Milan Contracts for Groundskeeping and Wastewater Management

MILAN — The Milan City Council contracted for lawn maintenance and the operations of its wastewater plant, moves that are expected to save the city $500,000 annually, according to city administrator Dan Bishop.

Milan had borrowed $13.6 million to expand its wastewater treatment infrastructure to cover the needs of four new housing developments. However, those developments did not produce as many houses as expected and the city did not have the additional revenue from tapping fees to cover the $932,000 bond payment due June 1.

To deal with its problems, the city has also cut subsidies for its Downtown Development Authority, its parks commission, and is looking at eliminating its transit department. It also issued an RFP to privatize its department of public works, but decided to keep that in house. “We do realize that we are dealing with people here, it’s not just all numbers,” said Bishop.

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