Book Highlights Failings of Enviro Trends

Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center has advanced the cause of environmental protection by writing “Eco-Fads: How the Rise of Trendy Environmentalism is Harming the Environment.” He lays out a logical case as to the causes and effects of the modern rush to embrace trendy eco-fads and does a good job of explaining how most of the fads do not deliver the promised environmental benefits (in many cases they actually do harm to the environment).

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“Eco-Fads” is divided into two parts. The first deals with explaining what eco-fads are and why they are promoted by many politicians, some businesses and most of the media. The second exposes the rationale, or lack thereof, for embracing the fads and how their proponents convince others to adopt their favored policies.

As pointed out in the book, compact fluorescent light bulbs have become the poster child for eco-fads. The problem — CFLs save energy but can cause harm to the environment because they contain hazardous mercury gas. Myers points out that the hypocrisy of environmentalists is startling when one considers their support of CFLs coupled with their crusade to eliminate mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants, no matter what the cost to consumers.

Many environmentalists will find little to like in this book as the author uses rational thought and science to debunk many of their pet assumptions. “Eco-Fads” is a good read for the average consumer who wants to do the right thing for the environment but does not want to be taken advantage of by special interest groups or politicians with self-serving motives.

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