Ann Arbor Schools Looks to Food Service Contracting

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ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor Public Schools has issued a request for proposals to re-contract its food services, according to The Ann Arbor News. The district currently contracts with Chartwells for the food service management.

The school board is also asking that companies bid for staffing the food service program. Currently, the district employs 76 workers to provide the service, The News reported.

School board President Karen Cross told The News, “Everything has to be on the table, at least for observation, and then we have to make wise decisions. Those decisions don’t always come down to just money.”

The school board is facing an estimated general fund deficit of $11 million over the next two years, and has been providing food service at an average annual loss of $200,000, The News reported.

Food service programs are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture and any profits cannot be transferred to a school’s general fund.

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