More Road Repair Money, Restrict Metadata Collection, Medical Marijuana, More

March 2, 2018 MichiganVotes weekly roll call report

House Bill 4321, Authorize extra $160 million for road repairs: Passed 36 to 0 in the Senate

To appropriate $160 million from state general fund revenue to road repairs, and $15 million for "next generation technologies, hydrogen fueling stations, and demonstration projects related to enhanced transportation services for senior citizens." The bill also appropriates $7.4 million for other purposes, including $1 million for MSU sex abuse scandal investigations.

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House Bill 4430, Ban agencies from participating in federal metadata collection: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate

To prohibit state agencies, local governments and their employees from assisting or providing material support to a federal agency in collecting electronic data or metadata concerning any person, except with a warrant (with some legally recognized exceptions), or with an individual's informed consent, or if the information had been collected legally by a state or local agency.

House Bill 4606, Revise medical marijuana law transport regulations: Failed 16 to 19 in the Senate

To repeal a law that bans transporting medical marijuana in a vehicle unless it is enclosed in a case or is in the vehicle’s trunk and is inaccessible from inside the vehicle. The citizen-initiated law that legalized medical marijuana is silent on transporting it, and a recent court ruling held that a person authorized to use medical marijuana cannot be prosecuted under a different law for transporting it. A motion to reconsider the vote was adopted so it may come up again.

House Bill 4535, Give 30 days “grace” to affix license plate tab: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate

To authorize a 30 day “grace” period between the time a person pays the vehicle registration tax and when they actually affix the license plate or tab to the vehicle.

House Bill 5438, Define withholding drugs as human trafficking coercion: Passed 108 to 1 in the House

To expand the definition of coercion in a law addressing human trafficking, so it includes “controlling or facilitating access to controlled substances for no legitimate medical purpose.”

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