for end to expensive, unnecessary law.
  1488. Carpenters Union Targets Builder Again
    "Bannering" a popular intimidation tactic.
  1489. State Alcohol Control Law Expensive, Unfair, Ineffective
  1490. Schools Should Fund Learning, Not Insurance Companies
  1491. What a Right-to-Work Law Will Mean for Indiana — and Michigan
  1492. The Puzzling Differences Between Michigan and Indiana in This Recession
  1493. Charter public schools save state $36 million to $52 million
    "Charter public schools save the state of Michigan between $36 million and $52 million annually ..."
  1494. Dems Don't Run: Standoff Ends — Indiana Right-to-Work Obstacle Cleared
  1495. Michigan public universities under scrutiny
    "Legislation has been introduced that could lead to the elimination of independent governing boards at 13 of Michigan’s public universities ..."
  1496. Bill introduced to expand physical education requirements
    "Rep. Maureen Stapleton, D-Detroit, has introduced a bill that would mandate physical education requirements for elementary and middle schools ..."
  1497. Indiana Leads the Manufacturing Belt
    Hoosier state has the most to gain from a right-to-work law.
  1498. Federal Judge Rules Against Day Care Owners
    Union gets to keep millions in illegal dues.
  1499. Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Files Motion at Court of Appeals in U-M Student Unionization Case
  1500. Indiana Senate Committee Passes Right-to-Work Bill; Unions Protest While Democrats Boycott
  1501. GlobalWatt: How Corporate Welfare Hurts Real People
  1502. Members named to school quality workgroup
    "Members have been named to a bipartisan, bicameral workgroup on school quality ..."
  1503. University of Michigan: More Staff, Higher Revenue, Higher Pay ... Wants More Money From Taxpayers
  1504. University of Michigan Response
  1505. Kersey Talks RTW on Beckmann
  1506. Book Highlights Failings of Enviro Trends
    "Eco-Fads" a rational, scientific read.
  1507. LaFaive Op-Ed on State of the State Address
    Which policies should Gov. Snyder pursue?
  1508. Your Favorites 2011: Our Top 10 Stories of the Year
  1509. Right-to-Work Repeats Itself; Indiana Democrats Manufacture a Filibuster
  1510. Every Roll Call Vote by Every State Legislator Tallied for 2011
  1511. Strong Support for Right-to-Work Measures in the Michigan Legislature
  1512. Connecticut School Leaders Propose Bold Reforms
    Michigan counterparts should take notice.
  1513. Surplus, or Excess?
    More state revenue could mean more spending.
  1514. Michigan's Migration Status Improves
    United Van Lines 2011 study released.
  1515. MICHIGAN EDUCATION DIGEST January 4, 2012
  1516. Our Mission For 2012 and Beyond: Continuing to Hold Their Feet to the Fire
  1517. State halts takeover of Benton Harbor schools
    "State Superintendent Mike Flanagan will not recommend appointing a review team for Benton Harbor Area Schools despite an initial finding that the district is in financial stress ..."
  1518. Right-to-Work Legislation Possible in Indiana
    "Significant economic consequences for Michigan."
  1519. 'It Really Is Up to the Companies'
    The UAW's new strategy.
  1520. Center Quoted in Wall Street Journal
    Column focuses on Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.
  1521. LaFaive Cited on GlobalWatt Eviction

    San Francisco NBC affiliate covering story.

  1522. Cited by Several Media Outlets

    "Missed votes" tally compiled for every legislator.

  1523. State Spending: Up, Up and Away
  1524. Gov. Snyder: School cuts ending
    "Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s next budget proposal is unlikely to contain any reductions in funding for public schools and universities ..."
  1525. Schools of choice has led to improved opportunities
    "A study of state data by The Jackson Citizen Patriot has found the 15-year-old Schools of Choice law has led to a large migration of students across school district boundaries in Jackson County."
  1526. Muskegon SEIU Escape Vote Set For This Week
  1527. Charter public school cap lifted
    "Five days before Christmas, Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law a bill that gradually lifts the cap on the number of charter public schools ..."
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