MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. � A survey conducted by the Macomb Intermediate School District found that 28 percent of its students are failing Algebra I, according to the Michigan Information & Research Service.

Rep. Tim Melton, chair of the House Education Committee, has contacted additional ISDs and found between 20 and 30 percent of students statewide are failing Algebra I, which is part of the new state-mandated high school graduation requirements. When the MISD intervened to improve the scores of their Algebra I students, 10 percent still failed the course, MIRS reported.

"It should scare everyone," Melton told MIRS. "There is a serious crisis brewing."

For Mackinac Center analysis of this story, please see here.

MIRS, " Kids Flunking Algebra I," May 15, 2008 (Subscription required)

Michigan Education Report, "New high school graduation requirements in action," May 6, 2008

The Michigan Education Report article "New high school graduation requirements in action," describes, in detail, the lengths conventional and charter public schools are going to adhere to new state graduation requirements. Now, more than ever, schools are offering before and after-school tutoring programs, math clubs, as well as summer and online courses. Many districts are also switching to trimesters to allow time for students to make up any courses they may have failed.