School tax rates in Kalamazoo County go up without a vote

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – School taxes are set to increase in Kalamazoo County, even though residents did not vote on the matter, MLive reports.

Many districts are raising their rates in response to a decline in taxable value, according to MLive, in an effort to get the same amount of revenue received in better economic times.

MLive explains that the increase in rates is possible due to the way school districts take on debt. In order to make bond payments, MLive reports, districts can increase the debt tax levy.

“You can’t argue that it’s not a tax increase, because it is,” Steve Goss, assistant superintendent at the Vicksburg school district, told MLive.

SOURCE: MLive, “Majority of Kalamazoo County properties see school tax rates go up as real-estate values go down,” Aug. 24, 2012
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