Junior Achievement: Economics Student Text

Junior Achievement:  Economics Student Text

Colorado Springs: Junior Achievement, 1996
211 pages.

Rating: B+

The Junior Achievement (JA) text is a generally excellent introduction to economics for high school students. JA chooses good examples of economics in action that will appeal to students and show clearly how different economic principles operate. It is very strong on entrepreneurship and classifies entrepreneurs—along with private property, the price system, and competition—as being "essential to the success of any market economy." The text is sprinkled with examples of entrepreneurs and how their inventions have changed markets and consumer tastes. The chapter entitled "A World of Exchange" is an excellent and balanced introduction to the subject of trade. A student will also see that a tax on corporations often translates to higher prices for consumers. The student will also learn about progressive taxes, flat taxes, and regressive taxes in this book. However, the Junior Achievement text does not have a section on the distribution of income, and is weak on issues such as monopoly laws and the role of government.

A more detailed critique is available.