[Photo of Lindsay B. Killen]

Lindsay B. Killen

Vice President for Strategic Outreach & Communications

Lindsay Killen is vice president for strategic outreach and communications at the Mackinac Center and member of the Board of Policy Advisors at the Heartland Institute. Prior to joining the Mackinac Center, Mrs. Killen was director of policy at the Beacon Center of Tennessee, where she worked directly with the President & CEO to develop annual policy initiatives, oversaw the publication of all policy briefs, reports and special studies, and acted as the Center’s liaison to members of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Mrs. Killen has been working in the free market public policy movement for over ten years, beginning her career in Washington, D.C. in 2004. She interned with retired Tennessee Congressman William Jenkins (R- 1st Dist.), Young America’s Foundation and Freedom Alliance before joining the Freedom Alliance staff and managing outreach to organizations for the Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts with Lt.Col. Oliver North. Mrs. Killen then worked as coalitions manager and associate editor at Townhall.com and later managed new media for the Mercatus Center. In 2010, Mrs. Killen left Washington for the West Coast, where she directed the marketing and communications department at the Independent Institute in Oakland, CA.

Her popular columns have appeared in Forbes, The Washington Times, Daily Caller, Townhall.com and others. A native of East Tennessee, Mrs. Killen attended Albion College in Michigan, prior to obtaining her B.A. in political science and classical history from the University of Tennessee. She and her husband Jeff were married in Glen Arbor, Michigan in the summer of 2017 and live happily in Midland, Michigan with their dog, Leonore.