MCPP Candidate University

MCPP Candidate University is a policy briefing series for non-incumbent candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives. Over the course of six evenings in June 2020, more than 60 candidates from both major parties got to learn from the Mackinac Center’s policy experts about the key issues facing our state. We have archived the presentations and related links below.

Event dates

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June 9

  • Seven Principles of Sound Policy and Governance
  • Health Care Reform

June 11

  • State Taxes and Budget
  • Questions for Appropriators

June 16

  • State Pensions
  • Corporate Welfare

June 18

  • Education Policy
  • Criminal Justice

June 23

  • Road Funding
  • Auto Insurance

June 25

  • Seven Principles of Sound Environmental Policy
  • Labor Reform

June 23

  • Road Funding
  • Auto Insurance

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