Mackinac Center Win Earns Key Placement in MEA Magazine

MEA magazine
MEA Voice Magazine featured a two-page spread informing its members of the MERC decision.

MEA Voice isn’t a magazine we would normally recommend as reading material, but we’re happy to make an exception for the December 2015 issue.

When the Michigan Employment Relations Commission unanimously sided with the Mackinac Center against the Michigan Education Association's "August Window" policy, the union appealed the decision and requested a stay. It wanted to continue denying teachers the opportunity to exercise right-to-work freedoms until it exhausted every legal avenue.

Fortunately, the Court of Appeals did not agree. It required the MEA to notify its members of the MERC decision and inform them that it found the MEA had committed an unfair labor practice by refusing to accept the resignations of four Saginaw teachers. The MEA complied with this order in the December 2015 edition of its magazine, MEA Voice.

The legal battle over the August window isn’t over yet — a final ruling in the case is still a few years off — but this is a big win for teachers and right-to-work.