Warmer Weather, Worker’s Choice and Warning Against Corporate Welfare

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Hope this latest edition of IMPACT finds you well and enjoying the warmer weather.

The Mackinac Center has also been turning up the heat on its involvement in the areas of its expertise. The center’s most recent study, “Worker’s Choice: Freeing Workers and Unions from Forced Representation,” proposes a fix to the issue of unions having to represent workers that don’t want to pay them (the study is available at Mackinac.org/S2015-03). The study’s author, F. Vincent Vernuccio, recommends giving individuals who have exercised their right-to-work choice the ability to represent themselves. In addition, he proposes that unions should be able to deny representation to workers who don’t want it. On WJR AM760’s Frank Beckmann show, the host said of Worker’s Choice, “It is an interesting idea, a common-sense concept.” Sean Higgins of the Washington Examiner said “unions would benefit” with Worker’s Choice. 

The policy of public sector pensions is complicated, which is why we’ve included an easy to read and understand visual explanation of Michigan’s pension underfunding problem. It’s also available at Mackinac.org/20884. Lawmakers have recently showed interest in switching school employees over to a 401(k)-style plan in which workers get to keep their money if they leave public employment early. A critical feature of such plans is that they aren’t subject to the political game in which governments promise benefits to employees but then fail to make the required contributions to deliver them.

If you haven’t been to a Mackinac Center event recently, you’ve missed out on something special. In this issue, hear about an event regarding the topic of big business, big government and liberty.

On June 25, there will be a debate regarding the topic of money in politics. Should private citizens be required to disclose every penny they give to charitable and political organizations? Hear from both sides of this argument at the Lansing Center June 25. You can sign up at Mackinac.org/21072.

Opponents of school choice want to limit the ability of families to select the best school for their children in the Motor City. Director of Education Policy Audrey Spalding and Senior Investigative Analyst Anne Schieber produced several video clips of Detroit families who benefit from school choice and the harm that would be done if their choices were taken away. Those videos are at Mackinac.org/21191. Read more of this issue in our feature story.

Policy Analyst Jarrett Skorup spoke at the appropriations committee in the Florida Senate regarding the issue of spending tax dollars on film subsidies. Florida is considering reforms to its film program and Skorup shared how Michigan’s film incentive program has not been an effective use of tax dollars. Read his testimony here.

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