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Protecting Michigan’s Health Care System

December 2010      V2010-35

Michigan’s new governor and Legislature can take steps to protect the state budget from nationalized health care.

Why Do Michigan’s Failed Economic Programs Stick Around?

December 2010      V2010-36

A Lansing leadership offers an opportunity to reassess the state’s targeted tax breaks.

Are Intermediate School Districts Bloated?

December 2010      V2010-37

Staffing in Michigan’s intermediate school districts has expanded over the last decade while total enrollment has dropped.

Forget the Election, Focus on the Outcomes

January 2011                         V2011-01

The Mackinac Center provides the necessary tools to hold politicians accountable to their promises.

Gov. Snyder Should Adopt HSAs for Government Employees

January 2011                         V2011-02

Putting all state employees into a health savings plan could save $32 billion.

Bringing Balance to Public Benefits

January 2011                         V2011-03

Taxpayers could save $5.7 billion annually if public-sector benefits were brought in line with those in the private sector.

Cigarette Taxes Fuel Rampant Smuggling

February 2011        V2011-04

Lawmakers should reject raising cigarette taxes, which increase smuggling, violent crime and the funding of terrorism.

The EPA’s War on Energy

February 2011        V2011-05

The Environmental Protection Agency’s arbitrary attacks on energy could destroy jobs and increase heating bills.

Health Insurance Exchanges in Michigan a Losing Bet

February 2011        V2011-06

Legislators should resist being party to the expansion of Obamacare and the damage it would do to Michigan’s fragile economy.



Amicus Brief: Michigan Education Association v. Secretary of State


This brief argues public school districts cannot withhold money from employees’ paychecks to fund union political activity.

Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling 2010


This update to a 2008 study shows strong correlation between higher cigarette taxes and smuggling.

School Funding in Michigan: Common Myths


Given the enormity and complexity of Michigan’s public school system, myths abound about how public schools are funded.

Virtual Learning in Michigan’s Schools


This study analyzes the costs and benefits of virtual learning, and how this innovation could further improve learning for Michigan students.

101 Recommendations to Revitalize Michigan

This updated version contains a Top 10 list for the new Michigan Legislature.

Reconsidering Michigan’s Public Employment Relations Act


This study outlines how the Legislature can address PERA’s damaging impact.



Michigan Capitol Confidential


Key stories: Fees fuel big government, business subsidies, net neutrality, MEA and politics.



Big Labor’s Latest Tactic: Bannering

Welcome to “bannering,” a new method being deployed by Big Labor bosses who wish to continue exerting their influence.

A Virtual Learning Revolution

Michigan Connections Academy and other leading organizations use virtual learning to teach Michigan children.

Why Michigan Needs Regulatory Reform

Mackinac Center Senior Environmental Analyst Russ Harding explains why his blueprint for regulatory reform is necessary to foster both jobs and the environment.

Where’s There’s Cigarette Taxes, There’s Smuggling

A Michigan businessman explains his struggle with theft and violence brought by cigarette smuggling.

Kent County School Services Privatization Lawsuit

On behalf of five Kent County taxpayers, the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation sued 10 Kent County school districts and the teachers unions to remove illegal contract language regarding privatization of non-instructional functions.

Big Labor vs. Lansing Entrepreneur

Labor interests threatened to halt the cleanup and economic development of a Lansing property unless the developer paid union-scale wages.