Aircraft Sales Tax, Police Sex With Prostitutes, Choose Life Plates, More

Michigan Votes continues a review of key votes of the 2017-2018 session

Senate Bill 103, Revise school truancy and chronic absence rules: Passed 28 to 9 in the Senate on May 18, 2017
To prohibit a public school from suspending or expelling a child solely for truancy or chronic absence. Senate Bill 104 would require school officials to attempt to meet with a parent, and authorize legal action if other steps don't work. The House has not voted on this bill.

Senate Bill 275, Ban police sex with prostitutes: Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate on April 26, 2017
To repeal an exemption that allows police to have sex with a prostitute as part of an investigation.

Senate Bill 149, Young Amendment, let Detroit get state aid for former students: The amendment failed 11 to 27 in the Senate on May 3, 2017.
To allow the Detroit school district to keep getting per-pupil state money next year for students who had been enrolled in one of its schools that closed, but now go to a different school district.

Senate Bill 163, Authorize “Choose Life” license plate: Passed 25 to 11 in the Senate on April 27, 2017
To require the Secretary of State to develop a “Choose Life” license plate, with the profits from its sale spent on "life-affirming programs and projects." This bill was vetoed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

House Joint Resolution C, Protect "electronic data and communications" from unreasonable search and seizure: Passed 107 to 0 in the House on May 17, 2017
To place before voters in the next general election a constitutional amendment to add “electronic data and communications” to the Article I provision that recognizes the right of the people to be secure from unreasonable government searches and seizures of their “person, houses, papers, and possessions.” The Senate never took up this amendment so it is not on the November ballot.

House Bill 4205, Limit state department rule-making authority: Passed 57 to 50 in the House on May 18, 2017
To prohibit a state department from promulgating rules more stringent than required by federal standards, unless specifically required by state statute, or if the department director determines "the preponderance of the evidence" shows a need to do so. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has vetoed previous versions of this proposal.

House Bill 4351, Exempt private aircraft owners from sales tax on parts: Passed 70 to 38 in the House on May 25, 2017
To exempt owners of private general aviation aircraft from having to pay sales tax on parts. This expands an existing exemption that benefits out of state aircraft owners (as an incentive to buy parts in Michigan), so that it applies to all private aircraft owners who reside in this state. Fiscal agency projections indicate this will save aircraft owners $4 million annually, and reduce state revenue by the same amount. The Senate has not voted on this bill.

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