Three Ways to Change Michigan

Winter is almost over. We see the signs of spring with longer days of sunshine, less snow on the ground and the start of Major League Baseball.

When the baseball season begins, each team will play 162 games, aiming toward the ultimate showdown of the World Series. Their season will last about six months, and teamwork will determine whether they make it to the playoffs.

At the Mackinac Center, our season never ends.

Each day, we work diligently to enhance the quality of life for the people of Michigan by developing free-market policies, challenging government overreach and fostering a climate of public opinion that encourages policymakers to act in the public interest.

At this unique time in our history, we have a very special opportunity to help the people of Michigan win — we call it Triple Play.

Thanks to a very generous offer from a group of long-time Michigan supporters, the Mackinac Center has the opportunity to raise $3.3 million over the next three years.

These folks have presented us with a tremendous offer: They will match, dollar for dollar, every new dollar raised and pledged to the Mackinac Center, up to $1.65 million!

But just as a baseball season lasts a limited number of days, so does this offer.

July 31st is our deadline to raise the first $1,050,000 in new gifts and pledges over the three-year period.

When $1,050,000 is reached, it unlocks the opportunity to raise the additional $600,000 for 2012 and 2013.

We have about four months from now to raise these dollars — until just after baseball’s All Star game. So the clock is ticking.

The good news is, responses are coming in daily; we have already raised over $200,000, so our goal is already less than $850,000.

One more item to share: These donors have asked us to spend these dollars in three key areas that will impact Michigan the most in the months ahead. So, we will not set these dollars aside but will immediately put them to work to change Michigan.

To learn more about Triple Play, please read the corresponding article.

A triple play in baseball is a rare event. This Triple Play opportunity is a rare offer too.

If we work as a team, we can help Michigan have a winning record. Will you join us today in helping us achieve this goal?