Exhibits List for Patricia Haynes and Steven Glossop v. Service Employees International Union Healthcare Michigan and the Michigan Quality Community Care Council

  1. Recent pay stubs for Charging Parties/Interested Persons
  2. March 2005 Department of Community Health Audit of Home Help Program
  3. February 2, 2012 Letter to Rep. Paul Opsommer
  4. The Role of MQC3 and Home Help
  5. Medicaid and Long Term Care – Ombudsman document
  6. 1999 Oregon Ballot Measure description
  7. 2001 Washington Voters Pamphlet
  8. 1985 Illinois State Labor Board decision
  9. Illinois Executive Order 2003-8
  10. Interlocal Agreement between DCH and Tri-County Aging Commission
  11. December 21, 2004 Transfer Agreement between DCH and MQCCC
  12. November 23, 2004 Beneficiary Bulletin
  13. MQCCC and SEIU Addendum to Consent Election Agreement
  14. May 4, 2010 testimony of Ruthanne Okun before Michigan Senate Subcommittee
  15. Selected SEIU MERC certification documents
  16. 2006-2009 Collective Bargaining Agreement between MQCCC and SEIU
  17. 2009-September 20, 2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement between MQCCC and SEIU
  18. FOIA response related to amount of dues and fees
  19. Assorted MQCCC email related to potential closing
  20. Assorted documents related to SEIU $12,000 provision to MQCCC
  21. Assorted MQCCC documents related to office’s move to director’s home
  22. April 9, 2012 collective bargaining extension
  23. May 24, 2012 AG letter to Representative Paul Opsommer
  24. June 21, 2012 Opinion and Order from Judge Nancy G. Edmunds
  25. DCH Home Help provider agreement form
  26. March 17, 2011 letter regarding tax status
  27. MQCCC “About the Home Help Program” web page
  28. MQCCC “Frequently Asked Questions” web page
  29. MQCCC “FAQ: Providers” web page
  30. MQCCC “FAQ: Consumers” web page
  31. MQCCC training slides
  32. IRS 20-factors test

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