llegal teacher strike possible in Detroit

DETROIT – Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Federation of Teachers are just beginning to negotiate a new contract for the one that expires June 30, according to The Detroit News.

Emergency Manager Ray Roberts also told The News he is optimistic that a teacher strike will be avoided. Teachers are not allowed to strike under Michigan law, but the DFT did so in 2006, The News reported.
“What I am going to focus on now is preparing to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement,” DFT President Keith Johnson told The News. “I don’t even think about a work stoppage until I have to.”
SOURCE: The Detroit News, “DPS may avoid strike by teachers,” June 16, 2012

FURTHER READING: Mackinac Center for Public Policy, “Stop the Madness! Under No Circumstances Should Detroit Teachers be Allowed to Strike,” Dec. 16, 2009