Center Expert Cited on UAW Politics

The UAW is more and more becoming a political organization rather than one that is focused on representing the collective bargaining rights of its members, Labor Policy Director Paul Kersey told The Detroit News recently after UAW President Bob King called on members to engage in civil disobedience and re-elect President Barack Obama and Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

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“The UAW is doubling-down on hard left-wing politics,” Kersey said. “It’s about politics. It’s not about the workplace anymore.”

Kersey’s 2008 study, “Union Spending in Michigan,” found that unions generally only spend about one-third of the money they receive from members in the form of dues on actually representing those members.

“The average autoworker is not an advocate of class warfare on this level,” Kersey added. “That is why Michigan needs right-to-work.”

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