Require Conviction for Police to Keep Seized Assets, School Safety Responses

May 11, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report

House Bill 4158, Require conviction for property forfeiture to police: Passed 83 to 26 in the House

To establish that property seized from a person because it may be associated with a suspected drug crime is not subject to permanent forfeiture (loss of ownership) unless an individual is actually convicted. However, the conviction requirement would only apply to forfeitures of less than $50,000 (meaning police and prosecutors could still take and keep assets worth more than that using a lower burden of proof).

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House Bill 5828, Authorize state school safety commission, inspections, grants: Passed 98 to 11 in the House

To create a state school safety commission to devise and promulgate a comprehensive school safety plan, and authorize inspections that would grade schools on their adherence to its guidelines. The bill authorizes a grant program for schools to adopt safety measures but does not identify where the money would come from.

House Bill 5851, Require schools submit threat reports: Passed 69 to 40 in the House

To require public schools to file annual reports with details of all attempted acts of violence on school grounds that were thwarted, and all threats of violence against the school, staff or students. The State Police would be required to compile these into a secret annual statewide report for the School Safety Commission proposed by House Bill 5828.

House Bill 5830, Require new schools meet safety protocols: Passed 97 to 12 in the House

To require new or renovated school buildings to include a combination of safety measures specified in the bill, as determined by the school safety commission proposed by House Bill 5828. Among the measures are state-approved layouts, surveillance technology, reinforced entry doors and remote door locks.

Senate Bill 803, Create state building alcohol sales ban exception: Passed 103 to 3 in the House

To permit alcohol sales in a state-owned building that is at least 1 million square feet in size and leases space to a private company that serves the public and has a liquor license. This is said to be for the state-owned Cadillac Place office complex in Detroit, which has some state offices but is mostly vacant.

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