Triple Play

Three goals. Three tools. Three years. Starting Now!

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Imagine Michigan as the leading turnaround state in the country.

We have the best chance — right now — that we’ve had in a decade to accomplish just that. The voters of this state have filled the executive and legislative branches with candidates who pledged to rein in government spending and unleash free enterprise.

Now comes the gritty work of crafting real solutions to Michigan’s problems.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has prepared for this opportunity for years. We have analyzed, litigated, investigated and exposed Michigan’s trouble spots. Today we are uniquely positioned to work with policymakers and in the courts to bring about freedom-enhancing reforms ... and thanks to a group of long-time generous donors, we have one of our biggest financial opportunities ever.

Michigan’s new political landscape has encouraged these supporters to step forward with an offer of up to $1.65 million in matching funds for our work to advance liberty in Michigan over the next three years. We are calling this opportunity “Mackinac Center Triple Play.”

These donors know that big things are possible in Michigan, and they trust the Mackinac Center to be the catalyst.

To take full advantage of their generous offer, we must raise an equal amount in new funding ourselves. Importantly, we must raise the first $1.05 million in gifts or pledges by July 31, 2011. 

These generous donors will match, dollar-for-dollar:

1. All gifts we receive from new contributors

2. Increased gifts from our current supporters

3. All pledges to donate in 2012 or 2013.

This means that any amount you donate to the Mackinac Center by July 31 above the amount of your gift in 2010 is eligible for these matching funds. For example, if you donated $100 in 2010, and donate $150 by July 31, 2011, the additional $50 will be matched. In addition, any pledge you make by July 31 to donate to us in 2012 or 2013 will also be matched. 

Altogether, this campaign could generate as much as $3.3 million in added horsepower for our plan to achieve three pressing objectives:

• Fix the state budget

• Regain state control of health care

• Advance freedom for schools, workers, and entrepreneurs.

With this influx of funding, we will expand and strengthen three major tools:

• Policy research — to saturate the state with research-based, free market ideas and recommendations

• Litigation — to defend our liberties and challenge illegal government activities in the courts

• Government transparency — to hold elected officials accountable through investigative news reporting.

As we work for sound policy in Michigan, we know from the furor in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana that those who benefit from big government will put up a fight. We must help our new leaders stand firm on tough decisions that will restore Michigan as an economic powerhouse.

Join our efforts!