Informs Thousands About the Benefits of Charter Schools

Thousands of Michiganders now have a better understanding of how charter schools improve the lives of students and families, thanks to the Mackinac Center’s new website,

The center unveiled the website and a series of videos in November to educate lawmakers, the public and members of the media about the benefits of charter schools and highlight some of the best ones in the state.

“The new ‘Choosing Charters’ website is a fantastic resource for parents, media, policymakers and others looking to learn more about Michigan’s charter public schools,” said Gary Naeyaert, the executive director of the Great Lakes Education Project. “The site comes alive with facts, personal stories and videos that captures the unique and diverse tapestry of the state’s charter school movement. This is a ‘must bookmark’ site for K-12 education.”

In a matter of weeks, videos from the site reached over 20,000 people who caught a glimpse into the lives of children who are succeeding because of their schools.

“In a charter school, they always are trying to help you succeed and be better than you think you can be,” Briana Smith, a senior at Grand River Preparatory in Kentwood, said in one of the videos. “Because Grand River requires you to take AP classes, it gives you an insight of what college would be like.”

Schools like Grand River Prep and Star International Academy in Dearborn Heights — where 100 percent of its seniors graduate and are accepted into college — are just two of Michigan’s exceptional charter schools featured on the site. They redefine education and give parents the ability to choose the education that is best for their children.

The website and videos were released a month after Denno Research conducted a poll finding that Detroit residents overwhelmingly believe parents need more choices in education, and just in time for legislators’ discussions on how to fix Detroit Public Schools.