SEIU's Vicious Circle

Jack Spencer, capitol affairs specialist for Michigan Capitol Confidential, was a guest on “The Frank Beckmann Show” on WJR AM760 this morning. Spencer discussed his latest story, which outlines how the SEIU is paying for a shell corporation to remain open after it was defunded by the Legislature. The Michigan Quality Community Care Council that was set up as the dummy employer in a scheme to skim millions of dollars from Michigan’s most vulnerable families operates three hours a month. In short, the union is paying the employer of the people it is supposed to represent so it can continue to operate and funnel dues money back to the union.

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Even though legislation was signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in April explaining that home health care workers who receive Medicaid subsidies are not state employees and therefore cannot be forced into a union, the SEIU continues the money grab, which has amounted to some $30 million over the last six years.

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