'Skim Tracker' Hits $30 Million

A dubious milestone — the taking of $30 million from home health care worker paychecks — has been reached and the number is still climbing.

The money taken from the workers by the Service Employees International Union is being taken despite Gov. Rick Snyder signing a law last month prohibiting the practice.

Under a scheme perpetrated while Jennifer Granholm was governor, tens of thousands of so-called “home health care workers” were railroaded into the SEIU. As a result, dues from the taxpayer-provided checks of those to care for homebound patients has been flowing to the union. Continuation of this practice is called the “home healthcare dues skim”

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Last month, Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation to stop the “skim.” It's believed administrative steps are being taken to do so. Capitol Confidential is monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, the “skim-tracker” is continuing to compute how much union dues has been “skimmed” from the taxpayer-provided  checks. It will continue its running tally until the actual end of the “skim” can be verified.

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