Some Proposals for Criminal Justice Reform in the Legislature

Making Michigan safer, freer and more prosperous

Reeling from a long, noisy election cycle? Step back for a moment to consider the following reforms. These bipartisan proposals would reduce both crime and corrections spending in Michigan, helping our state become safer, freer and more prosperous.

  • The Parole Sanction Certainty Act would build on successes of an existing program for probationers. It would hold paroled prisoners immediately accountable when they don’t meet the terms of their parole, reinforcing an attitude of discipline and a commitment to productive re-entry.
  • The Data Collection and Management Act would pull together information on offenders and corrections practices to help taxpayers and policymakers evaluate what actually works to reduce recidivism.
  • A proposal removing the successor judge veto would prevent judges who had nothing to do with an offender’s case from being able to stop the parole board from granting his release on parole. They would still be able to weigh in with an opinion.

These and other proposals by Michigan’s House and Senate are currently under consideration. In a chaotic political atmosphere, these reforms offer clear benefits and the opportunity for Michiganders to come together to do something positive.

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