Health Care, Heat and Hollywood

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Let’s not jinx it, but I believe fine weather is finally here. And with it comes a whole slew of projects and initiatives for the Mackinac Center. Let’s dive right in to our Summer Issue.

The heat is turning up on Medicaid expansion debates in states across the country, and Michigan is no exception. Big changes are being made every day, so rather than providing a latest news bulletin, we decided to give you an overview as well as an in-depth look into how Medicaid expansion would directly impact young adults.

We focus on young adults more than we normally do in this issue: both as an ode to the youthful spirit of summer as well as a reminder that public policy affects everybody. Our interns remind us that the freedom movement is growing, and our fiscal policy director Michael LaFaive offers a glimpse into the personal finance practices of the young — and what they need to know.

A lot of you (including this editor) will be escaping the humidity by going to the movies this summer, but how much are these movies that were made in Michigan costing us? It turns out, you’re paying for a ticket to movies such as “Oz the Great and Powerful” and “Transformers 4” whether you like it or not, just by being a Michigan taxpayer. Not only that, but Michigan Capitol Confidential has turned up some of Michigan’s craziest laws, which will serve to entertain as well as to remind us of government’s tendency towards bloat.

Last but not least, we decided to have some summer fun with this issue by including a page featuring a Mackinac Center Fourth-of-July recipe, inspirational wallpapers and more. Independence Day is a big day at the Mackinac Center, and we hope to provide a little liberty-themed celebration to your holiday as well.

Practicing constant vigilance on behalf of Michigan liberty-lovers, we sometimes forget to occasionally pause and remember why we enjoy and cherish our freedom so much. So please do, get plenty of sunshine, and let us know what you think via letter, Facebook and Twitter.

All best,
Lindsey Dodge, editor