Galesburg-August considers privatization to save money

GALESBURG, Mich. – Galesburg-Augusta schools could move forward with a plan to privatize custodial and janitorial services unless the unions representing those employees can come up with $180,000 in concessions by the end of June, according to MLive.

The district’s 2013 budget will overspend revenues by $288,000, MLive reported. A four-person custodial crew now costs the district $361,000 annually, but a bid from a private company would provide 6.5 positions at a cost of $264,000 annually, according to MLive.
“No one wants to take responsibility until it’s right in your face and personal,” board President Bob Kinas said at a recent meeting, MLive reported. “Now it is unfortunately to that point. If we want to be Galesburg-Augusta two or three years down the road, we need to start changing our attitudes and working together. We have limited choices.”
SOURCE: MLive, “Bus drivers and custodians temporarily stall privatization at Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools," June 19, 2012

FURTHER READING: Mackinac Center for Public Policy, “Michigan School Privatization Survey 2011," Dec. 7, 2011