"A group named 'Reform Michigan Government Now' submitted petition signatures on July 7 to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. While the backers of the proposal have yet to identify themselves, the measure is being billed as an effort to increase government accountability. In reality, the proposal appears to be an attempt to rewrite the state Constitution through reams of fine print."

— from Michael D. Jahr's "Long on Words, Short on Reform"

"RMGN does some things that will sound appealing to a public fed up with lousy leadership in Lansing. It would cut the size of the Legislature. It would reduce salaries and benefits for top state officials. But these are smokescreens intended to cloud the real agenda of the proposal's mysterious backers, who are springing this at the last minute."

— from Lawrence W. Reed's Op-Ed "Government overhaul actually is partisan trick"


Commentaries and Resources
on the Proposed 'Reform Michigan Government Now' Constitutional Amendment

Title: Document on UAW Web Site Outlined Strategy for 'Changing the Rules of Politics in Michigan to Help Democrats'
Publication: July 17, 2008, Mackinac Center Current Comment
Author: Paul Kersey, Mackinac Center labor policy director


Title: UAW-Posted PowerPoint Presentation on 'Reform Michigan Government Now' Proposal
Publication: July 18, 2008 on Mackinac Center Web site; originally discovered on UAW Region 1-C Web site in June 2008
Author: Paul Kersey, Mackinac Center labor policy director


Title: Government overhaul actually is partisan trick
Publication: July 13, 2008, Lansing State Journal Op-Ed
Author: Lawrence W. Reed, president of the Mackinac Center


Title: Long on Words, Short on Reform
Publication: July 15, 2008, Mackinac Center Current Comment
Author: Michael D. Jahr, Mackinac Center communications director


Title: Partisan Politics at Its Worst
Publication: June 25, 2009, Trying Liberty blog entry
Author: Jim Vote, Mackinac Center labor research intern


Title: Eight Ballot Measures We Would Like to See
Publication: August 22, 2008, Mackinac Center Current Comment
Author: Joseph G. Lehman, Mackinac Center executive vice president


Media Coverage 
Trying Liberty is keeping track of the media coverage of 'Reform Michigan Government Now"  




News Reports on the 'Reform Michigan Government Now' Proposal

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Savings from “Reform Government” Initiative: Four Pennies a Week

Ballot measures the Mackinac Center would support
Detroit Free Press

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