OAK PARK, Mich. – The Oak Park Public Schools chief of staff has been asked to resign after having a private shower facility and luxury gym built at the Oak Park Preparatory Academy, according to The Detroit News.

Gregory Dill was placed on paid administrative leave and is under investigation by police. Dill said that he received permission from the superintendent for the room, which included showers, tile floors, cherry cabinets, a luxury gym and a big screen television. Dill said he paid for the renovations with his own money and that some of the items were added by the contractors without his knowledge, The News reported.

But three school board members contacted the police about possible misuse of public funds. Superintendent Sandra Harris did approve the project, but failed to inquire how much it would cost.

"She never asked for the scope of the project, and our bylaws are clear," Trustee Alicia Jones told The News. "The checks and balances flow from her to her administration and down to the staff. She didn't know if it would cost the district $19,000 or $9."

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The Mackinac Center commentary "Parents Should Have More Options When Schools Commit Academic Fraud," argues that parents should have an immediate escape from schools that commit academic fraud, in a legal sense, or by failing to properly education their children.