Skorup on 'West Michigan Week'

Debate over minimum wage

Research Associate Jarrett Skorup was a guest recently on “West Michigan Week,” a public affairs show produced by Grand Valley State University public television, discussing the minimum wage.

Noted by the promo to the show

“[Y]ou can decrease the money floating around from that standpoint and [people] lose their jobs which is one of the consequences,” explains Jarrett Skorup with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy whose concern is a jump in minimum wage would do more harm than good.

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“If a business does not believe, let’s say they want to hike it to $10.10 an hour, if they don’t believe you’re not worth that amount it doesn’t matter what the government says or anybody says, they’re not going to hire you.”

He earlier participated in a similar event on the GVSU campus.


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